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Tri-lingual Student offering English, Italian or French courses (Speaking, reading and writing) London

I prioritize essential conversational skills first, as I think once you have properly learnt these basics the rest can be done by yourself by actively searching out mother-tongue speakers and conversing with them. This is how I learnt to speak fluent French and am currently doing with Spanish, and I am convinced it remains the best and only way to master a language.

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Hi, I'm Mariam A French native hehe :) and a graduate student in business analytics. I will be very happy to share with you my knowledge in French.Hope to see you soon.Merci :)

I used to learn English in a funny class while learning a lot of things and I would like to follow the same style.We can find together the way you like learning and plan together your lessons. These first lessons will be free, helping you to feel comfortable and me to know you better and what you need.

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French Native Speaker in Houston, TX. Learn French with a communications expert.

I can help you improve your oral and written skills in French. We can work on grammar or just have a nice conversation! I also can review your essay/homework and give you some tips. I like to pick different topics and develop lesson plans according to my student's interests and goals.

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French native speaker offering french lessons to beginners and advanced alike ! (London)

I am offering my help to motivated people who want to learn my native language (which can be quite difficult to learn without help!). My lessons are structured to best make you achieve your own goals and depending on your own needs - whether revision for a single test or a continued tutoring experience.

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English (and French) speaking Cameroonian writer who loves podcasts and content creation.

I base my classes on the individual student and their unique pain point. I don't believe everyone learns in the same way. I try to explore and combine methods based on identifiable strengths that the student has. I prefer a more patient approach with consistent improvement focusing on key building blocks and raising difficulty as needed.

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French studying at the University of Birmingham gives French lessons (all level)

I can teach you whatever your level is. I will try to make our lessons fun and choose subjects that interest you. We will be doing a lot of oral work (oral expression and comprehension) and written work (written expression mainly). I can also help you with your accent. I can also give you some "homework" but only if you are up for it.

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Teacher of French as a Foreign Language - I have a first experience with students in the UK.

I am fully attentive to your needs and can adapt my teaching methods by establishing an initial assessment of your level in terms of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, phonetics and pronunciation to name a few... I use various support to facilitate your learning such as training manuals, books, DVDs, games, scenarios and online exercises to enhance your communication skills.

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French Native full time working offering French lessons up to university level

You give me the subject, I adapt to what you want to do. I will give some tips to memorise vocabulary. I will help you to pronounce words correctly and reduce your accent. I adapt my lessons to each individual student. Let me know what you want to work on and I will improve your skills in no time.

Fort Myers
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French teacher online with 1 year of experience (Speak English, Spanish and Italian)

I always adapt my lessons about my students, about theirs goals and what they are looking for. I also give a private resumen after each one and I'm free to help the students if they have any questions between our lessons.

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I was born and raised in the French capital, have been taking exams and courses (DELF B1/2, A Level, GCSE, Lauréat) for more than 15 years now. Let me help you with my knowledge.

I would base my sessions on your needs. I can adapt to different levels of French from GCSE all the way to A Level and DELF or the "Lauréat nationale". I also have a psychology college level background and am able to interact with teenagers to enhance their confidence into speaking the language out loud which simplifies the learning of the language.

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French classes along with my Personal notes, to enhance and help you learn French at School and College Level.

I would like to start right from the basics, the alphabets, Grammar rules, Verbs, Sentences and gradually we'll proceed to paragraph and comprehensions. Mind well, we will not only focus on Written but also spoken abilities. This will make sure, you become confident in your spoken as well as written skills.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Belgian nationality biology student at Newcastle University offering french tutoring all levels

My teaching style is flexible and adapted to the capabilities of my students. I enjoy being able to help someone and see their improvement over time. I am looking to help GCSE and A-level students to make the most of their exams and achieve the highest grades they possibly can.

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Enthusiastic Native French speaker and geography graduate gives French, German and geography lessons in Ayr

My teaching method is a Student centered approach to learning. I prefer when the teacher and the student play an equally active role in the learning process. I am a creative and resourceful person and I believe learning should be fun.

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Modern languages student offering French learning and revision techniques up to GCSE and A Level

I like to focus on grammar and comprehension particularly, although pronunciation, accent are other aspects I consider essential during the learning of a language. I create and share my previous resources that I have made.

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Experienced Professor of French Language and Literature offers lessons all levels in Edinburgh

My teaching is based on modern techniques which encourages active learning, self-evaluation and creativity. I am collaborator rather than instructor. Teaching includes DELF lessons.

