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Student in Final year Year in Business Administration gives tuition in French Language as i am french born speaker i can help many people

My teaching methods is very simple it will be based on pronunciation because this is the basic thing when the pronunciation is good the remaining things will come easily .

Brise rhonda mbialeu
(3 reviews)
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French Speaking student offering unique lessons in the language she knows best.

I teach in regards to the person I am interracting with, basing it on their levels of understanding and taking them further than their comfort zone in due time.

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Fluent French Graduate(1st) / Teacher Offering French Tutoring Classes/Lessons in the North East

My teaching method is a mix of skills - listening/reading/writing/oral - this is exactly how I learnt and it made me become a proficient linguist in all areas much quicker! I like to take the topic at hand and break down its learning in to different exercises as described above so that my students are confident in the topic as a whole.

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French Student of International Trade & Logistics offers French lessons in Este (PD)

I can adapt to all levels following the methodology of the courses followed by the student / ssa, which is due to difficulty with the grammar (which is not always easy to understand, even for the French sometimes ...), for the conjugation or just simply try to work on the pronunciation or accent.

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French student wanting to teach and share his mother tongue! Welcome, Bienvenue!

My teaching method is based on what you are studying and your own level. I will help you with every homework or assignement you have to complete. I will provide you all the vocabulary needed, conjugation and of course the sentence's structure.

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Apprendre a s'exprimer en ecrit et a l'oral en francais...Art de l'amour

-J'ai enseigne a UAlbany et dans les lycees au Congo puis au Cameroune. -Ma methode est un style tres engage entre les etudiants et moi et entre les etudiants eux meme. -Mes devoirs d'evaluation sont bases sur les sujets etudies en classe.

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French PPE student at Durham University offering French lessons in Durham (bilingual)

I can approach the learning of French in different ways, such as having a conversation with your children, helping them with their homework, teaching them vocabulary, grammar, structure, etc. Because I am French, I can also help with oral expression, the accent or pronunciation. I can really adapt myself to your children and what they need.

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French Teacher all levels .I am a qualified French Teacher who is enthusiastic and enjoys inspiring children and adults to develop new language skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Excelle

My primary experience also includes some cover-teaching work at Boxted, Mistley and Wormingford primaries schools and I hold a current CRB clearance. I am also enjoying teaching older children and adults, and give private lessons at GCSE and A Level.

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Wanted to be better at French? I'm a native speaker and a teacher so I can help you

I start by analyzing what you need, what basis do you have and then consolidate it and go further. I have loads of resources that I can give you so that you are more confident when using the foreign language. I adapt to your own path and to your way of learning. I fix you small reachable goals so that you can see by yourself your evolution in the use of the language.

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Learn French easily and fastly with an incredible, unique and funny tutor!

When I was in school, I really hated boring teachers who doesn't like what they were teaching. I'm not that type of tutor! I will teach you French as funny as it can be! Moreover, I will play with you learning games. They will be very helpful and educative, of course. Also, after a few lessons, I will give you a little test (for see if you understand what I taught!).

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U1 trilingual student (French, English and Portuguese) at McGill University studying Biochemistry (Montreal).

Depending on the academic level of my students, I will adapt my approaches, identify and analyze where they struggle the most and provide them with specific exercises to strengthen their abilities, whether its in pronunciation, vocabulary, expression or writing.

Thornton Heath
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Native French Speaker in London willing to give the best authentic lessons.

My teaching method is Patient and Fun. We can't learn anything without enjoying it Patience is a virtue with Language. In lesson we will start with a french music, french games to keep the mind active and present. Afterwards we will start with reading,text and ect ect.

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French business school student (MSc at Aston University) offering support in French in Birmingham

My teaching method is based on my student's teaching material. We review together what he/she does not understand, what areas need more work and what could be done to achieve higher grades. My aim is to make my students feel more confident and comfortable and provide them with good tools.

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Tous les secrets de la langue française révélés, que ce soit à l'oral ou à l'écrit!

Je crois sincèrement que la meilleure façon d'enseigner est de guider l'étudiant(e) à développer ses propres habilités à enseigner la matière. Selon mon expérience, c'est lorsque l'étudiant devient lui-même/elle-même responsable de partager ses connaissances avec autrui qu'il/elle atteint le véritable succès.

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1st year modern language student at Bristol University offering tutoring up to A Level standard for French and German students

My teaching method is tailored to each individual; for example if they are kinesthetic learners, I will demonstrate what I am trying to teach actively, with as much participation from the learner as possible, if they are visual learners, I will demonstrate using pictures, diagrams and mindmaps, and if they are auditory learners I will attempt to explain verbally as clearly and engagingly as...

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Bi-lingual (French-English) Oxford Post-Graduate Student Giving French Lessons in Oxford and London

For a one hour session, I prepare a focused but varied class, during which the student and I will touch on a lot of different skills necessary in order to master French. Especially with languages, I believe it is important to balance out reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in order to fully understand the different aspects of the French language.

