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Film and tv director wanting to teach drama and scriptwriting on the Central Coast, NSW

I'm a television and film industry professional with many years experience writing and directing. I love working with high school students helping them realise their potential. My lessons are structured around the students needs and I can provide practical advice from real world experiences.

Mount Barker
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Qualified Senior Secondary School Teacher with 5 years experience available in Adelaide and Hills area

My teaching methodology focuses on student engagement and differentiation to cater to each students needs in order to help them reach their full potential. I am deeply passionate about understanding how each individual learns and striving to adapt my teaching methods in order to engage and achieve success.

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Qualified teacher and actor providing fun drama/acting lessons one or one or small group.

My approach is creative and student centered. I aim to encourage my students to develop independence and critical thinking in their approach to their performance process. Lessons involve a warm up, main theme and wind down activity. Fun and interactive.

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Professional Entertainer Currently Working, giving acting lessons in the North Melbourne Area

I am a working Entertainer with first hand experience in the Performing Arts Industry, currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Music Theatre to further broaden my knowledge and personal skills, to then inspire and educate others.

Varsity Lakes
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VCA graduate and star of Channel 10’s WONDERLAND teaches acting, audition technique and provides invaluable industry knowledge.

I’ve most recently been teaching acting for the screen, with a focus on audition technique. I look at finding what works best for each individual instead of forcing one particular method. Confidence building and self belief is a big one for me. I will help you bring truth to the line in an interesting and unique manor, which ensures your audition or performance will stand out amongst the crowd.

Clayton South
Shireen florence
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Creative Dancer and artist gives lessons to anyone who’s interested in Acting and dancing

I believe in loving what I do . I love to express myself in the form of dance and drama. It’s even more fun when you teach someone what you love to do. My teaching process goes from simple form to a perfect one.

White Hills
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RADA Masters trained professional actor teaching Acting and Drama in Bendigo and online

With a wealth of experience across a variety of mediums, I can cater the lesson to your needs. My methodologies include Suzuki, Viewpoints, Commedia dell Arte, The Method, Acting for Camera, Improvisation, Physical Theatre and Devising, including advanced training with Frantic Assembly. We can explore one or several of these disciplines to help you create character and expand your skills.

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Off duty Pirate creates safe supportive learning space for a range of theatre games and practices. Over twenty years experience, ex Spaghetti Circus coach, winner of peoples choice award (2016) for Fl

I'm a big fan of student led learning, eg. following students passions and slipping in the 'nuts and bolts' once they are sufficiently hooked, employing a range of theatre games, movement and mime. We run through the basics of improvisation such as 'making an offer', 'yielding', 'building on an offer', and much more.

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A graduate of the University of Newcastle with over 30 years experience in theatre

As a theatrical actor and director, my main approach to students is giving them a fundamental grounding in traditional methodology. I am familiar with the works of Stanislavski as well a Grotowski and Arteau. My area of interest centres around Physical Theatre, namely Stage Combat.

Umina Beach
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ACTING Teacher/Coach in Sydney. Bachelor Degree Fine Arts (Acting) with Distinction.

My classes vary depending on what I'm teaching. If it is Acting on Screen I will have my students do a lot of on screen work allowing time for evaluation and reflection. Stand Up Comedy would involve watching other comedians then allowing time to teach/create how to write and deliver an A grade performance.

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University Of the Sunshine Coast student, is passionate about all things Acting and Theatre.

My teaching methods and styles are mostly interactive, upbeat and demonstrative. However they are catered specifically to my students and their individual needs. In all this, I do not loose focus of the lesson objective, and am clear in reiterating the importance of this objective to the students.

Hawthorn East
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Recent Performing Arts (Drama) graduate who has a background working in schools in as both a classroom tutor and a one-on-one special needs tutor.

I approach tutoring by treating my students not as a child, but as a person with their own interests and skills. The main reason I didn't become a teacher is because I know how the education system fails the majority of students. I want to work with people to enhance their abilities in a way that works for them. This makes them more inclined to learn, as well as enjoying the subject.

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Private Acting Lessons on the Gold Coast for School or University Students

I will bassing my classes for University or school students. these private lessons will be to help the student prepare for any auditions coming up or go over any assesments. i can help with written script for assessments and can help prefect any performances the students needs help with.

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Leaving for New York in August - get in quick for help with HSC IP's

I am a professional actor, dancer and musical theatre performer and I use my skills form all forms to help students and give them ideas for whatever we are working on. With 3 years teaching dance experience I understand that each student needs a different approach and I cater my teaching to the student I am working with.

Niagara Park
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Highly Studied Actor and Improviser Teaches and Coaches Performing Arts Skills - NSW Central Coast

My approach to teaching starts with the student understanding of the craft and understanding of self through physical exercises and techniques (starting with the voice) - Understanding of self is vital in the process of finding your theatrical 'truth' and developing your fluidity and confidence as an actor and acting student.

