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JCU Medical Student who preaches, to ace content master the core skills. Townsville based.

In problem subjects students can often feel frustrated or embarrassed that they are struggling which can severely impact their motivation to study that subject, causing a vicious cycle of dread around it. I have found the best way to help students is by breaking down the subject into the core skills that aren't so intimidating and finding different ways for them to recall information.

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ANU student providing chemistry lessons in Canberra and Queanbeyan Region for High school and first year chemistry students.

I prefer to teach people the methodology to self learn. I do this by first breaking down and explaining a concept. I then explore the concept from different angles backed up by examples to clarify them. I then go on to discuss how similar problems could further be solved by the student alone. Chemistry relies heavily on understanding the core concepts behind phenomenons observed.

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MSc graduate from James Cook University gives Chemistry lessons to school students in Townsville

Chemistry is best taught when it is made relatable. I use common examples and everyday occurrences to make complicated aspects of the subject easily understandable. I asses each student's ability to learn and teach using methods that are most suited to their needs in order to best retain information.

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Physics and Science Teacher with 28 years experience. Mittagong resident, teaches any science.

As a teacher, gifted students and ASD students are my sweet spot. My teaching method is to assess where a student's learning is at and then introduce the concepts that unlock the next level. I am a nurturer and particularly look after gender diverse students with understanding.

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Murdoch University Biomedicine Student to Give Science and Maths Tutoring to Primary and High School Students in Perth.

I'm a calm, patient, organised and relaxed teacher whose lessons are geared towards anyone that wants help with their studies. I provide support in a safe environment that will allow students to thrive.

Cordeaux Heights
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Highschool/ University Chemistry tutor with 3 years of experience that can guarantee results

My teaching lessons are fairly relaxed. Simply show me your current homework, syllabus or tell me anything you would like me to go over you with and I will explain it as best I can. I ensure that you know exactly what the syllabus is asking and I put emphasis on questions which are the most likely to be asked in a test.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Advanced Science student offering tutoring for STEM subjects in the Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

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UWA Medical Science Student gives Year 11's and 12's lessons in Chemistry, Physics, English and Human Biology

Students can come with their textbooks/questions/notebooks and we can work on the problems they are struggling with and cover the course content in an intelligible manner. I have a wide range of notes, tests, worksheets and mock exams plus their answers and offer an easy, patient and comprehensive tutoring style so students can easily understand the course syllabus.

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Deakin Student offering VCE Chemistry Unit 1&2, 3&4 VCAA Tutoring with Tailored Resources for Students

I generally will go over your school's curriculum and topic structure for the year to ensure you are being tutored on things you will be confronted with in school. We will discuss your weak areas and strong areas. Focus on bringing you ahead of your classes and prepare you for assessments and lab practicals.

Wyndham Vale
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Chemistry teacher and PhD researcher (UoM) available to tutor high school and university students in Science related subjects. Teaching philosophy: strengthen fundamentals using problem based learning

‘Chemistry is everything, and everything is Chemistry’ which is what makes the subject extraordinary. As a tutor of Science/Chemistry/Biology, I aim to impart knowledge with practical examples and to communicate Science in the most fundamental form so that students don’t merely learn for grades, but also develop a passion to build a career in the subject.

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SACE Chemistry Tutoring in Campbelltown Area from an excellent student with 19.0/20 in Chemistry!

Hi, My name is Sneha Lohana and I recently graduated high school whilst obtaining an ATAR of 98.30 (99.90 with bonus points). I completed these subjects with the following results: Mathematical Methods - 17.8/20 English Literary Studies - 18.0/20 Chemistry - 19.0/20 Psychology - 19.4/20 (with merit) Research Project - 9.

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University of Melbourne chemistry Ph.D. student to give tutorial sessions to any chemistry students in Melbourne

In addition to conducting research, I am a laboratory demonstrator for the School of Chemistry here at The University of Melbourne and a casual tutor for VCE students (occasionally undergraduate students). As a laboratory demonstrator, I supervise small groups of students undertaking first, second, and third year chemistry experiments.

North Haven
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Biochemistry and Pharmacology majors, experienced in teaching Chemistry for High School Students

My teaching method is based primarily on the requirements of the key assessments and set classwork. I begin by covering all of the examinable material thoroughly and in detail, and then working on practice questions section as each section is competed. This ensures that the learning is driven towards covering all of the knowledge required to complete tests, exams, and assignments.

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UWA Pre-Med student /Perth Modern Graduate offering ATAR Chemistry tuition in Perth!

I offer ATAR Chemistry lessons to students who do Chemistry ATAR Units 1- 4 (Year 11/12) but younger high school students (Year 7 onwards) are more than welcome! Having recently graduated from high school, I understand the demands of the Chemistry course and I am able to guide you through each topic in depth (and focus on areas you're struggling with) so that you are confident in your knowledge...