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French student in Glasgow offering French classes to students of any level and ages

My method of teaching is customized to every student I taught, it could be by communication and listening exercises if my student wants to go traveling in France or by using books if my student is wants to improve is writing skills. Each of my classes will be different in order to answer my students needs and wants.

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Qualified Modern Foreign Languages teacher offering French and German lessons at your home or online.

Lessons are designed around the tutee's needs and aim to improve language skills in listening, speaking, comprehension, writing and translation through engaging materials and practising essential grammar requirements for the new GCSE. Improving confidence and grades remains my primary objective.

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Learn French easily with a native! I promise you that fun & learning are compatible :)

Your level doesn’t matter: you fix the goal (conversation, exam preparation, preparation of a trip, etc.) and I offer you an adapted program to reach it. I adjust my classes according to a methodology willed to be fun, participatory and adapted to the student’s reality and needs: there will be 40% of theory (grammar, vocabulary, etc) and 60% of oral practice.

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French student gives you lessons on the beautiful language of love and compassion.

I tend to be very hands on and careful when helping my students with French. I don't get angry or frustrated if a concept is hard to understand, instead I go over the necessary concept how every many times I must until it is thoroughly grasped.

New York
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French major who loves music and also thinks French is very musical would like to share her knowledge of the French language...

I believe its best to find out what the students interests are - whether its sports or art or music or swimming or if they have pets, and what foods interest them, and ask them about their friends, school experiences - things that animate them or what was the funniest thing that happened at school today.

1st lesson free !

Experienced French teacher in Potsdam, native speaker from Paris, learn with fun!

Whether French for private interests, tutoring or professional qualification, I offer courses and individual lessons for all levels, beginners (A1) to advanced (up to C2). According to your wishes, we practice grammar, speaking, listening, reading, also on the basis of cultural texts and authentic materials. Cultural studies creates an exciting language.

Santa Monica
(1 review)
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Improve your French by speaking with a native French girl, born in Paris, working in the event and wedding industry, living in California.

My teaching method is based on your needs and level... For beginners, I recommend to speak 10/15 min everyday ... we will work on basis and word repetition in function of the theme. and you will get 1 new word everyday. For intermediate: 30 min at least twice a week to speak about sport, passion, culture, business, politic...


Jane - Cramlington - French

I have been teaching languages for 30 years and look forward to helping you, whether you are preparing for exams or are learning for business or pleasure. - Which subject(s) do you teach? German - beginners to A level and degree level English as a foreign language.

1st lesson free !

French 1 to 1 lessons in Bristol! Written/Oral comprehension, conversation and vocabulary

I aim at having a very personalised teaching methodology. I always make sure I take into account the students' necessities, skills as well as possible learning difficulties, so to make the tutoring sessions more effective and useful for the students. Thus, depending on the student's situation, for instance I would focus more on grammar topics, writing, listening or speaking exercises.

Los Angeles
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French student from the top business university HEC Paris gives French lessons in Los Angeles.

As I already did in the past, I can give lessons to beginners, either individually or collectively. But I can also teach French to more-advanced students who'd like to improve their writing, reading and conversation skills. Thus, my teaching methodology will depends on the student, but I like focusing on speaking and some fundamentals of writing.

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I am a biochemistry major at the University of Winnipeg, have been studying in French and giving French classes from kindergarten to high school. I would love to share my passion for French with you :

I teach the basis of French, how to approach the language, how to make it sound understandable and almost fluent. I see tutoring French as an adventure, I believe that anybody can do whatever they love, and I will make my students love French so they can succeed at it. These classes are beneficial to beginners.

1st lesson free !

Linguistic student's from Quebec, cheap and dynamic French lesson ( Au plaisir ! )

I am quite flexible so the first thing would really be to find out about your personal interest and then I can move on to teach you French at which ever level your currently at. Doing weekly quiz is also a nice way to keep you up to date.

1st lesson free !

How best to learn French other than with a Frenchman ? Private/group lessons in Edinburgh (I am an English Literature graduate)

My teaching method is to based heavily on practicing. May it be orally or writtenly, the best way to progress is to be exposed a lot (never enough) to verbal communication and written communication.

1st lesson free !

Native French Speaker offering French lessons (vocabulary, writing, and comprehension) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I mostly give lessons to children who want to improve or discover French. My language can be a hard one to understand so I try to explain it with tips that would make you remember the subtilities. I am very patient but still, expect the student to work with me and do his/her part of the job.

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Perfect! Sarah is a wonderful teacher, she made our lesson fun with songs and games, I really enjoyed it :)

greg, Student
5 days ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Sophie was a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately she is leaving to travel around Australia then leave for France to go back to study. I loved every moment studying with her - we had three lessons each week. I will miss her greatly. She was always...

Andrea, Student
1 week ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
10 months ago
(7 reviews)

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