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Drum lessons in Valencia (Spain) it doesn´t matter level or age, from beginner to advanced.

Qualified teacher is offering to instruct drum lessons: snare drum technique, all styles (rock, hard rock, metal, jazz, latin, latin / jazz, funk, pop, blues ...) double bass, rythm reading, metronome work, all kinds of rhythms, recording techniques, drum covers, improvisation, break's, fills... etc. No matter level or age.

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Professional Drummer/Educator Teaches at Lisbon and Almada, more than 10 years of experience

When there are new students, I use my own methodology, where I make the students to play (a simple rhythm) and to play with a song already in the first class. In the following classes I teach the basics of reading the drums and we develop independence and time.

Ecole jjr
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Guitar lessons, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, workshops rehearsals approved JJRébillard (Guitar hand) since 1999 in Besançon

Professor of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica approved JJREBILLARD (formerly of Guitar Part) for 15 years. Individually or in pairs during pro from JJR methods, all styles, all levels. (From 7 years).

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Richmans music The power of music is for you, come let's enjoy learning.

My teaching method will be by online and by direct teachings, from basics to grades, preferred by learner's and students

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Valsamoggia area battery drummer, drummer graduated with praise at the Modern Music Institute

Private drum lessons in Valsamoggia area. I am available to move to the student's home within a reasonable distance. I graduated with praise at Modena's Modern Music Institute with Master Ricky Turco. Classes are aimed at any age and level. Pricelist and first free meeting.

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International touring Musician offering lessons in Guitar,Bass,Drums,Composition and Music theory in Manchester.

As a tutor my focus is on the application and execution of musical ideas on a number of instruments. I have Played internationally (Europe/USA) with both Guitar and Drum kit as well as compose for television and film. Along side this I have recently achieved a First class (hons) in Popular Music and Recording.

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Drummer all styles gives home or webcam course, conservatory graduate and Drummers Collective (New York). Many US methods available.

I teach for students from 7 years old, beginners to semi-professional, using routine exercises and warm-ups, style analyzes, sheet music reading, play alongs, improvisation and by addressing posture (chiropractic recommendations), breathing, managing heart rhythm, musicality. The sessions last 45 to 60 minutes depending on the age and the curriculum. I provide some educational and print materials.

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Professional drummer (stage / studio) offers classes for any levels directly online!

The lessons are primarily suited to the objectives and desires of each student. The work will focus around listening, musicality and each technical exercise (coordination, rudiments, independence ..) The start of the course will be linked with a song. However the student has the freedom to choose the pieces that he would learn the topics he would like to work in priority ..

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He graduated in Percussion, offering percussion lessons, drums, drama, musical preface, harmony, music history in Aosta and Canavese

I've always been close to the world of music. I graduated in percussion instruments. I propose percussion, drum and solfeggio lessons for students of any level: beginners, medium and advanced. Each student will have a study program specially designed for its features. The methods I use are the classics used in all the courses, but also the studies and readings specially elaborated by me.

Kings County
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Guitarist from Berklee teaches in Brooklyn area and online, 18 years experience!

Bachelor of Music Degree with Major in Performance at Berklee College of Music. Focus on Guitar. For the last 18 years, I've played guitar in all styles within popular music and have experience teaching them, as well as 1 year now also teaching classical guitar.

San Sebastián de los Reyes
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Professional drummer teaches drums and percussion in the north zone of Madrid.

The pedagogical objective is based on the student reaching the knowledge of the instrument and music to be able to develop in any style and develop their ability to improvise with a very practical method, adapted to the level, needs and demands of the student.

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Self-taught musician gives guitar lessons and music theory for beginners at home

I had a classical training at the Saint-Maur music school (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional) studying music theory and violin for 12 years, and have been self-teaching guitar, drums and bass for 8 years. My courses are for beginners or people who have notions and want to develop their playing.

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Graduated Brazilian teacher gives drum and cajon lessons - Nice and surroundings

Hello ! I am Felipe and I am Brazilian. I am a professional drummer and an educator based in Nice, south of France. I teach in 4 langages and the lessons are orientated towards each students individual goals from complete beginner to professional for all ages.

San Marcello
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Drummer, with 20 years of experience, graduated from the AMM in Milan, offers basic, medium and advanced drums courses.

"The more you allow your influences to coexist in an honest way, the more you'll be close to really expressing yourself." My method is not to show you exactly what or how to play, only you can decide that I hope to help you unlock your creativity on the battery. and inspire you to develop your personal musical identity.

Paris 20e
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Learn Percussions and drums in Paris and develop your Groove

Passionate autodidact, I play all type of program and rhythms from childhood. Funk drummer in a band. Producer and programmer I know MAO help you quickly and efficiently advance in drums or various percussions.

Ciudad López Mateos
Luis gerardo
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Drums classes for all levels (beginner, mid, advance) in D.F and Mexico

Hi, how are you! My name is Luis Gerardo and I am an Audio Engineer at SAE Institute professionally. I am also a professional drummer and session drummer with more than 14 years of experience playing a great variety of musical genres. My methodology is composed of three main factors: 1. Independence of the four limbs and vocal coordination 2.

