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Greater London
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Qualified teacher with great experience gives French language and GCSE lessons in London

Hi! Ciao! Salut! Hola! 你好! My name is Michela and I come from Rome. I am a 31 years old linguist who has dedicated 2/3 of her life to language learning and teaching. MY BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: I am a qualified language teacher in the UK secondary schools where I worked for 3 years.

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1st lesson free !

Half Belgian student who has lived in Brussels for 12 years, teaching French online. Have completed both GCSE and A-Level french courses with top grades.

For GCSE/ A Level students my teaching method is based around getting the best grades possible for your exams by preparing thoroughly what examiners are looking for in your answers. This means pinpointing areas that you struggle with and working closely together step by step to improve and polish those areas of your language.

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Bi-lingual French professional offers French lessons via the web to increase fluency

My teaching method is to support the student's current curriculum underscoring proper use of French grammar, speech and writing skills. Learning a foreign language should be fun and exciting! I like to incorporate French music, film, French festivals, etc. to engage the student by introducing them to the French arts and culture. The French language is "key" to understanding the culture.

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Native French tutor from Paris offering French written and conversational lessons in Edinburgh

I teach complete beginners to advanced learners. I carry out an assessment during the first lesson to see what level you are and what your needs are and than I plan my lessons accordingly. My lessons are 100% personalised. Outside material can be brought in like specific school work or we can work on specific vocabulary needed for your job, your trip abroad or whatever you are interested in.

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A Native french speaker, Living in Bangalore gives french classes to anyone willing to learn french at any place

My teaching strategy will make you a french speaker, more communication is involved and more exercises to help the student have a strong foundation in french, I can teach from scratch and get the students to the expert level, any body can contact me, no matter the level

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French Tutor with B.A. in French and International Trade with more than 10 years of experience in reading, writing, and speaking French.

My teaching method is geared towards a demonstrative approach. For example, as a French tutor, I will teach my students the rules of french writing and grammar as well as the proper use of french vocabulary in a particular context.

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Voulez-vous danser avec moi ce soir? Apprenons-ensemble tout en riant et s'amusant.

I am very flexible and love integrating my student's passion in my lessons. I am very creative and love collaborating. I can teach basic French and advance, but prefer to start with basic French. I am used to teaching in a classroom therefore this is new for me.

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French and English teacher with 2 years of teaching experience in India and France

I try to use creative ways to focus equally on the four domains of teaching a language : reading , writing , listening and speaking. I like to go beyond text books and make the student an independent learner.

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French native speaker with more than 3 years tutoring experience in the US.

I want to understand your goals and motivation as well as your level. It is important for me to set up mutual and achievable goals. I give my students adapted exercises that we review together. I ask my student to pick an article to read out load and we discuss about it to improve comprehension, accent and conversation skills.

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Interprete Translator teaches French, Portuguese and English of primary and ESO in Valencia

I teach French classes in a very dynamic way. Of course, everything is adapted to the student, but in the classes there will always be a small grammatical introduction that gives the student tools to use the language correctly and then an implementation with audiovisual material and conversation. The first class in a short contact in which we agreed on the way we are going to follow the course.

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As an Undergraduate English major and French minor, I am excited to offer my help to students in Elementary school and High School in both English and French!

My teaching methods rely on tailoring to the student and their goals. As a result, my tutoring is quite flexible, yet at the same time is organized and methodical. I believe that a variety of perspectives are always beneficial for the student, which is why when focusing on a subject such as French, I like to employ a variety of techniques.

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Native from France. I gives classes of French or English at home

I am French and new in Barcelona. I live in the Holy Family. After four commercio in EDHEC, I want to travel and teach the France. I am very patient and educational with a clear and structured methodology that depends on your level and what your goal is.

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French native, engineering student, experienced in tutoring offering french lessons, oral and written

I like to make my students like what they are learning rather than forcing them to learn stuff because they have to. If learning becomes a pleasure it becomes much easier and overall enjoyable! I truly believe that everyone can find interest in every subject if well taught.

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French graduate offering professional 121 French lessons in London for KS1, KS2 and GCSE

I have taught my 2 beautiful daughters French using the French curriculum. I am friendly, patient, and organised. I will tailor my lessons according to your needs and provide the best possible experience so you can have fun while learning a new language skill.

