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Ignite your creative photography passions with a seasoned professional photographer (AIPP member)

Practical on the street training in real settings and locations is my approach. It's fun, non-threatening and full of surprises. I'd like to think I'm easy and approachable to all ages and that means helping people as they master their art is about great relationships.

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Experienced professional photographer offering photography lessons at all levels. Studio, location, food, portrait, wedding and more.

My approach is to quickly evaluate where you're at, and tailor each lesson around what you need to progress your photography to the next level. I have a strong emphasis on practical, meaning we'll be taking photos in real-life situations. I will guide you at every step of the way, and supplement your learning with as much theory and background as you need at that time.

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I am a professional photographer on the Gold Coast, I have my Diploma and a great enthusiasm for the work.

Having taught photography before in wide age groups and genres, I obtain a wide knowledge and love for the work. Teaching everything from the basics to the creative. Ranging from hour lessons to few hour lessons, depending on your skills and want to learn.

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Professional Brisbane based photographer willing to give lessons to budding photographers. Fashion, portraits, product and general photography

I can show you how to compose photos, use natural light, flash and reflectors. I can teach you to use Lightroom, basic Photoshop and how to process RAW images. I can also teach you how to use film if you prefer to use analog photography.

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Fine Art Photographer from Brisbane, Queensland gives real life tips on how to succeed in photography

I approach photography with a creative view on the world, I focus on human relationships with props and locations. I believe not everyone has to be an successful model in order to be photographed and you don't need to afford expensive gear to take photos.

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Exhibiting Artist and Commercial Photographer gives lessons in Photography and Photographic Theory

I take a step by step approach to teaching photography. Learning the basics is about utilising the equipments capabilities to create the image you want. Photography is also very much about personalities, both yours and your subjects. Aside from technical skills its also necessary delve into the social and theoretical aspects of Photography.

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Sydney internationally published photographer will teach you how to become a professional photographer and gather for the right customers

my teaching method will start from the basic lighting knowledge and will guide you to the most complex scenarios, then I will show you how to create amazing artworks working on your editing skills.

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Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art Photography Hons graduate gives lessons in Photography.

My teaching method ranges from being able to instruct students on both analogue and digital techniques in photography. This ranges from beginners black and white photography,use of analogue cameras , exposure,film development, darkroom printing through to instruction on creating technical and conceptual frameworks in individual art practice.

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Creator giving photography lessons online, or wherever in the world I am!!

I am a very spur of the moment person, and adapt easily to all people. I teach the technical basics. There is a lot of practical work as well (with projects and evaluations). The goal is for people to understand the art. I believe you learn by doing and trying, therefore the practical work is very important to the art, the technical work is important to the understanding.

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Melbourne Photographer with Dynamic Photography and Lightroom Lessons , 10 years of Experience :) :)

My structure is very casual and can be picked up by anyone. I taught my mum who is not tech savvy at all and now knows how to use DSLR. My teaching method is as simple as it gets for anyone.

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Professional Animal and fashion Photographer teaching photography 101 inc studio and natural

I take a fun hands on approach to the teaching experience, work at your own pace, learn the ins and outs. i am best known for my Equestrian studio portraiture and canine imagery, emphasis on Digital retouching and image enhancing.

Upper Coomera
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French/Australian Creative Portrait Photographer with Diploma of Professional photography gives private photography courses on the Gold Coast.

Hello, My name is Bertrand Schmitt and I have been doing photography professionaly for 5 years and before that as a hobby for almost for 30 years. I teach how to use your DSLR and how to understand the basics of your camera first so you don't have to guess anymore what program is best for different situations. Then it is important to understand light.

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Professional Photographer in NSW offering tutor classes in fashion, digital, film, social and portrait photography

I am flexible, observant, and responsive, always keeping an open mind about how to best engage my students and get them excited about learning—and that means considering trying out different interactive teaching styles. Flexibility in teaching, Encourage student participation, Use questions that stimulate response, discussion, and a hands-on experience.

Lane Cove North
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Photographer and instructor with 7 years of experience providing basic to advanced level lessons

I usually base it on the level of current knowledge about photography, each one possesses, and plan a methodology based on it. This has helped me to customise the lessons and align it more with their expectations too. I would be starting with an outdoor session to provide insights on how light impacts a photograph, which I believe is the basic.

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Retired MD of largest studio in southern hemisphere, studios in SA & NSW

You must have the fundamentals verbatim then you can break the rules to the point that your images can be repeated they were not a lucky accident. Being able to understands and control the light is paramount. can you operate your camera with your eyes closed? once you can then you can concentrate on the image as the camera is second nature.

