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I will be giving individually designed classes to my students, in keeping with their personal learning needs.

My teaching method is and has always been focusing on my students' most urgent learning needs to help them gain necessary skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, acquire confidence in expressing themselves in English, and therefore I practise a personal approach in teaching my students and design classes for them individually.

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Final year Psychology student at Deakin University looking to tutor, mentor and coach students of any particular age in English

I am currently in my last semester finishing off my Psychology degree with aims to continue with honours next year. I wanted to give back some of my time to helping students also achieve their goals. My teaching method will focus on what the students specifically need help with or what they find difficult. There are many different concepts to teach something difficult so nothing is impossible.

Cairns North
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Internationally experienced, fun, dynamic, creative, compassionate English teacher & Humanities university lecturer/researcher

The principal aim of my teaching is to introduce students to a range of tailored resources and research/study/writing methodologies, and to encourage critical thinking beyond mainstream educational paradigms and practices.

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ESL expert for IELTS, TOEFL, foundation year and high school academic tutorial; Master of Education student and fmr English instructor, raised in San Diego CA and Manila

I generally do learning by doing. I start with some rapport building, diagnosis of language macro skills, expectations and goal setting. My teaching structure is informed by both the Cambridge University Press Headway series content and my general American English training experience. I use CEF-R for assessment benchmarking.

Glen Waverley
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Master your English, PTE or IELTS through an experienced teacher in Melbourne

I believe every student is different and hence my methodology is student-centred driven. Lessons will be prepared and adapted based on your needs. They will include theory (grammar rules, word choice and writing conventions) and lots of practice to master each skill. I will provide exam tips to help you maximise your scores.

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Esl teacher with 15 years experience of teaching esl/ ielts and 4 months teaching migrants of culturally different backgrounds in Australia

My teaching methodology is communication based using different sources of material depending on the learner's level, background, learning styles and specific language issues and interests ( typically more visual aids and controlled practice for low level learners, more context based language exposure and discussions for high level, and exam based teaching for learners training for a particular...

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UniMelb graduate with a Masters in Food Science ready to give Science (Chemistry and Biology) and English lessons. I reside in Dandenong but willing to travel to teach. :)

My teaching method is engaging and fun. My ultimate aim is to make students independent and confident learners. I believe that students' comprehension should be analysed with a more engaging manner in the forms of quizzes and games besides written and oral tests.

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La Trobe Biomedicine Student gives english lessons to primary and secondary students in Melbourne.

I enjoy working with children and I like to make learning fun for them so that they are engaged at all times and can obtain the most from the session. My lesson structure covers all topics the student requires extra help on, while also helping them strengthen their grasp on concepts they already feel confident about.

Karana Downs
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Enjoy the learning experience with an expert qualified ESL teacher who has 18 years overseas experience and is now in Brisbane

I am a person who is able to enthuse others by incorperating superior presentation techniques and practice activities and tasks for language and skills development that are delivered in a relaxed and friendly teaching style resulting in a high-quality learning experience.

Hamilton Hill
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Multi-lingual ESL Teacher tutors and helps English language learners to improve their spoken English in the Perth metropolitan area

I understand exactly what is needed to develop fluency in a foreign language. I have been there myself as a language student. The lessons will be focused on developing practical communication skills and everyday language functions that will be of use to you in everyday life in Australia. They will be fun, engaging and you will rapidly develop confidence in English.

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Learn how to make great conversations in English to connect with your community!

I teach English using conversations that help the student put their own life stories into English words that match the meaning in their own native language. From there we write their stories into English words so students can practice speaking and writing well-structured sentences.

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Learn English the natural way with an experienced Australian native English speaking teacher.

I work with students errors and areas of weakness to remove the errors from their speaking and then focus on developing vocabulary and the ability to speak on a variety of topics. I also usually like to give written homework connected to the speaking topics we have covered in our lessons as I believe this helps the lesson to stick in students minds so that they can remember things more easily.

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ESL/IELTS Trainer helping learners for 8 years optimizing their potential and dreams

As the learning abilities are different of each learner, I use a combination of approaches while teaching. This could be direct teaching to using authentic material and some time using roles plays, home works, presentations etc to ensure that learners are benefited all the way.

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Annabelle is qualified, experienced and passionate about teaching geography to online students worldwide.

I am retired and live on a beautiful small farm where I breed cattle. I would like to bring the beauty of the natural environment to those children living in cities. My lessons will start with the skills needed to understand geography - and progress, as the student requires, to the creation of excellent short and long answers needed for assignments and examinations.

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Docklands - Experienced English Teacher helps students of all ages develop their skills.

