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Psychic medium gives instruction for intuitive tarot divination, Sunshine Coast. Queensland Australia

I give classes based on intuitive aspects of divination, sparking the psychic within. Put the book down and learn to trust what you see. As no two tarot decks are the same, no two readings are ever the same.

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Learn to read and interpret MARSELLA's TAROT with a fun and entertaining method

Tarot reading and interpretation classes are practical and experiential. I rely on the method described by Alejandro Jodorowski in which TAROT is conceived as a mandala, interconnected. My goal is for you, with my support, to develop your vision and your ability to capture the symbols of the arcana and how they relate to each other.

Ciudad de México
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Tarot workshop at all levels. The theory of archetype and symbology (:

The theoretical and practical method for the reading of the tarot will be studied from the archetypal theory of Carl Gustav Jung and from the symbology of Umberto Eco. The student will be able to understand the use of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana from psychoanalysis and linguistics perspective.

Port Alberni
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Learn How to read your tarot and oracle cards and build a true relationship between you and your cards

My teaching methods are to help others learn to build a trusting relationship between themselves and their cards and to learn to trust the messages they are receiving from within the cards. My classes will be learning new layouts for your cards as well as what each card position means.

Myrtle Beach
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Generational witch with years of experience in divination and other witchcraft related crafts.

My teaching method is a combination of visual, auditory, and kinetic. My students will be working alongside myself with their own decks and will be learning different methods, spreads, and the history of divination. I prefer to teach either in person or over Google Classroom, as those methods seem​ to be the most effective.

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This is such a fascinating art that can help you and others. It's a subject I love and practise,and would love to impart this knowledge,so you can start reading for others

Discussions,question and answer sessions,mini lectures,tasks and practise projects, mini essays and reading comprehensions,encouraging students to do their own research findings.

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An intuitive Tarot card guide and a meditation guide will teach you to get intuitive with tarot deck

i have helped countless people find clarity in troubling times, whether in intimate relationships or in their career, often leaving the seeker awestruck at the depth of accuracy of the answers received from each reading.

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Business Administration student teaches tarot reading in NW Calgary area and online.

I approach subject structure with flexibility though I do have a basic lesson plan to follow so that you learn the fastest and easiest way.

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Professional Tarot reader giving beginner and advanced lessons in Winnipeg or online.

I strongly believe that there's no right or wrong way to read Tarot - only the way that works best for each particular Reader. My goal for new students is to introduce them to a variety of methods, helping them experiment with each, until they discover what fits their own style.

Paris 17e
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Numerologist graduated AIN (Connaissance School of Numberology of Royston, UK) teaches Tarot Reading and Esoteric Numerology

We study the esoteric numerology through the numbers formed by the date of birth, the numbers from the letters that form the full name (first and last). We learn to develop intuition by calculating cosmic numbers and analysis of personal periods. We link numerology with the symbols of the major arcanas of the Tarot of Marseilles.

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GET ANSWERS: Psychic [Tarot] Readings, Natal Astrology Charts, Human Design Blueprints & More!

A Friendly Muse for Lifetimes + MISSION: To provide confidential information with mutual trust on a variety of subjects; for entertainment only.

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Teaching and learning the mystic Tarot to discover the new depths of human mind

My approach towards learning Tarot had been using my intuition and pictorial images from the cards. Same shall be my way for teaching this Divine instrument. One has to associate the cards with life situations.

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Button Divination practitioner offering lessons on reading and divination of buttons and trinkets in the Bay Area.

My teaching method is similar to tarot, rune readings, casting lots etc. though this practice is based less on memorized words and definitions predetermined by others and more to do with your own word relationships and intuitive storytelling.

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The Transformational Truth of Tarot - Learn How To Live The Rhythm of Life.

Tiffany Crosara has been professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them for over twelve years. Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012. In her first year of TV work Tiffany was awarded Best Newcomer TV Intuitive of 2013.

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Contact Me To Learn Tarot Online or in Birmingham, England at your own pace

I provide life guidance via a holistic tarot card reading service. I was 11 when our school Headmistress caught us playing with tarot cards and banned them. She inadvertently helped to raise my curiosity! I started reading cards for myself and others when I was 15 which grew into reading at parties, charity fundraisers and corporate events.

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I am a Social Metaphysical Scientist offering Numerology in sports betting industry.

I base my class on the main secrete behind numbers and their real world meanings that is translated into money earning hub.My lesson can be attended by anybody who loves to understand the metaphysical secrete behind numbers in the real world.

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Discovering the Secrets and Powers of the Tarot through Kabbalah in Montpellier

Loving to share my experience and my knowledge, I give courses of esoteric sciences for several years, all levels (beginners and experienced), of: - Tarology, secrets of the symbols and power of Tarot cards - Jewish and Christian Kabbalah, theoretical courses and practices - Parapsychology, theoretical and practical courses Rates vary according to the duration of the course (hour, theme day ...

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