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French Private Teacher giving French Lessons at home tailored to your needs.

After an evaluation of your level, we will focus on your needs and objectives studying at your own pace. No worries, if you are a beginner we can start from the scratch. Every area of French language will be covered: vocabulary, writing, reading and speaking skills will be improved in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Parramatta Park
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French master's graduate giving french lessons in Cairns and surroundings, to kids or adults

I adapt to what you want. For kids, I try a fun approach based on videos, songs, images to keep their mind alert and create strong memories. I also teach them the basics on how to conjugate correctly and some grammar. We speak a lot because conversation is really important to make contact with a new culture.

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Bonjour! ️ Qualified and registered national French Teacher in Brisbane. ️ 20 years' experience in academic and commercial settings. ️Catering for all ages and levels in individual/group lessons.

My communicative method (language for real purposes) focuses on the 4 skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking using textbooks, audio-visual and cultural elements. Immersion is used as much as possible. Programmes are customised to suit age groups, learning style and individual goals.

Fitzroy North
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47 RAW, 99.40 ATAR MacRob Graduate and Experienced Tutor (French for all years up to and inc. VCE) in Melbourne

• I want to leverage my passion for teaching to MAXIMISE YOUR/ YOUR CHILD'S POTENTIAL. • I am patient and empathetic: I understand that students are from a diverse range of backgrounds and empathise with the struggle some students face in learning new material.

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Experienced French tutor now in Bundaberg to help you learn and speak my language

I teach to beginners and to those who already have some knowledge of the language. I Speak several foreign languages and I understand the difficulties of learning a new one. My method is to encourage students to read, speak with the right pronunciation and grammar.

Elen salima
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Patient and easy going French girl from Bordeaux teaches French language in Melbourne

My teaching methodology will be yours. I don't know which is your level nor what you want to learn but I will be able to adapt my way to yours for sure.

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A Frenchie with a doctorate (in innovation management) offers French tutoring lessons in Melbourne, oui oui!

I have understood throughout my university years that teaching and learning should be a fun, flexible and adaptive tool to the learners. For the French lovers, I will develop an approach according to your needs including your level of written and oral understanding of French, the quantity of vocabulary you are already aware of, and the reason for why you want to learn French.

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French tutor Kais offering French conversation practice for beginners in City of Canberra

I like using conversations/ flash cards/ more practical methods in your learning. Students have more chance to speak and I use 'the silent method', which means I will allow you to finish with your whole speech, before correcting your mistakes, this way, you will not be interrupted.

Wantirna South
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Improve your french writing skills with a tutor who has 1.5+ years experience!

Teaching is not about me as a teacher, it's only about the student. Everyone learns differently, so I try my best to adapt my teaching methods to suit the students, and help them to grasp a concept no matter how long it takes, because my job is to help them.

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Adelaide Uni student giving French lessons to high school and uni students

I am generally described as a bubbly, friendly person and would want that to come over in my lessons. I would generally assess the level a student is at with their understanding and speech and go from there, covering vocabulary and oral expression. My main goal while teaching is to ensure a student is confident and comfortable.

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ANU student, 14 years experience in French, 2 years tutoring, native accent

I believe there is something special every student brings to the study of every subject. This means that teaching inherently needs to be tailored. I like to work off the potential of every student no matter where they are having issues and build not only skills but passion. Building passion, in most cases, is the biggest driver of success.

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Qualified French native-speaking teacher In Sydney (graduated from the Alliance Française )

I adapt my course according to the student level (beginners to advanced) without using the native language to allow a total immersion and following the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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French lessons by a native speaker, give french lessons in the Gold coast with a bachelor degree in Art

I can help you to learn french at any level. You will choose the subject that you like and that interests you. I can also help students with their school homework etc. I approach the learning of this language with a particular pedagogy, based on little talks and the setting in context of this language in elements of the real life. I am patient and friendly.

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North Melbourne
(6 reviews)
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Bonjour! I am a French Canadian living in Melbourne. I give French lessons to everyone from beginner to more advance.

Immersion is the best way to learn a language. I want to train your ears to understand french and your mouth to speak french. We will converse a lot, depending of your level. It is okay if you don't know any french, we will get there! I also teach the grammar, how to conjugate verbs and give vocabularies lists. I am very open and patient.

