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Cape Town
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I have a law degree, also swimming instructor and first aid instructor

my methodology is about the play, we have to learn with pleasure we might have to talk a lot for know the fear and beat them we need to be calm et understandable all along the class and we can add some games

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Native French teacher with experience in France, USA and Canada, currently living in Vancouver

My students tell me I'm a patient teacher. I love what I do and I want them to (re)discover my native language. I have materials that I can gladly share. I have experience with teaching kids, teenagers and adults.

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Trilingual French/English/Spanish Exeter University graduate based in Bristol - GCSE/A Level preferred

I will prepare lessons relevant to your needs. If you are studying for GCSEs or A Levels, I will do the appropriate research to help you with a specific topic or a specific aspect of the language that you need help with.

Greater London
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Qualified teacher with great experience gives French language and GCSE lessons in London

Hi! Ciao! Salut! Hola! 你好! My name is Michela and I come from Rome. I am a 31 years old linguist who has dedicated 2/3 of her life to language learning and teaching. MY BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: I am a qualified language teacher in the UK secondary schools where I worked for 3 years.

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Bonjour! Oi! My name is Gabriella and I have been tutoring French and Portuguese at UNC Wilmington for five years. I would love to help you improve your linguistic skills!

Every session, I focus on what the student wants to learn, what they already know, and then I review new material. I use a lot of repetition and practice questions throughout my lessons. I try and utilize metacognitive techniques (thinking about the way you think) ex. critical thinking skills in order to help students learn.

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS A unique style of teaching involving student interaction and delivery

I like to introduce sound and song methodology in learning languages.

East Kilbride
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French born living in Scotland offers French & Acting tuitions - All level - All ages

Lessons for children are interactive, practical with both written and oral exercises, role play and games. For pupils and students, each session focuses on specific areas they wish to improve on while practising everyday language use and accent. I make the session interesting, interactive while keeping the curriculum in mind or nay specific area that the student wish to improve on.

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Tutor cum translator with 6 years experience into French Language training .

LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) is something one must focus to learn any language. Apart from that there culture and civilization of that particular language must be second priority . Need to know the Demography and usage of that language. Learning language and learning Math is entirely a different thing.

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French native speaker (from France), located in Squamish BC, teaches all levels

I have a very flexible approach based on the student's level and goals. I focus mainly on spoken French and love explaining grammar! I can also teach written French, work on accent reduction, prepare for exams/language tests.

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I speak 8 languages. Language is a powerful tool to communicate with others. "If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you speak to a man in his language, that goes

I teach vocabulary with a visual approach. However, I like to work with pronunciation first because it's important to be understood when speaking. From there, I teach reading to associate sound with written words and vocabulary which leads to speaking and writing. I like leaving students with something to do on their own.

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Native French Speaker offers classes to enthusiastic and motivated learner. Currently studying law

I base my teaching with a lot of trial and error so there will be exercises ( not too much, just the minimum). I also encourage students to speak French with me. At the end of every classes, a little summary of what we’ve done in French or English (based on the students choice) will be done. This is to make sure that knowledge is not only acquired but also understood.

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University student providing French, English or essay writing/editing services for students from kindergarten to high school

I tailor all my activities and planning around the individual student. I use methods that engage all types of learners.

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Business french exchange student offering French reading, listening, writing and speaking lessons in Hull

I would like to give lessons to anybody who is interested in learning French, whatever is the level. I'm aware that learning a new language is very difficult, so I can adapt the techniques and methods to the person, according if he/she wants to develop his/her skills in reading, listening, writing or speaking.

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Retired engineer with varied linguistic background who can explain various dialects in French

- Techniques used involves comparisons (en/fr) using music and literature as tools. - Typical session starts with review of assigned work and discussion, all in french, and presentations based on comprehension retention. - Extensive knowledge in dialects coupled with live performance background. - From basic to level 4 conversational french. Possibly more...

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Master's degree in Human Resources in France and former semi-professional sportsman, I am ready to help you progress in the French language, my mother tongue and that I improved with my studies

My method is to learn about the level of the student and then define a goal and a timeframe for each goal, then define actions to achieve this goal.

Leamington Spa
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Experienced French tutor (native) offering lessons in Coventry and Leamington (DELF /DALF)

My teaching method is communicative as I push my students to express themselves as much as possible on very varied topics. The key is to allow them to learn effectively by trying different things and making mistakes. Grammar is taught through the theme of the lesson, so it can be assimilated easily.

