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Wellesley College French teacher with personal and relevent cultural experience seeking students to learn French--webcam/inperson

ACTFL-centered instruction with a focus on performance-based learning and using the language in functional scenarios. In plain English--I enjoy immersing students in culture, background info, and urging them to speak more. Grammar is taught as a means to an end, and not as the main lesson.

High Wycombe
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1st lesson free !

French speaking teacher for adult beginners or other levels- emphasis on conversation

I obtained a diploma in Belgium (in French) for elementary school (kids from 6 to 12) but have taught French as a second language to professionals in various companies. I'd like to find out first what their goals are. I have been using methods (books with exercices, flash cards) and programs to adapt them to the clients’ needs and objectives. , with the main focus on the conversation.

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French Native with a method specially designed to enable your French language abilities in North Fulton, GA.

Less than 1 percent of American adults today are proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a U.S. classroom. For you to reach a different outcome for your child or yourself, I offer a methodology of learning through fun based on your current abilities and your goal. This will enable you to develop the desired language proficiency, but will also contribute to your cultural enrichment.

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French, Rockingham, NC, Masters Degree in French and Russian owned Translation compan

I have worked as a Russian Linguist at NSA, then Owned and Operated a Teaching School for French which is where I taught Kindergarten and Middle School children. I worked as French Teacher for Juniors and Seniors in the Moore County High School. I owned and Operated a Translation company; Lexint, Inc. I worked with Linguists for all Languages around the world.

Greater London
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French student in London gives French lessons to anyone in need (all age).

Hi, I'm a native French student at King's College London. I can give French lessons to people of all ages and level. I enjoy teaching and I know everyone learns differently so I always try to adapt my teaching methods to the person I'm tutoring.

San Antonio
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Here! Native French college student gives french lessons in San Antonio, TX

I was born in Marseille, France and flew over the US to have the All-American education. I believe that learning a language should be fun and can be difficult yet a rewarding experience for all. Repetition, practice, scenarios, and the desire to learn are what make one successful in my class. I am picky and stern when it comes to pronunciation because French is hard but the results are amazing.

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Pavia - Graduating offers tuition in English, French and German, preparation tasks, help translation

I am a graduate student in the University of Pavia, English study since I five years and over time I have accumulated a bit 'of experience in helping students prepare lessons and exams. Often you need additional support with respect to the teacher to allow the student to practice the correct way.

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I give French classes and I lead conversation groups in Barcelona, ​​on commence?

My name is Sophie, I am French and I have been living in Barcelona for more than a year. I am passionate about studying languages ​​and I dedicate myself to the teaching of the French language. I speak english, spanish and italian.

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Native English Graduate in French and Mandarin from Exeter University teaching French, Mandarin and English in Exeter

I'm a native english speaker who's become fluent in French and Mandarin by being surrounded by people from both countries. I want to pass on that knowledge in the same way. Languages should be fun, and they should be social! That's the best way to master a language.

Chase emery
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Learn to speak French with a perfect accent from a professional bilngual Actor / Vocalist / Speech coach from Paris.

I was born in New York to Anglo American parents, I moved to Paris at the age of 2. I was raised in a bilingual household in the French school system where I also studied German and Spanish. I have studied with several famous French and American film coaches and have acted in films and video games. I was a member of Nation Youth and Youth Music Theatre UK like Matt Smith and Ed Sheeran.

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Learn how to speak fluently french with a belgium/french accent with houstonlearn.com

Our tutors are very qualified, we have college students, certified professors, graduate students. We are a small family company from Belgium and we offer services to any level in French, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. We are bringing with us the techniques learned in the European school system.

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IGCSE French student who can give French lessons to primary and secondary school pupils in or around Epsom

Hi, I'm Kiran, 15 years old and studying French at Epsom College. I passed DELF B1 and completed IGCSE French a year early. I await results for this,(my school has predicted me an A*). I teach French to Primary/Secondary school students in/near Epsom. I'm very flexible with times and can do most days at any time for any length of time.

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French, Russian. Natick, MA . Boston area. I have degree in French. I teach speaking, reading and writing

I teach students all ages. I play games, I teach conversation, reading, writing and culture. I use movies,songs, projects. I try to make my lessons fun. My philosophy of teaching foreign languages comes from my own personal experience as a student, tutor, and a teacher. I have always been interested in teaching others.

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Languages graduate offering French tuition and exam/ homework help in Salisbury centre

I have recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a First Class Honours in BA French and Spanish. I am now living in central Salisbury and am offering private tutition, help with exam preparations, and homework help for students up to A Level level.

