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I can teach the interested ones to make crafts with plastic, paper etc

I teach using different ways by which the follower can understand easily, the one who don't understand at once I approach them and make them understand.

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Learn cooking at your home only in a simple way, by cooking expert in Gurgaon,

Only technique & method is, love what ever you doing. I will start with basic cooking & give some simple tips & tricks for cooking. Any body can learn cooking , there not need of degree & education for this.

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I love cooking from my school time.. It is my best free time

My teaching method will be friendly nd easy to learn and understand.

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Basic cooking techniques by Mano in tirupur. Try it. Taste it. Thanks

I approach to take classes by both videos and audios that can be downloaded easily. I also make notes on each cooking hacks too.

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Life long lover of cooking offering baking, cooking and dessert making classes.

A meal/dessert per class, based upon what you’d like to learn and discover.

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Spanish girls offering Spanish cooking lesson, Would you like to learn how to make some of the most incredible spanish dishes, no paying high price for restaurant or waiting to go on holidays to try t

The method will be watching at first then I will be telling you how to do it and what to do and I will watch you doing it so u will be ready to do it your self after.

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Indian, Chinese, italian, all kind of Vegeterian food cooking with easy steps

I do very simple steps to make amazing taste food for your daily requirements which is yummy, healthy and tasty

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Having a cooking skills leads to removal of any time craving specially in hostel life.though i am very close to my mother so i enjoy to create fusion dishes to tickle out my tuonge..

Though i am new to this i dont know how to teach but yaa it is clear that i will help you out to make tasty crazy food to fill up your tummy or impress your loved once.

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Hi! Welcome , I am a proffesional cook with extensive experience from a michelain star restaurent, anything you need to know about food I will teach you !

I teach patienently and i will never rush you food is a passion not a race and im here to help you every step of the way!

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Chef who's been working in the industry for over 10 years. Took culinary in college and red seal certified. I've won a few local competitions and competed at provincial level.

I'm very hands on but when it comes to learning I've gained alot of knowledge in the industry. I have many resources to find the answers to anything I may not know.

Market Harborough
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I can happily offer art skills,cooking,design and technology,health and fitness,exercise,nutrition,life skills,vocational skills

My teaching methods include making use of practical skills to enable learning,allowing children to be creative and experimenting through challenge

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South Indian Cook to teach traditional cooking and pan-Indian dishes, Saskatoon, Regina

My teaching methods are to use simple language and provide detailed instruction to help even first-time learners be successful. I think the best way to learn something is to do it yourself under favorable conditions. I am available to help via online classes and in-person classes.

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A professional chef with city and guilds from the UK helping others to learn

Hi teach easy and precise the basics to the end ask as many question as you like no question is stupid

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Professional chef with over 20 years experience in the industry in a wide range of culinary styles .

I'm am passionate about food and cooking , teaching and helping others to understand how and why food reacts the way it does , once you understand the basic processes involved you can create any dish you love

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Healthy good English food on a budget made easy and fun, not fancy

Im a mum of 4, who loves to cook, good food on a budget, fresh if possible, microwave nil, unless reheating leftovers

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Passionate Cook and a very friendly guide. I am more than happy to teach anyone who has an interest in learning more on cooking.

Cooking is an art I started loving at the age of 10. I would love to impart my knowledge on cooking to anyone interested. Basic levels of cooking with step by step process will be taught.

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Hello guys here is your friendly and lovely teaching- welcome

I'm here to share my experience as an immigrant , how you can go straight with your new environment, using your simple language as a abase that you can build on, and to those who are looking for Arabic as a foreign language you are in the right place with a right person , you benefit from my teaching experience of Arabic language that i gain from my country as i did that in Syria and Sudan- so...

Anchor Point
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Learn the basics of good wholesome cooking. Meals from scratch made easy.

I have a Culinary Degree plus forty years in the food service industry. From Las Vegas to Disney World and from Antarctica to Alaska I have ran some of the nicest Dinner Houses and fed scientists and fishermen. In a few short lessons I will teach you how to cook for two or twenty using wholesome ingredients and basic recipes.

Greater London
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Foods and Nutrition Student offering easy and simply culinary lessons in Jamaica

lessons are open to everyone to get there hands dirty and in my eyes everyone can cook and with proper guidance creative skills passion and drive they can become wonderful chiefs.

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A certified Health Care Aide who has a passion and love for cooking and baking at Edmonton, AB.

My passion as a cook is like an art that has a full of passion and love. Been a Product manager in the Philippines for more than 14 years makes me expert in developing new products with quality and expertise.

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Excellent south Indian dishes tamil nadu on your kitchen with authentic traditional style .

Friends, I am very good at my traditional south Indian cooking . I would like to teach few of my signature dishes and basic cooking to people who are new to cooking from scratch . I am always available for you guys to clear your doubts on cooking is always welcome.

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Home maker and a foodie| vegetarian food: Light to pocket and tummy .

Hi All I am Shelly Sharma . A home maker . A Wife. A mother and a perfect teacher for cooking as I have been cooking from the past 15 years. I belong to a vegetarian family (Punjabi) , so you can expect a meal full of spices and love just like our culture is full of variant colors .

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Greater London
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Fine dining and Michelin star background chef gives cooking lessons in London. Health and safety certificated chef. Can travel almost everywhere around London

Hi my name is Giovanni, I'm 28 years old and I am a chef. I started to work in Italy and than I came in London to make new experiences. I currently work with three temporary chef agencies and In three years in London I had the opportunity to work for Michelin star and fine dining restaurants.

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For cooking in simply way make it easy i teach you simply

Hi i am here for you children i teach you how we make easy very easy any type of cooking like traditional or any type of cooking if you want to learn ask me i am always here for you

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Cake & caricature artist take classes in Bangalore for all age students

Will teach A to Z on baking and cake decoration.It can be tailor made and no need of any prior experience in the field.Basic to advanced, from simple baking till caricature and wedding cakes will be taught.

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Mmmm... something smells delicious! Come join me unravel the secret art of Parsi Cuisine!

Cooking delicious Parsi food from secret age old recipients collected from old grand mother recipe books. A lot of research has been don’t going from foot to door speaking to grannies and noting their recipes. There have been times I have been slammed in the face with a frying pan by an angry Granny who wouldn’t want to share her secret recipes.

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Baking & Pastry Arts graduate with years of experience in addition to assistant teaching experience.

At the age of 15 I began my baking journey, I started in a high school technical program learning about the culinary industry as a whole. From there I ventured to The Culinary Institute of America where I earned my BA in baking and pastry arts management.

Greater London
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Cake decorator that gives lessons on baking and decorating cakes in London

I am a cake decorator that has years experience in working in one of the largest wholesale corporations. My lessons will suit all skill levels and will adapt to your style of learning.

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