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Paris 3e
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Artist / Professor - Graduate of Fine Arts in Paris - Drawing Course in museums and architectures

GRADUATE OF PARIS FINE ARTS (Master 2) Visual artist in drawing and installation Art and drawing teacher 2 years as a teacher in a prep (training school) of architecture school and 3 years at various middle school of the Academy of Versailles.

Greater London
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Expierenced acrylic artist fabric painting and art skills detail working and fabric color

i have businessof my own where i work with fabric canvans painting mainly on shoes and tshirts, fabrics designs and patterns and every style, i am expierenced with fabric painting now i can nearly paint anything with using acrylic paint, potraits, landscapes, designs etc

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Art and art history tutor ba hons Nottingham taught by a royal acedician

I will teach you how to master the skill of drawing in perspective,use examples of famous artists and their methods to master the art of drawing.Through a series of tutorials you can either opt to refine your drawing skills solely,or go to the next stage of mastering acrylic painting.

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Arts professor gives art history,drawing,mixed media and painting lessons.If you are interested in art let me teach you to be art savy.

I am a college arts professor. I have 12 years of experience,I work with beginner students on their first year in to the arts journey. I like to have my classes very interactive because I think that's how students really learn the forms.I would love to teach you all the wonderful techniques in mixed media.I specialize in drawing,painting,mixed media and art history.

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Classes to create and love Contemporary art with Whirleytimes artist art passionate

With the student involve we together learn what techniques are enjoyed by the student. With selected mediums by the student as a teacher I teach and help the student perfect the desire art style and medium. I am a civil environmental engineer that focused in art in LA 10 years ago . I have been working as an artist and teacher ever since I became Whirleytimes.

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University student gives tutorials to anyone fancying Art design and cartoons. Let's get creative!

Hey all! I am Maitry. I am currently pursuing 3D animation and games at Middlesex university London. I received an A* in IGCSE Art and design. Along with 3D Character design and concept art, I am also interested in the traditional methods of art and design.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts and professor of design and drawing with years of experience in schools and university teaches painting, artistic drawing and art history

My methodology is open to the needs of students. I graduated in Fine Arts Doctorate at the University of Valencia and with extensive experience in the world of painting and engraving. Drawing lessons impart technical, artistic and painting schools. I have worked with museums and the University of Valladolid in conferences and exhibitions. I am part of the group recorded etching.

Ciudad de México
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I'm a graphic designer and I love art. I teach at home and in line drawing, illustration and painting. I am south of the CDMX and my specialty is drawing human figure. I can teach you

My classes are aimed at young people and adults (15 years older) who are interested in learning the human body or painting techniques in general. -He Used the structural method that involves learning from the knowledge of the correct proportions, planning from simplified to anatomical knowledge necessary for the artist skeleton.

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Draw, Paint and Photograph like a Professional in all three mediums!

I studied photography and fine art at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, PA as well as Epsom School of Art and Design and North East London Polytechnic in the United Kingdom. I have also been studying in New York for the past five years at the Grand Central Academy and Salmagundi Fine Arts Club.

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Recent High School Graduate Offering Drawing (Beginner/Intermediate) or Film Interpretation (Beginner) Lesson - Intended for Middle School through early College students - $25/hr

I like to work with each individual student by building on their desires as far as their growth in these subjects. I will teach what the student is most interested in, with some limitations of course. For example: One student draws humans, but they have trouble with the facial proportions. In that case, I would focus on teaching proportions.

São Paulo
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Classes Traditional Illustration / Manga / Technical Drawing and Painting SAO PAULO SP

I am Professor Glauber Lopes, who works with illustration and comics (author of the comic "Registros", "A Última Fábula" e "Louis de Dampierre"). Graduated in graphic design since 2007, I have experiences with drawing over 20 years. My classes are for people who want to learn to draw just for fun, or for those interested to become professionals.

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Art: life: fun: dreams: happy

i love art my self and want to teach kids the say thing i fell in love with as a kid i will be teaching the basics of art drawing and color for beginners and for kids i want them to just have fun with it

John sketchcat
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I teach all levels of Cartooning skills for drawing comic strips & comic books, over the web.

I am a professional comic book penciler & inker by trade. I am both self taught and art college taught. I've been a professional artist for 37 years. I have also taught here in Buffalo NY cartoon characters courses at the local Hyatts art supplies store. I mostly teach drawing education, digitally using a Cintiq, and in using both Sketchbook Pro & Manga Studio EX-5 programs.

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Engineering graduate gives drawing or crafts to any of interested students in hyderabad

whoever wants to learn drawing can come and join the class, basically if they are a starter means good enough for class and also we welcome intermediate. Based upon the students interest the session will be conducted. Have patience to teach the same things to improve your skills.

