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Jason Colemans Ministry of dance Graduate with over 17 years experience in Dance

I like to really focus on technique and ensuring that the student is doing the correct movement with proper technique as to ensure they do not cause injury or create bad habits.

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Dance like you've never danced before - all forms of Bollywood dance private classes for kids and adults!

My teaching method is based on each student's ability to learn and project. I focus on teaching the basics first, so that the student has the freedom to choreograph his dance routine based on where his/her imagination takes him/her.

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Planning a hit dance for a party or want learn some new moves to flaunt? Groove with me and learn dance steps/routines - Be it Bollywood, Punjabi, Indian Classical or even Fusion

I first like to understand what my students want to achieve at the end of their classes. Be it learning the basics, learning a completely new dance style, further developing what they already know or just preparing for a performance. My teaching style will vary depending on the comfortability of the student/s and their end goal.

Lane Cove North
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Brazilian Dance Teacher, that loves to dance! I know Samba, Salsa, Forró e Zouk! And I will love teach you!!!

My method consists of learning through visual and repetitive awareness. The classes are extremely relaxed, but without leaving aside the technique. The student learns because he understands the movements in his body, partner's body and evolution in the dance hall. . In dance hall and courses of specific rhythms, divided into modules.

Harris Park
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An Exercise Science student teaching Hip Hop Dance for any levels!

My teaching method is a very fun, non-judgemental, open minded, and inviting method. I make sure that you feel comfortable and is learning and understanding something at the same time. I will also discuss about what your goals are.

Collingwood Park
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Ajiani teaches Tahitian Dance, Brisbane, Redbank Plains, Born and raised in Tahiti French Polynesia

My lessons are geared towards anyone willing to learn the art of Tahitian dancing Lesson Structure: -Warm up -Basics of Ori Tahiti which may include: Ta iri tamau(Side to side hula), Fa arapu(Fast-paced circle hula),Varu(figure eight), Afata(Box) Ami(Slow paced circle hula) - Aparima (Slow song choreography) - Otea (Fast drum beat choreography)

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Ballroom and Latin DanceSport dancer with 5 years of competing experience at Townsville, Queensland.

I am friendly, approachable and look out for your best interest in Ballroom and Latin dancing. I teach from individuals to group classes if needed. I go at your own pace and justify how much information you need based on your skills and the way you are picking up the steps.

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Move through your dance on the Gold Coast with experienced teaching artist

Curiosity and exploring makes up my dance classes...throughout we will discover your own dance as a form of expression. A little something different is what I like to throw in, together with always having something for you to take away.

Surfers Paradise
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Experience contemporary(Modern) dance movements and K-pop dance at once! (Gold coast)

First we are going to be stretching because the first step is stretching out of all movements. Second I will give you some basic movements which is called warm up dance and it is going to be your warm up movement every class. Last is the real movement for your develop of dance. I will teach you how to modern dance and also K-pop dance.

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Learn new skills and technique, polish existing dances, prepare for upcoming competitions!!

I believe it is extremely important for students to have a voice and be able to express their needs and feelings. If they find something challenging, I will find a way to break this down until it is their second nature. In contrast, I will find ways to challenge those that want to be pushed and challenged too.

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Fun and exciting ballroom and latin lessons with 2017 Australian youth champion

I base my classes on the individual and always keep it at the right pace for them. I like to focus on all aspects of dance and what the individuals needs.

Crows Nest
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Ballet technique coaching, repertoire preparation, pas de deux, former Ballet Master Royal Danish Ballet.

I have danced as a Principal dancer with Royal New Zealand Ballet Company, the English National Ballet, Deutsche Oper in Berlin, and the Royal Danish Ballet, then as a ballet master on retiring from performing.

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Gotta-Dance! I had an international career as a ballerina in Europe and love sharing dance

My teaching methodology is influenced by my exceptional exposure to excellent personal coaches in Ballet and Yoga in New York, USA, and being exposed to the techniques, i.e. Cecchetti, Vaganova and English methods of technique. I use what I most value.

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Authentic Bollywood Choreographer and Instructor from Bollywood Film Industry direct from Mumbai, India

My teaching style is all about having fun. I have worked with experienced professional Bollywood film stars and dancers as well as absolute beginners, so no matter what your skill level is I can teach you the proper style and technique that will have you walking away feeling like a Bollywood superstar.

