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South Fayette Township
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Live Life to be STRONG HEALTHY AND CONFIDENT Discover Wellness for Life with Maria Allshouse, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

6 Step Wellness for Life Process helps shift a mindset geared toward success, provides education on practicing daily habits and behavioral change, embraces clients to be accountable to achieve success, offers nutritional guidance, works through exercise and activity choices to fit your lifestyle and measures results.

Niagara Falls
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Effective Strength and Fitness Training for Performance and Weight Loss for Life!

Motivating and energetic Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with 15 years experience of applied knowledge. Strong background in HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamps, Unconventional and Outdoor Training, Strength Training, Power Lifting. Passionate about helping others acquire a love of fitness training, proper nutrition and healthy living.

San Antonio
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If you are looking to take it to the next level: speed, endurance. I will help you increase your lift, flexibility and overall mental state.

I am a runner, triathlete, and a fitness trainer. I have been learning techniques and methods the old fashion way, practice. Let's look at why you are training; marathon, weight loss, increase speed? Then let's discuss what your strengths and weaknesses are? We will put this together to develop a plan that will be fun, creative and keep you motivated.

Villa Pueyrredón
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Group coach and staff, dedicated to health. Ezeiza, Canning, Monte Grande or Online Planning

My methodology is based on the objective and adaptability of the personnel, which can be full body training or divided by muscle group. In each class there will be strength training / hypertrophy and then at the end aerobic if necessary.

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Sports and exercise science graduate offering fitness and sports coaching lessons in Portsmouth.

My teaching methodology is simplistic as I find the only way a person will learn something effectively is if they create and experience the answer, through their own original thought. My job is to provide guidance and experience on the subject at hand.

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Fitness Coaching for all goals; weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, general health and well-being...

I want all my clients to be able to learn something from me, so that further down the road, if they choose to continue their fitness journey by themselves, they have a base knowledge about fitness & nutrition and a variety of exercises they can perform to keep things nice and fresh for their bodies.

Greater Noida
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Men's physique trainer.. weight gaining weight loss i can give u physique..

my teaching method is totally based on diet and workout hustle and grind healthy diet is important therapy gor gain best physique i will give my best with you diet including 30-40 minutes of workout in your schedule...

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Qualified Female Personal Trainer offering Personal Training in Edinburgh for other women

I tailor what and how I coach based on the individual, everyone is going to have different goals and preferences. I want us to be able to work together to create a workout that you will truly love, I will never make you exercise in a way that you don't enjoy.

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Athletic Training coach with over a decade of experience helping 100's of clients reach their fitness needs!

My training methods shift to meet the needs of my clientele and to whatever method allows them to retain the most from each session. My goal is not only to teach you how to properly move your body, but the science behind why your body moves the way it does.

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Fitness trainer with a passion and drive to not only transform you physical being but also your inner being. Fitness transcends what's physical and enhances the mental. FIRST 2 CLASSES FREE

My routine consists of light lifting with more reps , and emphasis cardio vascular exercises. Muscle toning exercises focusing primarily on your core. For those who are trying to gain muscle I have various leg routines. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfection.

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I'm the certified personal trainer, fitness coach and group fitness instructor you've been looking for! Your very own personal trainer and workout buddy. Let's tone you up.

I can use any combination of equipment, motivational music and your very own body to give anyone from a new exerciser to a seasoned intermediate fitness buff just the workout that keeps them coming back for more and gets them the results they are looking for.

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Kinesiology student offering affordable, effective fitness and personal training to meet your goals.

My method is simple: to provide motivation, and inspiration. I will not only provide you with the resources to be successful, but I will be there for you every step of the way.

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Experienced ACE Certified Personal Trainer with Nutrition Advice living in Seattle, WA

I give lessons to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness. I start with you posture and balance working up to strength training. I develop a cardio program to enhance your overall fitness I, also, offer nutrition and cooking advice.

(2 reviews)
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Want real fitness then u definetly neeed me and the believe in u

Fiirstt proper knowledge about body and its function then aftr that all kinds of exercises for each body parts and tthen pproper diet plan

Fort Mill
(2 reviews)
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Former professional baseball coach/scout/coordinator 20 yrs experience with 15 yrs of personal training/strength coach experience

Use my experience and knowledge to program what is needed for a client to exceed their goals. Adaptive individualized programs for any and all needs and goals.