My teaching method is based on the student feeling comfortable and relaxed. I don't put pressure on the student, and I am willing to teach in a way that will suit the individual person. I believe that having fun and experiencing new places whilst studying can be a productive and enjoyable way to learn.

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Madhu is a qualified ESL/EAL tutor with more than 20 years of experience.She provides educational tutorials for primary levels in Parramatta areas .She attended Home tutoring training at Navitas. She

I based my classes according to the students levels and planning lesson and activities based on their preferred learning style and which can make them enjoying the lessons

Ferryden Park
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With the experience of teaching and controlling students from primary to highschool level.

I have a Ielts degree and have been teaching for student from primary to highschool level for half of the year.

Mermaid Beach
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English teacher. Learn from anywhere in Australia. Online learning made easy and professional in your home or office.

English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Knowing English will increase your chance of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad. Learning has a strategy.

Eagle Vale
Floyd clinton
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The English language, what's not to Love? Modern Shakespeare in Sydney Giving Lessons to Save the Grammar.

I'm a great tutor due to my easygoing and fun personality with great command of the English language. I've had online tutoring experience with Chinese students. I just love the English subject. So many ways to go about it; be it poetry, essay writing, grammar, letter composition, idioms, jargons, or even writing your own short stories, and so on...and on.

Cockburn Central
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Murdoch University graduate provides teaching assistance in the English language to high school and uni students

I have learnt from my past few experiences working with students that each individual has their own approach to learning. I then, developed custom curriculums to assist and work synergistically together with the student to increase their overall attention span and produce a better outcome with regards to their grades.

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Hi my name is Daphne, I am a competent trainer assessor in retail through to management.

Daphne Davis 13-06-18 ‘TUTOR MENTOR’ (concealed information) (concealed information) My name is Daphne and I live in the Fraser Coast Region. I am a competent trainer, assessor with a broad range of life-experience and qualifications in a number of areas in the retail industry. I have a vast working background with skills in Retail Operations, Leadership & Management.

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University of Newcastle Graduate Diploma in Education Tutor available to teach in the area, especially European languages

My life experience as a migrant has become the root of a keen interest in diversity and multiculturalism. I believe education to be the key to the future and that we all constantly learn from each other. To approach the subject with a focus on the student's interests, promotes engagement and facilitates building knowledge and skills simultaneously, using audiovisual aids and experiential learning.

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Experienced ESL instructor in the Gold Coast offering private or group lessons

I have recently moved to the Gold Coast after living and teaching in South Korea for the past 12 years. A fundamental component of my class is comfort. I create an environment where my students are able to as comfortable as possible in order to promote participation. My classes are tailored to the students needs and wishes.

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Former Australian Lawyer and Accredited Teacher offers English (ESL) and other lessons

I am friendly and have a relaxed approach, encouraging my students in their abilities and building confidence to help them achieve their potential in all areas. I enjoy creating interesting activities that are engaging and fun! I believe that learning is easier when the process is enjoyable and focuses on what students are interested in developing skills.

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Current PhD candidate at UTAS with 17 years of teaching experience in English, Social Studies, teachers education and early childhood education

I am a current PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania. I have completed a Master of education degree from the Monash University Melbourne. I have been tutoring English, social studies and students of other subjects for last 17 years in addition to teach various other subjects in schools.

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Australian National University student offering English lessons for school students and ESL students

My approach to learning is individual-oriented. Depending on the needs of the student and their learning style, I adapt content and delivery for their unique requirements. Lessons will be friendly but packed with information, and I encourage the developing of your own opinions and contributions in class.

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A dynamic Private Tutor with years of experience and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate holder.

As a teacher, I am very flexible with my teaching methods and it will always base on the skills of my learners. I make sure that each of my teaching strategies will fit the type of learners I am teaching.

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Private English Tutor for grade school and high school students in Sydney

I teach by blending my personality with my student's needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I make sure that the student will be comfortable with me so that he or she will learn without feeling bored and pressured. Lessons should me matched with what the school requires but I make sure that I give my own inputs.

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Native English speaker from Australia with Bachelor of Journalism, Masters in English Education & Diploma of TESOL/TEFL

I scaffold lessons to include pair and group work, and engage students by recognising diverse learning styles whilst incorporating movement to help improve their accuracy and fluency across key skill areas. I strive to support students’ social-emotional well -being as they develop their English language skills and deepen their global awareness.

Port Hedland
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Experienced early childhood teacher gives English as a Second Language lessons through webcam.

Classes and lessons are based on my students likes/dislikes. I believe learning is most effective when the students are having fun! I teach early childhood to early high school students. I have been a preschool teacher & toddler teacher. I've also worked with children of immigrant and refugee families in the US through World Relief.

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