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Pin Gin Hill
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A trilingual speaker (Cantonese/English/Mandarin) gives lessons to people who want to learn another language

My approach to teaching focusses on engaging students with the material at hand, and hopefully exciting them about the subject. I try to teach not only course material but also to encourage students to develop thought patterns. Students are undertaking their own learning, while I am present to guide and facilitate their journey.

Mountain Creek
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Tannum Sands
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For an easy life lesson on stress management, students can feel at ease and relaxed

My teaching method is to get to know my student/s and to learn about who they are and why they are stressed. I can understand their stress and try to help the best I can. I may not be the best teacher, but i can always try.

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Studying Gold Coast Health Coach offering lessons in making positive life changes!

I offer lessons catered to towards promoting positive life changes through a combination of mindset and natural nutrition. Previously in my personal life i have struggled through anxiety holding me back from my health & career potential, so enjoy taking on clients that are looking for personal development in these areas.

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Help for mental health and general life, will coach online through Facetime

My teaching style is personal one on one coaching on FaceTime, other video chat format or even over text. The structure is very fluid as I try to centre them around you, helping you figure out what you need and how to build from you're experiences.

Surfers Paradise
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Be your best you and a confident public speaker learning from the experienced

My main focus is to establish a structure and strategy at increasing self-confidence, irrespective of the number of people listening. Also explaining body language and gestures that makes you come across as a confident and credible public speaker.

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If we learn to understand what makes us tick, we learn the fundamental rules to happiness.

My way of coaching is to make sure that you get something out of each session, something which can carry you forward in a big way. One thing that is important to know is You Are Always At Choice. I have learned many methods of coaching in order to find the best way to get results quickly and efficiently.

O'Halloran Hill
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Own and grow your personal wellbeing, creative and positive tools to a happier, stronger you

My methods are one on one meet ups, or phone conversations, group meet ups. I am very flexible. I can also create videos on particular topics that someone may need help with, such as stress, recovering from a break up, trying to find meaning in life and more, on request.

Brunswick East
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Creative Mentor, Get ready to break through to the other side ! East Brunswick area

I work in all fields that relate to creative expression. Breaking though the barriers to our creative life force is my gig.

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Elia has been a Holistic Counsellor, specialized in stress management for the last 5 years. She found a way to heal and now she just want to pass on wonderful tools

My methodology of teaching is customized, according to each client's needs and interest. I have the knowledge but the way the student learns depends on the students. How I will deliver the class depends on each student's uniqueness as each human being has different strengths and talent.

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To become physically fit we should become mentally healthy. When our mind will be free from stress we can think creatively. So stress management is the major topic to discuss in any child care.

My teaching methodology is student center approach to learning. My strategy is to make student understand the things rather than finishing my duty.

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INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES - Reach your goals with greater ease with Brain Gym, in Sydney !

Energetic Consultant Brain Gym dedicated to help people to achieve what they need with confidence and joy ! I will teach you a range of techniques (P.A.C.E, stress release techniques, re patterning, ...) and specific movements to help you reach your maximum's potential.

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Graduate in Philosophy and Religion and published author offering lessons in life! Creativity, confidence, positive thinking. Let's work together!

I shape every lesson to the individual. I believe firmly that integrating the theoretical and the practical is key to transformation. Therefore I offer not only practical skills and activities but also a knowledge of what goes on below the surface of our actions.

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Canberra overall wellness, creative expressive movement practices, mind Fitness, Circus, Play, Fun

Movers and new starters, change makers healers artists freelancers players, My philosophy is a holistic approach to health, wellness and life and through my courses you will be able to explore different aspects of your self through expression throughout different mediums

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Experienced Beekeeper here to teach the ways of apiculture. Learn how to start your own hive!

I will walk you through the necessary steps needed to set up an apiary and become a proficient, caring beekeeper. And give you face to face training while you practice and learn the art of bee keeping.

(6 reviews)

Mindful Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Personal Coach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, confidential support with experienced coach

HOW CAN COACHING WITH ZANGMO ALEXANDER HELP ME? - Dissolve blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs sabotaging your personal, creative and professional development - Clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life and creative practice for you – what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative wo

(4 reviews)

Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted conflict management skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

(4 reviews)
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Want to find ways to free up and manage the creative side of your brain? That's what I do!