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BM-Trainer | Personal Sports Coach Certified in Geneva | At home, outdoors or in the classroom

Enjoy a qualified and experienced sports coach, privately and Online ! Online : - Smartphone app + Training plan (option: nutrition) - Permanent contact with your coach - Post-training feedback - Exercise video - Real Follow-up - Autonomy The distance between dreams and reality is called Action ! Private: - Nutrition - Weight loss - Toning - Boxing - Posture and technique -...

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Level two fitness instructor and international Business management student with experience within both industries looking for students who are training to become a Personal trainer and build their own

My teaching method is very practical, allowing students to express their physical ability which ensures that they will remember form/techniques on their final exam days.

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Enthusiastic Personal Trainer with more than 12 years experience from Columbus Ohio

I start my teaching basic and build up to more complex topics/exercises. My emphasis is on proper form to avoid injury. Our method will be "hands-on" with videos, photos, diagrams and written instruction and direction for proper use.

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer with extensive knowledge and experience training in Sacramento

I tend to follow the "Tell Show Do" principle.I explain every thing in simple language to the people I train.By following this approach they know from A to Z about what they are doing and will be doing in the sessions to come.

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Personal Fitness Trainer (Weight lose,Lean body mass,weight training,Sports Fitness, Rehabilitation,Cross fit Sports Specific Fitness)

Age appropriate Simple to complex Progression method Error and correction method xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx...

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Former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete turned Fitness Competitor here to help you reach your fitness goals

When you chose me as your trainer, I will create a customized nutrition plan based on your food preferences and fitness goals. I will then work with you to create a workout plan ranging from cardio, weight lifting, body weight exercises, resistance band training, etc. I will also teach and demonstrate each exercise to ensure proper form.

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I am a motivated and passionate health and fitness educator. I have over 20 years industry experience with over 11 years spent as a tutor and assessor. I have a proven track record.

I have a successful track record while undergoing Internal Verification and External Verification. I am a former South West ‘Regional Tutor of the Year’ for Premier Training International. I have been involved in course development and developed and wrote a Medicine Ball Training CPD course. I have written for FitPro magazine and presented at a R.E.P’s conference in Wales.

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Need Help in accomplishing your goals... I am your private tutor for FITNESS

I can help you reach your physical goals of weight loss/gain, strength or speed training. All it takes is a little focus, dedication, motivation, and consistency. Whatever you chose to do make health and wellness a lifelong part of your journey.

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Retired College Athlete with a passion and focus for increasing overall development

I base my philosiphies and teaching bases on innovation and connivence. We're almost in 2020, there are more conventional ways of learning and attaining crucial info throughout. I tend to have a more relaxed, yet resourceful type of approach.

Wooburn Green
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Senior Personal Trainer with a Degree in Physiotherapy looking to impart knowledge!

My teaching method is encouraging and logical. No specific syllabus to cover but will give you comprehensive instructions in how to build programs, give nutritional advice for the general population.

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Professional Calisthenics athlete offering Calisthenics,Street WOrkout lessons in Solihull. Ninja Warrior Competitor,Street Workout Champion , Muscle up , Pull Ups, Dips, One Arm Pull Ups, Front Lever

My teaching method is about oldschool Calisthenics , with basic exercises and than with advanced exercises . I can teach you to do one arm pull ups, muscle ups, ring muscle ups,front lever,human flag,dragon flag,pistol squats,and all exercises to do in a corectly form.

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A mixed martial artist can help strengthen your body at home or outside

I have always believed that a person need not necessarily have to join a gym to get, and hence use the same methodology. Also, getting fit is not just a matter of the body, but the mind is also equally important to train. The whole training is based on these two beliefs.

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University Athlete offering Fitness guidance, workout plans, and schedules to achieve fitness goals

My teaching method is analyzing past behaviour and habits with the student, afterwards pointing out the common mistakes being made. After Which I go over how to correct these mistakes, what to focus on instead, and how to target the students weaknesses in order to achieve optimal efficiency to reach their goals.

Santa Rosa de Cabal
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Professional at Sports Science teaches about the basic aspects of exercise sciences

My teaching method consists in approaching the topics to be dealt with in a ludic and deductive way, but without limiting precisely to strict protocols and methodologies where the student feels threatened or committed to perform in a particular way.

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Physical Education student teaches for high school students in Rio Grande do Sul

My teaching method is based on teachings from the Federal University of Pelotas, such as the social projects of the NATI (Third Age Activities Center).

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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