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Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
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Bilingual professional 2 years experience gives English lessons at home for all ages

I am a professional whose English is my native language. I have two years experience with English courses for young people (all levels), as well as for adults who need to improve their English for professional reasons. I am currently a law student and English teacher in an association where I am the head of the department of English. My entire academic experience was in English .

Ciudad de México
David alejandro
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The language of love from Paris to your door. French teacher for private lessons in pronunciation, grammar, intonation, French culture. Learn easy and fast.

Have fun while learning the most elegant and romantic language in the world. My classes are one hundred percent dynamic so you can easily interact with the French. First we learn to listen and speak, later how to spell. Highly recommended for those who plan to travel to France and not stay with the desire to make many friends.

Ndeye fr team
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I am a Native French I give French Lesson in Manchester area

My Name is Ndeye I am 30. I am living in Manchester since march 2015 I have an in international trade bachelor. I can help you to improve your French quickly and efficiently using differents way. It s depend of you.

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Young professor from +10 years of experience teaching foreign languages ​​in Milan

personalized teaching on the needs and the student's needs. Using various teaching tools, computerized or not, based on the language, the level and type of education sought. Available for homework help, tuition, examinations, theses, term papers and other necessities of study.

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Trainer (1 year USA 2 years UK) teaches English in South 77

I train and teach English. With a degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​English / Spanish at the Sorbonne, France and in Journalism from a UK university, I offer refresher courses, courses to those who are beginners or have an intermediate level of English (learning for fun, for yourself or professional goals).

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Masters student in literature at the Sorbonne, in four languages, Italian / Spanish / French / English course gives college / high school: language, philosophy, methodology, Latin, French, literature,

Student in Master Research Italian Literature at the Sorbonne, my course is both for college students in trouble or wanting to improve that high school students in preparation for the baccalaureate. On the other hand, I can assure some sort of tutoring in academic methodology, degree students: essay methodology, text commentary, learn to problematize etc.

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Student of French Studies at the University of Granada, I teach French, English and language support, Latin and ancient Greek. In addition refresher selectivity and council guidelines to follow.

I am a college student, I address especially classes to students preparing for selectivity as I did last year and the methods I used were very effective.

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Experienced French teacher offering lessons to kids in London, nearby West Hampstead

In the past I have given classes to young kids, organising games and reading books. For older kids, I attempted to keep it fun but more academic. For example, learning through French songs or writing stories. I can also help with homework, or others. Of course, activities depend on the level of the student.

Santa Barbara
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A young french literature teacher gives private classes in english or spanish to learn or improve french

I used to begin asking to the pupil to read a literary text. I listen to him, to see his level (accentuation, understanding of the syntax,and so on). Then, I ask to him (in french firstly, translating my question in english or spanish then) what he understood, to sum up and to explain the story.

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Cours de Français langue étrangère (FLE) en ligne avec un prof natif de France -- NATIVE French Professional Tutor with Master degree in French (teaching all levels)

My teaching approach is communicative and interactive, maximizing the use of target language. I like to integrate audio-video materials to stimulate an interactive learning environment. My classes are also very structured and I adopt a thematic approach, encouraging the students to work on various topics.

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English, French and Spanish: private lessons for All Levels and All Needs!

I am a young graduate with a great passion for languages, which I study since childhood and apply in my work and my travels. In particular, English, French and Spanish are my "everyday" languages, which I have taught as private lessons for several years. I have also obtained international language certifications such as Cambridge.

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Filled with passion for french language since childhood, delivers online french lessons

I adjust my teaching speed in accordance with the student and make sure that all the concepts are covered along with the exceptions. Before starting with the new topic, I ensure that all the prerequisites are well understood by the student.

(2 reviews)
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1st lesson free !

French teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in French & English. Classes for all levels and ages.

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. With that in mind, I try to only speak the language you are learning during class, and in only a few sessions you will already start to feel and see your progress. As much as possible, we will be using your life interests and experiences as the context of the class - that'll keep you motivated thoughout the course.

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Teacher of foreign languages ​​(English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian) in Belgium (Brussels and surroundings)

Macedonian by origin, I give Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, English and French lessons for beginners and intermediates in French and in English and all levels for Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian. My lessons last 1 or 2 hours, depending on the choice of the student. I use the materials of interest to the students, so it is very personalized and customized, in addition to books and other tools.