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Art and craft with all subjects study with 9 yrs of experience

Simple and understand,I teach single student at one time ,I didn't take batches I attend every student personally and separately. Give almost hr to everyone.with all home work exam preparation and routen study.

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Enamored artist at bhopal takes painting(acrylics) and sculpture making classes in home for all beginners with experienced artists in bhopal

I am a school student who has been pursuing for elementary and intemidiate painting degrees.being a student i know what are the problems a student face in class so, be very friendly while being in my class. It will be real fun to have you people with me, not as a student but as a friend.

New Delhi
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Architecture student helps you develop your creativity and interest for painting and sculpting

I am a fourth year architecture student seeking to help creative minds find their love for art. I want to help beginners learn the skills of painting and sculpture. As a creative mind I believe in free learning. I am here to guide your talent and enhance it but not to judge it. My instructions will be a constructive criticism of your work but you will be the master of what you create.

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Illustration and aesthetics of graphic, editorial , branding and printing making design

I take up the challenge of giving classes to everyone who is interested in the illustration and graphic aspect of design. Teaching through the history of art movements and its evolvement into the design. I follow a very traditional aspect of the teaching which I learnt during my studies which involve in both the theory and practice.

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I can teach drawing at beginner level in United states of America

I can teach drawing at beginner level in United states of America. I can teach drawing at beginner level in United states of America. I can teach drawing at beginner level in United states of America.

Greater London
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Honours Illustration Graduate, can give lessons in traditional and digital drawing methods, art/colour theory and more

I have recently graduated the University of the Arts London with a First Class Honours in Illustration. I can teach about ideas generation, colour theory, traditional drawing methods such as pen and ink, and I am very well versed in digital techniques using programmes such as Photoshop, Blender and Illustrator.

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Practicing artist gives art lessons, drawing painting, art theory, art history, will open art to your eyes

I have a bachelor's in fine art from Rhode Island School of Design, in 1995. Have continued to study and produce work since graduation. My methodology is one where I'm not afraid to do and show. My skill and knowledge are my assets.

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Drawing, illustration, comics, watercolor, animation 2D/3D

I am an animation student at EMCA Angouleme, after 3 years in Paris studying animation and graphisme. I propose to teach: _ The fundamentals of drawing: Proportions volumes, perspectives, lines of force, learn to measuring, shadows and lights. _ Illustration and comics: composition and clarity of the picture or comic strip, clearing the scenario and intention, depth of field.

Fair Lawn
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Art Student giving lessons in Art History and Studio Art in NYC area

I am a junior in the Studio Art program of Hunter College, hoping to become an art therapist. My lessons will be simplified and fun, taking a close look at history and techniques in a way anyone can understand. As an instructor, I am patient, considerate of each student's needs and creative.

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Independent Artist (10+ years experience) gives sketching and drawing lessons in Marion, IL

I will go over drawing basics with my students over and over until it clicks. I believe that everyone can draw and that everyone has an innate creativity. I will use patience and a personalized approach to bring those qualities out of my students.

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Have fun & learn how to sketch, draw and doodle from an artist

My teaching method is to begin from the very basic.

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Hi guys,im an artist from tamilnadu,im taking drawing lessons for childrens and beginners like freehand outline &model drawings and basic sketching ,portrait works,perspective lessons too

my portrait work is based on andrew loomis methods ,the freehand outline &model drawings are based on flat drawings and perspective ,object drawings ,memory drawings,i will teach you the mannequin technic for building the human figure

Keswick Ridge
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Creative Artist, with 30+ year's experience! Specialty in Drawing, Sketches & Caricatures! Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada

My teaching methods include natural selection of featured facial and body parts that are great for Sketches and Caricatures! Areas to focus on with drawing, Unique personal signatures to create awesome art! Cleanliness and Simplicity with your drawings, etc.

Ciudad de México
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Learn "The Secrets of an Artist" with only 15 Classes: Drawing, Perspective, Volume, Theory of Color, Pastel, Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic and many other things

Hello My name is Nubia Rives, I am an artist with extensive experience in teaching and over the years, seeing the needs of my students, I have perfected a method, which concentrates all my experience in 15 classes for adults and 12 for children, I'm not going to make you waste your time, since it is the most valuable thing we have, we are going to make the most of it and having the knowledge of...

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Italian professional painter gives painting and drawing lessons all levels in Birmingham

Drawing and painting lessons for all levels and for every age, mosaico technique, aquarello, oil and acrylic, collage, contemporary techniques. In teaching i use Montessori methods or Bruno Munari' s methods or ReggioChildren comprehension methods, individually applied and efficient.

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