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Brunswick East
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1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

With 37 years of working and giving on the job training in kitchens and canteens wanting to share knowledge and experience

My teaching method is to involve the students in a discussion about the subject we are studying and to impart my experiences. I am passionate about food and work safety and the processes that make these possible.

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Passionate Food Technology and Hospitality teacher with twenty years experience to help

My teaching method is always to relate the content to the students personal world some how first, then engage the student with challenging questions and methods of applying the content, so they learn it. Finally testing the students knowledge with relevant HSC questions to assess understanding.

Munno Para
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Adelaide SA Cooking and Baking helper been doing it since i was 10 yrs old

My teaching method is by showing you what to do and how to cook or bake the item you require. I can organise a video chat to help guide you through, or even come to your home or welcome to come to mine.

Taylors Lakes
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Love eating, love cooking Born in China, as a Chinese, is certainty good at cooking Chinese food

I will teach you step by step and creat the delicious food together. If you just want to learn some food can make quickly, rice cooker is your good helper and I will teach you how to make plenty of food by using it.

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UOW student with 5 years of experience in traditional, healthy, spicy, or mild and easy Indian cooking. If you love Indian food, there's more to it than the restaurant curries.

Do you love Indian food? Does a curry or a spicy stir fry excite you, while its cooking process intimidate you? My classes would cater to your personal requirements, we would work on what interests you and bring the best version of your culinary skills while cooking. Indian food is more than just the restaurant curries, it has a rich history.

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Healthy and tasty food to nurture and power humans of all ages

My teaching is for people of all ages who want to discover how much fun cooking at home can be and are interested in empowering their children with skills and knowledge. How to cook up a wonderful healthy and tasty 3 course menu to enjoy with family and take to work/ school.

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Learn to be your own chef in sweet, healthy ,traditional and asian ways

My teaching methods is mostly get my students involved in the practical session rather just explain how to do it and i manage to teach simply and easy way to make it a success with available resource.

West Pennant Hills
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A foodie who is passionate to teach cooking and baking with love

Every student are different from one another. Some are more visual and some are more theoretical. When it comes to cooking, I would ask my students to cook from their heart rather than what they've learned and from there we will move forward.

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Making lipsmacking food I use to teach in India done a diploma

hi my name is Sakshi I love to cooking teach people that from one thing we can make 10 endless different things which are liked by all ages for sure .I teach in a really interesting manner I make friends and then will make u learn what all was taught to me in my diploma even more things what I learned while teaching some tips will be provided to make things good .

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I love cooking from my childhood. I consider it as my way to cop with stress and something which makes me happy and healthy

I love to teach in way to want. It could be online or you can come to my place and i can come to yours.

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Vegan home cook gives inspiration for creating plant based cuisine at home

My teaching method is hands on, we only retain 7 percent of what is told to us, so i prefer students to DO in order to retain their knowledge. My lessons are useful for anyone looking for basic easy frugal vegan meals and learn basic substitutions in plant based cooking.

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Experienced Teacher gives motivational lessons in Art, Nutrition and Design studies, while covering Maths and English basics.

My teaching methods is based on a student centered approach. I believe I can coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment.

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A chef and food stylist looking to give cooking lessons in Melbourne

I love teaching about food. Currently I am doing a masters in Sustainability and want to work in the space of sustainable food and education. I like to make my classes fun and interactive. I am also happy to create menues based on individual needs.

Brisbane City
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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree willing to teach everything I know in this field.

My teaching method is very straight forward and direct. I will teach you everything that I know and make it simpler for you to understand every single bit of it.

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I am currently pursuing my masters in information technology in charles sturt university. I am interested to do part time jobs. So i found this cooking job so interesting and would like to apply for i

The process of teaching making the students understand well and feel free to ask any types of questions to better understanding of the subject

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I can make delicious food dishes in vegetarian.i can teach how to cook.

My teaching method is strats with basics . I can teach as easy progress and simple so that they can learn easy.

