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Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give tutorial classes.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

Dundowran Beach
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Learn the culinary art of Commercial Cookery in Dundowran Beach, Hervey Bay

My teaching method is a hands on approach, a very visual experience. Students gain knowledge and experience in the culinary art of basic cooking skills to advanced preparation and service.

Brunswick East
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Javier edilberto
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Professional Bilingual Chef teaches classes in basic cooking, cooking methods, pastry, bakery, techniques in basic cuts, mini chef classes etc ...

Basic and practical instructor, in the style of hells kitchen or the best basic cooking style, depends on the student or students who want to learn in practice, graduated from French techniques but fused with international gastronomy, basic pastry, pastry basic ...

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Cake Decorator with Baking Diploma giving cake decorating and baking classes in Toronto

My teaching methods are one-on-one and easy to understand. Students have free will to whip up their own creativity into decorating cakes. These classes are open to all, you do not require a certain level of education to attend. A typical class would be in an extremely relaxed environment where you can get creative with shapes, colors and moulds to make your perfect cake.

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Teaching Food Technology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for DFP Almarai candidates

Technical Training Specialist with Almarai Company , Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Maybe you can try some Indian touch now. Specialization in Indian foods

I like practical. And of course, cooking need to be done practically. SO my class would be a one on one class. And I was a teacher back in India but to younger kids. There is no restriction in terms of education for this class. But you should be free to ask me anything about cooking.

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A professional chef, graduated from IHM Mumbai and worked in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai loves cooking and wants to spread love for food.

My teaching method depends on the type of food and students too. I teach theory of cooking and take practical classes as well. I make cooking fun so that you can learn it easily by just following the steps of the recipe. I give ideas of plating of food like a pro.

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Cooking healthy that is the best cooking skills anybody can have so

I will be starting with the basic things about the kitchen so even a very young who has not done single thing in cooking will able to do many variation in cooking. As a teacher of cooking i will mainly conduct classes on online or phone call.

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Le cordon Bleu graduate gives cooking lessons and food tour in Paris

Paris is a city of love and of course: food. I have been learning cooking since I was 16, in 2017, I completed my study at one of the most prestigious cooking institutes, Le Cordon Bleu, in paris. Apart from cooking, I also love to explore the local food culture, to experience the unlimited combinations of fine food so as to practice my own skills.

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I will be more than happy to share the knowledge I have got being in the hotel industry . Contact me for continental cuisine

My cooking method is what your taste is, my methods are simple and easy to use I teach with each and every details needed and will give a brief information regarding nutrition management as well.

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I teach cooking from afar for those who want to impress their friends, dates, dinner guests....anyone. Simple but looks impress.

We will go from discussing dietary requirements, writing the menu (in French of course!), sourcing the best ingredients, preparations, cooking techniques, time tables from starter to dessert. We can even choose the best wines to suit the dish. Easy to follow techniques on presentation.

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"cooking and baking is fun" 15 years experienced chef mini will teach you how


Gillian eloh
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Food is an essential in everyday so why not use this opportunity to get the best out of me !

I love teaching such practically because my every moves and methods are viewed perfectly. But online is not a big deal as i could use Skype too and to quick learner who might just follow my recipe and method. Anyone which works for a student is what i will just do.

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French Culinary expert with 5+ years of experience ready to teach you some tricks and maybe a little french on the way

My teaching method is discussion and demonstration. I base my classes on Lectures, tutorial and communication between a teacher and students. Very open and friendly teacher and love to bring on the table what students wants to learn and achieve for their knowledge.

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English teacher Uttarakhand Tefl qualified. Can give classes at your home !!

I teach using the Presentation, Practice and Production methods. I am qualified in grammar and Skypr/telephone and teaching large classes. My classes can be discussed to your aims in learning English and my classes can be organized to accommodate this criteria.

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General manager in a reputed hotel who gives tuition of f&b service and cooking

my teaches method is simple. i have given free of mind class. i have given friendly behaviour in my class, my class structure are ask and take the answer properly. as a teacher i am very honest about my teaching.

New Delhi
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Cooking is my passion!...I make sure yoi will start loving cooking after learning from me.

I am foodie and started cooking when I was when I was in 6th standard...I will start from the scratch of cooking and then i'll introduce other things related to cooking step by step..Don't worry you will become master chef.

Kamala kanthi
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Eat to live healthy and happy, make cooking your passion the evergreen business you can be in

my teaching methods are PPt's short and simple notes up-to the point with some tips and tricks

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An 14 years experienced Chef and Food Production HOD in a reputed hotel management college in india

My teaching method is based on audio visual presentation and practical oriented which will result in a good future chef

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Study to gain knwoledge not the marks Be brilliant not the ranker!!!

I teach students to make concept clear in their mind and i dnt allow them to just mug up things

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Experienced chef gives cooking and plating class in Brussels. Every level welcome

The transmission of knowledge is one of the golden rules of the French culinary tradition. I like to share what I learned from great chefs. The purpose of a class is to give you the tools to reproduce the menus together, to learn new simple and effective techniques and to transform inexpensive and delicious products.

Anjum saher
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Kitchen is a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love

My teaching method is experimental. I know different types of teaching method for easy learning.

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Japanese Toulouse, winner 2015 Ministry of Tourism, traditional and current family cooking

I teach by practice the knowledge of typical ingredients and their use. I also teach different types of preparation and various cooking methods. I also present the making of sushi such as the Japanese housewife. I present dishes that follow the seasons, in the purest Japanese tradition. No fear, I also know how to be modern and creative.

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Professional chef to teach and help you learn more about food. Love food.

My teaching methods change depending on the student. In my time teaching I’ve learned that no two people learn exactly the same. So, the experience you would get would be catered to your learning style and cooking style. Love your life and love your food.

New Delhi
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Get amazing and intresting cooking lessons and present yummy food to everyone.

My teaching method is very intresting. i focus on each and every student and don't run with my course. i belive in learnig step by step not in rushing after the course. Very friendly with my students. They will fell in love with cooking.

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Home Baker & Chocolatier, give baking & chocolate making workshops, based in Colaba, Mumbai-India

-Certified in Bakery Course with IHM with 2.5 years of teaching experience. -Interior Designer turned Baker & Chocolatier who believes that baking is an art which involves science. -Anyone can take up classes who are interested in baking & chocolate making. -knowledge of Basic skills & techniques -Easy recipes with written modules. -Doubt clearing sessions. -Fun learning sessions.

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DIY: Art of Cakes Create your own masterpiece cake, eat it too

I am experience with Wilton as an instructor. Step by step tutorial with our project. With this class you will be able to decorate a simple 1 tier cake design for your event. See sites for ideas.

Lake Forest
Ruby lark
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Commercial Cooking teacher with the degree of Master of Arts in Teaching major in Technology and Home Economics

I am a licensed professional teacher; give lessons about commercial cooking and bartending to Technical Vocational Education Students-Home Economics. Demonstration is the method I usually employ to my daily lessons since the subject is a skill-based. Also, I always give hands-on activity so that the students will improve the particular skills in home economics.

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