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Perth Nobody will chew your art out until you're actually somewhat good

Every wants to draw and paint the flashy shit these days. How about I get you to knuckle your pansy ass down and focus on the basics of the basics of the basics until you feel like I'm patronising you if I'm not already.

Song yi
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You can draw your own painting with me who is expert teacher.

When I teach drawing, I give a chance to my students to choose a topic. And then, we are going to find what material and which approach will be good for describing the topic together. It doesn't have to be perfect like a photo. I want to help you to feel free when you draw what you want.

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Professional art teacher give drawing training to all age students in Melbourne

The lessons are about how to use right tool and material to paint,including oil painting and sketch.Painting skills training. *Theory of painting *Sketch training(from copy to create) *Oil painting training(from copy to create, it needs longer time in relative terms) *Paint with different materials.

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Qualified artist and teacher wanting to help others on their artistic journey.

I am a local artist and classroom teacher with the passion and expertise of visual art. I have a bank of knowledge and teaching strategies that can support you.

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Visual Art SACE Merit Student and long-time artist gives painting and drawing lessons in Adelaide and Barossa Region

I have been practising art for the majority of my life and am skilled with acrylic, watercolour, and drawing. I have done extensive research into composition, colour theory, and proportion and integrate this into my works. I am experienced in both manga/anime, semi-realistic, abstract and realistic styles.

Lune River
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UTAS double degree arts graduate provides drawing lessons to adult learners online

My name is Lisa, and I focus on drawing processes that explore subjects of curiosity for my students. Regardless of skill or experience levels, we use fun forms of creative attention to free up expressive flow and openness to experimental media.

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RMIT student gives tutoring on pencil sketching, digital drawing(PS and SAI). Can also give lessons to one who want to learn drawing animate character and human body.

My teaching method will be based on the student. Depends how well he can do and what he wants to learn, I will make up a plan to give targeted assistance to the student. What i would teach involves a wide range of fundamental drawing principles including human proportion, light shadow and tone, color theory, body structure, composition and variety of drawing techniques.

Glen Waverley
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Henna tattoo classes !!!! Learn the art of making henna designs. We teach right from the very basics to the advance...

I take various types of art classes like calligraphy, charcoal painting and henna which I’ve been doing since many years.

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Victoria University student gives ART lessons to school students in Western Suburbs

My Teaching method is for students to get the hands on experience in different techniques in different subjects. As a method I will not base the subject on lot of theory and make it more fun, practical to work with.

Coromandel Valley
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Professional and studying diverse artist giving painting and drawing lessons for all ages!

Enjoy bringing the fun and life back into painting! Each lesson will be catered specifically and accordingly to each individual. There will be a large focus and emphasis on helping others to express themselves comfortably and develop their own style and ideas.

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Let's draw dinosaurs, saiyajines, mechas, porn or other dramatic things. It´s my hobby and I'm patience.

I'm from Colombia. 28 years old. My father is a painter and that´s why I have natural skills for drawing. All my life I have been competing with my brothers drawing popular things. You need patience and good critics to improve your level and I can offer you both.

Saint Lucia
Sher yi
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International student who learn Chinese calligraphy since 7 years old give lessons to everyone!

I would like to introduce you to the idea of calligraphy and do a demonstration. After having you set up your work spaces, you can just follow along my brush strokes. I will teach you steps- by-steps. We can have fun watching Chinese Calligraphy related videos or visiting Chinese Calligraphy exhibitions if there are some.

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Game Art and Design university student gives traditional and digital drawing lessons

My teaching method is not strict, as I wish to guide the student rather than enforce hard and fast rules that they should or should not do. Rules are, of course, meant to be broken, however the student must know the rules before they can break them. I will provide them with assistance and support them, and help to teach them skills they can use in their own art.

South Brisbane
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DeviantArtist gives private digital and traditional art lessons to middle school students and upper

you will be taught the basics of digital art and traditional art. Learn color theory, how colors affect moods and how to use colors effectively. Learn to use various types of brush and create ones yourself. Learn techniques varying from basic to advanced. personalized lessons.

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A graduate of Fine Arts in Moscow gives private lessons painting and drawing

Academic basics of drawing, painting, composition, color, perspective. All genres taught: still life, landscape, portrait, genre painting. Diversity of techniques : watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache ... All ages and levels.

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Special drawing classes for everyone (child or teen / adult) at home

Hello, I introduce myself, Niels Roman, student at Emile Cohl in 3rd year. I give drawing lessons in ALL its forms, drawing, painting (watercolor, gouache, acrylic), ink and even photoshop, digital painting by tablet ... My specialty is the comic but I am prowled on all. I can train in academic drawing, but also in manga style, European comic style and american comics.