São Paulo
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Drum Lessons for beginners and children in Vila Mariana, São Paulo / SP

Teaching method: Geared for beginners Introduction to Exercise instrument that will develop technical and independence: - Posture - Reading Score - Rudimental - Fills - Rhythms - Marking with legs independence - Accents Study - Drum Lessons are done in a Roland TD4K one of the best brands in the market and very versatile.

Acqui Terme
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Drum and Percussion courses for beginners and middle-aged children of all ages

Musicologist graduated with previous years of experience as a drummer and professional percussionist. I played live and recorded in studio with many artists, both for music (Yo Yo Mundi, Mario Arcari, Claudio Fossati, Paolo Bonfanti, Good Audrey, Tomakin) and for the theater (Laura Bombonato, Franco Branciaroli, Paolo Enrico Archetti Maestri ).

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Private percussions lessons for all ages and all levels since 2 years old

The courses I teach are intended to develop a sense of rhythm and music in my students or perfect the technique of those who have already acquired the basics. Particular emphasis is given to improvisation and the development of a style unique to each of my students.

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Geneva trumpet artist available for skype lessons and home tutored lessons. Also an improvisation specialist. I am based in the West Midlands and cover nationally when my schedule allows

I am a Geneva trumpet artist who has space for skype lessons worldwide and home tutored lessons in the west midlands area from beginner level up to professional level. Lessons are tailored to individual needs and practice regimes etc worked out to gain maximum amount of progress in the shortest time.

São Paulo
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Drummer attending Conservatory of Tatuí and EMESP gives drum lessons for all levels, in person at home throughout São Paulo, has place in Pompeii, or skype.

Over the years, the work and studies, it became clear to me that there is no ideal methodology. I created my summary information, and today I adapt to the student's reality. There are two types of learning in my view, one that is focused on only personal achievement, and one that also seeks the professional insertion.

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Music student with experience in delivering class teaches musical initiation, music theory, percussion, music theory, music history and harmony

I am Ivan music student and teacher of percussion and musical language in different music schools. Graduate degree in order award. I extend my classes to anyone interested in learning music or perfecting different aspects related to the music world. No matter age. My methodology is divided into two areas.

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Drummer Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, improvised music. Based in Paris. Master in CNSMDP

I am Master student at the Paris Conservatoire, openness and diversity of teaching techniques much I care. I seek to know the student before telling him how he should go about progress. I am self-taught half, having learned music with my father not academically start up my conservatory studies, so I have a very oral method, and talk sometimes unlocks many things.

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Clement member of "PZK" give lessons of MAO / MIX DJ / Drums / Percussions

Clement Simpelaere young producer / composer, member of PZK group. My classes are for all type of people wanting to begin or improve in the computer music, or any musician drummers and percussion players wanting to improve their level. The methodology remains the same as the student but change according to their level.

Paris 15e
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During Drums / Percussion / Rhythmic Music Theory in Paris and surroundings home

Education based on different methods which Dante Agostini, Stick Control (George Lawrence USA), Groove Pattern Gary Chaffee and during battery and percussion music school The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. Occupational metronome and music theory and all styles.

Paris 20e
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Gerald Manceau drum lessons for all levels

J uses the Dante Agostini method, with whom I have had the chance to learn when I was a teenager, as well as other methods inspired by the gospel shop, among others. I give lessons in my studio equipped.

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Professional drummer with background in Jazz and Rock/Pop gives drum and percussion lessons - London

I'm a Portuguese-born professional drummer since I was 16 years old. I teach all genres of music from Pop to Rock to Jazz, Afro-Cuban, etc. I believe versatility is super important, and fun! (especially as a drummer) I also teach musical Theory and Harmony and how to read music as well, whether for drummers or any other instrument.

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Drummer graduated at the end of Cycle 2 in music school gives drum or percussion lessons

My teaching method is based on books by great drummers to help understand the music properly. Then listening sessions and rhythmic analyzes will be planned to access to other musical cultures. Exercises will be given for homework for the next week.

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Experienced performing drum teacher based in London, teaches students of all levels in a fun and engaging way. 5+ years of teaching experience.

I have been drumming for over 11 years, studying all 8 grades of Trinity Guild Hall Drums and been teaching for over five years. I have played in several bands including, Senior Wind, Jazz, Latin American, Hip-hop jazz, Indie, Funk and orchestral. I have performed in the Royal Albert Hall twice and played in eight musical shows! I teach students of all levels in a fun and engaging way.

Rio de Janeiro
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Drum teacher teaches children, teenagers and teens from 05 to 20, beginners or middlemen. Totally practical classes held in the church located in Jacarepaguá

I am Nathalya, I am 21 years old and I play in the ministry of praise. My classes are aimed at children and young people from 05 to 20 years. My teaching methodology is totally practical, without theories. Students learn in a relaxed way without the need of any previous experience or instrument at home. The student can be accompanied by the parents in the place, if you want.

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