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Deakin University bio medical science student gives exellent biology and microbiology lessons to year 12 and uni students in Geelong.

my teaching method is very simple. i will make study cards/flash cards to teach students and use mind maps to explain concepts. i will use the discussing method to students that will get involve two-way communication between participants. i will encourge in active learning with students.

New South Wales
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Sydney UTS student giving biology lessons to kindergarten to year 12 students

My classes are based on the Australian Board of Studies curriculum. I cover the topics mentioned in the biology subject outline and aim to make students HSC ready. I draw from various texts and worksheet papers to create a larger source of information for students so that they understand the varying biological concepts.

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Biology student who has scored high score of 91/100 in SCIENCE

My teaching method is collaborative in nature where I encourage students to participate after each session , this helps me understand their current level of understanding and can give inputs to improve them, I also do the flipped classroom model at times ,wherein the student prepares for the lessons in advance however if time doesn't permit I wouldn't insist on this , the most important is the...

Narre Warren
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Rookie Doctor interested to teach Biology, Psycology and medical subjects to Melbourne students.

I use a lot of visual cues in my teaching. As a student it’s helped me retain a lot of information this way. All my notes and teaching use different colours, diagrams, fonts and symbols in order to help students store more information in long term memory. I like to break up difficult concepts. I believe in order to undertand something very complicated, it is essential to learn the basics.

Kangaroo Point
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A biology fanatic teacher looking out for zealous high school students in Brisbane.

I firstly try to understand what works best for the student, as its highly important to know their grasping power. I believe in having fine conceptual knowledge about the subject. Knowing basics is the certitude for a science student and therefore I approach the teaching in that manner. I don't like to rush while giving lessons.

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Human Biology graduate who can help high school and university students with pre-medical courses (MCAT/UMAT) or other biology, chemistry, math, physics, psychology, and sociology subjects.

I have a very didactic approach to my teaching method: where I will help you learn the fundamentals of the topic at hand using visual aids and connect them to the theoretical foundations so that you can have that "Oh yeah" moment, where everything comes together and makes sense.

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Many RMIT students who are doing Master of Science conduct private Science and biology classes for children who live nearby city and Bundoora.

My teaching method is very simple. I always try to teach them by questioning and answering from students. When I was a science teacher, the kids always wanted to have me since the class was never boring for them. As a teacher, I believe students must be practical in their daily life and use their common sense. To be a teacher we have to be like their friends.

Kelvin Grove
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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer, novel treatments and bone regeneration for such patients. Love teaching medical science concepts.

My philosophy about teaching is to always make the concepts clear enough to be able to visualize and picture them in mind. This is essential when learning about medical science subjects, where learning by rote never helps the student.

Melton South
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PhD graduate tutoring Biology in Melbourne & surrounds - School & University level (specialising Neuroscience, Dev Bio)

Find out student's goals / aims and current level (eg. are you failing a unit and need to pass? Or need a top mark for scholarships etc.) Analyse understanding of different topics through exam-style questions; identify areas of weakness and work through re-explaining the core concepts to improve understanding in these areas.

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Postgraduate marine biologist gives biology lessons to high school and uni students

I like to approach the subject giving a general view of it, then go into the specific area that requires more explanation or that it is unclear. I move forward only when I am sure the subject has been fully comprehended by the student.

Macquarie Park
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Make biology fun with Dhaka University Student. Convert your weakness to your strength.

In my 9 years tuition career I have seen students with weakness and fears in subjects, I tried my best to make the subject fun to them- by giving them easier example of our surroundings they can remember, by showing them videos and pictures. I always tried to make them understand the basic of that particular knowledge and i loved to watch them growing strong and doing well.

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Curtin Occupational Therapy Student who is teaching highschool Human biology (ATAR), Perth

I like to break down major topics into smaller ones, especially by making dot points within sub categories. I also like using videos to explain topics when I think they are better described using illustrations, for all highschool students.

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UTAS Masters of Biological Science student; Providing help with Highschool Level Biology in Hobart

I love Biology and its related fields of study. Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to help someone else love Biology as much as I do. This is what I will aim to be doing. While focussing on the student's exams and assignment requirements I aim to get them excited about the Biological Sciences.

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Monash University Science Student Foundation Year/ Year 12 VCE/ Cambridge A level

My teaching method is by explaining the course and provide tips to the student. Lots of drilling and practice usually help my students. Besides that, I like to convey my material by telling a story hence it is easier to be absorbed by the student.

