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Paris 18e
(6 reviews)

Experienced professor of foreign languages ​​from Spanish to English courses provides tailor in Paris

I am from Costa Rica and have lived several times in the United States in my childhood, adolescence and some years ago. I worked with several associations in France as a teacher of Spanish and English for children, adults and retired adults. My teaching methods are always adapted to different audiences.

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PhD researcher in Agriculture, with a study experience abroad, offers English repetitions in Bologna.

Hello, I'm graduated in Agricultural Sciences and I'm going to start a PhD, focussing on the same topic of my master thesis. I played my bachelor's in Naples and masterful in Bologna, spending five months in Germany to perform my thesis experiments. I love travelling and the English language is the key that allows me to do everything, without any limits.

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English schoolgirl in depth terminal offers upgrade or support in English ( A1 to B2 )

Hello ! I am currently in Literary terminal specialty in English in Rouen. I have a very good level of English I speak with autonomy. My classes will be tailored according to my student, according to his level, challenges and goals. However I will focus expression and listening, which I think is the basis of language. I will not forget for all that writing.

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Student in business school and have been graduated from the IELTS gives English lessons to students around Lille

I am a student of 21 years at ISG Business & Management in Lille. I am using a participative teaching, more oral than written, to have assumed the main concepts of this language on topics that interest students and on which we can easily exchange learning without stress or hurry.

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Law student, graduate of Cambridge Language Assessment gives English lessons around Mulhouse

Young Student in Law, Science Bachelor European mention English / German, graduated in 2016 from the First Certificate English from the University of Cambridge, at B2. Language teaching is neglected in non-specific sections (European / Abibac etc ..), my teaching is based on oral practice, maximum. My working methods will be based on the discussion of various topics.

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Foreign student in Zapopan, happy to teach the Spanish language to those who need it

I am an engineering student living the emotion of being foreign, I would like to teach Spanish to those who do not know it as their first language. I like to teach in a way we both learn.

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Learn French, English or perfect it, it's here! By a web cam or in the valley embrunais- Serre Ponçon.

Live sessions, humor, curiosity is what I propose for learning. A language is alive, then we will take living examples for you to learn. I also translate studies' memoirs and technical documents.

Ciudad Victoria
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Professor of basic and intermediate English (certified by Cambridge) - Spanish for foreigners

I am qualified as an English teacher and certified by the University of Cambridge I focus on teaching English as a second language as well as Spanish in elementary school students and High School too. I use a constructivist methodology, as much is required the student to learn, using and grow with the language; do not forget that practice makes perfect.

Le Raincy
(3 reviews)
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American bilingual teacher gives English classes in Paris and suburbs

I am a native speaker of American English, currently studying Culture and Communication in Paris. In the United States, I completed a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and during this time, I have seriously and successfully studied over 4 languages. My experience with learning French, in particular, allows me to understand my students and better adapt to their particular needs.

Maria gabriella
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Professor of French-English offers language classes from elementary to professional level, the province of Napoli

Hi, I am a teacher of French and English language and literature. I propose accurate lessons with digital methodology and not, from the elementary level to the professional. Get ready for a full immersion in the French-speaking and Anglo-Saxon cultures.

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Teaching deaf learners how to write English correctly in Leicestershire or South Nottinghamshire

Lessons are to help learners grasp a better understanding of the English structure and how to write correctly, as English and British Sign Language are different languages. I am currently studying my BSL Level 6 and also have a BA Hons in Deaf Studies and Linguistics.

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American TESOL English Teacher - I can help you achieve your language learning goals!

I have completed a Master's degree in Social Administration and Bachelor's degree in Sociology, both from American universities. I am a TESOL certified teacher with nearly four years' experience teaching English as a foreign language, with a focus on Spanish speakers. I also have experience working with learners from China, Japan, France, Portugal, and Mexico.

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English teacher with didactic and own materials in class. Certificates: TOEIC / TOEFL.

Hello my future student, welcome. If you got this far is because certainly you're searching a quality learning and I'm here to help you in this goal. I work as a teacher for more than five years both in language schools as special or mainstream schools.

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Polish native studying in London gives polish lessons to everyone who wants to learn this beautiful language ;)

My teaching style is customised, every student's teaching programme is based on their knowledge, needs and preferences. My lessons are usually 1-2 hours long unless the student can't stay focused for this long, then we can agree for less. I believe that doing homework is the key to master any language.

Palm Coast
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I'll work with you to understand your goals, strengths and your weaknesses.

I’ll work with you to understand your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. We will then develop a learning plan designed to help you reach those goals. I conduct my tutoring sessions online and often meet with students one-on-one.