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College Student Offering Tutoring in French, English and Musicianship (Theory/Solfège/Ear training) in Montreal/Brossard

Language classes are based on four components: - Writing and grammar - Reading comprehension and vocabulary building - Oral expression shall integrate both grammar and vocabulary concepts learnt Music lessons will be based on: - Piece analysis and core theory explanation - Practical classes on solfège and ear training - Analysis of the theory and patterns behind Solfège and Ear trainin

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A Level language student offering tutor lessons for both French and Spanish for help with GCSEs, AS or A Level.

Lesson structure is fully flexible depending on the needs of the student. Aspects of speaking, writing, reading and listening can be covered. Translation and Grammar exercises can be completed or else general conversation on current topics or yourself.

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Native French student, studying Biological Sciences at Cardiff University, offering tutoring lessons in French

I am very flexible with my students- I can teach grammar and spelling as well as improve one's oral capabilities and pronunciation. I like to do a bit of both during a session- I usually help with written work for half an hour and then have an open talking session the rest of the time.

1st lesson free !

Private language lesson by a French native in Edinburgh for only 20£/hr

Areas covered : grammar, writing, listenning, reading and speaking skills Conversation, pronunciation and vocabulary During the first lesson, we'll prepared a tailored lesson plans. Usually i like to discuss about topics that student appreciates. It's more easier to practice and learn like that.

Geovan henrique
(6 reviews)
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French teacher and translator, with experience in language schools and private students.

My classes are dynamic, always focused on the interest of the student (travel, immigration, university exchange) or only those who are passionate about the language. I always work with songs, texts from newspapers and magazines and videos to incite a discussion within the subject worked in class.

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" Experienced Engineering Professional offering French and Arabic lessons in Aberdeenshire "

I adapt my teaching methods to the learning environment and nature of the learner. Engaging learners in the learning process is vital, so is selecting a style that addresses their needs and level. My teaching style is more of a hybrid approach that blends the best of everything a teacher should offer.

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Professional Tutor in Greek and French Languages gives Lessons at home in Buxton in Derbyshire

My teaching methods are to design my lessons according to students' level. I m always attentive to each students needs to learn the language that I am teaching.

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Law student, bilingual in English and French, offering french lessons in Exeter.

I approach each topic according to the individuals needs of the student. I focus on improving their weaknesses and making sure that everything is clear and can be easily remembered. Learning a language requires a lot of practice, I aim for the student to be comfortable in expressing themselves in French and understanding both everyday french and more complex literary french if needed.

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I am an Architect, a designer and an Entrepreneur. However, I love languages. Language is about practice and conversations, and that is how I tutor.

While on classe I use design thinking approach, where students get in groups and together help to find a solution to a given problem. We finish tge classe with presentations and feedbacks. Online, it is conversation based methodology where we engage in a day to day topics.

1st lesson free !

Easy Learning University. Patience is key. Education is fun Believe in yourself and never give up. I teach English, French and Spanish.

Patience is key, don't get discourage, believe in yourself. Breathe and take as much notes as needed. Education is fun don't be ashamed for being smart.

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Cours de français - French lessons Victoriaville, Warwick, Centre-du-Québec avec Mélodie!

My teaching method is simple, I use creativity to create a spark! My logic is , in order to remember something or understand it, you have to have an interest in it. I am also really flexible in my methods, I will adapt to your needs.

Sarah laurie
1st lesson free !

Graduate of UPS with 14 years of French language studies & study abroad experience in Paris offering private lessons in the Tacoma area

I begin by learning about the current level of language known by my student, whether that be by engaging in simple conversation, or taking a look at the latest textbooks used. With these two methods, I can gauge the level of French language studies that the student is currently at. I like to dive into sessions by creating realistic goals for the student's learning outcomes.

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University French Teacher now based in Chicago/Teaching Natural Conversation, Grammar and More

My teaching method is using the French language at all times. Even if the class is a intro-level class I believe all students of any age and level can begin comprehending this language from the first day of instruction. I believe in immersive and interactive techniques.

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French speaker since 2000, I learned and speak French since I’m born

I’m a very kind and patient person. I understand that everyone is different and has his own way of learning. Thus, I adapt my teaching to every single person characteristic.

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Perfect! Christine has been teaching my 9yo old, and she is amazing. My son loves his weekly online classes with Christine.

Valerie, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sarah is a wonderful teacher, she made our lesson fun with songs and games, I really enjoyed it :)

greg, Student
3 weeks ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Sophie was a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately she is leaving to travel around Australia then leave for France to go back to study. I loved every moment studying with her - we had three lessons each week. I will miss her greatly. She was always...

Andrea, Student
3 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
11 months ago
(7 reviews)

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