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I would like to give Arabic and French lessons to primary kids

I like to help kids enjoy talking and learning many languages and be happy with and confident that they can know how to write and read and speak fluent Arabic French and English it will help them with their life later

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3rd in State for HSC French Continuers - personalised tutoring in Sydney

As someone who's fluent in two languages (English and Mandarin) and have been studying another two for six years (Latin and French), I adore languages. At the same time, I have struggled through HSC French and Latin. Having survived them, I can safely say I've gained some solid study tips and exam techniques, which are often more important than simply memorizing vocabulary for HSC.

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French native speaker will help you improve your skills, do homework, exercices, or just talk !

I will define with you what type of tutoring you need (homeworks, conversation,...) and adapt my exercices to your needs. I think that the best way to learn a language is to speak with a native and to discover the French culture through exercices.

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Bilingual Canadian here to help you perfect your French comprehension and expression!

I like to gauge where someone is already at, asses areas needing improvement as well as desired outcomes, and build a feasible language-learning plan! I like to keep things fun and relevant, and especially encourage verbal expression and conversation.

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Want to learn french ? No worries, I'm here to help you !!

Before start lessons I need to have a idea of your level. When I know the level, I think that it's important to see what the students want to learns. I used to do one lesson, one subject no more. If we learn more than one subject on one lesson it will be more difficult to understand it and memorise it.

East Victoria Park
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American Curtin Uni student can give history help to students in high school or university

I’ll teach by finding out from the student what methods they like best and adapting myself to those, instead of forcing a student to adapt to my methods. In history, I’ll be assigning short readings, videos or other helpful sources to give the student and I a jumping off point.

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Paris awaits you! French student, passionate about my country and my language. Allons-y, c'est parti !

Bonjour! My name is Adele, I'm 22 and I am a student. I come from Paris, and recently I just realized that many people wanted to learn French, but they are afraid to start because it can be really scary to learn a new language. I can definitely teach French to a large level of apprenticeship.

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Experienced french teacher ready to help you ! Finally learn how to speak Moliere's tongue.

I like to start with the basic to introduce yourself in proper french, ask your way, etc. I like to start a lesson with a reading of a text, and end the lesson with a dictation of the same text. I can adapt to what you prefer and to your level.

(22 reviews)
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FLE French courses for FOREIGNERS, Preparation DILF, DELF, DALF Villeurbanne LYON

French teacher speaking 4 languages with a lot of exprerience and diploma looks for foreigners who need to learn quickly the French langugage. All levels. 15 € / 60 min. Place and time depends on our possibilities. Lessons can take place at your house (20€ / 60 min. ). Lessons only in Lyon or in Villeurbanne and surroundings.

(18 reviews)
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I coach in English, Spanish and French (foreign language). I am in Lyon and my classes are primarily a pleasure!

After several language stays in England and Spain, I have developed efficient and dynamic teaching methods to pass on my knowledge and my passion for languages.

(17 reviews)
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French as a Foreign Language classes by experienced and graduated teacher (Paris)

Hello, I've got a Master of Science in Teaching of French as a foreign language and I offer French as a Foreign Language classes. I have worked in recent years as a professor in Spain to various audiences (elementary schools, universities, companies and individuals) and I specialize in teaching pronunciation.

(8 reviews)
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French online classes. Native teacher with 5 years experience. All levels and all ages!

Bonjour to everyone! I'am a native 28yo french teacher, with more than 5 years experience working for private academies in South america and for online teaching companies. With my method, starting from zero, you will speak french within the next 6 mounths! you have my word.

Ciudad de México
(15 reviews)
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Customized French lessons, all levels, with native and experienced young teacher - DAFL DEFL

Did you always want to learn French? But do you still think it's super hard to learn? Well, you're right. Understanding, learning and speaking a new language requires patience, motivation, discipline and, above all, a good teacher. From the encounter between the student and the teacher an alchemy is born that allows to develop a program and lessons adapted to the student, his needs and his desires.

Rochester Hills
(3 reviews)
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Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took French and Spanish all through school, with a double major in French and Spanish in College (Hunter). I received my M.A. in French from Stanford University, my M.A. in Spanish from Stanford University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Princeton University.

(7 reviews)
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Bilingual in French and English, I propose a simple and effective method which has already been successful for over fifty students of mine. Take a lesson with me in order to have fun by learning Frenc

I am a 28 year-old man from Lausanne in Switzerland who loves languages. I have lived many years in the US where I taught French and I have been speaking English for over twenty years. I am CELTA qualified teacher and I gave French and English lessons at language schools in Rome and Berlin amongst other countries. In addition, I speak Italian and German as well if needed.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
9 months ago
(7 reviews)

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