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Student doctor offering engaging and tailored chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry tutoring sessions

I tailor my lessons to the student's level of knowledge, confidence and their needs - what they want to get out of the session is the driving factor for my classes. If a syllabus must be followed to pass an exam, that will be used as a skeleton for the session.

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MSc graduate from James Cook University gives Chemistry lessons to school students in Townsville

Chemistry is best taught when it is made relatable. I use common examples and everyday occurrences to make complicated aspects of the subject easily understandable. I asses each student's ability to learn and teach using methods that are most suited to their needs in order to best retain information.

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Murdoch University Biomedicine Student to Give Science and Maths Tutoring to Primary and High School Students in Perth.

I'm a calm, patient, organised and relaxed teacher whose lessons are geared towards anyone that wants help with their studies. I provide support in a safe environment that will allow students to thrive.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Advanced Science student offering tutoring for STEM subjects in the Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

Vijay bhoopalan
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ANU Postgrad student adept at Numerical based-on chemistry,lifescience, Bioogy and Logic

I primarily concentrate on building basic concepts and keep the students curious throughout the topic and end every session with a question arousing curiosity and critical thinking

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Curtin PhD holder gives science lessons to year 7-10 students in Perth

I divide the curriculum into manageable chunks. I develop lesson plans to enable the students to understand the underline scientific principles by logical thinking. I use visual aids/live specimens/videos etc. to help them understand the lesson. Regular revision and assessments will be carried out.

Wyndham Vale
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Chemistry teacher and PhD researcher (UoM) available to tutor high school and university students in Science related subjects. Teaching philosophy: strengthen fundamentals using problem based learning

‘Chemistry is everything, and everything is Chemistry’ which is what makes the subject extraordinary. As a tutor of Science/Chemistry/Biology, I aim to impart knowledge with practical examples and to communicate Science in the most fundamental form so that students don’t merely learn for grades, but also develop a passion to build a career in the subject.

Mawson Lakes
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Science Graduate with over 3 years’ experience gives Mathematics, Science, Chemistry lessons in Adelaide

I am using multiple methods for teaching to obtain perfect outcome.Mainly I use discussion method and in specific areas I give lectures to students.Moreover I always need students to involve in group activities as the can share knowledge with others.In addition to that I am interested in daily classroom assessments to check the students'progress.

Dr ronald
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Doctor of Science with wide experience and qualifications gives quality Chemistry tutoring and mentoring in Toowoomba.

My teaching methodology is working closely with my students, starting where they are and developing their ability to learn in general and more specifically the subject at hand. I encourage them and inspire them to do their best and have the right attitude and develop habits that will ensure success in mastering or applying and remembering the concepts and skills of the subject.

Surfers Paradise
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Industrial Chemist with more than 8 years of working experience give chemistry lessons to high school and uni students on the Gold Coast

My teaching method is to teach the students not to memorize but to think instead, and to learn the basis before trying to learn more complex topics. That way would be easier for them to remember how to approach and solve different problems.

Eatons Hill
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Medical Laboratory Science Student gives chemistry lessons to high school students in Brisbane

My primary goal is to cater to how each individual student learns, as I understand everyone has a different approach. I aim to focus on this to capitalise on students' success. Having recently graduated high school myself, I know how important it is to be thorough. I also know the importance of not just recognising facts on a board, but understanding the concepts behind it.

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Dr Jeff, Osteopath & Educator, providing tutoring for many subjects including Sciences & English

Find the student's passion & enthusiasm. See if I can link it to my own enthusiasm, then try & link this to the subject material. I Really try to understand your psyche, the secret to learning anything is passion, dedication & enthusiasm, ie attitude. I honestly believe with just average intelligence or sometimes less than average & the right attitude almost any academic task can be completed.

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Krishma, an MBA gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students, English language help also available :)

My teaching method is based on understanding what you require to achieve and how can I help you achieve proper learning and understanding to give a strong base to your learning for smooth and successful progression. It will add value for your learning.

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Monash engineering student with 6 months of experience give chemistry, biology and social science lessons at home

Since I have come across with different teaching faculties throughout my degree, I have noticed the teaching method of my best teachers. I always wanted to follow that method when I teach as well. The first and foremost thing I would do is to make the student love the subject in which they are facing difficulty.

Caroline Springs
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Monash Engineering students giving Math and Science lessons to students from grade 1 to 7

My teaching method is more pragmatic than than theoretical . I teach basic concepts and make students practice by giving then worksheets. Practice and right approach to the things make concepts interesting and unforgettable. I make students learn by giving them examples from day to day life.

