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Fine Art Graduate providing lessons of creativity and material technique to those up to a College based Level.

Getting to know how each individual learns in essential to their development. Beginning the lesson with an underlined aim ensures that we cover the topics required and maintain on track.

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Fine art student looking to teach drawing in the wickford or shotgate area

The teaching method would be different to what I iam though as it is a way of making you do what you are told to do and for me that is not what art is about nor what it stands for which is expression and colour !

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Artistic teaching from scratch to the professional in acrylic painting. Art is fun

My teaching methods based on creative skills. Brain storming , identifying children skills,developing fine motor skills,eye hand coordination, Teach from basic level to the next.

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I’m an art student offering the chance to many, many others to create hyperrealistic artwork. Aswell as improve their blending and colouring skills.

Each class will be a different focus, we will start on proportions, then move to the intial sketch, then it’ll be about colouring techniques in different mediums!!

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Designer Learn how to create design that could be used in product, fashion, graphics and abstract art.

Step by step tasks that develop design skills. Realisation of how research and continuous development helps student to understand the design process.

Terre Haute
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I am WIL your willing instructor in all things art and design after all "where there's a WIL there's a WAY" Since I am WIL let me show you the WAY to being the greatest artist you can be I guarantee.

One on one, or in groups focused on developing the artists eye, projects and hands on crafts to inspire even the timid of heart I believe the difference between a Master artist and a beginner is not in how many mistakes you make, but in what you do with them when you make them for one man's catastrophe is another man's greatest triumph of artistic genius.

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I'm an architect/designer looking forward to teach a kid the importance of design/art/science and how all different subjects or skills are interdependent.

So, the main subject is design. And design is predominantly considerd as something related to drawings, In our country. But my method of relating Design with other regular subjects, makes thing easier and Interesting. More relatable.

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A CS student who paints to give her imagination Life and Color

Discipline is good , But when it comes for painting I suggest Everyone to be fearless . You are always free to play with color . Express your message or just let everyone wonder to find it out. My method is to give students an opportunity to experiment and learn new things.

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Third year mature art student offering fun drawing, painting and crafts lessons. Advanced DBS checked. Experienced in workshops and working with children.

I like to make my lessons fun and encourage children to think outside the box. Art can be used as a therapy and a way to express themselves or as a way to delelop observational skills and eye hand coordination. The lesson will always be tailored for individual needs , with the satisfaction of being able to take home their very own piece of beautiful art each time.

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10 years experience in art and in all type of paintings. As an architect student I have great knowledge of art. Provive best teaching experience . Currently, I am only available in Chelmsford.

My teching method depend on type of student and what basic knowledge they have about art. So, I go according to there understanding.I try my best to teach them in a way so that they will become passionate about art and their hobbies.

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Hello! My name is Anastasia and I am an A Level student. I have been drawing for years and had recently started selling my art as well. I dabble in both cartoon and realistic styles. Contact me if int

I believe that drawing should be done with love and passion, but also fun! I make sure we start with the basics first, make sure you understand how thinfs work and are build up to a final piece.

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Parsons the new school for design, fashion design graduate and freelancing designer/illustrator

My teaching method would depend on the student and see where there starting from, talk about what they wish to improve on. I would demonstrate, have them follow and then give advice on how to improve.

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Student in patna high school stuied painting at jadama arts and crafts institute

my teaching my method is to explain all students that first I draw the figure to all students and i check tha all students have complete the figure i help those students that are weak in arts and after i colour the figure and feeling,shading,outline.

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• Mandala Drawings lover and teacher • Instagram influencer (sistexts & chaylinchanaga) • Venezuelan living in the US

I like to teach people based on how they are personally and their own way of learning, I don't like to have a specific way of teaching because everyone is different.

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Design and Business student having many experiences in both fine arts and fashion design.

I base my classes on the students. I would usually have a few tests in order to understand each student individually, I’ll be able to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and make an personalised plan for them to be able to grow.

1st lesson free !

You need art; from portrait to scenery everything you can shade with me

I would start with basics and will keep on giving examples connecting to the subject and hopefully alot of subjects to learn and develop. The classes are for anybody wanting there hands to move and draw anything the wish to.

