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North Albury
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Songwriter musician producer artist painter signwriter .mech engineer 45 yr experience australia

direct teaching .refer to the best books data to use open school methods .one on one teaching .book list for the best info available to use for each student .

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Monash Industrial Design student teaching 2D and 3D drawing, sketching and digital painting in Melbourne

My teaching method for art and design is experimental and methodical. First, I like to assess my students based on their current capability and current level. Then, I proceed to ask questions generally about what they are trying to achieve from my lessons. I give appropriate lessons based on different skill levels.

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Art tutor and creative facilitator passionate about the healing power of art, young people and mental health

My teaching method is based in building a save space where my students can feel comfortable to truley express themselves I will support my students to discover and explore a range of mediums finding out what feels best for them .

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Experienced artist, illustrator, designer with over 40k followers giving art lessons and tips to build a social media following with your art!

I like to personalise my lessons for each student depending on where they are currently at, whether that be beginner or intermediate, and make goals with where they want to go. Depending on my students wants/needs we will focus on the fundamentals of improving their art, along with a strong focus on how to share their work online by building a portfolio to attract an audience.

Rapid Creek
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One must always draw, I will help Darwin kids to paint with the eyes when they cannot paint with colors.

My teaching method is easy, and I believe that drawing is a concept which can be learned through joy and happiness. It comes from the inner beauty of the mind. I also use easy tricks for drawing to make them more comfortable. Because if they do not find any fun in it, they will lose interest and this subject makes them bored. For students, it is vital to feeling excited to learn something new.

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French fine art certified artist give lesson to motivated, passionate and enthousiastic peoples

Where you come from, what is your current skill and what is your main objective once we determined your situaton we will work on your favourite styles to work out your own, most of the timethis will be reflecting a part of your personality and may give a reflection of your inner self.

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Mimi's Crafty Art Session for Primary School Kids in Yeppoon Area!

My teaching method is learning while practicing. Concepts and skills are best learnt through observation and application rather than straight theory. The best way to learn is by trying new experiencing and problem solving. Students should also be proactive in researching new ideas and techniques as they progress in their art journey.

Mount Helen
(1 review)
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Super general in art tutoring in ballarat gifted hard working caring patient

I base my classes on interest of you build confidence and mediate with opportunities to consider once practical and effective my method is care time and fun

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Experienced Primary Teacher, Art Teacher and trained Pastor gives drawing and art tuition.

Students will be challenged to study and respond to a variety of subjects that will inspire and challenge them to create a varied and exciting professional art portfolio. My teaching method is learner focused, deciding the needs of the student and pushing them to their limits.

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Art teacher, teaching drawing online to students with passion in creativity and arts

I teach every weekend, 1 hour a day, in any specific style which can hold interest of a student in drawing. I take an intro session with a student to know their interest, their likings and whats their passion. Depending on the discussion, I schedule and structure the drawing classes accordingly.

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:) Self taught Artist specializing in realistic and cartoon/ anime drawing ect

Every student needs a different approach which I like to approach when I meet them. I like to get to know their goals and what genre they like to draw and create a plan of learning from there, so everyone has a chance to learn.

Castle Hill
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Design background lecturer with over 10 years experience in industry and education practice

I approach my lesson by 1 to 1 guidance is suggested, splitting programme into several lesson to make sure work load not overwhelmed. Be doing outdoor real life sketching and observation.

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Griffith University College of Arts graduate with industry experience, teaching drawing, digital painting, illustration, graphic design, 2D & stop motion animation.

I like to get to know who I'm working with, establish and set goals, then support the student's growth by focusing on their strengths and discovering their most efficient learning method. My teaching style is to give honest artistic critique and direct constructive feedback while nurturing artistic abilities.

Runaway Bay
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Dutch fashion designer gives (fashion-) illustration & fashion design classes in the Gold Coast

My teaching methods will be based on what I learnt in school and how I like to work.

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Qualified botanical Artist and tutor offering private and group tuition on line or in house workshops

My classes are tailored for complete beginners to those wishing to upgrade skills they may already have.

Plympton Park
(4 reviews)
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Experienced Art teacher and artist gives watercolor lessons to beginners in south Adelaide

I have taught a whole range of budding artists in the last 10 years, from 6 to 90 years old: some were experienced artists, some were complete beginners; My classes are flexible, confidence building, fun and effective. Some anted to improve their drawing, some wanted to discover watercolour.