Highland Park
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Photo Media graduate and experienced photographer offering photography lessons in Gold Coast area

My name is Holly and i have recently graduated from a Bachelor of Photography. I've also been freelancing for the past 4 years in various different areas of photography.

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Sydney Portrait photographer teaching portrait techniques/composition/light/camera settings and psychology of potential clients

I am one big kid, who likes to act and jokes around and I get to teach something I love. We will go throw all the aspects of what you need to know, not just take great pictures, but understand more people you photograph.

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Have you always been interested in Photography but you don't know where to start? I'll teach you all you need to know.

Depending on your experience and knowledge about photography, we will start from the very basics, understanding how the camera works, how to find the proper exposure and focus for your pictures; what kind of lens you need depending on the type of photography you are interested in; I will even teach how your Smartphone can be your most powerful camera and how to get the most out of it.

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Getting the most out of your camera with detailed and supportive learning in Brisbane.

While the majority of my workshops are conducted in person I am impartial to online support as well! A lesson with me would look something like this; Gauging your level and understanding Tailoring advice to suit your level and giving learning materials on specific areas Following up and making sure you understand the advice / guidance Giving you supporting documents / links to help

Baulkham Hills
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With experience as a freelancing photographer, I am excited to teach you what I have learned over the years!

Hayley has broken into her beginnings with the music industry with The Sphere Organisation as a musician who works almost every weekend. She plays arrangements of iconic Aussie songs, 80s songs and Top 100s as well as writes her own music. Currently Hayley is studying a Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging and hopes to go on and study a Diploma of Social Media and Marketing.

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College student who can help with the arts subjects across the board

My teaching method first starts with an understanding of the task and why we need to me motivated, then based on the specific task, we work our way through and maintain the skills and strength that have helped us.

North Wollongong
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I teach photography, live in North Wollongong and teach online or inperson.

I would teach by having camera exercises, looking at different types of photography and setting little tasks around that, have quizzes on how to use the camera and editing programs etc.

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Experienced Photographer - Private Professional Photography and Post Processing lessons for Photography enthusiasts.

I love to talk; a lot. I always talk with people and know what their interests are and start teaching based on what they want to learn, so that the classes doesn't get boring. I start from the basics of photography till various tips and trick for professional photography. I have a package for you to understand better what will you be learning during the course.

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Curtin University Photography and Design graduate offering lessons in fashion/portraiture/street style photography and design

My classes are based on my real world experience in the fashion photography industry.

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Graphic Design graduate and photographer offering Photography and Film lessons in Berkshire

After graduating in Design at University for Creative Arts in 2017, I have surrounded myself by professionals in creative arts. I used to tutor in photography and love to pass my knowledge forward.

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Hello there, I am an highly experienced Commercial Photographer, Retoucher and Educator

I use a multitude of teaching methods. Each session is tailored to the learners requirements, be it a one to one or group session. Photography requires a experiential learning approach. Learners are introduced to the relevant skills and then apply the gained knowledge through practice, evaluation and development.

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Commercial, bridal and fashion photographer with 7 years of experience would like to teach people with photography and retouching

My way of teaching is simple photography will be explained in a simple way. And mainly answer any questions you have about photography, equipment I will give you advice with your company, help with your website / logo appearance, help with retouching and tips and advice, advice with lighting etc and all questions that you have at photography.

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Professional Fashion & Portrait Photographer and Lecturer who graduated cum laude with a Masters in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni Milan teaches Fashion Photography.

Mentorship has always been my approach to teaching. I've shot everything from ad campaigns to editorials to lookbooks. And I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge (including contacts) I've acquired through the years, especially to my mentees who are eager to learn and create. Understanding what a good (fashion) photograph is is the very first step (lesson 1).

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Qualified Photographer and Lecturer offering Photography Workshops, Classes and Trips in Cornwall

I can teach from entry level for students that have never held a camera, up to Level 3, the equivalent of A Level or Foundation Diploma. I often work with a social teaching style, letting the students lead the direction of the class whilst acting as a facilitator for the needs of the individuals in the groups.

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Learn how to make creative photos with the Light Painting technique with an expert

Light Painting or "painting with light" is a photographic technique and an artistic practice that allows you to "paint" a subject masterfully controlling a light source, just like a brush. The technique of light painting generally requires a dark or almost place and it is precisely in this aspect that the main difficulty lies; the impossibility of displaying the final result previously.

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