South Plympton
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Adelaide biological student gives biological lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on the student's notebook and some necessary knowledge will be provided. Some basic technical skills and analytical methods can be provided as well if students want. Pictures are preferred to display critical mechanisms. Critical thinking and discussions are the most important part of my lessons.

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Midwifery student giving biology tutoring for high school students on the central coast.

I focus teaching directly around the syllabus and objectives from the course outline, maintaining a focus on the true learning outcomes. I also assist in exam preparation with tips for effective study including past papers, breaking down questions, sentence and essay structure and stress relief.

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Experience biology and biotechnology in a whole new light : understand, apply, score!

I base my classes only loosely on the school curriculum but focus more on the students' curiosity and areas of interest to invoke a genuine liking for the subject. I draw from my own experience as a student to relate with what the students want from a class in biology. understanding and interest takes one beyond the domain of marks and allows real proficiency in any subject.

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Casual Chemistry/Cell Biology Lessons and Tutoring in Geelong by Experienced 3rd year Science Student

My teaching style is adaptable based on the specific student. I can tailor my explanations and lesson content to any level of understanding. My lessons are pretty easygoing, I like to have planned the lesson in advance based on whatever topic I've been asked to tutor in.

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Bond University medical student gives biology lessons to high school students on the Gold Coast.

I like to approach topics with students systematically, and identify problem areas within them. These are the areas that we will focus on and master.

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If you are based in Townsville and require tutoring in biology, maths, spanish and/or english call me

I try to make lessons adaptable to each individual student as everyone learns differently I let the student how they like to learn and adapt my teaching technique to suit the learner as best as I can. I am able to explain things in various ways in order to reach a variety of students.

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A scientist looking to help students with anything relating to Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Anatomy, and Biotechnology in Moorooka and surrounding suburbs.

I like to teach using diagrams and images if applicable. I find it easier to convey information this way especially when it comes to biology, genetics, and biotechnology. There are times when a more direct approach (hands-on) is needed to convey an information. I will draw information from different reputable sources as well as from my own working experience.

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Curtin Biomed PhD student gives Maths and Biology lessons to high school and uni students

Since I'm from a Biomedical science background, I can help with any life and physical sciences but I am best at Maths, Microbiology and molecular biology. I would like to work around the problem the student is facing. For instance, if it is about algebra, spend more time practising algebraic equations. Not to forget the little tips I always give my students.

Happy Valley
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Learn biology and Maths in an interesting and interactive way with hope tutoring whenever is suitable for you

my teaching method is creating a very friendly atmosphere with students and answering all possible questions they may think of when I am teaching the lesson. I encourage students to illustrate what they have learned and I clarify their mistakes during the tutorial.

Flagstaff Hill
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Flinders Uni student gives biology, general maths, and english lessons to high school students in Adelaide.

I like to make learning a fun experience, so I tend to colourcode information, and create mnemonics to assist in remembering otherwise complex information. I also try to simplify information and relate it to real life examples to aid in understanding difficult concepts.

Mount Lawley
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High school graduate offering biology (human biology) lessons to high school students in Perth

I graduated high school with a 90+ ATAR and received academic scholarships to colleges in America as well as accepted into my university of choice in Australia.

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QUT Phd student give biology lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have designed my teaching approach based on the students understanding and developed methodology based on critical subject analysis and unit understanding. Whenever necessary i try and have a practical approach to my teaching to make it easier for students to understand the subject.

Norman Gardens
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CQUniversity PhD student gives Biology lessons to high school and uni students in Rockhampton

Mostly I approach a topic by demonstrating with examples and situations so as that students get a clear picture about the concept. I give more emphasis on understanding the concept and make sure that every students excel in their studies.

Saint Lucia
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QUT Science Graduate available to help Primary and Highschool students in Brisbane

I aim to help my student’s comprehension by encouraging broader/deeper engagement and by creating an enjoyable after school learning environment. I would like to share tips and tricks I've personally used to learn efficiently (such as games, making stories and image-name association).

Saint Lucia
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University of Queensland Biomedical Engineering Research scholar ready to give biology lectures

My teaching method is engaging students by self performing first. I also make things easiest by drawings, videos and daily life examples. My teaching methods are learning oriented. I made students learn-on-site rather than leaving students on their own.

Cranbourne East
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Deakin University Biomed student giving biology and chemistry lessons at your home

My teaching lesson start with daily examples and relating real life scenarios with the subject to make it more easier to understand. My lesson structure is usually based on defining and detailing the facts and figures and latest advancements in the field.

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