Creativity is surrounded by myths. My approach is all about demonstrating that it is a skill that can be mastered rather than a superpower you either have or you haven't. I can run you through exercises that can show you how your brain will be creative if you simply give it the right circumstances and learn to overcome the outer and inner critics that life throw in our way.

Central Liverpool
(11 reviews)

Flloyd - Central Liverpool - Public Speaking

I am an experienced voice/acting coach & professional actress, having worked in the UK, USA and Australia for many years. I offer tools to develop a strong, flexible, effective and creative speaking voice and powerful communication skills. .

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Life Coach / Consultant / Mentor / Improve your mindset and be a better you

I teach in groups together building confidence. One to one face to face and online. I review each client individually by arranging a consultation so I can assess each clients individuals needs and objectives. I then create a personal program. It is target driven realistic and manageable. I use S.M.A.R.

West Bridgford
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Innovative, caring tutor with over 15 years of experience in coaching, music, sports and creativity!

Every learning environment is different and personal to that individual or group. I always make my lessons personal, creative and caring. I deliver bespoke delivery as I always want my training to be unique to that group or individual. I have always enjoyed working creatively and working with people.

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Life coach specialising in lifestyle changes and rediscovery of oneself after major illnesses

I have been successfully teaching various subjects and then coaching via Skype for a number of years with clients living across the country and beyond (Luxembourg, Austria, Hong Kong, France to name but a few). My clients` testimonials: Ignaty has helped me greatly with his life coaching.

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MBA student London offering you to master the art of public speaking

My method of teaching is totally practical. I relate content to real world scenarios and situations so that it becomes easy to understand the theoretical as well as practical order. Lectures would provide all the necessary information needed to be proficient in professional public speaking.

Milton Keynes
(4 reviews)

Richard | Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach | Active in Milton Keynes, London and Worldwide via Skype

Public Speaking success is about understanding and building a connection with your audience to move to them to think or act differently. Very few of us are born great speakers, but every one of us can find our voice and success through planning, practice and performance. I am a specialist Communications Coach with over 10 years of experience.

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A qualified and experienced personal life coach and mindfulness practitioner, mentor, University level teacher, energy-worker, metaphysical worker and intuitive, spiritual consultant.

I work intuitively bringing the gift of guided insight and intuitive reading to the coaching process, as well as developed and experienced knowledge of Metaphysical energy. I will endeavour to promote structure, motivation and an inspiring plan of action!. We get to the heart of what you really want and overcome what may be holding you back.

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I am a 19 year old young lady who volunteers at schools helping to develop the confidence of the little ones. I encourage self-motivation and self-love.

My teaching method is fun and family orientated, I enjoy everyone being comfortable and sharing their experiences with me. I am a vibrant and bubbly person and encourage learners to voice their opinions and feelings no matter what it may be. My method is called the seed method. Everyone begins as a seed and as each lesson and journey is completed.

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Qualified Teacher who is able to inspire and engage students to enjoy learning

Teaching is tailored to the individual needs of the student and adapted to their learning style. The lessons are informal and are guided by the student. As a teacher, I have an innate ability to built a rapport with my students so they always feel comfortable to ask questions, which is necessary in order to clear any misconceptions they have.

Sowerby Bridge
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Personal and Professional Life Coaching - Covering - Wellbeing, Development or Career Progression.

Getting to understand my clients through listening, I explore the clients strengths and weaknesses, working with them to enable positive action whilst discovering the options and resources that are available to the client. Combining my knowledge of NLP to deliver effective quality one to one sessions which bring value to the clients.

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I want to listen what it is in your heart. I’m not a psychologist, neither I am a friend. But I will be in between.

I will listen every word, every sound and every feeling that comes from you. My task is to listen and help you with emotional intelligence to find a solution. Sometimes I use music as therapy too, as it helps you think different and the melody just changes the vibes in your mind and even the body.

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You are in the driver seat of your own life ! - Handle your life and happiness as you should ! Life Coaching; Happiness Management

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

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