Greater London
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Post-GCSE student gives tuition for new GCSE French and German for Years 10 and under

After receiving high marks in my controlled assessments for each language that I have done I can help with the new style GCSE specification where spontaneous writing and speaking elements are present. I can help to further boost the grade that your child can achieve at the end of his or her GCSE course.

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I propose to help you to learn French, spoken and written on Metz and nearby.

I am a young Quebecker living in France for three years. I am passionate about languages ​​and sharing experiences and I would be delighted to help you learn French by adapting the courses to your needs, whatever your starting level is.

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3rd year university student gives French lessons up to A level standard

I'm a student at the University of Warwick and have just completed my year abroad in France meaning I now have 3 years of degree level French experience. I'm friendly and patient and keen to help improve your language in a way that you will also enjoy.

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Professional French native passionate about languages and teaching all levels and ages

I select with my students the subjects that interest them or that are related to their studies. A preliminary evaluation is done straight from the first lesson. Discussion and reading to identify the grammar, vocabulary, speech to be reviewed and improved. Then exercises to focus on improvements.

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Learn French easy as riding a bicycle or as using a phone

I can give french lessons to primary school students, high school students, undergraduate students also. I will first start with the basis which is the spelling, listening, speaking then after that we will learn the writing. I am calm, comprehensive, good listener tutor.

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Native French speaker in London gives French lessons to toddlers (frm 3 years old) and adults. Learning can be fun, so let me show you how to learn French doing what you love, in the comfort of your h

The lessons are simple, short, and straight to the point. We'll talk/draw/sing/dance about what you love, what you dream about, what makes you tick, and what makes you smile. You will get better every single day.

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University student gives French lessons online after having experienced two different kinds of French in France and Morocco

I am a university student and I am willing to help language students to enhance their abilities. I teach to people up to A levels .

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French tutor in Manchester covering grammar, vocabulary and correct pronunciation of French words.

I teach students at GSCE level, A levels and Adult level. I pay particular attention to correct pronunciation so not only will you understand French but you will be able to speak it properly. For difficult words, I provide transliteration and describe what your tongue needs to be doing to make the correct sound. Last but not least, there are no dumb questions.

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University Microbiology Graduate, French oral, written, conversational tutoring, Biology tutoring, Spanish a1 and a2

A recent Microbiology graduate, I have in depth biology knowledge and take great pleasure in teaching it. In addition, I am a native French speaker raised in the UK: i have tutored French previously and focus on conversational and written practice. I am B2 level in Spanish and ewually as comfortable teaching A1 and A2 level Spanish.

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Teaching French, ESL and Russian as a foreign language online or in person -location Moscow, Russia.

Dear Students! I have been teaching French, ESL and Russian as a foreign language to adults and children with various levels of preparation. I have been preparing students for international exams, explaining all the aspects of reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary, including writing letters and essays tips.

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Elementary and intermediate French lessons in Cleveland, OH from college student with 6+ years of French language experience

I am currently an undergraduate student at Duke University who has taken over six years worth of French language classes. In my senior year of high school, I took AP French 5 Language and Composition and scored a 5 on the exam.

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Learn a foreign language now for a secure career life

I am a native french speaker but my English skill is fluent because I have been studying in the United State for years where I have earned a bachelor degree. I take a good deal of pleasure teaching French to those with strong interest in learning french. I rely, as far my method, on writings, audio lecture. I have a skype account and an email.

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French teacher Sevilla and vicinity, I have the DELF B2 title

I adapt to the needs of the students, I have experience with this language having made a bilingual French high school diploma,and I have obtained the French baccalauréat and have the title DELF B2 and DELF B1 in French.

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I teach you French as a foreign language from beginner to intermediate level in Paris and its region

My method is to first pass through field experience for French to oral. I give you the tools, the vocabulary to make you autonomous. Then, it is up to you to experiment it with your family and your surroundings on a daily basis. For writing, involvement and motivation are important because a lot of personal work has to be done. My role will be to teach you, teach you lessons.

Los Angeles
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French Native Teacher From Paris gives French Lessons To Beginners And Advanced in Los Angeles

My name is Fabien,I'm a French native teacher from Paris with a French Accent.I graduated in French literature.I love helping people, I am also very patient and funny.I teach all levels from beginner to advanced from children to adults.My approach to teaching is to plan a strategy that works best for each individual student.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
4 days ago
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