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Bilingual French/Australian, teaching French for nearly 20 years, in primary and secondary sectors, can come to you in Adelaide

I take a different approach depending on the student and their needs, a primary student needs imagination and play based learning, a secondary student may need something more structured and grammatically centred. I use multiple intelligences to find out how my students like to learn, I always define goals of a lesson before we start, allowing the student to control the direction.

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French lesson - My native language is french (I can teach on Perth-Baldivis-Rockingham)

I base my class on conversation. I believe that the best way to learn is to practice. When I was a student my english teachers used to put a movie or make us read a boring text. I start to really enjoy to learn when I start to meet people who didn't speak french. The only way for me to be understand by them was to speak english.

Mermaid Beach
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FRENCH NATIVE SPEAKER who just arrived in Australia to work and discover the country

I'm a flexible and patient person. The method will depends of your level, your needs and your personnality ! Because there is no good or bad way to learn, just one way for ourself.

Mill Park
Manishta devi
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Melbourne polytechnic Events student gives French language lesson to uni and high school students.

my teaching method. i would say that i don't spoon feed my students which means that research work has to be done. Homework will be given at the end of each class i believe this will help the student to go deeper in the subject. Quizzes will be given at the end of each week to make sure the have grasp all the information.

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Friendly French expat willing to help you improve your spoken and/or written French

I usually am very focused on comprehension and the ability to express yourself well enough to be understood at first. As a student, I know I found the more fun and entertaining the lessons were, the more focused I was too. I think it's important to introduce students to the culture, were it through books, movies, series or generally just discussing cliches we may have about France especially.

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A SciencesPo student currently in Exchange at University of Sydney gives French Tutoring lessons to all levels.

My teaching method is based on the level of the person I have in front of me. A beginner will eventually need to get around basics principles more than once (which is normal). To a more experienced student I will, for example, insist on writing skills.

Tweed Heads West
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Come learn French with a native french speaker in the Gold Coast

My teaching method is first to start by basics and select a topic who might interest the student. Pronounciation and writing are the most important first. And the next step is practical. Incite the student to use the french language daily.

Sunnybank Hills
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I love sports, I love travel, I love partying. But I also love to stay at home with a book. My eagerness to meet new people, learn new way of thinking and my willingness to share my mother tongue and

I will stay focused on your own target. If you just want to learn more about the french culture, based on TV series, books, ... I could explain step by step every aspects. If you want to practice your expression, we would stay focused on dialogue : what do you like, daily typical conversations, poetry, ... Your goal will be mine, and I will keep find a way to suit to your aim.

Coopers Plains
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Master's student gives french lessons in Brisbane and pays great attention to oral practice

I base my classes on a big oral practice (80%) because I think it is the best way to master a language. The remaining time (20%) is spent on learning grammar rules, vocabulary, conjugation and improving writing skills. The more you practice the better you get.

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Deakin Commerce student offering French tuitions to high school and university students in Melbourne. French native speaker who always scored high grades in French and French Literature.

My teaching method is all about teaching according to the student's learning pace and capabilities. Understanding the student's needs is my priority in constructing my tuitions; what they already know, what they want to know and what they expect from the lessons. Then, proper exercises will be given to help improve areas such as vocabulary and grammar.

South Fremantle
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French traveller gives lessons of the Moliere language in Fremantle/Perth to interested people

I base my method on the reading of french newspaper, actuality, and other texts about societal issues, but I am able to adapt considering the hobbies and interests of the students. Focus the lessons on dialog is the best way to immerse in a culture.

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Belgian 26-y-o girl gives French lessons in Canberra city center (discussion, correct or review texts/works, ...)

I can adapt to your needs. 1) We can organise discussion session during which we would only speak French and I would help you to gain vocabulary and correct your mistakes.

Parramatta Park
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French speaker from Canada. I am a law student and I have experience in french tutoring.

If you want someone to look at your essays and correct your structure, grammar and vocabulary I am the person for you. I can go over your text and give you good reviews and comments on how you can improve your writing skills.

Mount Kembla
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Recent High School Certificate Graduate providing French lessons for beginners - advanced students. Teaching includes grammar, expressions and slang, formal and informal, and accent development. All a

My school of thought with French is to develop a relaxed and clear atmosphere for the student, and to develop a positive and friendly relationship with them. This method allows the student to learn in a casual manner, and to understand the language as it would be overseas.

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French University Level Teaching Assistant with degree in Modern Languages giving tutoring in Perth

Coucou (hi there)! Je m'appelle Laine (my name is Laine). I believe it is imperative to speak with a fluent speaker in order to improve language skills, but it is also equally important to have fun, for example playing games, to make learning more fun! The more fun you are having the better language learning tends to take root, I have personally learned.

