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St. John's
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French and English tutor , all levels , gives individual or group instruction in St. John's

I try to bring outside events into my teaching wherever possible. I have been active all all levels of day school and have taught adult classes. I believe in adequate practic and analying the material. I helped my own children throughout their education, including university.

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Native French teacher offering outstanding French lessons. My lessons are catered to the needs of my students.

I tend to use an integrative approach to teaching. I am particularly interested in Content and Language Integrative Learning (CLIL) and the task-based learning (TBL) method. I tend to teach grammar implicitly but will make any grammatical rules explicit when needed.

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Student in Master 1 Translation Localization and Project Management at the University of Rennes

I like to set goals to achieve with my students which I build my program around. I try as much as possible to find activities related to their interests and I adapt the activities according to the level of the learner.

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High school French teacher with years of experience gives lessons in Hamilton

I base my classes on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. I love interacting with students and I'm very flexible and considerate of different learning styles. This is meant for High school level and above. I'm also available to help if you are already in a French course.

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Experienced, qualified, bilingual (FR/ENG) teacher offering French and/or English language lessons in Charlottetown - all needs, all levels, all ages.

My classes depend on the need of the customer/student. Initially, I would do a needs analysis of the student to really hone in on the critical needs, then develop from there. In terms of methodolgy, my teaching is very much student-centred.

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Person who will learn French from me, he can be a translator or can get high post in abroad.

My teaching method is very simple and perfect in grammar, which help someone to read, write and speak well. My students are working in America, Canada, Africa and Belgium. I do not have any diploma or degree in French, but I have a lot of experience fro the same.

Bibi henna
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Bilingual Customer Service Representative who loves to teach French currently in Brampton

Anyone who would like to improve their French or need help understand something is welcome. I am very patient and would love to share my knowledge. My method is simple. Assess the learner - Determine which position he/she is - Set goals - Helps achieve the goals.

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Humanities graduate teaching French, History, Art Appreciation, English and Philosophy up to A2 level.

I work with both the individual learning objectives of the students and the curriculum on which they are enrolled to find a happy medium between enjoyment and success in any subject. For example, for GCSE French students I work on vocabulary and sentence construction alongside the appreciation of French cinema and comic books.

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Experienced teacher and graduate in FLE courses on Rennes and its surroundings

I like to know my student, his hobbies and his tastes, in order to adapt my courses by choosing supports in accordance with the things he likes, without forgetting the linguistic, communicative or grammatical objectives of the course.

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Graduate Student studying to become a French teacher with experience in France, knowledge about the culture and language, and a minor in French.

I would love to assist students looking to improve their French accent, grammar, cultural knowledge, writing, and conversational skills. I like to approach each lesson with an open mind. Each student has a different way that they succeed at learning and I would like to accommodate all learners.

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Experienced, qualified tutor offering good quality tutoring in Esol English and French.

As a very approachable tutor, I make sure I built a good relationship with my students while ensuring that I meet their learning needs. This is done through good communication with the students in order to assess exactly their level and learning needs.

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Oxford University French student offering French tuition for students up to A Level

The first tutorial will serve to assess the needs of the student and to get to know each other.

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Creative writing student native both in French and English offering French lessons in London.

I will be most efficient in helping high school level students as I believe in keeping language lessons fun and educational (using movies, songs, TV shows etc.) Additionally I believe fully understanding words and their definitions to be paramount to learning a new language.

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Level 1 law with language student offering French lessons A* at A-Level Northern Ireland

I am a first year Law with French student at University, I would therefore give lessons to any student who has attained this level or to those who want to start French studies. Lessons would be given in a very straightforward and clear manner, suitable to the ability of each student. I am patient and aim to encourage students to achieve their best in the subject field.

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French graduate offering French GCSE and A-level private one on one tutoring to pass exams

My lessons will be based on revising the grammar and vocabulary to give the student a solid understanding of the foundations of their target language. This will help them with their own oral and written expressions. I will make lessons fun and interactive through activities and visual aids. I will ensure the student remains motivated by recommending films and series to make the learning rewarding.

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Oxford Undergrad offering tuition in French reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar, vocab, culture

My teaching method is based on a mix of media - I like to use pictures, videos, music, audio files, newspaper articles - real sources are always the best for teaching. I try and make my lessons revolve around fun and use games as much as possible. I encourage students to put themselves out there and make mistakes, the most important thing is to get your message across.

