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Fluent French Speaker gives French lessons to French students at all levels

I'm a fluent French speaker with a Bachelor's degree in French language studies as well as a separate degree in International Relations. I've lived in France for many years and French culture, language, cuisine and wine are my leading passions.

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Recent Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in French to tutor in Connectiut

I am a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Affairs. I will teach you my tricks and tips for mastering the French Language! I have games to help you learn vocabulary and strengthen your oral skills.

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French Lessons In Leeds from Native French Speaker Educated in France

Lessons from beginner level to more advanced levels. I am a native French speaker and will focus on spoken French as well as teaching grammar rules. I will always adapt my methods to the audience so for a younger audience, I will try and teach through games and songs.

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English, French and Espagnol.Remise level / intensive courses taught by a bilingual professional.

Graduated an LEA License and a MASTER I in International Business, I taught foreign languages ​​for several years to students of all levels. I apply academic methodology and regularly monitors the student from the targets set.

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Irish Student living and studying in Bordeaux, 2016 giving French tutoring to primary to scindant school children in the Cardiff/Bridgend area

I'm a second year French student in Trinity College, Dublin who loves working with and teaching all aspects of the language. I aim to make the classes fun and inclusive using games, pop culture and anything else that interests my student in order to make the lessons both fun and educational.

San Diego
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Voulez-vous parler français? I can help make learning French easy and fun!

I have spoken French for over 30 years. I have a degree in French and have conducted business in French. I have learned to develop a Parisian accent as a native born American, so I know I can do the same for you.

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Certified teacher of French as a second language, La Sorbonne, Paris III and ESL, Lille University III. All levels, middle , high school and adults. Twenty years experience. Atlanta , on line lessons.

I am passionate about Languages in general and French & English in particular! I obtained a Certificate of Didactics for French as a Foreign Language from La Sorbonne Paris III as well as a Master's in English from Lille University, France. I am a bi-lingual native French speaker.

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The Most Patient French/Australian Tutor in London! Yes I can teach you how to speak Australian too.

My aim is to get you comfortable with the basics and then work on your spoken skills. It's always a little scary and embarrassing trying to speak a new language. I'm very friendly, very patient, and have been working on a teaching method that get's you speaking and understanding the basics as fast as possible.

Forest Lake
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French tutor ( Previously worked as Translator ) in Forest Lake giving French lessons to all ages

My name is Amardeep Singh My teaching method is pretty easy. I try to assess the level of comprehension of each student and match them. I also try help them in different way by going at their own pace.

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Holder of a license in Tourism and a Master in European Projects

My teaching method is in the foreground to do some basic exercises to know the level of the person, then highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the person and work on that. I always act in an interactive way because boredom is one of the main causes of the lack of motivation to learn quickly.

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Experienced and passionate native french teacher in Cardiff working with the Q

In the large variety of my experience, i propose you to adjust my lessons to your needs. I can start with you beginner lessons. I could do this for young students or for adults. I can make you practise the french language in oral or in writing or in both. You could want to learn french to travel or to explore french culture? Your aims are maybe crucial for your children who prepare an exam.

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Qualified & Experienced French Teacher (PGCE) - Flexible Teaching - Outstanding Academics - Gets Results.

Nice to meet you...enchantée! I am a qualified secondary school teacher whose teaching specialism is French up to A-level. Let's work through the tricky stuff together, be it to get the grade you are hoping for in an exam or to fulfil your passion to speak like the locals.

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Life Coach and Native French speaker gives French tutoring and conversations in Nanaimo or online.

My teaching method is flexible depending on the need of the student. I would not use the same methods for a high school student learning french or an adult wanting to improve French for travel or business. Generally speaking, I believe in context learning and adding fun in the learning process.

Coral Springs
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Graduate student with a passion for French language and three years experience as a teacher's aide.

My teaching methodology is based on practice. First, I try to recognize students' strengths on the studied subject, then I work with them on the material they are struggling with. Finally, I review all the topics to make sure there are not gaps.

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Ma premiere langue est le Français; je l'écris et le parle couramment _ Merci

I usually follow standard teaching method, reading, writing and exercise. I can have maximum 5 student at home or I can go to see them in their location Sometime I can take student out to show them things and they have to find their name.

