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Native Californian and former teaching assistant in France. On va avancer ensemble!

My goal is to individualized the material to meet each student's needs and to challenge them in the areas they struggle with (e.g. pronunciation, grammar). By developing personalized lessons with creative games, lessons, and review, I work to advance the progress and success of each student. Additionally, I provide time to answer questions and give war!-up activities during each lesson.

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An over18 years of diverse experience in teaching French would like to tutor French in Mississauga area.

I am committed to creating spaces that are safe, caring, supportive, and transformative for my students. It is important for my students to feel heard, to believe in themselves, and to develop the skills and motivation needed to pursue their goals.

Carole bernadette christine
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French teacher looking for a job in India to do global teaching

I use technology skills to teach like padlet, quizlet and kahoot and more traditional methods with the use of books and with the help of internet to find good ressources to teach. I am very open mind with my teaching. I am always eager to learn new things to teach better.

Greater London
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French studying literature and English in France offering french lessons in London

I'm aware that teaching French has to be very living: the student has to speack, but also listen to a lot of french, so as to assimilate the accent and the structure of the language. Therefore, I work with videos mostely, and partly texts. It is also important to work on dialogue, the student must dare speacking.

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The French language is my expertise. I currently teach it at Mercy College in New York where I use practical exercises to improve my students' grammar and communication skills in a timely manner. Plea

I usually create a class atmosphere that motivates students to actively participate in class discussion. I can tutor French skills. I prone an in-depth learning experience filled up with productive exercises, meaningful advice and plenty support and encouragement.

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French native speaker, available to teach french in the Northern NJ/ NY area

I am a native french speaker and have been living in the United States for over 20 years. I would like to help students interested in improving their french speaking and writing skills.

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MBA in International Business and Finance from Delhi. Can teach English, French and Business related subjects.

I am not very experienced at teaching, but have given classes as a volunteer at "Teach for India" from sometime now. I approach the topic by stating theories and principles, ridiculing them and forcing the students to develop an opinion that is their own. Afterall, creativity is the fun thing to do with knowledge.

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Language Student offering French and Spanish help online (grammar help and oral help!)

I base most of my classes on grammar and oral for GCSE and/or Alevel students. Having studied both French and Spanish at Alevel I will help or give tips on what grammar points will make your essays etc stand out. The classes are an hour long, with half an hour spent on grammar, and the other half spent on oral expression.

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Experienced Interpreter and French Second language Teacher, former Secondary School Science Teacher

First I try to determine, the student's motivation fro learning a second a language ( French). For example ; school advancement or course requirements college or university level, work promotion, travel, culture for business owner two attract prospects and increase customer base; so that I can gear the material ,vocabulary and register of language to their specific needs.

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Improve your FRENCH speaking and writing skills with private tuition in Milan via Skype

I joined the Superprof community to share the French expertise I gained over the years through education and professional experience : I would like to help anyone who want to refine or improve their French language skills.

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French business student at SHU offering French and Spanish lessons in Sheffield

I base my classes on what the student needs and I am available on social networks or by mail any time to help with homework or to answer any question! I can teach at any level, from beginner to high school.

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French courses for all levels with a native speaker and experimented teacher

I got a licence degree in Vietnamese culture, literature and language with a speciality in teaching French as a Foreign Language. Then, I got a master degree in French as a foreign language didactic at the University Denis Diderot Paris 7. I don't use a book. I generally create my own material. I use authentic document: video and audio files (movies, radio, interview of native speakers...

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Insider's advice on how to speak French like a cool French teenager

Socratic method. Let's have a conversation, establish a baseline and go from there.

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Wait, what? You don't speak french? Ready, set, go, time to run!

I first observe my student so as to understand his real needs. I make him say/write a few words in french, then I adapt my courses according to his/her level. Basically, my students either need vocabulary, grammar fundamentals or simply a booster.

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Freshly graduated from university in Belgium. Need help with learning how to write and speak french? I'd be glad to help!

I just finished university in Brussels last year. I completed a master's degree in Population & Development studies. I adapt my methods according to the student and his/her needs and diffiulties. I give equal importance to writen and oral exercises.

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Modern Languages Graduate offers assistance to language learners of all abilities. N Ireland region.

