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Balwyn North
1st lesson free !

I love gaming and I know how it work well and have always been good and want to teach it to everyone

Depends on what game I can show u how to craft, hunt and be sneaky so u will not be spotted

1st lesson free !

Tips on how to be a gamer (for girls and boys) Teacher: Miss Compagne

I want to teach how to create a video game or talk about your favorite game and some strategies you use whilst playing. I base my classes on working your way up to becoming a video game tester. I can help you by listening what you have to say and the working out a strategy.

Saint Albans
1st lesson free !

Diamond coaching: Fundamental coaching for bronze - platinum players to strive on cs improvement, lane management/priority, trading and general LoL gameplay

I main support/bot and mid as secondary and can teach other players of bronze to platinum in detail about these roles. I can teach you by providing you with constructive feedback after spectating your past game recordings/live games or having you duo together with me.

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1st lesson free !

Courses and advices for Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch to progress from any level

Beforehand, I want to learn more about the level of the player and / or his playstyle and try to adapt the court, and not go through what's already aquiered. A court will then be done, with theory part (always in discussion and exchange), to move to a practical part (play alone or with me). And then, a debriefing on the progress of what we have treated together.

1st lesson free !

Tutor willing to teach you how to get that victory royal with no stress.

It depends on the game. But I will start off with the basic concept of the game,once you get the hang of it I’ll will proceed with more advanced skills.

1st lesson free !

Learn and or Improve your gaming, because Young or Old ANYONE can GAME

My method of teaching is relaxed friendly and go with the flow. Despite this, I will spend every moment teaching you something to help improve. But most importantly my goal in teaching is to teach you not just a specific skill for a specific game, but skills for multiple games. So you can pick up any game and have a solid base.

1st lesson free !

Passionate Gamer With 8 Years Of Experience Looking To Teach Gaming Lessons

My teaching method is very in depth and 1 to 1. get them hands on with the game and teach them the fundamentals, recognize what it takes to be the best.

José manuel
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Computer Engineer gives classes in game design, pixel art and video game development

Design and development of video games for all ages. I have a degree in computer engineering with knowledge of Unity3D. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, although knowledge in programming is a plus. My goal is to share the motivation with all of you, to be able to make more innovative games and get work in this industry.

1st lesson free !

Gaming enthusiast with 13 years of experience wanting to teach growing gamers

My teaching methods fist include an assessment to understand the current skill level of my students. From there I utilize subjected areas of the desired video game to establish proficient skills one area at a time to progress the students capabilities as a whole.

1st lesson free !
Castle Rock
1st lesson free !

I have been playing video games for about 11 years I primarily play rainbow six siege and I play on pc and ps4

I teach by watching the student and then give them feedback while I am playing with them and I will ask them if they noticed things that they could have done better then I’ll give them my feedback. I used to be a baby sitter for all ages so I can communicate my point across to all ages.

Apache Junction
1st lesson free !

Semi pro gamer with over 15 years in competitive gaming Fortnite,WoW etc

My teaching method will start out with some basic background knowledge followed by a deeper dive into what the student wishes to learn and gain from our time together. I will make sure each student is satisfied with the time spent with me and ensure progress.

1st lesson free !

15 years of gameing experience, expert in all gameing genres , makeing me one of the best gameing tutors in the inland valley.

My teaching methods are understanding that ever person is different and need to find what works best for for them. Start with the basics learning the controls, changing the settings to what works best. Next teaching the tricks of the trade everything you need to know to become better at the game of choice.

West Springfield
1st lesson free !

Gaming is a great way for both children and adults to get away from the stress in life

I have great patience and I would be happy to help you or your children grow their skills in gaming. I can start with anyone from a fresh gamer to someone with experience who is just trying to be the best they can whichever not to sound cliche but practice does make perfect with anything in life.

San Diego
1st lesson free !

Long-term FPS/RPG gamer in the San Diego area looking to spread victories!

Nothing beats a hands-on teaching style when it comes to gaming. There will be certain readings selected on video game theory, videos that I recommend to watch to better understand mechanics from both the creators and speed-runners, though most of the time will be spent with you in the driving seat.

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1st lesson free !

Post graduate in IT field but P.H.D in gaming console

Play Play and Play, no methodology in this.

1st lesson free !

