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A Finance student at University of South Australia gives English lessons in Adelaide, city.

My teaching methods are learner centered and participative methods. I base my classes on knowledge of learners and engaging students in learning. I approach a topic through different angles as every topic can be viewed differently and depends upon the style of the learner.

South Brisbane
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Fourth Year University of Queensland Education Student Specialising in ESL - Brisbane based

I have previous experience as a student teacher at five schools, a Teachers Aide, working as a private tutor, planning and delivering learning support for a number of families.

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Gold Coast ESL Tutor, 14 years of experience in Japan and Australia

My teaching method is based around heavy immersion and continuous practice. Book work is not the most effective way to learn, so my class focus on introducing concepts and then having you as the student explore apply those ideas as practically as possible.

Flagstaff Hill
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Uni grad and working professional offering ESL lessons to non-native speakers in Adelaide

I strive to plan and deliver lessons that are learner centric and focus on integrating combinations of skills simultaneously. I teach in simple terms and understand that each learner interprets the language and material differently. Therefore, I am flexible in my approach and technique.

Peter garang
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I am a qualified teacher teaching English as Additional Language/Dialect(EALD) in Adelaide metropolitan, South Australia.

My teaching method is translanguaging. I base my classes on experimental learning influenced by bloom taxonomy. I approach topic by affording learners the opportunity to formulate and share ideas using different dimensions of their experiences and their entire linguistic repertoire.

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Deakin arts student gives English lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I aim to teach techniques that will allow the student to learn how to better themselves and become a stronger writer/English speaker, rather than simply correcting their work. I specialise in students who struggle with written comprehension, grammar, essay structure, creative writing, and am able to help students reach the 'next level' of academic and professional writing.

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Registered Nurse who provides quality learning experience in teaching the english language.

I focus on individuals need. I assess my student based on their level and deliver lesson based on their capacity. Moreover, engaging my student to participate by giving assessment/drills is one of my methods to motivate and assess them.

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Elder Gentleman with a huge range of experiences giving English lessons to students and immigrant whose English is a second language in Coffs Harbour area.

I have found over the years people learn more efficiently if whatever been taught directly relates to their interest or employment or they can use what they just learnt immediately outside the classroom. Therefore, I cater my lesson toward a more real-life situation. This depends on what my student need out of the lesson.

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AMEP, ESL and LLNP teacher with 8 years experience including TAFE teaching.

My teaching practice includes engaging as much real life experience as possible and utilising media such as video and sound recordings. My methodology is constructivist student based as I believe that in order to succeed, especially in English as second language, topics and materials must be relevant to the learner.

South Brisbane
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A filipino Registered Nurse, currently a college student, who loves teaching English

I have a very flexible approach when it comes to teaching. I like to build rapport with my students first and find out their learning techniques. From there, I set goals for the day and evaluate outcomes at the end of each session.

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ANU Graduate can help you with Politics, Sociology and English grammar in Canberra

My teaching method is laid back but intensive, I will do my best to match your level of knowledge but not overwhelm you with information that is not going to be relevant to your learning process. I try to adapt the content of my lessons so that it keeps the student(s) interested in the details of the material they are learning.

Yorkeys Knob
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Teacher, Actress, Published Writer and widely travelled lady seeks to teach students using her diverse background and lifetime experiences.

My teaching method is customised to my students. Formal - using books, games and pictures. Also informally going out and about experiencing real life scenarios to interact and learn from. I encourage open, on-going dialogue so my lessons are constantly changing to fit my students as they grow. No questions are silly. My classes emphasise fun as often when we laugh we learn the most.

Dundowran Beach
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Learn Conversational English & Help with Written English with AEMP TAFE trained Tutor

I would prefer a one on one class but happy to do small classes of 2-3. I would like to concentrate on the more practical elements of day to day living. Such as filling out forms, speaking on the telephone and speaking to any authorities.

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Science Student and Writer Gives English Writing Lessons to Australian Students Online

I have a very learner-oriented approach and tailor my lessons to the target areas that are unique to the individual. My ultimate mission is to develop the writing and critical-thinking skills of my students, while unlocking their creativity and giving them the confidence to approach challenges with a winner mindset.

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Highly professional trainer with expertise in IELTS Preparation, Business and Academic English

My lessons are tailored to suit students' needs, while recognising their different learning styles and abilities. The aim of my lessons is to encourage students to use their full potential in order to achieve their learning goals.

Ngoc tai
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Uni of Tasmania PhD candidate gives lessons to students in need of help for English improvement

My teaching method is a combination of various approaches including TPR (for young and early learners of English), Task-based Approach, and Communicative approach. I also find Jazz Chant especially beneficial to those who are interested in learning basic English.

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Primary and Secondary trained teacher in Perth, explicitly teaches students fundamental English skills.

When teaching a concept i start at the basics and work my way through, using explicit direct instruction to make sure the concept is being taught properly and any mistakes are being taken care of and drilled out quickly and efficiently.