Brighton le Sands
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Graduated of a Degree in Foreign Languages English-Spanish and French Native Speaker

I'm giving lessons for A-Level / CGSE and below. I haven't a fixed method, I'm adapting to the need of the student by learning how he/she works to help more efficiently. So, I can say that I'm attentive to the need and trying to understand how I can help, and what I can bring.

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Professor of French Foreign Languages, lessons for all levels, via Skype or Paris

I am a teacher of French Foreign languages ​​via skype and my students can reside in France or abroad. English bilingual, I can explain the concepts to non-francophones, beginners, reaching gradually the level of independence. effective direct method to develop the vocabulary and concepts to master the language.

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European Studies and Modern Languages student offering French lessons in and around Aldershot.

As a new tutor I have not yet developed a particular methodology. However, I am brilliant at adapting to peoples individual needs and care profoundly about the art of learning. I am eager, motivated and very organised.

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Passionate and Professional Undergraduate Student Tutoring Services SW Calgary *High School level: ELA, BIO/Biologie 20 & 30, Social Studies/Études Sociales *Diploma PREP, Assignment HELP *Beginner's

I approach tutoring by guiding you through key concepts and focusing on skill development and problem solving. Sessions are student guided but will focus on (1) Clarifying material taught in class (2) Working through difficult assignments and worksheets with you (3) Dedicating extra time to problem solving and exam prep. Extra focus placed on expectations for the diploma exam.

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An IGCSE CBSE experienced French teacher teaching primary,secondary and higher secondary level

My teaching methodologies differ from child to child. I prefer differentiated teaching based on different ways of dealing with student's level.

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Student in French and Philosophy with 3 A*s at A-Level offering lessons up to A-Level near Reading

My teaching methodology is closely aligned to that of my success at school and university. My focus is on what exactly needs to be learned for the exam, rather than wasting time trying to learn anything that is not useful for the exam. I am easy-going and friendly but also extremely dedicated and passionate about my subjects.

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Recent college graduate with French language degree and 10 years of experience, including foreign exchange

I am a fun, upbeat person who can engage all ages of learners. I am passionate about teaching French within a context. Lessons will focus on learning language through the culture including music, movies, fashion, etc.

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French, Hyderabad , Delf B2 , lived in France and worked as a language assistant

I encourage Fun learning through videos and audios. I prefer small groups. Using technology and sometimes classical methods. The classes are for beginners, DELF A1, DELF A2, CBSE/ IB/ ICSE students and for everyone who is willing to learn a new language.

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French can be confusing, took two semesters and willing to help confused students

We'll start with basic methods of teaching and if that doesn't work for you we can try something else. As said, I took two semesters of French and I've tried many studying techniques... some of them worked and some of them didn't. We can work together and figure out which technique works best for you.

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Hey, I am a french native speaker with a solid background in french teaching and interpretation. I have built up a great passion for teaching. I have been teaching, interpreting and tutoring french to

My teaching methods are mostly based on the examples and confident. I provide every student regardless of his age with examples according to his age, statute, occupation, job, etc... I am very keen of sharing knowledge and experiences with others.

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French teaching by a Quebecor in Winnipeg. Simply the best accent you could have

I base my classes on what you want to focus on. It can be only writing or discussion or it can be both, it's up to you. We will have a first meeting, see where you at with your french and then organize lessons that will fit you.

Greater London
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Qualified teacher with great experience gives French language and GCSE lessons in London

Hi! Ciao! Salut! Hola! 你好! My name is Michela and I come from Rome. I am a 31 years old linguist who has dedicated 2/3 of her life to language learning and teaching. MY BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: I am a qualified language teacher in the UK secondary schools where I worked for 3 years.

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1st lesson free !

Half Belgian student who has lived in Brussels for 12 years, teaching French online. Have completed both GCSE and A-Level french courses with top grades.

For GCSE/ A Level students my teaching method is based around getting the best grades possible for your exams by preparing thoroughly what examiners are looking for in your answers. This means pinpointing areas that you struggle with and working closely together step by step to improve and polish those areas of your language.

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Bi-lingual French professional offers French lessons via the web to increase fluency

My teaching method is to support the student's current curriculum underscoring proper use of French grammar, speech and writing skills. Learning a foreign language should be fun and exciting! I like to incorporate French music, film, French festivals, etc. to engage the student by introducing them to the French arts and culture. The French language is "key" to understanding the culture.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
1 month ago
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