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Struggling with your English. Which areas do you feel you need help(Reading/Listening/Writing/Speaking)? Feel free to ask your RMIT teacher to get the best solutions.

I believe in face to face teaching/one-on-one approach rather than online methods. I feel this would give a more personal touch and get to know people very well. Feel free to approach me with any queries you may have. Your smile is my satisfaction.

St Albans
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Melbourne University student gives English lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne

I tailor my classes to the curriculum of every individual student, working on the key skills and constantly referring to the rubric and criteria.

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Communications researcher, English teacher, and published writer offers expertise to Melbourne high school and university students.

Mine is an encouraging, solutions-focused style of teaching that is highly individualised for the particular needs of each learner. I advance English proficiencies through positive reinforcement and by building foundations, not just of grammar and so on, but by offering students strategies to build academic practice and knowledge of the methods and rules of study itself.

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Published writer, poet, and performer teaches writing & public speaking to all ages in Melbourne (or online)

I love creating a warm, open environment for learning, where my students feel free to be creative and express themselves. I am very flexible and can adjust my instruction according to my students' specific needs. I will meet you exactly where you're at and listen to you and find out what skills you are lacking and help you get there with compassion and efficiency.

Clayton South
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Monash Engineering student gives English (essay writing, reading, grammar) lessons to school students

My teaching methods are basically always student oriented. I generally got no specific teaching method because my goal is to make all my students understand the day's topic. Different kids understand things differently, so i first familiarize with my students to know what they need and what their weak points are.

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Masters of Secondary Teaching student offering Quality English Literature, Language and Creative Writing Tutoring - Melbourne Based.

Areas of specialisation are English and Drama. In addition to completing my Masters I have a BA in performing Arts from Charles Sturt University. My philosophy is founded in working to engage students with subject material in dynamic and original ways that work best for their preferred learning style.

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Melbourne Law Student and experienced VCE Tutor looking for High School students seeking to excel in English or Literature

My teaching method revolves around the development of three crucial skills. 1. Close examination of the text. (This skill dictates the quality of your response). 2. Construction/Structure. (Ensuring arguments are presented logically and appropriately). 3. Expression (Finer details such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary and fluidity.

Ferntree Gully
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Monash Psychology student, a nerd who loves to teach all things English.

I cater my lessons to you! You want to focus on spelling today, you got it. You want to write a killer essay? Awesome! Done deal. You don't know what you want? I'm here for ya, I have years of English experience and am 1 year experienced in tutoring English in a wide range of contexts, from primary school to the top end of year 12.

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Biological science student with ample skills in English taught at school, teaching online and in libraries in Melbourne

My believe that in order to learn properly, it is important to include fun activities which encourage learning so the student does not become bored of studying. I also like to encourage learning by relating things taught at school to the real world so students understand the importance and purpose of the content they are getting taught.

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Hi There, I am a marketing professional and doing my 2nd masters in Business (Marketing). I enjoy teaching languages of English, Tamil, Sinhalese and soft skills for personal and professional developm

My teaching methodology is simple. I teach languages for student or anyone willing to learn English, Sinhalese and Tamil. For a school students - For English - I would mainly focus in the school grade marking system. I would focus on the base and and the advance factors to make a good student to a great student.

Notting Hill
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Experienced Swinburne Uni Student, with published writings, gives Literature Lessons in Melbourne

The lesson structure would begin with ensuring the core idea is fully understood, a brief overview of what the student interprets the work as, and any areas of concern they may have for themselves. It is my belief that effective education can be completed once there is mutual respect, communication and collaboration between the teacher and the student.

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From Home Writing Skills Seminars, With Pre Service Teacher! (ONLINE CONNECTION NEEDED)

I base my classes on YOU. All methods I devise are based on where you need help. I also know that the best way for the majority to learn is to have practical applications. That is, not sitting down and filling out a sheet, but discussing the issues and how we can improve them. Most of my learning tasks have some form of practical task.

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Year 12 Graduate gives English Lessons to students at both Primary and Secondary

My teaching method consists of two hours of structured discussion which pertain to ideas, themes and the intended messages towards the audiences of novels that are being studied at the Year 12 level as well as the appropriate structuring of an essay which .

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Masters in Teaching student, with a Masters in English lit to give English lessons in Melbourne

I believe that every student is different and should be treated such. I am a result-oriented teacher and focus on changing and evolving my methods to bring out the best in students. I like to have structured lesson plans with scope for changes according to student levels.

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Experienced in educating both adults and children. Hold degree in Psychology. Based in Nunawading and surrounding areas. Passionate in bringing the best of others. Learning can be enjoyable and produc

I have a wholistic teaching approach where I match my student's personality to a suitable teaching style. I believe education is not about stuffing new information in but bringing out the joy and curiosity of students so they become self-motivated life learners.

