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West End
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UQ Masters student, experienced tutor in English, English as a second language, Environment and Urban Design.

My teaching method depends on the students abilities and things they enjoy. I primarily focus on ensuring the student enjoys the lesson while also allowing for their goals to be met. I will start with getting to know the student, analysing their goals and knowledge and progress accordingly.

Kangaroo Point
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Environmentalist with five years of experience gives private ecology lessons in Brisbane

My teaching method is to talk with my students about the topic and answer their questions through real examples. I use slides, videos and scientific articles to show the latest information about environmental issues like biodiversity, sustainability and climate change.

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Masters Student at the UWA, studying Marine Biology. I am not limited to the listed subject and do contact me for further information.

I teach every student with different method. I believe that most of our education systems are generalized and do not focus on student's interest. So, I first understand what student wants from me and then in association with them, I design a study plan. This plan need not be in a confined environment, it has no limits and at the end we all want to do something productive.

Byron Bay
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Master of environmental science and specialist in marine ecology and conservation gives lessons on marine science and related topics, around Byron Bay

I believe that the route of wondering, asking, searching, reasoning and understanding is the only true way of learning. I teach through helping students to ask the right questions, and giving them the tools they need to find the answers themselves. Topics include ecology, conservation, data analysis, statistics, ichthyology, oceanography, R Studio, Excel, among others.

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Deakin University Student of Law/Science, available to help year 12 students with environmental studies.

My teaching method is laid back and is driven by what the student needs to learn. I will base lessons upon their weaknesses or areas which they feel they have not understood properly in class. I am patient and open to new ways of thinking.

Wiley Park
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I want to give lessons related to environmental lessons to primary school kids near in schools near to wiley park

I believe in hands on experiences rather than theory.I have always tried to plan lessons that includes activities and I always make lessons interesting for students by adding up videos related to lessons. I believe that all the students should get involved in the activities related to the lesson planning.

Alexandra Headland
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Suellen, Biologist and Forest Engineer. I've given Ecology to uni students and Sciences to high school student.

I've used different methods to teach science at public School. One of them was Visual clues. The multi-sensory experiences improve their understanding and memorization. This includes drawings, diagrams, and pictures to assist theory and setting up examples to show its application side.The sequence of lab procedures can be better taught using pictures with words approach.

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A recent Doctoral Graduate of the University of Adelaide gives lessons to undergraduate students in environmental Studies.

My teaching philosophy hinges on the collaborative approach which facilitates constant interaction between tutor and student. I adopt the problem solving approach to tutoring by assisting my students to relate theories to real world or practical problems.

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Environmental Science PhD teaches natural resource management to environment graduates in Brisbane

My teaching methods will be tailored to the specific needs of the student, and encourage two-way communication and co-learning. The lesson structure will include an overview of relevant theory and frameworks to provide background and context to key concepts, but relate to practical examples and real world experiences.

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1st lesson free !

A year 12 graduate with a love for environmental science and geology.

I love teaching in small groups and one on one to ensure that the student feels comfortable in asking questions

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Environmental Professional with over 25 years of experience to provide excellent teaching

My teaching method includes the topic required together with actual situations and solutions practised in the outside working world to enable the student to be employable in future. I advocate an interactive method of teaching where the students are trained to use their thinking power for problem solving.

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Honours graduate in BSc Environmental Science offers lessons in ecology and environmental studies

My teaching method will be tailored on the needs of each individual/group. I will start by listening to you and assessing what is needed and what you would like to achieve by attending my lessons. I will then set your expectations realistically using the SMART methodology. We will keep track of your progress together and adjust the course of actions as required.

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University student offers lessons on the Introduction to Environmentalism and How to Start Caring about Our Planet - London

First of all, anybody willing to learn about the Environment is welcome. I am able to explain everything at different levels. Of course, this is just an introductive course, but there are plenty of aspects to take into consideration since the environment is where our life actually takes place. I have prepared PDF files that are also available in Word format.

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M.A. Graduate offering tutoring in human geography and environmental politics, in Newry

I tutor university students, A-Level and GCSE geography. I use a friendly and encouraging manner to help students develop critical thinking, exam technique and a deep understanding of the topics. I like to use interactive methods, such as creative exercises and role play, instead of a learn-it-by-heart approach.

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Environmental Science graduate offering tutorial lessons to interested students in the Environmental Studies field.

I am looking to help tertiary first entry students who want to pursue a career within the Environmental field and those that require assistance with senior curriculum.

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Current environmental university student offering tutoring/lessons in Plymouth for students up to A-Level

My teaching method is through a variety of techniques depending on the knowledge needed. This may be direct help with essay writing, techniques to remember and recall information. I enjoy a fun approach to learning as I personally feel this helps to engage more with the subject.

Tram Inn
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MSc environmental scientist, PGCE/PCET teacher offers all environmental subjects lessons online Hereford/Spain

Flexibility and use of various teaching and learning strategies works best, depending on what is being taught, learning already attained, agreed aims and objectives and level and area of learning required. I adapt and teach to individual situations and needs.

Pathfinder Village
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Degree qualified and Chrtered Environmentalistwishing to teach environmental management and water pollution control in Exeter,Devon.

I would hope to interest students with practical examples from real life work in the field eg oil pollution (river and sea) and Road traffic accidents, industrial and farm pollution incidents.

Ebbw Vale
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Environmental Science Graduate offering ecology, stats and geography lessons in Ebbw Vale

My lessons feature a very dense and visual approach to learning, I strongly believe in alternative routes to understanding and learning information. I hope that I can structure lessons based on the needs of each student as this is without a doubt the greatest advantage of one to one tutoring.

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Environmental science student offering help with biology, geology and environmental science at all levels

Besides helping out to understand the concepts of the subject I can help with practising exam papers. My main method is to understand the subject matters and that it is not about cramming. I offer discussion in the topics and help with improving your answer writting skills.

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Environmental Science student currently studying for a Master’s. Excited to be able to help you ace your exams!

I will make sure you understand each topic thoroughly, and to a high standard. I will only concentrate on the information you need to pass your exam and achieve the grade you want. I will also help you understand topics which you struggle with.

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Marine Biologist, Animal Management Lecturer. Can help with anything related. Message me

I teach to many styles. Learner led and and tutor led. I can differentiate accordingly to the style you require.

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Environmental Science university student, offering tutoring in the relevant field. Thank you.

Each student learning habit is different. Therefore my teaching techniques adjust to suit. I work with my student for success.

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Tackling Climate Change issues in Africa to solve Environmental Problems in Africa.

My method of teaching is using facts that already exist and coming up with solutions from research carried out and published books

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Environmental proffessional with 15 years experience delivering bespoke tutorials for individual needs

Teaching can be delivered to suit all learning types, from workshops to lectures and presentations. Teaching material can be provided.

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An Environmental Science Student offering environmental tutorials on affordable and is patient.

My teaching method is to teach,offer notes and past exam papers free of charge and is available from weekends only.

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Sustainability graduate offering tutoring on all things environmental to degree level (e.g. sustainable agriculture, rural and urban geographies, development geographies)

I can teach up to a degree level. This includes secondary school level geography tutoring. I am more than happy to teach non-students about sustainability and how to live a more environmentally conscious life. I centre my tutoring around the students strengths and weaknesses, so we can efficiently help you pass written exams and assignments.

Den Haag
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I'm a master's student Industrial Ecology and I teach sustainable energy to high school and university students and professionals in The Hague

I am very flexible when it comes to teaching, my methodology will mainly be dependent on the wishes and needs of the student. In general, we will go over the theory, after which we do exercises together. If needed, I give homework which will be discussed during the next session.

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