History and Lore of The Elder Scrolls series in the Nottingham area!

I like to offer different ways of teaching, its not very good to sit there and read from a book i like to try different approaches and i always like to make sure the student understands before we move on.

1st lesson free !

Diamond one trick Janna player offering lessons to help you reach diamond.

I will be watching your replays before we start a session and I will be noting down observations. During the session I will point out your mistakes and we will be discussing together what you should have done and why.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Avid gamer, playing on Xbox one and Nintendo 3DS. Friendly to any and all, patient and understanding. Can travel to and host as well as online.

Practice makes perfect is the age old line but this is a videogame built on systems that can be exploited to ensure efficiency and most of all victory.

1st lesson free !

Highly Skilled FPS and Strategy game player in the Charlotte (NC) area for over 15 years to train you in more than just out aiming, but outhinking the enemy!

The players I look to teach the higher levels of games should know the basics, I can't teach you ingrate things like aiming, skills such as that are things you must learn, think of it like you must have the puzzle pieces before I can explain how the puzzle can be assembled, this does not require you to pull off trickshots across a map of course.

1st lesson free !

Hello there, I'm Sean and I offer gaming lessons, for beginners or pros, young and old. With over 25 years of gaming experience across almost every console ever, I love to share my experience.

My teaching method is to see what the student wants to learn, because its so much easier to teach a student with a desire to learn. After establishing what they want to improve on, I then observe them playing, to see not just their faults, but their strengths as well. After assessing this then the actual teaching can begin.

1st lesson free !

Hi This is Rushi I'm good with gaming as I spent some time of last 6 years playing different games over different platforms like PC(steam), Mobile gaming, PS4. I'd like to provide my experience to hel

I'd like to teach on Skype, Twitch or over any social network. I think screen sharing software or skype would be great. I'll be teaching anyone of age 15 and above. And I guarantee that anyone who'll learn my techniques would be able to play on their own.

1st lesson free !

If you're struggling with learning how to game, I'm your gal! Scotland

I'm a 17 female that loves gaming and wants to be able to show people how fun and easy it really can be once you learn the basics. I hope I'm able to help you love games like youve always wanted to.

De Pere
1st lesson free !

Destiny 2 crucible training by top 1000 player on xbox one console

My way of teacher will be depending on your skill level but we will mostly be in private matches and once you and I both feel confortable with your skills we will hop into a quickplay game and test the new skills that you have learned.

1st lesson free !

Ontario Scholar (Giant Nerd) Can tutor you or your child to get better at Video Games

I base sessions depending on the requested game. With a large amount of experience with difficult games I can monitor your gameplay for certain games and teach you how you can be better. Typically I would watch the student's play style and take note of where they are falling off and give them support as to how they can improve and show them how to do so.

1st lesson free !

Competitive Gamer, Leader of a Big Fortnite Clan. Been gaming since I was 7 years old. Went semi pro in Halo, now focus on Fortnite & Rainbow Six Siege

My teaching method is to first run some games with you & basically get a feel on how you play. Once I get a general idea of your skill level I will show you tips & tricks that I have learned in my 17 years of gaming.

1st lesson free !

20 years gaming experience across multiple platforms, currently specializing in helping individuals in Fortnite wins. (ps4/pc)

First, I'll examine player(s) strengths and weakness. Discuss their goals they are interested in reaching. Then, I'll work with individuals or teams, to form a synergistic and competitive team. I'll help promote a more calm, calculating, and communicating team. My goal is to get the player(s) comfortable to land anywhere and produce a win. Likewise, able to enjoy casual play and confidence to win.

1st lesson free !

I am passionate League of Legends player that loves the game and wants to share that experience with others. I've been playing for five years and it never gets old. There is so much to learn each day

I base my teachings mainly off of questions you have. I also look at replays and previous games you've played to analyse your gameplay. But really I can teach you how you prefer. If you want me to review replays, I'd love to do that.

1st lesson free !

World Of Warcraft Veteran Giving Lessons On Raiding With Emphasis On Healing

While I don't have practice tutoring, there are a few techniques I like to use when sharing thoughts or bouncing ideas off of people. This is part of the reason why I offer individual lessons. I'm better at gauging the needs of an individual one at a time. First of all, I like to get an understanding of the other person's thought process and help them see my own.

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