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Experienced French Tutor offering online lessons for students or enthusiasts of the French language

I base my lessons on the students needs, requests or curriculum so they have the option of jumping around or not necessarily following a progressive schedule. I have access to an online curriculum but if the student has online material or resources they prefer using, they can share that in advance.

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Parisian student teaching French in Exeter, mainly to help with your assignments

I have lived in Paris for most of my life, including 4 years in Texas, and went to an international school in the Parisian region. Although I am a first year student, this should not influence your perception of my capacity to help and teach you the french language.


Patrick - Trumpington - French

I am an active concert pianist, who performs regularly in England and abroad I have played in major Concert Hall, such as the Carnegie Hall or the Berlin Philharmonie. I have been teaching the piano for over 10 years. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the piano, and can also teach French as this is my first language. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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HI! I am Viveca French is my native language. I am living in Houston. I have a French Master degree in Management & Business Strategy.

I am a professional with 9 years experience in Human resources. I can teach all level depending on what you are looking for. Basic level to advanced. My teaching method is base on the level of each student and class. I will work with videos, audios and articles.

Veronik isabelle
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French Madame offering french lessons in Essex or London, for private or class !

My teaching method is never the same, is depend of my students.

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French native speaker actually living in scunthorpe offering private french lessons in the area

My teaching lessons are based on different points : - Reading something in french you have an interest in (sport, music, art ...

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Experienced French and Business Studies teacher offering great tutoring in North London.

Techonology nowadays plays undoubtedly a great contribution to teaching, which makes teaching French and Business Studies more fun and interactive for example; game base learning such as using Kahoot can provide personalised learning to students.

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French Journalist and student in Political Sciences offering french lessons in York

My teaching method is to learn french in different supports (audio, video, books...) and also be able to reflect and give his point of view on different topics in french. I also try to teach some knowledges about different subjects by giving you some vocabulary and basics.

(1 review)
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Native French speaker student offering french lessons for all levels in Huddersfield

I don't have a particular method, I tend to adapt to each student, for the simple reason that each one of them is different. I want my lessons to be perfect for each of my students, however I follow a certain program of what I teach each lesson but still based of my student personal knowledge.

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Dedication, determination, delivery, and results are what I provide on top of experience to ensure your success!

My teaching method is simple. I prefer my students to write out what is being taught, repeat it back, and use it in a scenario that’s relatable. At the beginning of each session we will review what was learned in the last session because each session will build on each other. I believe repetition is key and giving students multiple ways to comprehend/retain information is best.

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French teacher. This is my native language as i was born in Dunkerque north of France. i am available in Jupiter, FL and West palm beach Area

My teaching method is based on listening to my clients needs. My method is based on showing what have to be learned. Have the client practice and then correct if necessary. French is not an easy language but with the right tricks it is possible to learn it.

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French mother tongue engineer offers french conversation class in Leeds : day to day vocabulary up to business conversation

The work is based on discussion in french, learning vocabulary, french expression, and accent. Class being in French, convenient to advanced student or businessmen. French business approach also provided (from basic (phone,greetings,...) to advanced ; how to conduct a meeting, management, negociation, french specificity in business...) supported by a personnal experience at high level.

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The are of communication is the is the language of leadership !

The Direct Method Grammar-translation Audi lingual The structural approach Suggestopedia Communicative language teaching (CLT) Community Language Learning Task-based language learning The Natural Approach The Silent Way Total Physical Response (TPR)

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French student at the University of Manchester offering French lessons in Manchester

My experience as a teacher with several groups of age helped me to develop an understanding of what is a good pedagogy. I am a patient teacher that tries not only to expose knowledge to a student but that intent to interact with him in such a way that he acquires a perfect control of the material studied.

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Michel - Orpington - French

I am a French native tutor established in the UK since 1988. I am fully certified and CRB checked. I currently teach a variety of students from beginners to advanced, GCSE, A-Level and city professionals. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach French, essay writing and business skills - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Perfect! Sarah is a wonderful teacher, she made our lesson fun with songs and games, I really enjoyed it :)

greg, Student
5 days ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Sophie was a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately she is leaving to travel around Australia then leave for France to go back to study. I loved every moment studying with her - we had three lessons each week. I will miss her greatly. She was always...

Andrea, Student
1 week ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
10 months ago
(7 reviews)

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