(8 reviews)

Drawing, painting, art history and art therapy

Classes for any level. Learning realistic drawing tools based natural from the classic method (lace, intended to form dark box modeling or tonal final assessment). Using tools from Betty Edwards method to develop the right brain. Pedagogy based on learning through projects and therapeutic use of the artistic process. Extensive knowledge of art history.

San Sebastián de los Reyes
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Plastic artist. Professor of Fine Arts. I give Anatomical drawing classes. For those who want to add knowledge and want to learn to draw the human figure. Ideal for live model drawing. Re

Theory and practice. Concepts applied. Without copying since that only drags basic errors and does not correct. Technique or exercises to release the hand. Losing fear to the blank sheet. Enhance skills. Focused on the style of each student. It is important to work on the basis of each one and not try to mold all the students equally.

Rio de Janeiro
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Designer & Artist Plástico offers Drawing Classes (classic, anime, design, hq's) Online

Bachelor in Product Design by PUC-rio and Post-graduated in Pedagogy by Cândido Mendes, I work as a visual artist and drawing teacher. Classes are meant for all those who have a desire to learn how to draw, but as each student has a particular goal, the course adapts to meet the corresponding needs.

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Make it real! I am a 2D / 3D Graphic and I offer drawing or 3D initiations!

Everything is based on what you want, I am here only for you to put your ideas on paper or on screen, With more confidence. I can initiate beginners, at all age, but also pursue development for novices and more. Whether in Traditional drawing! computer graphics 2D or even 3D! My approach to teaching, above all, is friendly and not off-putting, I'm here to guide you to what YOU want to do! .

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2D ANIMATION DRAWING COURSE |Graduated from GOBELINS (Paris) | Graduated from SUPINFOCOM

Hello, - Julien Becquer, 26y. working in the Animation Industry (Disney,Pixar...) - Graduatedd from Gobelins, l'école de l'image (CRFA) - Graduated (2015) SUPINFOCOM (Digital Directing) I offer private lessons (in French, English or German) in DRAWING on PAPER or DIGITAL (Photoshop, Sketchbook pro, TVP) and 2D ANIMATION (TVP, Toonboom, Flash) and 3D (Maya, 3DS Max).

Paris 18e
(2 reviews)
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Painter and teacher graduate of Fine Arts and the Sorbonne offers classes in drawing, painting and art history at home, in her studio in Paris and at museums s studio at the museum.

Passionate about drawing and painting, I have been teaching happily for 25 years in Paris to students of all levels and backgrounds. Whatever your motivation (personal growth, development, or preparation for an entrance exam), I offer 'customized long term courses and intensive workshops' with just the right dose of historical references.

(4 reviews)
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Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, Graduate School EMILE COHL, Lyon, and graduate school IPESAA (Montpellier) I give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- ALL LEVELS DURING DRAWING I offers classes for ALL , beginners / students / confirmed: - Illustration - Comics - Graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - Painting - Sculpture...

Santo André
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Illustrator and Animator 2d professional teaches beginners and curious the basics in ilustration and animation.

My classes are meant for beginners, who want to understand where to start, whether it's just for traditional basic drawing, digital format (Adobe Photoshop), or even how to start bringing your illustration to life by animating it. Let's start with the basic tools of each technique, what they are for and how to find themselves in those means, then begin with exercises.

São Paulo
(9 reviews)
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Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

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Laurent Bastide Artist graduated in Applied Arts gives during home design around Bourg-en-Bresse

Training Graphic Arts graduate applied, I would be very happy to share my knowledge in drawing, painting, graphic design, applied arts and desktop publishing. This service is a who need or simply want to learn to paint and / or drawing: - learning courses or refresher drawing (all techniques) - Introduction to painting (watercolor, acrylic , oil, gouache ...

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Painting school Zeichenberg - Learn painting and drawing by a professional artist and book illustrator

The painting school teaches beginners and advanced students of all ages. The offer ranges from the basics, such as the pencil and the brush hold, to perspective drawing and portraiture.

(4 reviews)

Comic Strip and drawing / Author of comics and Illustrator / Painter

Hello, I am a young cartoonist and illustrator / painter. I propose courses of narrative drawing and comics. I also teaches art classes in any form for amateur and more experienced. I can help you develop your imagination, or just strengthen you in all technical drawing. I also make preparations for competitions and coaching comics projects.

Greater London
(2 reviews)
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London based artist gives Lessons in drawing for art school portfolio preparation

I’m a London based artist who teaches short courses at Central St Martins. I also teach privately, one to one either in person or by Skype. My specialities are drawing, portfolio preparation, 3d and sculpture. I have taught all age groups from 6 year olds to 70 year olds but mostly my students are preparing for art college.

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