1st lesson free !

Curtin University third year undergraduate gives painting, video and photography lessons from home.

My teaching method is based upon the students personality and lifestyle. I find when a student works within this perameter the student is able to be comfortable and therefore will focus more on the task at hand. This will create a open relationship so that the student feels free to learn.

Upper Coomera
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Professional experienced realism artist giving lessons to all ages in wide variety of subject matter and skill level

I like to do step by step classes and give students the freedom of exploring their own subject matters and styles while having my aid in whatever way needed. My specialty is portraiture so teaching the basic proportions of the face and layering techniques in painting and drawing until they are comfortable enough to take their learnt skills and apply them to their own creations.

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Professional Artist Painting in Oils and Sculpting in Bronze.My work is in 21 Countries of the World.

I Am very sound on the belief .Every Artist is a Student forever.am always researching principles and techniques that might improve my work.I encourage my students to do the same.I try to help develop ways where each individual can earn from their work.The love of Horses have been a major support to my survival as an Artist.Over the years I have worked with Chalk.Water Color.

Canning Vale
1st lesson free !

At your own pase learning! Difficulty in English,no problems! From basics proportions to advanced photographic detail drawing(extreme levels).Multi award winner(my work has to be seen!).Tattoo designs

I love what I do and embrace my talent! It is an honour to be able to teach my hard work and alow others to enjoy the pleasure of their creativity but most of all do it in a simplified and efficient way rather then the long hard road I had to take! I really love teaching others!

1st lesson free !

Learn the art of drawing from a naturally talented, self taught & general & complex using a variety mediums & varying subject matter.

I like to touch base on what defines each student, attempting to break down any walls/blocks stunting the artistic & creative development of any student be they adult or adolescent....

West Perth
(1 review)
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Improve your artistic skills with a qualified Teacher and Artist in Perth, any age, any experience level. I come to you!

My teaching method is to coach. I can plan lessons around your skill level, interests or tutoring needs.

1st lesson free !

If you want to become an intermediate artist with advanced drawing skills including anatomy of the human body, backgrounds, and creative drawing of any object and animal, then I can teach you!

I base my classes at my house and my students houses depending on what work s best for them, i teach students how to draw in both digital programs such as medibang, firealpaca, and Krita using a Wacom intuos, which I have two of so I can teach while the student draws. I also predominantly teach hand drawn skills with pencil or pen and comic colouring techniques .

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Professional artist with a decades teaching experience at Tafe & University available to teach most fine Arts Subjects.

With 3 years at Sydney University in the Pro Vice Chancellors learning and teaching I am able to teach to the outcomes required by the syllabus documents as well as giving a much more satisfying and hands on result to students.

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Build confidence and gained success with disengaged students in local and national art awards

I teach Visual Arts from Years Group 7 to 12. I gained students' success in the Shaun Tan Art Award, the Young Originals and Young Australian Art Awards (National Competition). I am having success in engaging challenging students in Visual Arts activities. As example, in 2017, I had an indigenous girl in Year 9 who rarely attended classes and was very disengaged in all learning areas.

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Self taught artist, Stefanie, who has been drawing since a toddler, would love to share her passion and knowledge with individuals willing to learn how to paint.

I have lots of patience and i am willing to teach and guide you to paint whatever you are passionate about. This could be nature, animals, scenery and more.

1st lesson free !

Obtained an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts from North Adelaide School of Art, majored in painting, drawing and printing.

I have not taught art but I am quite familiar with the processes of teaching. I was a supervisor in Police Prosecution and had to give advice regularly.

South Gladstone
1st lesson free !

20+ years experience in running Visual and Community Arts programs, with a focus on Arts as therapy for people with a disability.

My main focus in concentrating on the individual developing their own style, while also having the opportunity to explore mediums in a therapeutic manner.

1st lesson free !

Illustrator, cartoonist and printmaker, in Biggenden to Maryborough Qld. tafe cert 3

Any classic text books that I find, I can base the lessons around them. Some exercises may require a detailed breakdown of strokes. I have downloaded a lot of youtube howto's, and I can make them available to students. I would have to include tips on how to moneyterise the field, as there is not a large industrial support base. eg Disney or Manga. nearby.

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Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Isabella has an easy going personality and is excellent with my 8-year-old. She easily built rapport and was able to guide my daughter in sketching, shading and building her basic art skills. I am very happy and highly recommend her to any...

Divya, Student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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