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Passing my years of knowledge of drawing and it's technicalities to you guys

I based my classes according to students, if you need to learn draw you're welcome or you want to learn to draw and looking forward to some extra gain you must come .

1st lesson free !

Don’t make art, be the art. Drawing, pencil shadings, sketching, basic art, paper mache statues and crafting

Also try to make a bond with my students and create an art by different examples and games that makes students easier to understand and love to be around kid.

1st lesson free !

High school senior with lifetime of art experience willing to teach drawing.

I prefer interactive teaching and hands on learning. I'm willing to make this tutoring a well earn of your money and most importantly an experience you will not regret. I'm also a nerd so I'll try tying other pop culture into the learning to make it more pleasing to different age groups.

1st lesson free !

Student of fashion designing with a passion to draw & paint my imagination. Art is unique, art is life. make your life colourful and paint your dreams.

I would like to teach people to draw their imagination. would Love to explore their ideas. not a experienced teacher,but would definitely try my level best to help the students to do better then their best in drawing.

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Animation student enthusiastic in learning and teaching drawing. Learn to draw in the productive synergy formed by sessions

I've done enough research to know how to get better at drawing. We will polish the basic principles of drawing like light, form, anatomy, structure etc.

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Artist w/ Knowledge in Multiple Art Fields and Portfolio Prep For Admission

I can give lessons to anyone of any age. The basics for art can be easily understood by anyone and even younger children can be taught easily. I begin with evaluations to see what the students already know and can do. Then from there I ask what they want and where they want to get to. We work on those things and I'll even critique their work like universities do.

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Architecture student offering drawing, painting and design tutorials for hobbyist and/or students

My teaching method gravitiates around my audiences abilities. Having discussed what they’re goals are, thorough practice on specified skills are excercised along with productive advice and criticism in their work. These tailored workshops will help improve the understanding or art and design thus giving a better standpoint in striving higher.

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Explore the artist in you, with my helping hand in drawing, painting.

I teach depending on the interest of students, and according to their patience levels. Basics would be strong foundation .

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(Cornwall, uk) Design student offering drawing lessons for: -college/ university applications or portofolios -improving already existing skills or introducing multiple drawing styles

My teaching method is to either help you discover and experience multiple techniques until you find your personal style or focusing on your existing skills and improving them on the specific area(s) in which you have the ambition to perfect your abilities.

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Artist/Illustrator offering private tutoring in drawing and painting to Primary, Secondary and GSCSE students and children from age 5-16 interested in Art, in Luton, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas

I base my teaching around the needs of the learner. A fun and experimental approach to get ideas flowing. I believe anyone can draw and be creative and my job is to remove any barriers and assist learners with finding their artistic style.

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Animation and Visual Effects student offering Digital/Traditional 2D/3D animation, character design and illustration lessons

My teaching methodology is not only based on my drive to offer an efficient way of assimilating information, simplifying concepts and ensuring constructive feedback, but also offering constant support, availability and openness for help request and questions.

Guadalajara de Buga
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Student of Plastic Arts teaches classes at Univalle Cali on the subject, specialty in performance.

I use different audiovisual support and of course I love generating debates on the subject, encouraging direct student participation is essential for an optimal learning. The use of the body to express what we feel and think makes of my goals.

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Student of architecture who loves drawing and sketching. Glad to guide my anyone!!! Ps. I love portraits!

I teach by making you understand the basic of the art. I really find intresting to understand the science and logic behind abstract object which helps anyone understand any topic.

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Perfect! Mysti's first lesson with Joycelin was everything I hoped for and more. Joycelin's bubbly personality overcame Mysti initial shyness and when I collected Mysti at the end of the lesson they were laughing and looking very relaxed together. Joycelin...

Bev, Student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a great teacher, she is kind, bubbly, talented the lessons are very fun. Ive learnt to draw in different ways using different techniques and different things. I also have gotten way better and improved at drawing.

Mariam, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Isabella has an easy going personality and is excellent with my 8-year-old. She easily built rapport and was able to guide my daughter in sketching, shading and building her basic art skills. I am very happy and highly recommend her to any...

Divya, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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