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Highly experienced and trained ESL teacher will show you how to learn English quickly , easily and have fun!

I teach by relying heavily on listening and speaking, as being the two primary requirements of language learning. I like students to learn as they speak and listen. The many different types of interactive activities and role plays make the lessons engaging and fun.

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Accountant & English tutor with over five years of experience to help you gain PR and speak English with confidence

I evaluate your English level, establish your learning goals and tailor my lessons accordingly to achieve your goals in an efficient manner. Moreover, I get to know you and find what kind of teaching methods suit you.

Lake Heights
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University of Wollongong student offering lessons in ESL and High School English

My teaching method focuses on creating a friendly and comfortable environment for my students, whilst providing them with the relevant information on specific topics under ESL or English. I also try to incorporate communication activities alongside the subject content.

Malvern East
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Experienced ESL teacher giving English lessons to those looking to improve their skills in Melbourne.

My philosophy is simple: make learning fun. I at first take the time to get to know a little about my student, in particular, determining from them what their English goals are? Once that is established I then cater lessons around their needs.

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American nurse working in Hobart offer private/group English classes IELTS PTE TOEFL

I individualize my lessons based on my student's need, whether it is passing IELTS or preparing for college. I deliver my lessons in an interactive approach and I encourage my students to express themselves as much as possible during classes.

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Senior English teacher/lecturer. International and local experience. All levels to university. Perth

A senior well organised, committed professional English teacher giving my full attention to the success of my students from all diverse cultures. Engage with the learner(s) immediately removing any signs of stress. Gradual approach with encouragement progressing towards assessments. Cover all forms of LLN.

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I have experience teaching english in UNSW, I know what students are struggling with and I will help you master english!

My pedagogy will mainly base on constant communication with the students and guide their thinking process on the subject. I will make sure they are not off track processing information wrongly.Also, by putting myself into their shoes, having empathy allows me to understand their feelings and give them motivation to study that hard subject.

Clifton Beach
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Cairns retiree with certificate in editing and proof reading gives English lessons.

I believe in a 'hands on' method of training, i.e., making sure the trainee is involved in what is being taught, not just being talked at. I always explain the reasons behind what I am training, and make sure the trainee understands what he/she is doing. I like to try to inject humour into the training, as this relaxes the trainee and prompts them to remember what they are being taught.

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Mature age Teacher Assistant in Hobart offers personal tutoring to willing students

I keep trying different methods until I find a window of learning that works for the individual student. My preferred approach is to build a trusting relationship rapport with the student as a person, leading to rapport. Any child can learn when they feel safe, relaxed and motivated.

Brisbane City
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Experienced TESOL Experts from University of Hong Kong Giving IELTS Lessons to IELTS Candidates

1. My teaching of IELTS speaking part is based on Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3. Brainstorming with the students about the topics is a must. I would fully explain the test-taking process to the students. 2. My teaching of listening part will be based on various question types of Section 1/2/3/4 in IELTS. The strategy to tackle the questions would be the highlight of the lessons.

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Fun and effective ESL teacher who loves working with ESL students in Hobart

My methodology is based on the communicative approach to learning language, where students are challenged to use English in authentic ways to complete tasks. I ensure that all student's needs are catered for and I prepare engaging and interesting lessons.

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English teacher - Kiara, Perth WA. Student centred teaching focusing on students individual needs

I am a confident, happy, motivated teacher, aiming to help students who may lack confidence or motivation in their own schoolwork. My teaching method is student centred, where teaching addresses the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students and groups of students.

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Highly experienced teacher gives English lessons for all ages and levels in Melbourne.

My teaching method can be defined as a combination of homework assignments,vocabulary and verbal exercises and small quizzes. I believe that students thrive in an environment where they are constantly motivated and encouraged and my role is to enable them and facilitate their progress towards their goal. With hard work, anything is possible.

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Perfect! Maany is a very professional English teacher. I had a big issue with my writing in English. So I asked her to help me with this task to do my IELTS test. She not just helped me to overcome my difficulties but also, to enjoy it :)

Isabela, Student
1 week ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Maany helps me a lot preparing for my IELTS test. shes very good with what she does, and really good at explaining too. she pays attention to details, also checks up on progress, she gives tips for the exam, and above all, she's very approachable,...

Marie therese, Student
1 week ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Lisa is such as lovely teacher and is nice to me and my son! She is very helpful and considerate. I'm glad I had her as a teacher!

Tori, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Sara is a great tutor. I really enjoyed her lesson and she has helped me with my English grammar. I would really recommend her as a tutor.

Alisha, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I love Kerry and I'm glad I contacted her! She is so knowledgeably helpful. Her comments on how I could improve my writings and her corrections were certainly a great help. Her flexibility with the time we could work on things is also one of the...

Wirya, Student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Dana is a great teacher! Really friendly, motivating and helpful. He helped me with my IELTS test for few weeks and I passed ;). He takes time to break down your mistakes and make sure you understand what you need to work on to improve you English....

Tony, Student
6 months ago
(6 reviews)

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