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Former UOW Bachelor of Performance (Performance Making) to provide tutorials in Geelong

My teaching method is catered to individual students, and/or groups of students who wish to explore their own ability to make and create works. My philosophy involves research and development, with a thorough exploration as to how they intersect, and how one can influence the other.

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Friendly dramatic guy who did high school drama (and is a very dramatic person) will boost your self-esteem and dramatic skills with games and comedy.

My teaching style is always positive and if feedback would be constructive I will always deliver it in a respectful and useful manner. The way I see it, much of learning drama is allowing yourself to play in front of other people. I am extremely gentle and will try to foster a space of self-expression and fun.

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Bubbly Western Sydney University student tutors in drama and improvisational acting lessons

I approach each topic by ensuring there are physical elements. The best way to learn is to get involved and do something... and have fun while doing it too. I try to get everyone up and moving and work on boosting confidence.

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Academy of Film theatre and Television acting graduate gives acting lessons to high school students in Melbourne

I base my classes on the Eric Morris method of irreverent acting combined with the Stanislavski Method. I also implement Kristin Linklater's and Cecily Berry exercises regarding freeing the voice of the actor and realising the actors vocal potential. All of which have a high focus on mindfulness throughout the lesson.

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Theatre Student, who has a love and passion, for helping people understand, the beauty behind learning and understanding drama.

Drama, isn't about me telling you what to do. It's about you exploring what your capable of. I help students understand the fundamentals of drama, and push them to their limits. So they can produce the work they want to create.

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A passionate actress with real experience gives acting lessons for drama in Perth

My classes are filled with learning and building your talent whilst being very enjoyable. Depending on the student, my class structure can focus on one or more areas of acting, alternatively the class can cover all areas of acting with the lesson being less specialised. Classes are available for all ages and experience levels.

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Theatre and Filmmaker based in Melbourne, teaches acting in private sessions and workshops

I work through visual tools and improvisational games that gives you the agency to reach your aim your way. I normally devise work in groups of three at least, but have worked with individuals in private rehearsal sessions. Golden rule is less is more.

North Casino
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Drama lessons for students of all ages in the Far North Coast

My teaching method is based on students comfort and building a good rapport with them, that way they feel more comfortable in expanding their dramatic abilities.

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Voice, Speech and Acting classes in Gisborne,Victoria by Internationally celebrated drama teacher

My Acting classes are based on the Stanislavskian school of Method acting. Acting classes are for the stage and screen. Voice and Speech classes are inspired by the work of the legendary Cicely Berry, Voice and Speech coach of the Royal Shakespeare Company(U.K).

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Acting is a way of thinking. I'm teaching around Sydney . MFA degree

My method of teaching is based on Stanislavsky method.Stanislavski developed the technique in the early 1900s and they have been used ever since to help actors create believable emotions and actions in the characters they portray. Stanislavski method acting is basically in seven steps, these techniques where developed to help actors to build beliveable characters.

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Passionate Drama Student gives acting lessons to all comers in Launceston & Tasmania area

First and most importantly is the style of actor you want to be, once we go from there we can build on that idea. I have been in a great variety of productions and have had to practice many different acting styles from children's theater to Shakespeare, knowing when to be comedic and how much comedy is needed at the given moment and when to be dramatic.

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Armidale Teaching Graduate (specialising in English theatre and Sociology) available for tutoring or teaching jobs

My style of teaching changes depending on the age, groups size and individual(s). Different things work for different students and different students will require different outcomes. My formalised experience is primarily with High School students but I have worked with younger students on a volunteer basis.

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Year 12 Drama OSP and Scripted Monologue Prep from experienced playwright, theatre director and drama teacher.

I work collaboratively with students, focusing on a teacher-led interactive methodology that prioritizes process driven character development, internalization, physicality and developing a strong understanding of creative practitioners and cultural theory.

Mount Pleasant
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WAAPA Performing Arts Student offering classes in acting technique, devising theatre and improvisation.

My teaching method is tailored to each students type of learning. Be it visual, auditory or tactile, I can tailor my lessons to the student. I also want to build up my students and nurture an environment where they feel comfortable to grow, ask questions and fail.

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Tracy Burton has 18 years experience as a Senior Drama Teacher and Musical Director.

I am able to teach all major styles of theatre including: Greek and Shakespearean, Epic, Absurdist, Australian Gothic, Realism, Melodrama, Musical Theatre, Improvisation and Commedia del Arte. I also enjoy working with beginners who want to explore acting and theatre as a personal interest, to refine their skills in scripted drama.

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Perfect! I feel fortunate to have engaged Andrew as a coach. I am not an actor but rather a shy person who felt it valuable to practise engaging - to enhance my skills for social/ public situations. He is a friendly and engaging coach; professional,...

Tom, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Deborah is a fantastic teacher. I performed a monologue for her that I was preparing for an upcoming audition. She gave me helpful and constructive feedback including tips to give my monologue levels. It definitely helped my audition. She is...

Lauren, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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