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French and German graduate offering French/German beginner to A level/undergraduate lessons in Leicestershire, UK

I base my classes on what the student needs, bearing in mind that it's useful to make learning a somewhat enjoyable experience. I set homework where appropriate and where agreed with the student but equally I enjoy engaging in learning activities which are likely to raise a smile.

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Experienced and qualified French native speaker for private and group lessons in London

* First session process * My own experience as a (language) student has always been a big asset in understanding and adjusting to the frustrations or pitfalls encountered by a new learner so don't worry, I've got your back :) I usually assess the level of the student and offer a curriculum based on your needs and objectives. I can tailor the course based on your objectives (e.

South Benfleet
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Languages student offering support and tutoring lessons for students of French in the southend area.

My teaching method varies on the student. Before creating a plan, it is imperative to know the level of the student and their goals (a speaking exam, a writing exam). To truly excel in a language you have to embrace all aspects, therefore I will base my lessons on the four key skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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French and German student offering French lessons online via Skype! Additional online support can be offered!

I give lessons to any level up to GCSE. I am a fun, enthusiastic tutor, and I want to really encourage my students to engage with the subject. I am happy to help the students with their homework, and may set them topics to consider or small tasks to do over the week.

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Qualified native French teacher (London) will help you succeed with your French!

Bonjour ! My name is Samy. I hold a MA in French for Foreigners. I teach younger students (GCSE/A-Level), as well as adult learners. My accent is very standard French, as it is spoken in Paris and in most parts of France.

New Delhi
(4 reviews)
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Student at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Giving tuition in French since 3 years in New Delhi.

I teach students by drowning method. I apply my special techniques which turns learning into enjoying (lessons).

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French and Spanish (Ab-Initio) student at the University of Bristol offering French lessons. C'est l'heure du Français !

My aim is to find out what works best for you as an individual and plan my lessons according to you and how you learn best. I can help you with grammar, speaking, translation, writing and most importantly exam technique. One of the techniques I believe works best is the full immersion; granted this is difficult to achieve as well as daunting.

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French and English language tutor/bilingual children's theatre performer wants to give lessons to you!

I cater my lesson to the needs of each individual student basing my methodology on their interests and motivations. My teacher training through CELTA is largely based around the idea of full immersion with a heavy focus on oral communication. From experience, however, I have discovered that many students come to lessons with different needs.

Ana letícia
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French teacher +5 years of experience (including preparation for TCF and DELF exams).

My classes are focused on all levels of French (from A1 to C1 according to the European Common Reference Framework) and are structured in order to work on four skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing. Despite this structure, it is also possible to emphasize any of the skills desired by the learner (eg: emphasis on conversation).

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Individuals or groups of students, business executives, heads of organizations, administrations or institutions

This course is aimed at individual participants or groups of students, business executives, heads of organizations, administrations or institutions, with specific learning objectives and limited learning times. Communicate effectively in French in the context of their professional or academic activity.

Long Stratton
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Experienced French mother tongue qualified tutor in Norwich, Norfolk Experience in Uk and abroad!

Bespoke lessons are available so I can easily tailor your learning to your specific preferences.

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French Teacher available for any level - ASAP available Essex based 15 years experience

I tend to make sure I understand before the first lesson what the student is looking to achieve. I then structure the lesson based on needs, goals and ages. I do give homework and try to make my lessons as fun as I can with games and puzzles.

Dodge City
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High school French teacher with a passion for sharing the french language and culture to young minds.

I typically teach students who have never received any French instruction in the past. I believe in the communicative approach, meaning, all instruction is contextualized to make the learning of the language genuine.

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Native french speaker, happy to give french lessons and advice to improve your level, Southampton

I can teach high school and A-level (or equivalent) students who have to take exams, beginners or people who need basic language skills for holidays in a French speaking country. My teaching method is to listen to students to know what they need help with in order to help them efficiently. I can also make learning plans to allow students to learn quickly.

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Student academic success with 15 years of experience gives online French lessons

My teaching method is 1- on- 1. I base my classes on co-creating individualized learning plans with my students.

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Hey, Je suis Belge et je vis dans la ville de Bath. Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un tuteur en langue française, alors n'hésitez pas... Hey, I am a Belgian living in Bath city. If you are looking for

It depends on the student profile. The methodology is based on lesson (grammar, vocabulary...), Exercises and practice. I use also track,s videos and all useful tools or materials. One lesson last less than two and half hours for normally arrond fifteen hours per week in function of what the learner desire.