Saint Albans
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English examiner, lecturer, teacher, motivational speaker, life coach and confidence coach, UK

I teach Key Stage 1 to postgraduate level, adults, business professionals and home-school students. I speak in the UK and around the world. I am passionate about coming alongside and encouraging students. I love inspiring students and helping them to gain more confidence in their learning, in a structured manner. I am also a patient, diligent, empathetic and organised educator.

(2 reviews)
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University Professor / Lecturer teaches English for students and Business English for adults

The English language learning process begins with-defining the student's level of English, de areas where help is needed, and setting personal goals, ie as follows: - Help to get through an English assignment, test or exam - Help to widen existing vocabulary or improve grammar -Help to improve English speaking or writing skills -Help to proofread and edit a Bachelor's thesis -For...

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German courses and English in particular the 80, for primary and secondary school

Hello, I'm a master student 1 in Techniques of international trade, specialty German and English. I learn both languages ​​for the sixth. I offer these courses for primary students, middle school or high school. I generally gives a course hour but I can do 1:30 or 2 hours, depending on the student.

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English and Irish Culture - Learn English (writing and oral) - Cultural Discovery

Hello everyone, I have done my schooling between France and Ireland. I worked for a year in Cork in a medical institution, now I live in France for a year and I intend to continue my career in America. I am a calm and patient who loves cultural exchange.

Ciudad Juárez
(2 reviews)
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English classes and courses for all levels using the four macro skills or L2 learning. Via Skype

I have a Teacher's degree in Modern Languages Education; I have more than fifteen years of experience at all levels, especially, in EFL courses for executives and college students I am all for the communicative approach , where learners are devoted to "produce" the target language in both skills, writing and oral, as well as, understand through reading and listening.

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English courses in Saint-Brieuc: Beginner / college / high school. Graduated with excellent results in english. Oral and Literature skills

I'm 19 and I just graduated in literature. I am currently on sabbatical and looking for an activity / job that would allow me to gain experience and put money aside. Since I was very young, I frequent many British people and learned to understand and speak English fluently.

Bagni di Lucca
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Graduated in Scotland offers English tuition for middle or high schools in Lucca

English just isn't for you? Do you think that the teacher does not use an effective method of teaching? Do you really want to learn to speak English? Here I am! My name is Kety, I'm 23 years old and I graduated in Scotland where I lived, worked and studied for four years.

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Translator training, I give courses in French, English and Spanish at home in the region Neuchâtel-Yverdon

I give French courses (FLE), Spanish and English both children and adults at home or in your business as well as to my home. I adapt to your specific needs by working the following skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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Student in Political Science gives English lessons for middle schoolers and high schoolers in Lille and the region

I'm 17, I am bilingual in English and I would especially help middle school students and high school students to perfect their English level. I propose an assessment of the level to find all the points to work. I think immersion is the best way to improve your level so I would propose during the course different video or audio materials in English on topics of interest to the student.

São Paulo
(2 reviews)
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Professor of English and Spanish from USP teaches both languages via Skype

I see the teaching of languages ​​as a way to help my students achieve new possibilities for personal and professional achievements. Working with the methods Total Inglês, the British publisher Pearson Longman, and Nuevo Ven, the Edelsa Spanish publisher.

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Spanish language classes given by professional translator for all ages and levels

Venezuelan girl with a degree in translation and interpreting at the University of Lyon II 4 years experience as a language teacher in Venezuela, France and Togo. I offer customized and dynamic Spanish courses personalized for each student with excercises and explanations of the corrections.

Paris 15e
(7 reviews)

Qualified English teacher gives English lessons in Paris -for adults, all levels, at home/online/at your office

My classes are for all levels for each course I have a plan, and each course is divided into several parts: reading, writing, grammar and comprehension. Work on parts of the course is flexible and it is possible to devote a course only for grammar, for example, if the student wishes.

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Certified teacher gives during play and methodological English to middle school / high school students online.

I am an English teacher. My courses are for high school students. I use the original soundtrack movies and songs as working tools but also literary texts for written comprehension and iconographic documents. I do a lot of speaking activities but other skills must also be acquired by level. Have a B1 level leaving the 9th/10th grade is key for my students.

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Student gives English classes from primary school to the end of Year 13 in Albi and its surroundings

Hello to you. Who am I? A nineteen years old psychology student seeking to share his passion for the English language through tutoring. Whether you are a beginner, preparing an exam (like the Baccalauréat), in trouble, or if you just want to improve your concepts, just know that I will be by your side in order to best meet your expectations.

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Holder tray with 16 English lectures and support to Moufia or to Sainte Clotilde

Hello I am holding a tray with literary honors and also with 16 average for English. I'll start first year license in English. My working method is simple enough to allow the student to appropriate language such as making him a dictation and correct him and then ask him to read me to develop her writing and oral simultaneously.

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