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Native French speaker offering French written/spoken classes and accent reduction in Birmingham

I mostly rely on the student's or parents expectations, I can provide professional and personalized language classes or assistance to anyone in need. I am passionate about teaching to children or adults, I love interacting with my students, and think about new ways to teach. I consistently try to take a step back and proceed to a self-assessment to improve my teaching quality.

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LEARN FRENCH with a professionally designed READING, WRITING AND SPEAKING full program

I have designed a French curriculum that will teach you the in's and out's of french. Each lesson is carefully crafted to incorporate reading, writing, and oral expression/comprehension.

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French native with a 10 years in teaching experience. Give classes to all levels in the Columbus, OH area

I adapt to my student. if you are an individual traveling overseas on a business trip, we will be working in immersion and on immediately applicable skills, day to day functioning. if you are a student preparing for something specific, we will target our approach to your specific needs.

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Tutor with Bachelors Degree in French Linguistics and several years experience as a language tutor.

In general, I try to tailor my teaching methodology to each student, depending on their level of experience in the language and what they want to get out of it. In general, I try to teach using every day activities and normal conversation, trying to mimic the way we learn our native languages.

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French lessons in Montreal from a "frenchie" from France :) French university degrees holder

My teaching methods directly lead to the "operational" knowledge people need to be fully effective in the everyday life or in their job or business. The basics of the french language is not forgotten but the approach is more about "How do french people REALLY speak.... the sounds, the contractions, exceptions, usual "idioms" etc.

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Want to learn French? I’m here to help! French native, Master in linguistics, tutoring experience with children and adults.

I work with each of my students to develop the best method to suit their needs. Every student is unique and we’ll make great progress together. Native French-speaking from Belgium, I have been living in the UK for 5 years and hold a Masters in Translation and Linguistics in French-English-Russian languages.

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Recently graduated International Baccalaureate student who has been doing French for 15 years

My teaching method is very hands on, therefore I will speak French for most of the lesson. I believe that immersion is the best way to learn a language, and I know this from experience. In the past I have found that mini quizzes also help students establish what they have recently learnt, so it sticks with them long-term.

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Former Cybersecurity student wants to help people with the French language because he can

I am going to be honest here, I only have helped people really with the language, but I have to say my methodology is pretty flexible depending on the needs of the student. At the same time though, I myself have a visual learning style, so there might be elements of that woven in there.

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French and Russian student giving French GCSE and A-Level help in London

I study French and Russian at university. I teach GCSE level and I am capable of doing A-level teaching also. I will start with what you know already, then we will build up your knowledge afterwards. After learning the main rules, we will look at more common exceptions and work together on exercises.

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French and Italian MA student offering French and Italian language lessons in Edinburgh

I have been studying French since the age of 7, and Italian since starting University in Edinburgh. Having completed my degree this year, I am now fluent in both languges, recieving top marks throughout my university experience.

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Hey! 18 years experienced teacher with native + french immersion, special ed, vice-principal, tutor and Foster mom:)

My aim in teaching is to create a situation where students become enthusiastic about understanding the subject matter themselves and consequently deeply integrate new content and frames of meaning into their way of thinking. To attempt to achieve this I use a variety of methods such as speaking in pairs, small groups, role plays and debates.

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A native French working girl offering french lessons in Reading, and area

My teaching methodology starts with a little test to know the student's level. Then the subject I will teach deponds on the level. I teach the grammar, what tense to use, vocabulary (global and special topic vocabulary), speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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Native French speaker with tutoring experience offering lessons in New Haven area

I make a point to tailor all my lessons to the needs and goals of my students. Because I am a native French speaker, I understand the challenges when learning a new language and value the importance of cultural literacy.

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Native French speaker and linguistics student trained in teaching FFL offering French lessons in Edinburgh

I follow the Common European Framework of References for Languages, in that I think it necessary to evaluate the level of the student and the communicative needs associated with it. Any first lesson I give will begin with a test meant to determine your level and a discussion about your linguistics needs, so that I may devise a lesson plan tailored to you.

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Perfect! Marie-Lou is an excellent French tutor. She is thorough, conscientious and enthusiastic. I have learnt so much from her in the short time that we have been meeting. She challenges and extends my learning and shares my desire to improve. She...

Annika , Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
6 months ago
(7 reviews)

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