(4 reviews)
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Practise your French with an experienced teacher (18 years of experience) & native speaker

I teach students of all ages, from 7 to 77! My task, as a teacher, is to adapt to my students' interests and needs, to create classes they not only enjoy but which give them confidence to express themselves in a new language. I use a wide range of methods, books and supports (videos, films, podcasts, websites etc.

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French teacher in Waltham offers language lessons with 20 years experience in making learning fun.

I have used the Communicative Approach to language teaching, focusing on topics rather than grammar rules and rote memorization. Language is learned in a context and it is meant to be used and enjoyed. Much like learning a new song, which expresses another facet of who you are.

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Native Californian and former teaching assistant in France. On va avancer ensemble!

My goal is to individualized the material to meet each student's needs and to challenge them in the areas they struggle with (e.g. pronunciation, grammar). By developing personalized lessons with creative games, lessons, and review, I work to advance the progress and success of each student. Additionally, I provide time to answer questions and give war!-up activities during each lesson.

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An over18 years of diverse experience in teaching French would like to tutor French in Mississauga area.

I am committed to creating spaces that are safe, caring, supportive, and transformative for my students. It is important for my students to feel heard, to believe in themselves, and to develop the skills and motivation needed to pursue their goals.

Carole bernadette christine
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French teacher looking for a job in India to do global teaching

I use technology skills to teach like padlet, quizlet and kahoot and more traditional methods with the use of books and with the help of internet to find good ressources to teach. I am very open mind with my teaching. I am always eager to learn new things to teach better.

Greater London
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French studying literature and English in France offering french lessons in London

I'm aware that teaching French has to be very living: the student has to speack, but also listen to a lot of french, so as to assimilate the accent and the structure of the language. Therefore, I work with videos mostely, and partly texts. It is also important to work on dialogue, the student must dare speacking.

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The French language is my expertise. I currently teach it at Mercy College in New York where I use practical exercises to improve my students' grammar and communication skills in a timely manner. Plea

I usually create a class atmosphere that motivates students to actively participate in class discussion. I can tutor French skills. I prone an in-depth learning experience filled up with productive exercises, meaningful advice and plenty support and encouragement.

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French native speaker, available to teach french in the Northern NJ/ NY area

I am a native french speaker and have been living in the United States for over 20 years. I would like to help students interested in improving their french speaking and writing skills.

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MBA in International Business and Finance from Delhi. Can teach English, French and Business related subjects.

I am not very experienced at teaching, but have given classes as a volunteer at "Teach for India" from sometime now. I approach the topic by stating theories and principles, ridiculing them and forcing the students to develop an opinion that is their own. Afterall, creativity is the fun thing to do with knowledge.

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Language Student offering French and Spanish help online (grammar help and oral help!)

I base most of my classes on grammar and oral for GCSE and/or Alevel students. Having studied both French and Spanish at Alevel I will help or give tips on what grammar points will make your essays etc stand out. The classes are an hour long, with half an hour spent on grammar, and the other half spent on oral expression.

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Experienced Interpreter and French Second language Teacher, former Secondary School Science Teacher

First I try to determine, the student's motivation fro learning a second a language ( French). For example ; school advancement or course requirements college or university level, work promotion, travel, culture for business owner two attract prospects and increase customer base; so that I can gear the material ,vocabulary and register of language to their specific needs.

(4 reviews)
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Improve your FRENCH speaking and writing skills with private tuition in Milan via Skype

I joined the Superprof community to share the French expertise I gained over the years through education and professional experience : I would like to help anyone who want to refine or improve their French language skills.

(9 reviews)
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French courses for all levels with a native speaker and experimented teacher

I got a licence degree in Vietnamese culture, literature and language with a speciality in teaching French as a Foreign Language. Then, I got a master degree in French as a foreign language didactic at the University Denis Diderot Paris 7. I don't use a book. I generally create my own material. I use authentic document: video and audio files (movies, radio, interview of native speakers...

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Insider's advice on how to speak French like a cool French teenager

Socratic method. Let's have a conversation, establish a baseline and go from there.

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Wait, what? You don't speak french? Ready, set, go, time to run!

I first observe my student so as to understand his real needs. I make him say/write a few words in french, then I adapt my courses according to his/her level. Basically, my students either need vocabulary, grammar fundamentals or simply a booster.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
3 weeks ago
(7 reviews)

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