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Graduated in Modern Literature, I teach French with passion for this language.

My teaching methodology will be based on your form of intelligence. To this day there are 7. Persuaded that everyone, each can learn a new language without much difficulty and at any age. I will guide you and I will offer you an evolutionary program that will allow you to make progress quickly.

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Learn and understand French language and culture with Native French from Paris

I like to adapt the tutoring sessions to each individual so that the teaching technics fits their specific ways of learning. It seems to me that the best way of learning a language is to understand it and being able to make bridges with Culture. We can explore what works best for you and what you are mostly interested in or build a plan to reach your specific target.

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Native french speaker loves to share her passion about French Culture and Language in Boulder

I like to tailor my lessons to the specific objective of my students, whether it be a written exam or a vacation in a french-speaking part of the world. Some objectives require a deeper study of the grammatical structure of the language.

(2 reviews)
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Student of Alliance Français de Bengale teaching French to the enthusiastic learners.

No bookish world. Welcome to the digital world of learning. Letbus learn through audios and videos without forgetting the books.

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Translation and Intepreting student offers English, French and Spanish classes in Alicante

I am a student of last year of Translation and Interpretation, with experience in giving tutoring. I count on my behalf with various titles and accreditations and experience thanks to stays abroad. My methodology is to convey clear ideas and practice through effective exercises. My specialty are students of primary, secondary and high school.

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Native French speaker giving French classes in London - up to university level

I base my classes on my students’ current level and the level they are striving for. It is always a mix of theory and practical exercises - and when applicable games. E.g. If it is a French class we will go over some grammar, how it is being applied in real life and potentially fun role plays if students like that type of thing.

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Enthusiastic native French speaker and LSE graduate offering French tutoring lessons at A-level and below.

I am very confident that my experience and skills will be extremely valuable to students looking to pass their exams with flying colours, be it GCSEs, A levels, or even exams at university. However, I do not simply wish for my students to be excellent at taking tests. Beyond that, I aspire for them to learn how to trust themselves so that they can be happy people outside of the classrooms too.

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French and Hungarian lessons from experienced teacher nearby Uxbridge by skype or in person

Teaching a language is teaching about the culture as well. I use litterature, music, media during my classes. I beleive that the language is living all around us. I can give lessons via skype or in person as well for all ages.

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French student gives French lessons in Rincon de la Victoria (+ English for children)

I am a bilingual student in French (I have completed all my schooling in a French school), I have good accent. I can help in class assignments, to improve the oral or just learn French to a beginner. I teach at all kinds of levels. I also offer classes for elementary students in English (I have lived four months in England) or school support, I have patience for children.

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Native French speaker offering French lessons in London. You'll start wearing berets and baguettes in no time!

My teaching method favorises the listening and speaking part. No one is ever going to learn a language without speaking it and without taking an interest in it. I base my lessons on what the student needs to improve precisely (grammar, vocabulary...

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Learn French with JOHN - Enhance language skills by adding trendy lingo to your profile for superior prospect

>> Accentuating on LRSW – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing >>Starting from scratch of language (i,e.

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French, chennai, b2, super fast french fluency! 90 days fluency and cheap

I make you speak super fast! like how we speak english.

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Native FRENCH Tutor (Int. and Qc) Progressive/Flexible/Adapted Learning Methods - Montreal/Online Tutoring

Step 1 : Understand the motivation of my student(s), their goals and their needs through a questionnaire which will then be confirmed with a discussion with the student(s). Step 2 : Adapt my interactive lessons to suit the student(s) goals and needs. Step 3 : Introduce progressive learning methods as well as more conventional ones to the student(s).

Paris 7e
(7 reviews)
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Teacher of French as a Foreign Language by webcam / French Teacher for foreigners by webcam. Graduate Master FLE and teacher of schools.

The level of my students varies from level A1 to level C2 (Common European Framework of Reference). My students have various objectives (improvement of the French accent, preparation of a trip, future professionals in France or in French-speaking countries, DELF / DALF, etc.).

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Native French tutor with 1st class degree teaching all levels, predominately A levels

In accordance with the topics learnt at school, I use a cooperative learning method in which I get students motivated by having a fun project or task to complete. These include, for example, role-playing and brainstorming. I personalise learning based on each students knowledge and school curriculum.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
7 months ago
(7 reviews)

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