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Cockburn Central
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Murdoch University graduate provides teaching assistance in the English language to high school and uni students

I have learnt from my past few experiences working with students that each individual has their own approach to learning. I then, developed custom curriculums to assist and work synergistically together with the student to increase their overall attention span and produce a better outcome with regards to their grades.

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TEFL - TESOL Certified English teacher provides private tutoring lessons in the Perth area.

I am a Certified TEFL - TESOL teacher/tutor. I also have experience in the use of the English testing regimes know as IELTS and PTE. My lessons can be adapted to the needs of most students. I am currently privately tutoring 6 students.

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English teacher living in Castlemaine, Victoria, looking for students who need help strengthening their English skills.

My teaching method varies depending on the English abilities of the students. I believe in listening to and understanding my students, so that I am better able to help them reach their goals. I often use elements from both synchronous and asynchronous teaching methodologies so that the student is learning when we are having class, and also completing their own research outside of our class.

Battery Point
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Learn PTE and achieve your desired scores from a person with the perfect 90 score.

My teaching method will be tailored to every student's needs and their ability to understand and grasp the concepts of PTE. I will solve sets of questions with you to ensure there is ample amount of practice. I will give pointers on how to answer certain types of tricky questions. Last but not the least, I will give some valuable points which can help you in the exam day.

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University of New South Wales Graduate, (Grad) Diploma in Education (Secondary) tutor

My teaching methods are broad-based. Entirely dependent on each student or group. This is an important issue to understand: Until both student and teacher have had, at least one lesson; until the teacher can assess, from direct experience, and after, the student has shown the teacher what that student has been doing in class — only then can a suitable "teaching methodology" become established.

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Qualified English Language Arts teacher in Bunbury, WA offering English lessons online!

My teaching method is student-centred and focused on active learning. Rather than lecturing or simply explaining concepts, I work hard to have students engage with the topic and be active participants in their own learning by practicing, performing, and perfecting. I am offering tutoring services for anyone in need of help in the areas of English, literature, and/or writing.

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Cambridge CELTA graduate teaches fun ESL lessons in Gold Coast and online

My teaching method is as hands on as possible. I get my students to participate in engaging activities every class. I believe that a language is learnt by speaking it, not by writing down rules, and this is reflected in my classes.

Mary joy
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One-on-one ESL speaking lessons to young learners within Stirling and nearby suburbs.

I base my teaching methodology on the learning style of every student. For young learners, I use visuals and tactile representations for better lesson retention. I give out rewards for outstanding performance to motivate students and keep up according to their pace.

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ANU Anthropology student gives lessons in English,Chinese, and boxing in Canberra ACT.

From my whole year of teaching experience, I firmly hold the notion that Teaching is Reducing: you help the students to filter the things that they do not need, to guide them away from what's wrong, and to direct them to what is the right.

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RMIT Postgraduate student with excellent score in IELTS and great English speaking and writing skills

My teaching method is very interactive. I make the students completely involved in the topic and make them love English as a language. Being an IELTS 7.

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TESOL teacher (Masters degree) gives English language lessons to adults in Brisbane

I am an approachable, reassuring and encouraging teacher. I want you to feel confident and successful. You will always feel that you can ask me any questions that are relevant to your learning. I will assist you towards your aims and travel with you on your journey.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Griffith International Relations Student giving ESL (English) lessons to students in Brisbane

I am very outgoing so I always like to engage students in a fun and organised environment. I base my classes on developing grammar comprehension, communication skills and reading skills.

Centenary Heights
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Patient and culturally sensitive science graduate offering English (ESL) lessons in Toowoomba

My lessons and tutoring will be aimed at you. Not only what you're struggling with, but what you understand well, and how you best learn, in order to foster more thorough understanding. Something I feel is probably the most valuable about the way I teach, is I genuinely want to help you. I will take the time with you and adapt the way I am teaching to suit you.

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Law student pursuing Masters in Law available to teach English and Math

I try to tap on the students' interest by allowing them to be creative as they express themselves. I engage students in conversations and allow them to gain confidence as they share their opinions and ideas. As for Mathematics, with the help of some colours, songs and other creative methods to remember formulae and multiplication/division.

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Qualified Early Childhood Educator and TESL Student (4 years experience) gives English/ESL lessons in Perth

I like my lessons to be as fun and engaging as possible! I like to involve lots of student-focused tasks and activities (based off of their needs and interests) with plenty of opportunities to practice. I believe lessons should not be all about listening to the teacher speak.