Pascoe Vale
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Teacher-in-Training Assisting with creative writing skills, reading, and the world of literature

My teaching method is interactive and inclusive. I encourage discussions, questions and the use of any action that the student requires. I think brain-storming and role-playing are fantastic ways to help my students relax and gain confidence in their work. It's important for children to be able to have fun with their work; it allows their creativity to flow.

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Lover of all books great and small and happy to share my knowledge

I have read many books throughout my life in many different genres and have also studied English and Literature while I was in school. I will be able to pass my knowledge of those subjects on to whoever need it.

1st lesson free !

Students definitely improve when I teach them, not only in their results but also in confidence and ability to learn all subjects.

Primary and high school students have LOTS of fun in my lessons, and when students have fun they LEARN and REMEMBER what they need to remember. All my lessons are student-centred so they cater for personality, ability and effort. I always make students laugh a lot and open up their minds to finding their massive potential.

Burwood East
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Monash student giving tutoring for VCE English Language, and math, science and English (yr 1-10)

I ensure that all my students have a fixed lesson plan and that before any worksheets are given they are familiar with the content, and that they have understood everything. I like to use notes, and visual aids such as PowerPoint to help them understand not only theory based subjects, but also practical subjects like math.

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Monash medical student who got 46 in VCE English and 99.55 ATAR

I am a relaxed person, so I try to tailor sessions to my students' needs, rather than choose a strict system. Practice essays are very important in Year 12 English, so I encourage students to write throughout the year. I always mark essays I am given and provide feedback within a short time, as this seems to be the best technique.

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Monash Student of Humanities. I give English lessons to school children in Melbourne

Children learn best in conversations and they need justified explanations for why are they practicing a certain form of knowledge. I encourage reading habits for better understanding of the subjects or the language. I set practice papers and design it according to the need of the curriculum.

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Select-entry school student teaching English skills and writing to kids under 13 in Melbourne

My teaching method is to explain the concept with clear instructions, encouraging questions, and then to provide a practical activity to consolidate the student's learning. Going through the students work together as I offer constructive feedback is an ideal learning situation. I cater to all learning styles and will adapt as needed.

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University of Cincinnati English and Cultural Anthropology graduate with five years of experience editing/proofreading a variety of content including essays, poetry, blogs, social media, etc.

I am an English tutor for academic and creative writing as well as reading comprehension. My lessons are typically geared towards high school and college aged students. We will first go over what you think your strengths and weaknesses are in the subject, discuss the project at hand, and go over methods to help you succeed long term.

Caulfield South
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It doesn’t matter how much skills and abilities in English your child has, I will guide them every step of the way.

Each child is different and I find their strengths and weekness and help them build on it. I help children in English by reading novels like Matilda (Roald Dahl) and understand what they are reading by doing activities. I also assist with writing stories based on novels.

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Deakin Uni student pursuing second masters in communication is taking private/group sessions for English and creative writing for primary/secondary level students.

Lessons shouldn't be boring for students. Infusing real-world experiences into instructions will make teaching sessions fresh, and enrich classroom learning.

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VCE English Tutoring for English Units 1 + 2 (Year 11) and Units 3 + 4 (Year 12)

I'm a recent graduate of Suzanne Cory High School and I've maintained a 93% average for both Year 11 and Year 12. My lessons will include regular worksheets and notes to solidify concepts. To ensure you are prepared for your SACS and the exams, I have prepared planned lessons for 40 weeks which will greatly help you achieve a high study score for the subject.

Box Hill
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Swinburne University student studying Bachelor of Education (Primary) gives lessons to support learning in English

As a facilitator of my students’ learning process, I encourage my students to develop their own learning style, understanding that each child is an individual and has different needs. I actively engage my students with the incorporation of ICT and real-world application, with the aim to create meaningful experiences.

Wantirna South
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$40 For A Qualified English Teacher / Melbourne / Master of Teaching (Secondary)

I can help with all aspects of speaking and writing in the English language, and am familiar with Victorian curriculum requirements. Specifically, I focus on essay writing and construction, with a special focus on argumentation and clarity of thought. I also take care to look at schoolwork and assignments, and proof-read all written work.

Box Hill North
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University student willing to give primary school aged children a head start in English.

I am able to offer help with homework and assignments, as well as generally improve English skills to the level required. I am motivating and patient with children, and can help with other aspects of their schooling such as organisation.

1st lesson free !

Deakin Education Student to provide English support to primary and high school students.

I approach topics thoroughly and efficiently. I will address fundamental and basic gaps in knowledge of students in order to progress and reach their required level of English. A collaborative team work will also be ensued to breakdown the traditional teacher/student set-up. This creates a confident boosting environment for students.

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Perfect! Veronica helped me with my resume. She promptly got back to me after I sent her my resume. She helped me with my grammar and sentence structures, and gave me useful comments about how to improve my resume. Highly recommended :)

Pimpisut, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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