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Experienced argentinian teacher gives Spanish, English and French classes in Paris and suburbs

Hello! I am Argentinian, I am fluent in Spanish (my native language), English (which I learned at the age of 6) and French. In Buenos Aires I got a graduate and professor degree in Literature and Linguistics.

Rio de Janeiro
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Portuguese for foreigners, English and French private lessons in Rio de Janeiro

English teacher with experience in teaching all levels and ages, including executive English classes. I also have a Master's degree held in Paris, France, where I lived for a year. Classes are developed based on the student's needs and goals, focusing on written and oral expression and comprehension, grammar, or both.

Lo Ferro
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French classes and Spanish for foreigners

I am a teacher of French in high school. I intend to give particular French classes in the afternoons, or Spanish classes for foreigners.

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Brewing gives old literary courses English, German, French as a foreign language in Paris

Sort prépa with literary study of German and English specialty. English bilingual, is for all levels. Rather elementary, middle school and high school for German. Study of culture, grammar, literature, importance of oral expression. Method that fits the student and his sensitivity and needs.

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French native teacher, classes in Madrid and online, Graduated of foreign languages from a French university.

Hey everyone, Bonjours à tous! I'm a marine, a native French teacher. I give french clases Online, in the center of Madrid and lessons in people's homes. - Any level, support, beginners.advanced... I have a degree in languages ​​and I am doing a master of literary translation. I got experience as an au pair and as a French teacher.

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First year university student provides french tutoring in West Lothian area for students up to the age of 18

I have studied both French and Spanish at advanced higher level and will be attending university to study both languages as well as teaching. I have experience working in language classes with pupils aged 12 - 16 and maintain a positive and motivational attitude throughout all my work.

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Personal Spanish or English lessons by French teacher ​​(all levels) - Skype

I have both the French and Argentinian nationalities. While i was growing up, I studied in an international school for 10 years, in the Spanish section. I then received in 2010 both a Spanish and a French baccalaureate degree. While studying at this school, I was able to learn English and - thanks to conversation with my tutors, to traveling and reading - reached a C2 level in that language.

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French Native Private Tutor, 20+ years of experience, Main Line Philadelphia, via webcam or at my home

I am a French Native tutoring from pre-K to college students. Lessons are customized to each student according to level of proficiency. Students are French and/or American.

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LEA graduated offers English, Spanish and French clases as well as translation work for all levels in the Lot area!

Hello everyone! My name is Magali I am 25 years old and I have a Master degree in applied foreign languages. I offer Spanish and English classes for all levels as well as literary or technical translation work. I also give French as a foreign language course, activity to which I dedicated for 7 months in Mexico and that I will take back in October, in Portugal.

San Fernando
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Language teacher with master's degree in secondary education in the province of Cádiz

Always work from the communicative method, ie try to speak as much as possible in French, German or English in the classroom and students also answered me in a foreign language. Failures are not important, the important thing is that students learn to communicate. I like to use interactive and dynamic resources for students to learn the language in a fun way.

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Graduated in Applied Foreign Languages ​​teaches French for students of elementary and high school or adults in Lisbon

I'm Italian and I graduated in Applied Foreign Languages, in France. I'm currently living in Lisbon and my lessons are addressed to anyone who's interested: children, students as well as adults. > Teaching method: Learn the language in all its aspects: listening, phonetics, comprehension and expression.

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Language Classes: Spanish Language (ELE), English, French and Basque. Adapted lessons.

I graduated in Hispanic Studies from the University of Salamanca. I am currently doing a Masters in Teacher Training in Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Schools. At the same time I am in possession of the EGA titles, CAE and DELF B2 so well as to teach Spanish at all levels and foreign, also I teach Basque, English and French. I have experience in tutoring and language.

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Learn French easily with a native and dynamic teacher. Quick, easy and effective method tailored to each student. Online tuitions, guaranteed results !

Teaching French to students of all levels and ages in situations such as business, particular, by Skype or in intensive context, I had the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of different methods. That's how I came to develop my own teaching technique that is as playful as efficient.

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Tutoring in Italian, English and French at home for all levels (Luxembourg)

As a trilingual student, I offer tutoring and homework help in Italian, English and French for all ages and for every level of understanding. My working method is : conversation, reading, writing, spelling, diction, accent, culture, correcting homework and various exercises.

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Graduate French student, originally from the UK, providing French tutoring in Boston, MA to aspiring francophones.

Why, hello there budding linguists. :) Language-acquisition beyond our mother-tongue can be an anxious undertaking. As a tutor, I endeavour to provide a non-judgemental setting for my students. Mistakes are never frowned upon here! Whenever we err, we have an opportunity to grow.

