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Commercial Chef of 10 years, I've worked in pubs, clubs, cafe, catering functions for over 3000 people, ale carte' fine dining and cafes.

I like to experiment with flavours, combining what I know with what I find interesting. Time is key, care is quality.

Tuart Hill
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Formally trained and highly experienced Australian Chef. From Italy to Cuba and everywhere in between I teach the flavours of the world and how to make them your own

I approach teaching cuisine with the students preference in mind. What you want to learn is what I will show you. Basic skills or advanced mentoring. Methods and ingredients. Traditional preparations or innovated styles. Structured recipes or creation of an individual technique.

1st lesson free !

I've worked in every kind of establishment, from pubs to hatted restaurants, being able to pass on those skills is something that I'm passionate about. I can teach you basic techniques to traditional

I believe in approaching cooking with a calm attitude and enjoying the tacitile experience of cooking and eating. I generally focus on fresh uncomplicated dishes with a few elements which provide balance, however I can teach to cook a range of styles. If you become a student I will meet with you before lessons commence to work out what you want to learn and how to best teach you.

Jubilee Pocket
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Internationally recognized chef with 30 years of passion for food and teaching experience my style has Mediterranean rim foundation with Asian overtones

My style is hands on with detailed information about the ingredients history, use and cooking methods, overloading the senses with taste, smell and texture delivered with passion in an informal setting

Basket Range
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Healthy delicious dairy & gluten free food that's kind to your health and the environment

I like to involve people in the cooking process so its very hands on with the opportunity to sit as a group after to eat. The theory and practical are interwoven and spread throughout the lesson. I am able to teach right across the board rom early childhood to the more aged members of our community.

1st lesson free !

Passionate cook with commercial kitchen experience looking to share some knowledge with people who are enthusiastic about learning to cook.

My teaching method is relaxed and I strive to create a friendly enviroment for people to gain confidence in learning to cook. I can teach the basics for those who want to start their cooking journey... through to helping more confident cooks master some new skills.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Asian Chef looking to pass on experiences and knowledge in culinary arts

My teaching methods are all hands on. Followed by theories and a test.

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Exciting opportunity to learn the art of Cooking from a young, passionate chef in Ballarat, Victoria

I'm young, energetic and willing to help all different skill types and abilities. A lesson will comprise of a written outline of the tasks ahead, a demonstration and then a hands on application of the knowledge relevant to the lesson. We will learn and apply these skills in a relaxed atmosphere, with little bookwork.

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Law Student gives wonderful and easy to understand tutoring for your benefit!

My teaching method is to explain using visuals, of one method isn’t understood to explain it in a different way

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Housewife mom teaching cooking fun in mooloolaba. Playing with food to learn.

I am Mrs. Tamrakar-Maharjan. I love cooking varities of cuisine and travelling. My teaching method is very exciting and I like to keep it simple. Timing and colours are very important factors while cooking. I hope you will enjoy cooking with me.

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An experienced middle Eastern Lady will give tutoring in Traditional and Baking

My teaching methodology starts with an introduction to the ingredients of every kitchen type followed by classes of how to prepare each dish and the best cooking procedures.

Russell Island
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Chef for 50 yrs have wealth of experience in all facets of cookery

I have taught students and qualified cooks and chefs from High school students to compete in the Gold coast show who received a silver medal to teaching Asian cooks the correct method in Asian cookery and also working out work plans for large brigades. I try to teach with the method of keeping things as simple as possible until the students have proved they can move to the next level.

New Berrima
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Experienced chef can teach basic to advanced cooking skills to the home cook

I can teach the basics of cooking all the way to cooking for a dinner party.

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Ballarat Lady, over 10 years as a Chef and 10 years supporting students in the classroom.

My teaching methodology is to let students experience all aspects of cooking. Mistakes are important and are used as a point of learning. I encourage students to add there own thoughts and flavours to what is being made.

1st lesson free !

Friendly cooking student wishing to pass on cooking knowledge to others. ️

My teaching methods are hands on, we’ll sit for a bit and learn the recipe and then focus on what the ingredients to do assist with making the food. Such as flour in cakes.

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Enthusiastic architectural student teaching how to cook real Asian food with over 6years experiences.

I teach by giving out the students my own recipes also teach them in details so that they know the right amount of seasoning and the real Asian cooking methods.

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Local chef hoping to show and teach local students and advance there cooking skills

My teaching is organised step by step but simple I have a watch me which I demonstrate then I have the students do and ask questions and I help approach As I believe if your hands on and make a few mistakes on the way you learn more.

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Passionate chef that enjoys sharing her food knowledge and skills with others

I was trained by Italian chefs, where I was taught how to grow flat beans from seeds and how far a loaf of Cibatta can be taken. From there I was taught by a classic French chef, where he taught me to run a sussful kitchen of my own. By the age of 23 I had done just that. Learn the basics first and the rest will follow. Cooking is like oxygen for me, I need it in my life to live.

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Old School knowledge from Leese's Nanna also helpfull tricks for tasty food success.

my grandmother taught me and many mother in laws along my way. NO qualification on paper only, and to be honest I am new to teaching but very easy to get along with.

Queens Domain
1st lesson free !

Italian/Chilean food fanatic gives away cooking secrets for the JOY OF EATING

I would say. Simple ingredients Use what you got/ don't complicate on small stuff Trust your knowledge of flavors Create something delicious and healthy -Presentation of dish -Ingredients -Preparation -End Result My cooking is mostly vegetarian options, but I promise is worth it, you will have a lot of energy, a better digestion, and overall better and clearer skin and mind.

Cudgera Creek
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Australian young mum teaches interactive and fun cooking leassons held in Northern Rivers.

Cooking is for people of all ages, from 5 year olds up to 90 year olds. lessons are structured with a blend of 20/80 theory to practical. Every aspect of each lesson is fun and interactive leaving students excited and with gained knowledge.

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Learn baking with Janelle, years of experience based in murwillumbah nsw 2484

I teach you like you are part of my family, i am gearing my lessons towards people who want to learn how to make everyday family baking and are willing to follow recipes and be able to adapt them to your needs

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Perth mum with 15+years experience giving online lessons and hints, tricks and recipes developed over the years

I believe everyone learns differently. I pride myself on being able to adapt to my students learning style.

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Cooking and Baking for everyone. Learn to master a kitchen and make it your space.

I talk through and provide easy to follow recipes, can work through all allergies and food preferences and help you plan your weekly menu or cook up a once off dinner party

Coffs Harbour
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Coffs Harbour cook offering high quality lessons and experience for hobbyist or like minded foodie as myself

My teaching method is tailored to each students needs and based on experience already gained or wishing to gain.

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Classic dishes made easy healthy alacarte style taught by a chef with forty years of restaurant experience teaching apprentises

i teach the procedures of baking boiling frying steamig stewing bbqing using meats seafoof poutry and vegetables teaching knife skills storing procedures safe handling teaching students what goes with these ingrediences and how to apply these methods to cooking

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