Stuart Park
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Ph.D. graduate gives chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Darwin

I try to make my lessons as comprehensive as possible, covering the subject thoroughly to help the student understand the subject better. I also give concrete examples until the student would know how to tackle the problem without my help.

San Remo
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Macquarie Chemistry Student giving Chemistry tutorials to High School and Uni Students

I'm a very patient person - ask as many questions as you want, I'l be more than happy to answer! I use analogies to help the student understand the topic. Lessons will usually start with the student telling me what they don't understand or want help with. I will give an explanation followed by some tutorial questions which the student will work through asking for help as they work on them.

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10 years of teaching experience in Science and Chemistry for YOU !

Since I have been a professional teacher, I can vary my teaching/coaching methods based on the concepts to be taught and the learning ability of a child. I am also very adaptive to different needs of the child in learning and emerging teaching techniques.

Sandy Bay
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PhD Qualified Analytical Chemist with 5+ years of university teaching experience. Available for face-to-face and/or online tutoring.

I believe in active learning. The student approaches the lesson with a working background knowledge and then try to apply what they are learning immediately after via different means (based on an assessment at the start of the meeting to gauge what the student already knows and what needs to be improved).

Augustine Heights
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Experienced energy consultant offers mentorship and guidance to businesses and students in Brisbane.

As an experienced supervisor and examiner at the postgraduate level, I am familiar with the requirements of university courses in chemistry and chemical engineering. My career in Industry has also given me an insight into what employers look for when selecting science graduates.

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Monash engineering student with 6 months of experience give chemistry, biology and social science lessons at home

Since I have come across with different teaching faculties throughout my degree, I have noticed the teaching method of my best teachers. I always wanted to follow that method when I teach as well. The first and foremost thing I would do is to make the student love the subject in which they are facing difficulty.

New Farm
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UQ Chemical Engineering Student gives Chemistry, Engineering, Maths B and Physics Tutorials (any school level) in Brisbane Area.

Getting to know my students is extremely important, it develops a strong communication level that makes me approachable and more than just their weekly tutor. Lessons will general consist of discussing what has been taught at school since our last meeting, ensuring that they understand everything.

Oak Park
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An Engineering student doing Masters in Engineering in Swinburne University of Technology

My teaching method can vary according to the requirement of the student. I will make sure that the student understands the topic very well by giving real life examples to problems and solutions or term. Giving students enough time to grasp what the subject is all about.

Wiley Park
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An enthusiastic and motivated electrical engineer who can provide tutoring in maths and physics. You can be capable to get 100% in your studies with proper guideline.

You learn well you practice by yourself. This is the methodology I prefer in my teaching so student can benefit maximum. I provide them proper guideline with real life examples to enhance their exposure. I will provide you solution for all related problems.

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Master qualified teacher with a Science degree can tutor Chemistry, Biology, Science and Maths.

An extensively experienced teacher with good subject knowledge willing to tutor Senior and Junior High School and Middle School students who want to improve their knowledge as well as those who need to understand concepts. Lessons tailored to student individual needs.

Spring Hill
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QUT Computer Science and Physics Student is seeking year 11 & 12 students to tutor in the Brisbane CBD

I always start with the basics and work my way up, in order to create a strong foundation to allow for greater understanding in the future. For example, when I teach a concept such as light as a particle, I let my students explain what they understand, and correct their mistakes or reply with a "that is correct, well done".

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Chemistry Graduate Teaches Science and Maths to High School and Uni Students in Moe

I believe in a holistic approach to science, and know from experience that with a firm understanding of the basics everyone has the potential to interpret the world scientifically. Rather than jumping straight to the answer, I prefer to explain the logical path of arriving at the answer so that my students understand the bigger picture and can apply the same methodology to diverse questions.

Mount Waverley
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Deakin University Student, teaching Chemistry, Biology, Statistics in Melbourne, learning is a fun with me!!

Qualitative Learning and NOT Quantitative learning!!!!!!!!!! Am very much passionate about teaching and sharing Knowledge as I believe Knowledge is the thing which increases as you share and that's the reason am here. Am the person driven by curiosity, innovation, and energy which I try to transfer to my students.

Mount Helen
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Federation University Engineers want to help you. We know the best value of quality education.

My teaching method is very easy and simple. My basic theme is your understanding. I don't want to use my theories but I want to give you to the topic knowledge and help you getting out where you are stuck.

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University of Nairobi graduate offers chemistry tutoring services in person and online.

Touching on methodology, I employ much of high school ways on lecture delivery. I involve students so much when I am teaching. I normally tackle the course topic by topic. I unfold the lecture systematically with real life applications involved.

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Bachelor of Science student at the University of Adelaide with a completed Bachelor of Finance. Based in the Adelaide CBD and looking to help school and university students achieve their best possible

Having been a boisterous student in the past I know how important a proper teaching method can be and how some classrooms simply do not cater to all types of learning. Sometimes additional one on one tutoring can be a fantastic way to help compliment what is happening in the classroom, and it can be astounding how much a couple of hours a week of focused learning can achieve.

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