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English tutor located in Janesville, Wisconsin will be able to help you to reach your objectives, no matter if you are a begginner or advanced

Im French born and have been living in Wisconsin for over two years. I have a bachelor in Foreign languages ( English and Italian ). I do believe that learning a language is a life long experience and that you will only learn efficiently if being plunged in the language's environment. Not everyone is able to travel so the next best thing is to be taught by a native.

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Language courses (English, French, Italian, Spanish) all levels! Paris and 78100

Hello, Hi, Hola, Ciao! Student in last year of Translation and International Relations I am also currently learning Russian and Arabic, I give language courses (English, French, Spanish, Italian) for all levels. I traveled a lot, so I try to convey both a language and culture. I adapt to the person and their needs using gaming techniques (games, specific vocabulary, varied themes).

White Hall
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ESL and Accent Correcting lessons by recent French Studies graduate in United States

I give lessons to anyone of any age interested in learning English as a second language along with accent correction for more advanced students. Students will be offered lessons on vocabulary grammar, pronunciation, along with other important areas of language depending on proficiency.

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Qualified teacher offers coaching and tutoring in French in Lille and around

Former English teacher, now back to my dear studies, I offer individual tutoring classes for all levels. Self confidence is the key. I offer a wide range of methods to learn while having fun, improve your autonomy and become aware of your abilities, leaving a lot of freedom to the student to choose the methods that fit them the best. First hour of class is on me.

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A French Tutor with 4 years of experience gives French lessons in Mumbai

Having learnt french for 8 years now and teaching it for more than 4 years ,I have been teaching French to students of different grades and boards, as well as to people who are learning the language for basic proficiency, professional reasons or only for the love of the language. I have completed the course upto B2 level from Alliance Français.

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Teacher of French as a foreign language and second in the cities of Neuchatel and Bern

Hello everyone ! I have been teaching French for a few years. I have a Master 2 in teaching French that I obtained in Lille. I taught in Spain to children and adults in a French Institute, in Finland at university and in primary school, in France in a college and in Japan in a French Institute. I am currently working in a school in Bern.

Hillsborough township
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High school senior gives French courses to primary ,middle school and sophomore in Hillsboro North Dakota

I'm teenager of 17 and I would like to share my ability to speaking French with others ( primary,middle and sophomore students ). So grew up in French country I used to learn English since my 6th grade so I will use the same ways my English teachers took to taught me English to teach also French : by starting by Alphabet and etc....

Danielle andrée
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French teacher and native of ELE gives french lessons and Spanish

1- I am french native currently a PhD candidate at the University of Girona. Holds a Master in Spanish Language and Linguistics and another Masters in teaching Spanish as a second language. 2. Before starting the course I make a diagnostic evaluation in order to know the exact level of the students.

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Learn French or Spanish, Tutor or Translating Services Available, B.A. and M.S. in Language, Literacy

Whether you are looking to learn a new language, brush up on your language skills, need documents translated or are in need of an interpreter in the Moline, Illinois area, I am available for these services and have 10 years of experience in the field. I have a B.A. and M.S. in Languages, Literacy, and Culture.

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Learn the French language (write & speak) with Alex ! Shawinigan, QC

Still in secondary 3, I don't think I need to have done a lot of study to learn you my language. The Québécois accent is nice, different of the France french.

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French Lessons by Oxford University Undergrad in Modern and Medieval Foreign Languages: French and German

I am an Undergraduate at the University of Oxford studying French and German. I have A* GCSE in both languages, A* in French A Level and A in German A level. Ideal students would be comprehensive to A level.

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Contact me to help build confidence in French speaking and understanding quickly

I am a qualified MFL teacher who uses an innovative approach to teaching.

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DELF A1 and A2 certified IT professional gives french classes for primary and secondary school

I Believe in teaching through activities so that students can relate to and understand the language in a better way. I go beyond school syllabus and focus on inculcating interest in french language. I take help of videos, audios to do the same.

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English teacher certified in England and having lived 10 years in England

Professor of French and Spanish for 10 years in England. I completed my studies to become a professor at Keele University and I had the chance to practice everyday English for ten years. I am a dynamic teacher who based his teaching on the teacher \ communication students. One of my strengths is the use of new technologies to explain grammatical concepts among other interactive and playful way.

Vazquez peraita
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Native Spanish and French teacher in Nottingham. More than 10 years of experience. Let's learn the language.

I am 28 years old Spanish lady. I have been in England for 4 years. Currently I am doing a PhD in the University of Nottingham. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish. I learnt French at a bilingual school to which I went for 10 years. When I finished school, I started working for French companies, and it is what I have been doing doing until 2016 when I started my PhD.

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