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Marie hope
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Economics undergraduate student who is fluent in french both speaking and writing

I start based the level of the student and from there on I come up with an outline that I use to work closely with the student that will enable them to learn more. The outline includes practice questions , examples with answers that will enable the individual to enhance.

La Crosse
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Aspiring French teacher wishing to tutor students of all levels in La Crosse WI

I base my lessons on what my students are interested in and what skills they would like to improve on. Each student is different and they will be more engaged, comfortable, and enthusiastic to learn the language if the lesson takes their strengths and personality into account.

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Swiss French Speaking teacher willing to help students up to A level.

I base my classes on my students' previous knowledge and what their goals are (communication, writing, listening, reading). My lessons mainly depend on my students' expectations. If there is no clear goal, I teach each topic regarding the four skills, being speaking, writing, reading, listening. As a consequence, each lesson focuses on one of the skills.

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You need to improve your French? Online French Conversation is for you!

Classes based on the needs of the student. Reading, listening, speaking and writing are in action. Visuals are also used.

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French and German student offering up to A-Level private tuition in both Hull and Cambridge

I am an energetic, enthusiastic and proactive tutor and current student at Cambridge university. I gained A* grades in both my French and German A levels and will wish to bring my past experience of tutoring to this role. My lessons will be structured entirely around the student with key discussion and support methods to help you to reach your potential.

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French student helping other students from the French Club in Gainesville, FL

I love getting to know my students first and adjust to their personal needs. I always create a welcoming environment, were they also feel safe to learn and explore, not afraid of mistakes. We always start with the basics and work our way up from there. I love using worksheets, lot of visual and audio additions as well.

Kings County
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A French Tutor who makes the difference, with eight years experiences, New York

Teaching is one of my passion and would be even more exciting if it is a subject I am proficient at. It will be a great pleasure for me to share my knowledge and culture with anyone. I can tutor French to all levels, beginner ( start with the basics of the alphabet,sound,numbers,colors etc...) intermediate and advanced to kid and adults.

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Profesional online French Teacher with tailored and fun lessons. You'll love French language !

I have made one of my priorities not only to teach grammar, but also to transmit the love of culture and history; to explain customs and patterns of life of the French-speaking countries. I like to be in constant and close communication with students. To teach is not an obligation but a real pleasure.

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Doctor in Organic and medicinal chemistry, French nationality, live in Danbury Connecticut

I will personalized my teaching to the level and need of the student. I use game and analogy to help the understanding of the material. The goal is to make the student understand the material and be able to use it in the future.

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Oral and writing French is efficiently fast with an importantly magic page

My methodology is interestingly simple. - For the first grade, I use a basic newspaper to identify and copy and repeat letters that they associate to things they know before they read a phrase. - As soon as they can read sentences, with the magic page, they write phrases or sentences about some things they see, feel and identify the wordings with no grammatical errors.

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French student in exchange for the semester helps you improve your French in Austin.

I first evaluate the level of my students and then I adapt my explanations and the content of the lessons to it. French is my native language.

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French native speaker and graduated teacher gives French lessons by Skype or tutoring

I have experiences with every level, one-to-one lessons, group lessons, kids, teenagers and adults. I like to create my activities according to the tastes of my learners. I particularly enjoy working with games or videos on YouTube because the learner can explore linked channels by himself.

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Durham University Student with A in A-Level French experienced in mentoring students

My teaching method is practice. Starting with trying to remember and using the answers to begin with to slowly not using answers and trying to remember. I give lessons to GCSE students, although I would be happy to take on AS/A Level students too.

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French Native tutor, with Engineering background gives, French, Math and physics classes for high school students, work from home or in Edmonton.

Organized, diligent, I approach a subject with by structure and flexibility. My teaching method is always guided with the examples as explaining in order the understand the subject.

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French teacher. B.A. French ~ M.A. education. Experience: 5 years teaching French - Boston area.

I've worked with various students using various methods. As a classroom teacher I used the TPR method (total physical response) which has a focus on speaking. In private tutoring many lessons are grammar based but I've helped high school and college students with speaking, listening comprehension, reviewing for exams and also with writing essays.

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Native speaker offering pre-exam practice (Oral exams suck I know) Bedford, Bedfordshire

My teaching method is very easy, I understand as exams approach you are solid on some topics and very scared on others ( i assure you though you are more ready than you think) but i am happy to help out with any area you feel is particularly weak.

