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Bonjour! Vous voulez apprendre le français ? Take your chance ! I’m a native french speaker from Paris. I already given private lessons and child class in Europe.

Adaptable to all levels All sections will be divided in-between oral and written exercices around specifics topics to practice both simultaneously and allow a more intuitive and natural learning for the student.

Leamington Spa
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Native French professional available to support young students and adults improve their French

I develop a bespoke programme based on the requirements of the person and the objectives they have assigned to themselves. Being a polyglotte myself, I value personal engagement and tailor my lessons so they fit the specific needs of my students and ensure he/she has a positive and joyful learning experience.

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Language Student who has just finished French A level offering French up to GCSE level

Lessons will involve regular speaking to improve pronunciation. As my particular skill is French grammar especially different tenses I would provide work sheets to assist students who are struggling in this area. I am happy to adapt my tutoring to help students with specific issues they are finding difficult.

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Native french speaker and copy in web design gives lessons at home.

My teaching methodology is based on practical exercices. I like to use ludic approaches using entertaining content such as movies to teach a language. I can give languages lessons to any level of french since I am very comfortable and fluid with it.

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French & Francophone Graduate, Paris, FRANCE, Refugee & Immigration Language Interpreter St. Louis MO, USA

I love engaging my students in the French subjects that they enjoy learning about. I want to help you learn what you desire to learn. Therefore, my lessons are built around your interests. I not only learned the French language, but I also learned and loved the culture and history of the France.

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Recent graduate from Kings College London offering lessons for French and Spanish

My teaching method is calm and professional. I want the pupil to build a relationship with the language and feel encouraged to work hard.

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French student at King's College London wanting to spread this beautiful language!

I give lessons for most, may they be adults or teenagers or even children. I like to make specific lessons depending on the tutees as it helps them to learn much better when the tutoring is in one on one classes tailored to what they need and expect.

La Prairie
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History and Russian Bachelor's graduate from McGill tutoring French as a second language

I base my classes on the needs of the students. There will always be a grammar, vocab, listening, reading and speaking component to my classes, not necessarily all five in one class but they will all be covered. I am happy to work at the student's pace and have a flexible class structure to ensure that the student is getting the most possible out of the class.

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"Hi, كيفك , ça va?" I am Lebanese, and I speak English, Arabic and French perfectly, with also a bit of Spanish. Committed to learning french? If you are serious and perseverant, I am here to help!

Before starting my classes, I get to know my students and how they like to learn, their strengths and their weaknesses, and by which means they are more comfortable getting the information (visual, oral, etc). I get to know the needs of my students, then base my classes to meet their goals.

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ACTFL/OPI Certified French Teacher in Summerville, SC gives lessons at home to all ages.

My teaching methodology is if it's not fun then it's not something you're going to be motivated to continue learning. I'm extremely outgoing and know exactly how to help students achieve their foreign language goals. I work at your pace and will meet you where you are within the language in a stress free, welcoming environment.

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FLE courses, DELF / DALF in Montpellier with seriousness and good humor!

Hello, holds a master FLE, I had the opportunity to teach in West Africa, Indonesia and Ecuador. I rely on the CEFR and authentic documents to prepare my classes. I am a creative, dynamic and social person I adapt easily to the personality of my students and wants to create a relaxed working atmosphere. I adapt to the needs and points of interests.

Royal tunbridge wells
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Isabelle - Royal Tunbridge Wells - French

Forget school days! Learning French can be fun and rewarding. Methods and materials have changed - so have you!- it is therefore important not to let any past experience hinder you. What matters is your dedication and the goals you have set yourself.

New York
1st lesson free !

Dedicated French educator offers tutoring for all levels of language in NYC

I teach through conversation, books, current events, songs, and many other mediums. My teaching styles are always developed with the student in mind, and I am a lifelong learner of French. I look forward to developing future students, teachers, and followers of the language.

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Le français est amusant (French is fun) - Learn French at your pace & convenience.

I teach personally - one student at a time. Sometimes I teach a batch of 2 or 3 students - usually school students of the same class. I follow the prescribed curricular of DELF A1/A2/B1 and use audio, video, quizzes, role-play etc. for picking up the nuances of the French language.

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French student of 21 years old in Bournemouth offering french lessons of any level

My teaching method is to make the person love the language, acquire a good vocabulary to improve himself in the different categories; oral comprehention, writting compréhention, writting expression and oral expression. I learn french based on the things of the daily life that captures the person.

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Grade 12 student gives French lessons for Junior High and/or High school students

My lessons are meant for students from grade 7-12, using note pages, worksheets, and periodic quizzes to allow students to further retain what they have learned. These lessons will occur at constant dates and times set in advance and agreed to by both parties.

1st lesson free !