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Chance to learn Theoretical and practical concepts of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from a Doctorate in Biochemistry

I am a doctorate in Biochemistry with a year experience as a regular teacher and one year experience as a home tutor. Linking the knowledge in books with everyday life is the base of my teaching because by this way, students find the lessons interesting and easy to remember. I try to find out the weak points of students and help them to improve them in a best possible way.

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Science Degree University graduate giving Maths and Science lessons to high school students in North side of Brisbane

I am a young person, who understands that school must be fun for it to be beneficial. My lesson approach consists of many visual aids such as interesting models and videos. I also include fun games especially for the review of content and a lot more fun activities.

Nelly Bay
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JCU pre-service teacher with masters in plant science looking to teach secondary science

My lesson structure for science is inquiry-based learning assisted with visual aids to gain conceptual knowledge of the underlying key ideas of science. Understanding why science works assists students apply their skills to difficult problems. The use of science glossaries to obtain and retain word knowledge is paramount.

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Chemistry Graduate Teaches Science and Maths to High School and Uni Students in Moe

I believe in a holistic approach to science, and know from experience that with a firm understanding of the basics everyone has the potential to interpret the world scientifically. Rather than jumping straight to the answer, I prefer to explain the logical path of arriving at the answer so that my students understand the bigger picture and can apply the same methodology to diverse questions.

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Curtin University student give food and science lessons to university students. In addition, I can teach Spanish language. I am about to have a master degree in Food Technology.

My teaching methods will depend on the student profile. We will have a talk previous to the class so I can prepare each lessons beforehand. I also like doing reviews to keep the most important things in your mind .

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Hi, I hold Masters degree in Science and am passionate to share my knowledge with upcoming students.

I am new to tutor job but I worked a Quality chemist in the pharmaceutical company for 2 years. During my college days, I use to take lectures to my juniors and got good appreciations for my teaching skills, by considering that confidence am starting this new journey.

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Health and Medical Science Student recently graduated year 12 with 99.75 ATAR in Adelaide

Why choose me? I have a passion for tutoring and having recently graduated I am familiar with the course back to front. Teachers often don't explain concepts in way that is relatable or engaging and it's hard to get personal help in a class environment.

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Biomedicine student gives Chemistry, English, General, Further, Methods to high school students in Melbourne.

I always address pressing concerns with students, i.e. the topics that they're most struggling with. After tackling the difficult topics, I move on to getting the student ahead and well prepared for any assessment they come across. I find this method of teaching helps students achieve the best marks possible.

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Third Year Monash Science and Education student providing Secondary and VCE Tuition

My teaching method involves keeping the students motivated, and genuinely interested in what they are learning. I will try to provide as many real-world examples and relate the theories to everyday life where possible, showing the students how the content they are learning is actually relevant.

Safety Bay
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Former Biomedical Research Scientist, currently residing in Safety Bay. Looking to put my PhD to use.

I really aim for my lessons to be student focussed. If the student tells me the area of the science they are finding challenging. I will devise a method to get them to fully understand it after asking them a line of questions. Chemistry can be intimidating, but if you understand the few underlying principles, there is little to memorize. All is applying understanding.

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3+ years of experience in teaching Chemistry to students from secondary level to post graduates. I generally prefer chalk & board methodology for teaching structures, reactions and presentations for c

3+ years of experience in teaching Chemistry to students from secondary level to post graduates. I generally prefer chalk & board methodology for teaching structures, reactions and presentations for conceptual based topics & 3-D view. I like to teach in a very simple manner starting from basics then to the advance levels for the better understanding of the students..

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Gives lessons on food science in general which includes food chemistry online. Have experienced in food science field and would love to help you understand food which is a basic need for humanity.

My teaching method is: 1.First understanding the areas where the client needs more focus. 2.Engaging the client in breaking down of the topics and areas of need in a manner that they will understand. 3. Must have learnt sth by the end of the session.

Balmain East
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Author of IGCSE Conceptual Chemistry gives chemistry tution to high school, Junior College and Degree students

My teaching methodology is realistic and i like teaching by examples related to daily life. I relate the chem concepts with daily life examples to make students learn these concepts effectively. Then I also give appropriate worksheets for students to give them good practice.

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Currently working as a science presenter in Victorian school with previous nine plus years of experience as a trainer in Merck Serono.

I like to conduct by lessons engaging students to achieve their best at the same time achieving the curriculum goals. Normally I start my lesson by providing an appropriate hook. Then I conduct the class by engaging the students. I make sure to do a follow up activity.

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A chemical engineering student, is here to help you with your math !

I always give my best in anything I work on. Teaching, is a profession, I have the utmost respect for. I will teach with each with the best of my abilities and give all attention to every student. I will continue to help them with the best of abilities.

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Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
8 months ago
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