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Upper Coomera
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Vibrant and experienced beauty therapist with expert knowledge in eye brows can teach highschool students and adults basics in cosmetics!

I am a happy and helpful person with a passion for empowering women to look and feel their best. My lessons can give you the knowledge and skills to be able to apply both day and evening makeup that is customised to be the best for you.

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Experienced trainer for tuition in all aspects of Beauty therapy available in Newcastle area.

I am able to engage with students of all ages and abilities. I have a good sense of humor . The most successful training links theoretical components to practical skills and I feel that I achieve this.

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I am a Certified Makeup Artist by passion. My passion is to to boost confidence of today's woman by teaching her how to use makeup properly as a tool to be confident not to just feel feminine. I resp

I will be teaching in small groups It will be more of an interactive class session rather than a boring lecture. I will choose small groups of not more than 5-10 at a time for better attention. But i also give personal session for anyone interested in solo attention and better learning.

Santa Clarita
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Entertainment Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist available for lessons Honolulu & Los Angeles

Working Entertainment Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist. Member of IATSE Mixed Local 665-Make-Up & Hair (HI-1989), IATSE Local 706-Make-Up (Los Angeles-1993) & SAG/AFTRA-Actor/Performer (HI-2012). My education includes Cosmetology-Paul Mitchell the School, and Make-Up Certificates-Marvin G.

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Ayurvedic and Organic Based Skin & Haircare/Clothing Stylist offering group lessons and solo mentoring online.

Do you want a skin/hair care method that's actually good for your body without the outrageous prices of store brand organics but with the same quality? Do you want to change your style but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn an ancient medicinal form and better your life through simple changes to your lifestyle without sacrificing the hustle and bustle of your life? If any of these...

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Oral maxillofacial surgeon with 43 years of experience will share knowledge and experience

webinars , live zoom classes podcasts . training with video presentations of recorded videos on surgical procedures (minor) , dental implants etc.. these training lectures will be useful to practicing dental surgeons, and dental students studying in dental schools. teaching can be a live seminar or recorded aired as a webinar.

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I am student of Pharmacy field, I have learned all about ayurveda and allopathy as well.

My teaching method depend upon students, I mean I will teach student on their way, i.e. how students want to study.

Kennett Square
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Self-taught MUA in PA. I do volunteer work for salons, I do makeup for events not profit.

I firmly believe in trial and error. I am very patient. I would love to show students my own techniques and methods, but find a way for it to work for them. Teamwork and visuals are key for my teaching style.

1st lesson free !

Personal styles and help you with your life in lawndale aka South Bay

I am still in school part time at El camino College. I generated lawndale high school in 2012. I was assistant for my teacher in junior year and senior year too. I created a club in high school called Ladies in Action for short LIA. LIA have special events like christmas event and self- confidence week to make women more power and speak to other women about relationship and other things too.

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Makeup lessons from beginner to advanced for those who want to improve their makeup skills

As a tutor I try to make sure that I personalize my lessons to what my students need, If they are visual learners I will upload videos as pictures if they are the best as trying until perfection I will show tricks on how to practice, and if they are oral learners I will post videos and step by step instructions or diagrams to help each student learn best.

1st lesson free !

Diversely skilled stylist with over six years in the industry in Miami .

My teaching methods are mainly hands on and part theory. I will have mannequins where you are able to view the skills I will be performing. I have a great sense of humor yet I am compassionate and honest and you will learn a lot.

Victoria florence
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Skin Faculty, worked in VLCC institute, Bangalore. Will teach full skin and hair care course.

I can teach you and make you as professional beauty and hair therapist. I will conduct classes using ppts through skype.

1st lesson free !

Insta worthy hair and makeup tutorials varying between glam and natural x

I am a 15 year old girl who loves to do both hair and makeup. I love to change things up and try all different fashions when it comes to hair and makeup. I can teach to whom ever is interested both female, male, adult, teenager or child. I can teach in which ever way you may find most effective and we can work out hours between us that are at your most conviniece.

1st lesson free !

Licensed cosmetician giving expert training about the care of hair, makeup, and skin products. And showing which method is best for you.

My methods to this is helping others a quick consultation then receive the best methods to keeping up with their beauty care and finding the right products for them depending on hair/skin type to complement their appearance.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

One of the inventor of modern hair transplant fue/bht from beard to scalp

Online as well as hands on training- basic as well as advanced courses so you make hair transplant like (concealed information)

Gireesh kumar
1st lesson free !

Well hi everyone and tnq for reading this, i am a dental surgeon and also i have intrest to teach cosmetics regarding oral..

I can teach anyway like orally or on board or practically or imaginarily in interested manner as per requirement of situation

1st lesson free !

Beauty tricks and tips for beginners to advanced, bro I can help you out

I am here to help you as an individual or as a beuatians to improve your work and self, I will give you all the top tips and tricks for you to succeed, hunni you honest honesty will go farm I will not intimidate you in any way, I will have you to become confident in both yourself and your work!

1st lesson free !

Medical student offering 5 years of makeup and 2 years of fashion experience lessons

My teaching method is by offering techniques they can use and tips. I try to approach each topic in different sections of makeup like with eyeshadow, foundation and etc.

St. Peters
1st lesson free !

Cosmetologist, skin care is paramount for a healthy beauty, I will teach care with natural products

Skin care means having healthy skin, looking and feeling good, it is very important to learn how to take care of ourselves, in this course I will show you how to do it and how to apply various products that you can make yourself at home with natural ingredients !

1st lesson free !

Hair stylist with 9 years of in salon experience in Hollywood, Florida

My teaching methods are pretty simple lots of quizzes to get you prepared for the big test that will be coming your way!!!!!

Las Vegas
1st lesson free !

Current Cosmetology student with a passion for nail design and nail art.

I like to do demonstrations and have students work on a design that I teach along with me to understand

1st lesson free !

Student in hotel management having an experience of skin and hair problems so can give better advices to improve.

I have researched alot on mainly skin problems as I had suffered alot so I know what the basic skin problems and it's causes.

1st lesson free !

Cosmetology lessons, consultation and recommendations, the winning combination. Let me guide you.

My teaching is based on individual struggles which therapist face in the treatment room, objectives, opening and closing the sale

1st lesson free !

Self employed makeup artist offering detailed lessons in different levels of makeup

My teaching method is starting from basics and working out way up.

1st lesson free !

Licensed cosmetologist who loves doing hair and will help you with yours!

I teach according to the needs of the student. What works for some people may not work for other people.

1st lesson free !

Family history in cosmetology. Also very fashion forward, knows a lot about hair products and makeup.

I teach in steps so it is easy to understand and to remember. I find it easier that putting multiple concepts together.

Ciudad de México
1st lesson free !

Cosmetologist expert in beauty, private classes in CDMX and EDO MEX via online any part of the world

I like to teach about the importance of personal care, health, nutrition and emotional well-being, always improving in knowledge, theory and practice. I am good at teaching beginners, or students, work with a curriculum adapted to each region, culture, student needs.

1st lesson free !

Fully qualified beautician wanting to sharw my skills and knowledge based in walsall.

Im able to teach anyone, wether you are just coming into the make up and beauty industry, already in it and want to gain more knowledge or just wanting to learn the basics. I am able to teach anytime of the day.

1st lesson free !

Providing lessons to be your own stylist with least efforts ,and more impact

I provide personal guidance ( on making a perfect wardrobe which definitely make you the most stylish person in the room. I have appealing recommendations that will suit your body type, work/ occasion preferences and the budget of course!! I will be available for online as well as face to face guidance.

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