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Cooking lessons for people who live to eat And for beginners and student survival

I provide step by step methods of cooking along with the videos to help

Thuringowa Central
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BIG FOODIE who makes food shopping and cooking easy and affordable, located in the Northern Suburbs (Melbourne)

I am approachable and patient. My lessons are based on your specific needs with the aim to promote understanding and confidence in easy, simple cooking. A typical lesson looks like: 1. Assess for prior knowledge: this allows me to understand where support is required. 2. Introduce topic/task: familiarises you and promotes thinking. 3.

1st lesson free !

Step-by-step Asian Homecooking: Authentic and Delicious food made simple in Birmingham with recipe cards

I believe that everyone can cook good food at home. Cooking techniques and recipes are tailored to suit the timetable and objectives of students. Alternative ingredients and shortcuts will be shared to keep cooking easy, simple and fun.

1st lesson free !

French chef with 30 years experience teach zero waste cookery in English or French

Explore topic: increase the knowledge of recipe history, gestual and ustensil history, use of spice, before the fridge existed, medieval cooking, cathare cooking, Spanish classical, French Modern or Classical, Green Island classical, Maghreb, West Africaan, Gluten free, nuts free, the cupboard and shelves, zero wastage, , create a menu to cut the cost, the basic advise with yeast, Mediterranean...

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Is cooking your passion? So is mine... come and learn some exotic cooking like Caribbean, Surinamese, Asian etc...

I am from Suriname, which is a small country in South America. Suriname has a great diversity of cuisines such as Asian, Indian, Caribbean and Dutch. I love cooking, throwing culinary parties and organize tastings. Come and join us (me and my husband) for a great experience, and to learn something different, another cuisine, other flavors...

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Cooking is all about common sense. So, Let me teach you how..

The methodology I follow is a forward approach, where I will take it step by step. These instructions will be given in English. I will teach traditional Indian recipes.

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Excellent cook offering cooking lessons to those wanting to be really independent

I like my classes to be fun while being of great value. It has been my experience that humour (British English spelling) and a relaxed atmosphere enable students to learn whatever is being taught, and even enables the teacher or professor to teach at his or her highest level possible.

Lauro de Freitas
(3 reviews)
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Nutritionist, teaching healthy cooking classes. Bring yourself back the passion for cooking in a healthy way.

Cooking is an act of love ... we feed at least 3 times a day, so I think a lot about the care it requires and the pleasure it should always provide. Nourishing body and soul, this is my mission. The focus of my work is on prevention, knowledge of foods, their functional properties, methods of preservation of nutrients and practicality for the day-to-day.

(6 reviews)
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Hotel management degree holder specialization in culinary . A certified chef with international experience. Eager to spread culinary arts, skill, and knowledge among everyone .

My teaching is mostly based on hands on experience focusing more on practicals and teaching theory to backup practicals . Rather than teaching to masses i prefer having a micro observation of my students to tackle personal problem without missing anything as culinary is an artform i prefer my students to develop their own style and express themselves through cooking.

1st lesson free !

Students in arts college give tuitions in cooking for intermediate students in Lucknow

I first introduce students with the various spices and food combinations. I give basic ideas about the stove, cylinder and utensils too. Basic knowledge about laying the table is also provided. Cooking tips and variety of combinations are discussed and explained detailed wise with proper procedures and time.

(3 reviews)
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Amateur Baker in Canterbury with experience in the food industry and commissions

I like to give people the option to choose what it is that they want to focus on - even if that is the most basic step 1. I am open to teaching anyone of any age that has a willing attitude and likes to have fun, as that is who I am as a person/teacher. No question is ever a stupid question.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Your trust nd your love is my successful hard working nd my hope....

Cook Delicious and spicy food, healthy, traditional food with all home made ingredient nd also cook some sweets by home ingredient.....and creation in food is my best part of cooking aur creat delicious new dish which is different from other food.

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