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Highly experienced, qualified patient and understanding native English speaker, giving English lessons to students online, Blue Mountains or western Sydney.

I always try to make my lessons interesting and fun. It is important for me to make my students happy by being patient and understanding. It is important for my students to fully understand what is being taught and to then practise this until they can use the targeted language.

Canning Vale
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Enthusiastic native speaking Perth tutor seeking students who want help with English.

I like using a variety of techniques for teaching but my focus is mainly on communication. It is the hardest skill to master in a non-native language and I feel needs the most practice. My lessons will include an emphasis on conversation as well as touching on grammar points to ensure full understanding. Reading and writing will also be addressed.

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Hello! :) I am a Masters student at Monash University (Melbourne). I'm offering tutoring for Physic for primary school and high school. I believe learning should be effective, fun and engaging.

I believe effective learning starts with nurturing a genuine curiosity for a subject. Being engaged in a subject and relating it to one's life and existing understanding is fundamental to growth, proficiency and mastery. Building confidence in a field of study comes through practice, however, it is important to learn how to apply what is learnt instead of just memorising.

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Dedicated and Qualified Primary School Teacher, love helping kids understand and enjoy school work.

I am a young and passionate teacher. I have been teaching for the past 5 years. I believe every child has a different way of learning and I do my best to gear my lessons towards those children's needs. Some children are visual whist others perfer auditory or kinesthetic learning styles.

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I have been a english tutor for primary school students for many years.

I choose way of my teaching according to student' s understanding level because every student is different from each other.

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Flinders Univerisity TESOL student administers flexible English lessons to high school and Uni students in Adelaide and its suburbs.

My teaching method is largely via Communicative Language Teaching and Grammar Translation Method. Generally, the unique need(s) of the student(s) serve as the benchmark for the method and classes that will be in use. The lessons will be tailored to the need(s) of the students and great attention will be paid to the goal(s) of topic or lessons.

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University of Newcastle Graduate Diploma in Education Tutor available to teach in the area, especially European languages

My life experience as a migrant has become the root of a keen interest in diversity and multiculturalism. I believe education to be the key to the future and that we all constantly learn from each other. To approach the subject with a focus on the student's interests, promotes engagement and facilitates building knowledge and skills simultaneously, using audiovisual aids and experiential learning.

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BA (Psychology, Criminology, & Justice) graduate, provides general tutoring for primary school children, in Perth.

My teaching is based on the Australian Curriculum, which sets the consistent national standards, and is easily available online. This is a simple guide to follow and it soon shows where a students strengths and weaknesses lie. It gives a clear guide to success.

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Want to improve your English language skills? TESOL IV qualified private tutor working in Ballarat area.

Native English speaker from the UK. TESOL IV qualified in 2014 at UIT language training institute in Melbourne. Beginners to advanced English. Reading, writing, speaking and listening taught. Help also offered with form filling, job applications, CV/Resume writing, punctuation, grammar, interviews, IELTS.

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Australian National University student offering English lessons for school students and ESL students

My approach to learning is individual-oriented. Depending on the needs of the student and their learning style, I adapt content and delivery for their unique requirements. Lessons will be friendly but packed with information, and I encourage the developing of your own opinions and contributions in class.

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A dynamic Private Tutor with years of experience and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate holder.

As a teacher, I am very flexible with my teaching methods and it will always base on the skills of my learners. I make sure that each of my teaching strategies will fit the type of learners I am teaching.

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Private English Tutor for grade school and high school students in Sydney

I teach by blending my personality with my student's needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I make sure that the student will be comfortable with me so that he or she will learn without feeling bored and pressured. Lessons should me matched with what the school requires but I make sure that I give my own inputs.

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Native English speaker from Australia with Bachelor of Journalism, Masters in English Education & Diploma of TESOL/TEFL

I scaffold lessons to include pair and group work, and engage students by recognising diverse learning styles whilst incorporating movement to help improve their accuracy and fluency across key skill areas. I strive to support students’ social-emotional well -being as they develop their English language skills and deepen their global awareness.

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Macquarie Law student brings out the best in Townsville English students :D

My teaching method is to simply listen to my student/s and what they wish to achieve, whilst also seeking out their strengths and use these to encourage learning in their specific area of interest. I encourage questions and asking for assistance if need be.

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ESL teacher available from Perth, Australia for one on one English lessons!

My teaching is based on fun interactive lessons where students are engaged and motivated at all times. I am an open and approachable, skilled teacher with a passion for providing inspiring, innovative and inclusive learning environments. I endeavour for students to become self-regulated, intrinsically motivated thinkers of the 21st century.

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