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Use traditional and digital art to create a bright new world for ourselves

Art is not like any other subjects, because it can not be restricted to all the rules. My way is to let my students know the basic rules first, then develop their own rules for their own style. I will give them confidence to draw and paint.

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Griffith University College of Arts graduate with industry experience, teaching drawing, digital painting, illustration, graphic design, 2D & stop motion animation.

I like to get to know who I'm working with, establish and set goals, then support the student's growth by focusing on their strengths and discovering their most efficient learning method. My teaching style is to give honest artistic critique and direct constructive feedback while nurturing artistic abilities.

Runaway Bay
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Dutch fashion designer gives (fashion-) illustration & fashion design classes in the Gold Coast

My teaching methods will be based on what I learnt in school and how I like to work.

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Qualified botanical Artist and tutor offering private and group tuition on line or in house workshops

My classes are tailored for complete beginners to those wishing to upgrade skills they may already have.

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Curtin University third year undergraduate gives painting, video and photography lessons from home.

My teaching method is based upon the students personality and lifestyle. I find when a student works within this perameter the student is able to be comfortable and therefore will focus more on the task at hand. This will create a open relationship so that the student feels free to learn.

Upper Coomera
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Professional experienced realism artist giving lessons to all ages in wide variety of subject matter and skill level

I like to do step by step classes and give students the freedom of exploring their own subject matters and styles while having my aid in whatever way needed. My specialty is portraiture so teaching the basic proportions of the face and layering techniques in painting and drawing until they are comfortable enough to take their learnt skills and apply them to their own creations.

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Manga Art Class for Kids and Adults in Melbourne region : $20 an hour

Hi, I'm Akari. I'm currently doing private manga lessons for kids and adults in Melbourne region. I used to draw manga in Japan for 6 years and work as an illustrator for a long time. I am confident thati can improve your drawing skill. I'm making a schedule for each student, as the classes depend on your age and your type of drawing.

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Self taught artist, Stefanie, who has been drawing since a toddler, would love to share her passion and knowledge with individuals willing to learn how to paint.

I have lots of patience and i am willing to teach and guide you to paint whatever you are passionate about. This could be nature, animals, scenery and more.

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Obtained an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts from North Adelaide School of Art, majored in painting, drawing and printing.

I have not taught art but I am quite familiar with the processes of teaching. I was a supervisor in Police Prosecution and had to give advice regularly.

South Gladstone
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20+ years experience in running Visual and Community Arts programs, with a focus on Arts as therapy for people with a disability.

My main focus in concentrating on the individual developing their own style, while also having the opportunity to explore mediums in a therapeutic manner.

West Perth
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Improve your artistic skills with a pre-service Teacher/ professional Artist in Perth, any age, any experience level

My teaching method is to coach. I can plan lessons around your skill level, interests or tutoring needs.

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Illustrator, cartoonist and printmaker, in Biggenden to Maryborough Qld. tafe cert 3

Any classic text books that I find, I can base the lessons around them. Some exercises may require a detailed breakdown of strokes. I have downloaded a lot of youtube howto's, and I can make them available to students. I would have to include tips on how to moneyterise the field, as there is not a large industrial support base. eg Disney or Manga. nearby.

Glenfield Park
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Experienced artist providing lessons for artists of any background/ skill level online

I believe that there is no set text book, no rule set to follow in teaching, everyone is crafted of years of experience that distinguishes us from the rest. Every teacher should be willing to find the best way their student should learn, and every student should be willing to learn.

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1st lesson free !

Visual Arts Highschool teacher gives lessons in painting, drawing and other mediums upon request.

When I teach outside of the school setting my classes are relaxed and informal. I prefer to base my teaching upon what my students want to learn so that I can guide them to their own visions of success. Although I have great belief in traditional methodologies, I also am a passionate about pushing the boundaries of art.

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Drawing lessons for primary school students wishing to let out their creativity & imagination.

I can give you step by step instructions on how to draw your favourite anime/manga characters. It is very easy to draw cartoon once you know where to put your pen down first. By following my techniques, anyone can learn to draw.

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Im a darty burner if you got some coin ill teach you how

lesson description well it will involve some practice of illegal train public and private painting and will give you your own style and starting blocks on how to freestyle a whole new alphabet or a creature that doesn't even exist

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Animation Graduate with real world experience in Perth to teach Tradition Arts and Creative Digital mediums

These lessons will prepare you with what you'll need in the real world, Help you to critique your own artwork and develop your skills. I want to teach the person not just the coursework. For example...

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Comic book nerd gives lessons on how to draw superheroes . Excelsior !

Easy to follow methods for creating convincing illustrations. If you've always wanted to know how to draw, my lessons are geared towards people that want to follow a career in a creative field. Or those who just love cartoons.

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Learn to draw like a professional, interactive classes conducted by an Artist , architect and a designer of more than 20 years of experience

I conduct interactive classes where at the end of the lesson you get a creative product to your portfolio. active participatory learning to develop your creative ability.

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Art is knowing which ones to keep and colour creativity and passion

My way teaching is simple and clear according to me friendly behaviour in the class is must and focus on your study

South Toowoomba
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Roshan bahadur
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1st lesson free !

Deakin teaching student giving art lessons to senior primary, secondary and uni students

Intentional teaching and self pace learning with a guided approach

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Art and Design Teacher offering classes on book illustration and drawing techniques

My classes are based on each students independent focus and level. You can tell me exactly what you would like to learn to make or else if you have a specific skill you require then I can work out the project item for you to best teach this skill. I am happy to accommodate for multi level classes as long as you are all working on a similar themed project.

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Canterbury Girls Secondary College student teaches creative arts, maths, science, english and philosophy

My teaching method is really getting to know the student and how they learn. It is important that the student feels comfortable and heard. I like to move methodically slowly forming a foundation and building from there. I will also try to assess how much the student knows as to expand on the things they do know and fill in the gaps of things they dont.

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I have been an artist, sculptor and 3d wall muralist for over forty years. I have sold numerous works and have taught the subject of art directly to students ranging from prison inmates to wealthy sib

I always do an evaluation of a potential student and immediately look for the following. How is their understanding of perspective, do they understand shapes, shadows and line and can they visualise and observe the world around them. I will cover the tools and teach some of the history of where art and the manufacture of paint came from etc.

Mount Druitt
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Western Sydney student gives drawing lesson to all ages free to join

I believe drawing is step by step allowing yourself to image the object as it is there

Southern Moreton Bay Islands
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Have Fun Learning how to Draw Great Cartoons with The Cartoon Professor

Cart0ons are FUN, and drawingCarto0ns even MORE FUN! If you can draw a circle you can draw literally ANYTHING... once you know the secrets. The placement of a single line can make or break the most careful illustration, creating impact and emotion or flopping miserably as a drawing. Each lesson demonstrates not only how a different drawing secret works but why.

Wiley Park
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Sydney University student gives visual art lessons to students in primary and highschool

My teaching method focuses on individual capability and strives to improve each students ability in all areas of Art by expanding on their creativity.

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Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Isabella has an easy going personality and is excellent with my 8-year-old. She easily built rapport and was able to guide my daughter in sketching, shading and building her basic art skills. I am very happy and highly recommend her to any...

Divya, Student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

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