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Enthusiastic French and Italian Tutor with huge experience gives lessons in Exeter

Hello! I am Myriam and I have been teaching French to my students for more than 3 years now. My teaching method is based on the level and goals of my students. Whether the improvement is required to pass an exam or just to become bilingual! I base my class on oral comprehension, accent improvement and vocabulary enrichment.

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French and Spanish undergrad offering language tuition (English, French, Spanish and Polish)

I make sure my teaching style fits the learning style of the student - whether they're a visual or auditory learner will affect my teaching style, etc. Games, songs, and quizzes can also be helpful when language learning, so even the sometimes-duller bits (grammar, vocabulary) can be made interesting by the right teacher.

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Very friendly I adapt to your level =) Improve your french quickly and calmly. We will combine your own rythm with my teaching experience for the most efficient teaching !

I speak French, English and Spanish so I really understand the difficulties foreigners have when learning French. I also own a master's degree in management and digital development so I am well qualified to teach professional French as well. If you have specific requirements, feel free to ask me and we will work together at your own rythm.

Greater London
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French & fluent English Student teaching French lessons for July and August (summer 2018)

I am a Undergraduate student in a French Uni (Grenoble, Isère) who would love to teach her mother tongue to English Native speaker : it will be fun and interactive, a small amount of work as we'll be mostly speaking, sometimes working on text (press articles, modern books) MY ONLY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU LOVE FRENCH ! :)

Market Rasen
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A French Teacher in Lincoln! As well as an A-level student after success in GCSEs.

Hi! Salut! My name is Sam, I will be your new personal tutor of French! I am a successful student of many languages, but I wasn't always this way and understand what it is like to struggle with French. I am very patient and can show you how I became confident at conversing in this language.

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Profetional, experienced and talated tutor will help you to recive susses in studing.

I am susseful, skilled, experienced teacher with position enfluence and good position in studing. My lessons bring good knowledges and susses in studing. I will be glad to discuss my experiences and training during the job interview with you.

1st lesson free !

French tutor in Eldwick. 14 years of age and have a French GCSE

14 years old and I know French because I lived there for 11 years so I decided to take my French GCSE early. Live in Leeds. Help with pronunciation and understanding of French. I'm very understanding and have not taught before.

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Bilingual exchange student in Bristol looking to tutor French oral and written

I'm a third year university student that has experience in tutoring French to students starting the age of 10. I believe in the importance of guided instruction. I think it's important to figure out what is difficult for YOU and working on overcoming those obstacles.

Greater London
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Fun French Lessons from an A level A* predicted student; online or in the South London area

I'm an A level student studying French as one of four subjects. I understand how teaching can be effective and how important it is to involve the student and incoporate their approach into my lessons to make sessions as productive as possible.

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Recent graduate in law with the DELF B2 certification, obtained in France after an Erasmus stay for study reasons of 10 months, offers French lessons in Campobasso

I graduated in jurisprudence in October 2017 and I am doing the apprenticeship in a notary's office. I propose repetitions for elementary, middle school students, but also for anyone with difficulties, want to improve or learn French from scratch.

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French teacher helping students to be proficient in the target language orally and in writing.

I have a Masters degree in francophone studies. I have been teaching French at the High school level. I can also do it at the college level. My methodology aims at developing proficiency among learners in a conversational style and in a more structured or advanced level.

Greater London
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[FRENCH ONLINE LESSONS] or [FACE-TO-FACE lessons in Nantes] with a French native teacher-15 years experience-qualified-flexible

French and French teacher (certified trainer) for 15 years, I give French lessons for all levels. This type of course will suit students / professionals who want to improve their skills, vocabulary and pronunciation, and other needs.

1st lesson free !

Graduate in FLE Master offers beginner to advanced French courses, Lucerne area

Recently graduated in Master of French as a Foreign Language at the University of Montpellier, I offer French courses, whether you are beginner or confirmed ! I adapt my courses to the level of the student and its objectives (written or oral comprehension, oral expression...), and propose several manuals to choose on which to work.

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French expert with 19 years of experience gives lesson to adolescent and adult to speak and write French

M. A in French from Delhi university. Apart, French certificate course from IITTM, Chanakya Puri, Delhi, One Year Stay in France to have perfection in French Language after my M.A. During my stay I joined french tourism, business and Translation course.

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Perfect! Marie-Lou is an excellent French tutor. She is thorough, conscientious and enthusiastic. I have learnt so much from her in the short time that we have been meeting. She challenges and extends my learning and shares my desire to improve. She...

Annika , Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
4 months ago
(7 reviews)

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