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Beginners Lessons and Tutoring Services in French - All Welcome and Accepted

Hi! I have a keen interest in languages and am passionate about encouraging others to take up learning a second language. To facilitate this I am offering tutoring and teaching services for French, Italian and German languages which are targeted for the beginner levels (A1 & A2) to build a solid foundation and aid in the understanding of the languages. I also offer English lessons for all levels.

1st lesson free !

UWA French graduate is offering one-on-one and group classes for all levels

Salut! Hi! I'm giving French lessons to students in Perth. Whether you are beginning your language journey or have learnt French for a while now, I can help you achieve confidence and better marks at school or uni. Get in contact so that we can work out how I can best help you.

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*99.90 ATAR FRENCH TUTOR* | Chancellor's Scholar at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus

For me, doing well in French came from not only hard work, but also a very solid understanding of the foundations of French. I spent a lot of time thoroughly understanding the grammar and sentence constructions, before going on and extending them into complex ways. On top of that, I tried to understand concepts from multiple angles before applying it through rigorous practice.

South Melbourne
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Master of teaching secondary French student gives french lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is based on communication and interaction between my students and . I am able to use a wide range of subjects and in every year level, questioning to Check for Understanding.Summarise New Learning In A Graphical Way and provide playful activities which is one of thebest way to learn faster and better.

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Studying in France in Montpellier University and getting Master of Arts and publishing books

I always adapt my teaching method to the aptitude of the student and the need of the curriculum.

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French native with 20 years of teaching, currently teaching at Department of Education WA

I base my teaching on the students I teach and how they learn. I use a variety of resources such as authentic texts, songs, videos, grammar books ... I do help students with their oral skill by using drama techniques (breathing, facial expressions ....

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French native gives French lessons to anybody desiring to learn or improve his/her French !

My lessons will focus around your needs. I will first pay close attention to what your strengths and your weaknesses are so each lesson is designed for you. I am extremely patient and will make sure you understood everything right before taking you to the next step.

Brisbane City
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French engineering student gives french lessons to people who already have a basic or intermediate level

I speak only french during the lesson. I can work with you to perfect your accent with reading. We can talk about a subject you choose in French to perfect your expression. I will note your mistakes and we will look at them at the end of the conversation. We can do dictations to work your gramar mistakes. We can read together texts or articles and try to understand it together.

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Process French Engineering Student gives French lessons in Sydney for all levels

I can teach French to both kids and adults. I adapt my lesson to the level and learning preferences of my students (visual, oral, reading). I used to teach first the main concept and rules and then I use exercises to apply the concepts. I can mix French and English but I think the most effective way to learn French is by practicing both speaking and listening.

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French lessons (oral and writing ) in Sydney from a native French girl

I am now used to teach student some languages and I love it. I adapt my method regarding the student I work with and his/ her needs. I am very patient, attentive and scrupulous. I always prepare my lessons before meeting with my student. I prepare some vocabulary if needed, writing and oral exercises depending of the needs.

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Unimelb student who gives Maths, French and English lessons to high school and uni students.

My teaching method is one-one teaching. The Turing sessions are scheduled accordingly to my availability and that of my students. Each session are done following my students' school syllabus, ensuring everything is covered by the end. I am neat, organised and a resourceful person.

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French girl teach some French Lessons to private or group in Noosa Area QLD

My French lessons are based on pronunciation/ vocabulary/ how to present yourself / Ask for information / ask for something / we also go through conjugation and grammar.

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To whom it may concern: face-to-face french lessons (oral;comprehension;vocabulary;written) Je viens chez Vous

My teaching approach is based on daily themes depending on the client's needs: I will use infography(pictures) as well as watching TV and explain subtitles, listening to music and get to know about lyrics and reading french books and billposting.

1st lesson free !

French Engineer Mum give French grammar, vocabulary, conversation to kids and adults

I usually base the lesson on topics that we can choose together. A first part would be a short game or reminder about what we saw the previous session. Then we would talk about grammar, conjugaison and some exercises around the subject. I like to work using games, board games and a lot of conversation oriented on the structural points we see on the day.

South Perth
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French Tutor available to tutor high school and university students in Perth

I try to keep the classes as friendly and relaxed as possible. Furthermore, I structure my classes and content according to your convenience and what you want to cover. My availability hours vary, but if you choose to get in contact with me, I'm sure we can figure something out.

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Perfect! Christine has been teaching my 9yo old, and she is amazing. My son loves his weekly online classes with Christine.

Valerie, Student
4 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sarah is a wonderful teacher, she made our lesson fun with songs and games, I really enjoyed it :)

greg, Student
2 weeks ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Sophie was a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately she is leaving to travel around Australia then leave for France to go back to study. I loved every moment studying with her - we had three lessons each week. I will miss her greatly. She was always...

Andrea, Student
3 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
11 months ago
(7 reviews)

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