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Young dancer with 4 years teaching experience teaching all studio styles in perth

Up until this year i have predominately worked with kids (age 4-12) but this year began working with adults as well. I am fairly hands on and very patient. In classes i will take students through a warm up's and stretches as well as working on basic moment techniques and progressions and even work through choreography.

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Hiphop Dancer Teacher in Wollongong Area gives lessons to all ages and levels

As a performer, I am still learning and gaining new knowledge everyday, which inspires me as a dancer. My motivation as a teacher is to help my students improve and achieve to the best of their ability. I want to help my students discover their own style of dance, to help them in the future with choreographic style.

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Unique, attractive and expressive dancing with different unbelievable dance forms in Brisbane

1. in starting, i teach them to let them know what is dancing. 2. toward, i'll teach them how to express their selves 3. finally, i will teach them the unique style which probably make them unique then others 4. main aim is to be happy while you dance. FEEL IT.

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An Oriental Belly Dancer who can teach belly dance for fitness as well as professionally.

The classes will include warm up exercises, belly dance basics and intermediate steps and at the end of each level, there will be a choreography.

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Australian based dancer providing hip hop dance classes for all levels and ages

My classes consist of a warm up, hip hop techniques, hip hop foundation steps and a routine consisting of the foundations learnt within the class. I also delve into the history and culture of hip hop to give my students a wholistic understanding of what hip hop is and how it came to be.

South Melbourne
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Dance Adjudicator / Trainer / Assesor RAD Examination preparation classes R.T.S Mentor & Supervisor DIploma in Dance Cert IV in Training & Assessment Free Lance Teacher & Guest Teacher Open Classical

2013 – Current guest teacher & Mentor Katherine Wightmans Academy of Dance Rockhampton Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Coaching Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus Coaching Technician various genres , Advise and Private Coaching

South Yarra
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Professional Jazz dancer from Tokyo will teach you basic Jazz skills and choreography in Melbourne

First we start from warm ups, stretch neck, shoulder, upper body, side of body, legs, toes. then we practice isolation and few basic steps. and move to corner work( turns, high kicks, jumps, etc...

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Nutrition and Food Science graduate who dances like nobodies watching in Adelaide

Generally, I will try to incorporate different styles of dances in my choreos which include urban, Krump, pop-lock, Charleston, footwork dances and of course Hip Hop. Open to teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. My philosophy towards dancing is to always be original and be able to fully express yourself when dancing.

North Geelong
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Bhangra dance and aerobic classes for individuals, couples and groups in geelong

I will perform bhangra steps in front of the students and will teach them each and every skill of this dance.

Elizabeth Park
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Jodie health and fitness coaching Adelaide S.A Focus on your fitness and having fun

All children learn differently and its important no one is at a diffeenet level. I have taught children and have been a gym instructor since 2010.

Port Melbourne
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Contemporary Dance & Breakdance classes. I teach my style, it is more contemporary than breakdance.

I teach mostly floor work, some floor tricks, but I also use some of classical methods in it, together with improvisation.

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Experienced street dancer and qualified choreographer. I am open to learning from those I teach because dance is always changing, and I hope I can share the passion I have for dance with others.

My teaching style is like freestyle dancing with choreography. I like to include different ideas of dance into one and take different ideas and play around with them.

Murrumba Downs
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Full time dance student gives dance lessons for students in South East Queensland

I base my classes on the needs of my students, and the methods that will best assist them in improving their technique and gaining more confidence.

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To avoid being on the sidelines during the evenings, you have to know how to dance. Moreover, dancing is a great way to meet people. Thanks to our private dance lessons, you too can become a professional dancer! In just a few lessons, our experienced instructors will teach you the basic steps of famous dance styles and will give you the confidence to have fun during your outings with friends. There are different types of dance: classical, modern, jazz, latin, tap and more. Of all of these, there is certainly one that corresponds to you. Our instructors are capable providing more original dances such as African dance or samba. On our Superprof website, you'll find African dance instructors as well as Waltz instructors. And if you want to move and tone your body in addition to dancing, we also offer a workout and fitness training. Don't forget: on Superprof, you can find all kinds of private lessons.