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Easy Learning FCP X at your own pace with experienced tutor and filmmaker

I have a hands-on teaching methodology which allows students advance faster in their learning process. With real-life examples the student will learn on the go, allowing a more realistic and fun way to gather knowledge and put them into practice.

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A New Way Of Teaching With Live Projects, Best Examples, definitely i ll share my knowledge

I ll give best examples, I ll teach with live projects, Tips, Tricks, I never teach with only materials or theory mark my words i ll definetly make u perfect this is my assurance that i can give to my students

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Learn Video Production and Post Production from an experienced university lecturer London

I have taught different kind of classes and am familiar with various teaching methods. Also, I trained citizen journalists and volunteers with no experience or very little technical or editorial knowledge. I'm a teacher and deploy the best methods to suit needs and abilities of my students.

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Tuition in Video Editing, graphic designing and FCP in Kochi for Students

My teaching method is approaching each topic and give deep knowledge. My Class structure is first giving familiar with each tool and topic then developing there own way of ideas. Helping them to thing creative and making them more creative.

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I Teach Adobe Premiere Pro Online I'm a self-shooting videographer and video producer

My method is week by week I list a number of concepts to cover and we cover them in the lesson. Open Q&A at any time and I watch over you after you have seen how I do things via Screen Share.

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Learn After Effects right from the beginning and become a pro. I am working as a motion graphic artist from last 4 years. I will teach you all the ways that are required in the open market.

For sure I will teach you the software but the most important part is how to work for the market. I am working in this industry for last 4 year and gather a lot of experience, and I am happy to share you all my mistakes with you so that you will avoid that all and go forward with fewer mistakes.

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Portadown- GCSE Computing+MIA Tutor- A* Grade GCSE Qualifications CAN GUARENTEE A*-B Grade

Wanting to teach Computing and Moving Image Arts -I am ... Patient Competent Hard working Flexible Confident in my ability I will provide notes and questions to help develop understanding of each subject.

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From iPhones to big rigs all visual capture in analogue anddigital for documenting and/or exploring creative means of capture

College educated and with two decades in front of and behind cameras I have practical and creative use of film style and digital cameras. It is a talent to know what an excellent image is and it is an art form to create an image.

New Delhi
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Graphic Designer from Costa Rica gives classes in the subjects related to Design

Only computer, no need to have any book, My method is with a lot of examples, and practice, is interactive, I give you an idea and you created, homework's are a necessity in order for you to practice more

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Turn your videos into a film! Video Editing help from a multi-sponsored filmmaker

My name is Coop and I have been editing videos for over a decade now, and love sharing my passion. I have taken all sorts of film classes from many different schools and teachers. I often mentor other filmmakers at every level.

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Passionate Person ready to see others grow within the video production field. Lets all grow together.

My teaching method is as simple as try it out. My mum always told me "Trail and Error" Nothing wrong with trying/practice. Slow pace get things done properly without first time rather than having to keep correcting yourself. Correcting yourself isn't bad either, it shows your aware of what you've done wrong.

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Video Designing and Editing is the next GENERATION, MIND IT! People are looking for best appearance rather than the great software's and apps or a simple Dinner Dish. Come around and learn Editing.

The teaching isn't what I do, I make people understand so than they can use that knowledge to help their creative skills excellently and pass on the approach to one another. This will be the next GENERATION I assure you that. And everything will be so Wonderful.

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ADVFX Student From Maac patna Bihar ,Teach Adobe Aftereffects Composting Software.

My teaching is my base of topic .I approach all segments in chapter .

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Final Cut Pro, the ultimate software to use !

I am a student at the ISG, my method of working is simple and relies exclusively on the artistic talents of each one. Learning the editing will allow you to make presentations, defense, or just have fun, creators.

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Become Expertise’s in video editing by our experience teacher who have 23 years experience

Give the class by Skype,duo only 1:1 will be done 1hr class will be held

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Completed my three year diploma in Film editing I give classes for video editing beginners and professionals

My teaching method is like more practical things.I base my class in aesthetic.

