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Table Tennis lessons to people of all Ages. All one needs is passion to achieve!! Monash Post Graduate, Aspiring to be a successful coach.

First comes theoretical then comes practical in sports too. I highly focus on fitness before starting to teach my students as fitness is the key to build your skills.

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German Sport University Master Student gives physical lessons in every field required

My teaching methodology is based on evidence based data and theory. Referring my studies, I can consult and teach you the newest findings from research in the field of sport/ sport management. Unfortunately, in the business of personal trainers, this is done too less nowadays through the amount of unqualified personal. Following injuries and serious health risks are the consequence.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

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Rmit university graduate giving fitness or personal training lessons to high school and uni students

I base my lessons on hardwork and discipline with supporting tools.

West Melbourne
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Looking for a training buddy for the gym (weights, speed, cardio), running, cycling, or help with good eating, let's go for it. Not a personal trainer...just a guy who has a deep passion for fitness a

Share your goal and we'll do it: run that first 5k, cycling buddy, body building, circuit partner, better eating, learning to food shop, etc I'll buddy up and do it with you. None of this personal trainer over priced watch you workout.

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Result oriented Personal training, Bodybuilding And weight-loss with diet plans. Transformation assured.

I am Sanjith, did my bachelor's in engineering and pursuing my master's. A lot of interest in training and giving them results. My main training would be high intensity workout and bodybuilding. Client specific goals can also be done.

Fitzroy North
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Alexander technique for posture, muscle strength & balance: Learn to think effectively about the way you approach fitness!

My teaching method is based on enabling the student to become their own teacher and improve body awareness, voice production and muscular strength and balance with Alexander technique, Aikido and Pilates. During lessons you will practice with the tools of Conscious Guidance and Conscious Control and move on to applying them to specific activities.

South Yarra
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Look great and stay fit by learning one simple "TRANSFORMATIONAL" principle to dramatically reduce the effort of exercise whilst also accelerating results. Revolutionary yet simple. Developed over 15

In a nutshell, the ONLY thing I am teaching you is one simple "TRANSFORMATIVE" principle. That's it! Once you "get it", you have it. It's like learning to ride a bike, once you "get it", you've got it. You cant then "not ride the bike" How long this takes is an individual thing.

Saint Kilda
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Physical education teacher, Bachelor of Physiology, Personal trainer, distance trainer, swimming coach, triathlon for over 15 years

The class consists of warm-up, main work and return to calm. The vision of work is global, it consists of training, nutrition and rest. High performance athlete in triathlon, representative of my country in said discipline, applying its discipline to any area or scenario.

Brunswick West
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A MSc educated Personal Trainer/semi professional athlete based in Melbourne available for coaching

My coaching is tailored towards the individual/group I am working with. I do not believe that a certain approach works the same way with everyone especially in personal training as everyone's bodies react differently. Due to my university background, I am able to assess individuals and make an educated training plan that will help them achieve their goals.

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Competitive Powerlifter and Personal Trainer GUARANTEES YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM BODY!

My teaching strategy is motivation and science. If you need motivation to get started, I am the right trainer to achieve your dream body. If you have regreted your past training attempts, you will not this time. Putting science behind strength is my sole method.

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I am a mixed martial artists and mma coach, who continues to train and train under some of Australia's top athletes

My teaching style will have you getting fit and raising your heart rate to begin with, before teaching a couple different techniques and focusing on these techniques to increase strength, power or speed through the rest of the class, before finishing on some total body exercise and a warm down and stretch.

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Undergraduate in Deakin's Exercise and Sport Science giving personal/group fitness training in Melbourne! :)

My training method will be tailored according to the needs and wants of my clients. It starts with a long-term goal followed by a series of short-term goals which acts as a guide and benchmark throughout.

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International Fitness Coach Offering Strength, Fitness, and Combat Lessons to Up-and-coming Coaches! Online coaching world-wide and in person in Hobart.

My teaching method is about working with students at their own level. Whatever your background, we can figure out a way to get you the best results. My teaching philosophy is centred around teaching what works in the real world, as proven through the scientific method, and practical application.

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Outdoor Certified Personal Training for all levels and ages in Doncaster and surrounds

I teach functional training as it enhances the core movements we do in our everyday life. This extends to sports as well. There will be plenty of dynamic movements and aerobic endurance to build a strong cardiology health. A healthy nutrition plan is also essential to compliment the training put in.

Caroline Springs
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Psychology student who is qualified in fitness training, located in Melbourne Victoria.

My teaching methodology is to focus on the wants and needs of the student and focusing on there personal strengths.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)