I focus on endorsing a positive fear free approach to language learning. I strive to make the student achieve their desired result by establishing which language areas they struggle with. This is counterbalanced by positive affirmation continually of the student's strength.

Greater London
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Learn French with a true young and motivating french girl in London

My name is Tamara, I'm from Toulouse and I'm studying mathematics, physics and chemistry in France but in order to get into Polytechnique, I'll be spending my summer holidays in London to become completely bilingue. So I decided to give french lessons to pay my vacation. I can give lessons to anyone but I have no teaching degrees.

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Reliable French student offering French lessons in London for children as adults :)

I am a French native speaker studying abroad law in London.

Greater London
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Student with teaching experience in secondary school,offering French and French literature lessons in London

I am a student at the Queen Mary University and i have experience in teaching secondary school students. My role was to help students learn and apply concepts such as English and French. I also had to prepare lessons, grade papers, manage the classroom, meet parents, and work closely with school staff.

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Trilingual teacher (English, Spanish, French) for natives and non-natives. 8 years experience

Classes for children and adults Methods and techniques used: flipped classroom, videos, games, theater, multidisciplinary activities connecting languages ​​with art, mathematics, cultural identity etc. Activities promoting thinking skills in all languages. Peer assessment, TPS French: Alter Ego, Affaires.com, Objectif Express, Caribou and Cahiers du jour for French-speaking natives.

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5 years Experience,gives tuition in french,math,science and english from Junior school to College

Teaching students in a interactive and friendly way.Making the concepts clear and giving a idea of all the applications it has in real life.Stressing more on understanding than cramming.Engaging the students in activities that make them learn in a fun filled way.

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French journalism student offering French lessons in the area of Canterbury or Gillingham

I'm a french girl who studied french literature during the past 2 years in France, I am currently studying journalism since September in the UK. I know that learning a language can be hard, but regarding my experience I can give you the TIPS which can you to a good understanding of the French language and culture.

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Psychology student offering French and related lessons in Brighton (scores 17/20 to A-level equivalence)

Psychology student offering French and related subjects support. Lessons will be based on homework help and support, and any difficulty previously encountered. I am patient, caring and positive person. The methodology will follow the student needs and what needs to be improved.

Leamington Spa
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French Student offering oral classes for GCSE and A Level students (or equivalent) - come improve your spoken skills!

Im currently in my second year of a languages degree (French, Spanish and Mandarin). I have spent 4 months in France more recently and have a good degree of spontaneous spoken French. I am very easy going, and want to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can improve your spoken skills. I don't judge mistakes, it's completely normal.

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Durham student with 8 years of French Immersion experience in Canada and DELF B2 qualification offers French lessons

I cater to GCSE or A-level students studying French and structure my sessions around specific topics, ordering the progression of topics in a way so as to best promote understanding of the subject as a whole. I believe in learning which is, while regimented to a certain extent, adaptable to the pupil's individual strengths and needs.

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Nice and patient native French speaker to help you improve your language skills !

I'm a native French speaker, my lesson can be suitable to all level as long as you tell me what you want to work on Videos conferences (skype, facetime) and in-person lessons are the best to learn fast and to learn properly in my opinion

Greater London
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Native French speaker tutoring french - experience tutoring at university in the US

I can give lessons or help at any level, either for conversation/ pronunciation, or for assignments and studying for exams. This is what I have experience in, after 4 years of tutoring undergraduates in the US. I am very patient, and I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language, being a french native speaker living in English speaking countries.

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Native French student gives french lessons to beginners and intermediate french learners in Leicester or online

Hello, I'm a native French speaker currently studying abroad in Leicester until mid-June of this year. I have a lot of spear time and I would like to use to help people learn French or improve their speaking squills. I don't really have methods to teach French. I like to adapt myself to the students in order to help them learn while having fun at the same time.

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English and French Teaching for all levels and any need: adults and students

I'm an interpreter and translator with 25 years of experience in multiple fields: finance, purchasing, facility, legal, fashion and design, and much more. I love sharing my knowledge and skills in different areas with others making them grow.

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Sorbonne graduate with private and university teaching experience gives French lessons in Manchester

The goal of all my classes is to give my students the tools that will allow them to be able to communicate with ease in spoken and written French. We will achieve this through the constant development of their linguistic abilities and cultural knowledge. With time and effort, my students will: 1) improve their spoken French through discussions.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
6 days ago
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