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Student in cinema and audiovisual license at Paul Valery University in Montpellier

My teaching method is all that I learned in my first year of cinema studies and also my personal knowledge. This consists of film analysis, knowledge of the various film tools, the basis of shooting, filming, sound and editing.

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Learn today to make your future better, dont just dream make it real.

I teach with passion and I would like to teach those who are really interested in video editing for thier carrier.

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FCPX hands-on, that is what I do. Let's make video editing fun

I like to asses my students and start with what they already know. Storytelling is my forte, I believe every video has to tell a story and as editors, we need to learn the creative possibilities on FCP. I do video because its fun, I like to edit in a relaxed and fun way.

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Experienced trainer in DTP and Video course offers all levels of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Final Cut, After Effect in Paris.

Professor in schools of Art, communication, graphic design and the university, I am also a trainer in the fields of desktop publishing, graphic design and video. My fifteen years of teaching experience in these fields and the diversity of my lessons you will receive full training and customized. We will go to the essential whatever your request.

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Graphic Designer Certified By Adobe Training Center (Venezuela) Gives Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effetcs, Premiere And Muse Lessons

I was born in Venezuela, where I started to be passionate about the creative industry. As a result, I got my Adobe certifications. Currently, I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with a minor in Advertising. My goal is to learn day to day to become an Art Director.

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I am a Emmy winning Visual Effects Artist and worked in the industry for 6 years. Want to share my skills and experience to young upcoming computer wizards who are keen to learn Animation and Visual E

I don't believe in teaching just theory but actually believe in delivering my experience and knowledge through practical work and projects rather than just theory. I believe in creating little practical workshops to deliver the software techniques and VFX ideas and methods widely used in the industry.

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Professional Video Editing using Final Cut Pro and Graphic design concepts and skills.

I believe that knowledge has no boundaries. My classes are open for all. The classes will be based on your aptitude and requirement. For example a software like Photoshop can cater to many requirements. Photoshop can address the need of someone looking to get into full fledged graphic designing and on the other hand can be taught as a tool to photographers for photo editing.

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A Unique Video editing Technique. Course name Certificate In Video Editing. Coverage areas All Over Chennai.

Exceptionally talented designer with 2 years experience in branding, web, and print design in two companies seeks the position of graph ic designer in a fast growing companies, to deliver high quality projects based on current trends in designs and standards.1 year experience in Aims media As a Multimedia Educator.

João vitor
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All about Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC in Curitiba PR

Hi, I'm a videomaker and filmmaker and I have a producer called Black Horse Filmes, working on audiovisual productions from script to post production. In these classes we see from the basics of Adobe Premiere to more advanced editing techniques. In 14 lessons the student is able to edit and finalize any kind of material.

São Paulo
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Post-production and video editing course in After Effects São Paulo - Brazil

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 is an indispensable tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects CC offers an excellent set of tools for producing motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. Working in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional rendering environment.

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Degree qualified writer/photographer/filmmaker with 6 years experience teaching filmmaking. All ages - beginner and intermediate.

I hold a first class degree in film production and I have 6 years experience as a writer/photographer/filmmaker. I offer group and one-to-one lessons in creative writing, photography and film production. Specialist interests (editing, directing, travel writing etc.) are all welcome. My lessons are fun, hands-on and guaranteed to focus on individual needs.

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I am a professional Video Editor with more than 13 Years of experience.

I approach students from the basic fundamentals of the course and gradually do practicals so that they know what they are doing and why they are doing the things. The classes are for students those have atleast completed their bachelors degree in any stream and beginners in video editing.

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Apple Certified with 20 years of experience gives remote Basic/Intermediate/Advanced macOS lessons

Lessons can be given in English or Portuguese. Aluas podem ser dadas em Inglês ou Português. Basic lessons covers how to get the most of macOS, how and were your files are stored and organized - about 2 hours. Intermediate lessons covers configuration and macOS technologies like iCloud, Continuity and Handoff.

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Ale Amin - Dr.Graphic - Adobe, Autodesk & Apple Certified Professional

Hi, I am an Adobe certified Instructor with more than 20 years teaching and instructing professionals and students as well as helping entrepeneurs to achieve their branding, design, internet marketing and creative visual strategies. Ill be proud to be part of your professional career.

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