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! French Writer offers dynamic and fun French lesson in London !

French, French, French and more French. It is the only way to learn even for beginners. We'll talk more than we write. We'll watch small clips and videos. Listen to music. Act. Very interactive class. Each game will be give us a chance to learn new vocabulary and grammar rules.

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Qualified student offering French lessons for beginners in the following language skills( speaking,reading,writing and grammar)

My teaching method is based on communication and interacting with others and help people to have enough confidence to speak and express themselves.

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Get your French ready for the projects you have for Professionals and Travelers (Belfast)

French is especially hard to get from reading, that's why it is critical to practice it often and to compare what is written to what is said; thus my method bases on plenty of reading to drive to plenty of speaking!

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Bilingual communication expert teaching French to children and adults in Greater Montreal

I teach based on my students' needs. I approach my classes with structure, but I tend to stay flexible so everyone can follow at their own pace. My classes are meant for anyone who is willing to learn French very fast and use it at school or in their workplace.

(3 reviews)
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Professional, Native and Certified French Teacher in Ely and Online ;)

WHO AM I ? My name is Anissa. I'm a passionate of travels who lived and worked in many countries... Former social worker and Professor of Social Sciences, I traveled the world and worked as well for NGO in humanitarian missions, as for Universities or High schools.

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French and Italian university student in Canterbury offering french tutor lessons up to A level level

I give lessons to GCSE and A level students. I use interactive activities to try to aid learning. Lessons will be based on your requirements and goals. We will work together to find out your strengths and weaknesses and improve on those.

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Language and Politics Student offering French, English and German tutorials in Stirling.

My teaching method is mainly based on working on homework and approaching each occurring problem directly. Once I see that a problem is deeper rooted I prepare more exercises on it to work out the troublesome topic. I am a very open minded and direct person, therefore I react to the needs of each individual student and adapt and improve my methods constantly.

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American offers French lessons after 4 years living and working in France

My teaching methods vary with the age, level, and interest of each student. One-on-one classes are based on discussion, various real life activities, and textual or video resources. With group lessons, I am able to incorporate more games or activities.

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Engineering enthusiastic French student would love to teach you while sharing knowledge with people

I think a language class should be focused on talking and learning useful vocabulary in a daily life while improving grammar

Aspen Hill
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Experienced tutor in Silver Sprind, MD, learn French culture & language with fun!

I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher, and I give lessons to all ages. I usually teach via Skype as it works best for my students and I, especially for adults who have a busy schedule and don't have time to meet in person. I make handouts but adapt them according to the student, as each individual is different.

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French tutoring by a native French speaker in ATL-Marietta-Sandy Springs-Roswell

For me, learning a language has to be fun and it's the reason why I take some time to discuss with my students about their passions, what they love... After that I bring training material and we can start working with fun subjects. I'm super creative! I love bringing new materials to work with...

Kecamatan Depok
(1 review)
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With me, French can be learned anytime and anywhere! As a French Literature alumni of UGM and Université Paris Diderot, as well as teaching experience at renowned institutions, I can help

The learning method that I teach is varied, depending on the needs of students. Not only teach formal grammar that we usually encounter in learning books, I also teach how to apply French in everyday life. I always ask my students to always be active in speaking and expression, and not ashamed in speaking French.

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Online French Tutor with 7 years of experience in teaching French as a second language

I tailor my lessons to the needs of my students. If you like singing, we learn through songs. If you're a games person, then games it is! All lessons focus on the specific skill or set of skills the student would like to learn. I vary my lessons so that students are always stimulated and find the lesson interesting.

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Recent MA graduate with a BA from Cambridge in French and Arabic offering fantastic French lessons at a competitive rate.

I normally like to include a mixture of vocabulary and grammar in my lessons, as well as an opportunity to speak, read, listen or write French. I can go at the pace of the individual learner and am happy to offer discounts for groups.

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Perfect! Sarah is a wonderful teacher, she made our lesson fun with songs and games, I really enjoyed it :)

greg, Student
5 days ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Sophie was a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately she is leaving to travel around Australia then leave for France to go back to study. I loved every moment studying with her - we had three lessons each week. I will miss her greatly. She was always...

Andrea, Student
1 week ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
10 months ago
(7 reviews)

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