Native fluent based in Toronto; Lady tutor, Graduate of University of Poitiers; teaching experience available for French classes at all levels. Your passport to International gates! I am a bilingual f

I based my teaching on a methodical approach understanding that learning a new language or mastering it for a non native needs to be adapted to the individual needs. I try to understand the level of the student writing, speaking and vocabulary before designing a lesson. The classes can be in small groups of 3-4 students or even one to one teaching.

1st lesson free !

Ontario Certified French Teacher gives French lessons to students of all ages in Sudbury

My teaching methods are very interactive - we can have basic conversations (starting small) to learn grammar and vocabulary in an authentic context. I can also provide written explanations/lessons on new topics each week. Can tutor elementary/high school students or adults wishing to learn the language for work/personal reasons.

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Just moved from France to Cambrigde and would be glad to give french class or help with the language

I can teach young children, teenagers or any age you need. It can be help for shcool homework or just learning the language. Being French you can learn about French culture. I like to work with games to give learning more fun. I think it's very important to talk the language and I believe a lot in conversations to learn the language.

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French student and polyglot gives French classes in Paris and in the suburbs

The more languages ​​we speak, the easier it is to learn new ones. I can teach languages ​​in a number of ways, depending on what type(s) of memory the student in question has. If the student has a good auditory memory I will privilege dialogue, if not reading, translation.

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French University Student offering French lessons in London up to GCSE level

I am a friendly, approachable and patient teacher, which is perfect for those who think they may be finding French a bit difficult. It may be the pronunciation of words/your accent, confidence in speaking or learning new vocabulary - I'm here to help you at your own pace.

1st lesson free !

Belgian student offering French lessons (all kind of skills) at all level in Exeter

I'm usually working on what the student need to work on. I'm doing sort of testing lessons at the beginning to know where the student's weakness are and work on it. I aslo try to be understood and give some concrete example with playful video and video i take from my local country.

1st lesson free !

Cecilia Foglia, PhD in Translation Studies - French and Italian Instructor - Vancouver Downtown

I describe my pedagogical approach as equitable, student-centered, flexible, supportive, and empowering. I value respect, academic integrity, and an open mentality. Students are consistently encouraged to share their thoughts and respond to others' viewpoint by showing understanding, tact and critical thinking skills. As for instructional strategies, I never rely on one single method.

1st lesson free !

Student in multilingual communication offering French lessons to practice or just discover

I will first focus on the grammar which is quite complex in French, learn how to conjugate, learn some vocabulary. When we get more comfortable, we'll watch some videos in French, and learn the language through the culture and literature as well.

Leamington Spa
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French and German tutor with a combined university degree in foreign languages

I aim to teach up to A-level students in a practical way, giving them the knowledge necessary to communicate with native speakers via an appropriate and up-to-date approach to vocabulary learning and topics. I am a calm, encouraging and patient tutor.

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French student in Liverpool with tutoring experience offering help with GSCE and A-Level.

I am very flexible with teaching methods, preferring to focus on what the student really needs to improve on rather than very general advice. I am encouraging and always prefer to give constructive criticism, but criticism is never constant as this can knock a students confidence. Having taught in a range of methods, I am happy to use what students feel helps them learn best.

1st lesson free !

Just graduated with a license of foreign languages ​​I propose courses of French!

My classes are based on participation and dialogue because I believe that learning is more efficient through oral practice. I also like to use the discovery of French culture as a learning tool.

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Multilingual academic with a goal: make of Leeds a city that speaks French.

-Understand the need -Understand the person, their strengths, weaknesses, character... -Articulate the goal -Devise a schedule that will dictate when and how much work should be done to reach the objective -Cultivate the discipline to honour the scheduled tasks Mind you, all of the previous is done as a dialogue with the student, nothing is imposed, as there is no shoe that fits all sizes.

1st lesson free !

Bilingual with a French Baccalaureate OIB offering French lessons for any age and any level in London

For those who are interested in speaking, my lessons will mainly focus on conversations surrounding a topic and overall building your confidence in speaking. The topic will not only be related to the French culture but will be something that takes your interest. The lessons will start with a reminder of the previous lesson then lead into an introduction to new vocabulary, sentence structure.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Bilingual (English and French) Native Speaker offering French Lessons and Translations

My teaching methodology is highly personalised, and tailored to suit the goals of the individual or group that I'm working with. If academic achievement is the object of our sessions, I'm happy to help with reading and oral comprehension and expression, essay writing, and revision.

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Perfect! Marie-Lou is an excellent French tutor. She is thorough, conscientious and enthusiastic. I have learnt so much from her in the short time that we have been meeting. She challenges and extends my learning and shares my desire to improve. She...

Annika , Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
6 months ago
(7 reviews)

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