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Queens County
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Where healthy meets guilty! Improve your culinary skills with easy and with class

I am passionate about the power food and different cultures which brings people together and I am very excited to get to share that with you! I am originally Lithuanian, but lately living in the different countries as Italy, Brazil, Japan, France which inspired me even more to practicing home cooking.

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Baking and cooking tutor £25 to £35 per hour in Manchester area

I am a person who is passionate about what i do. i want to provide people to go further in life by teaching them how to cook and bake and i will will do this by showing them a whole lot of skills from chopping to mixing.

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All about prefessional cookery and health and safe kitchen and work place

I am a chef so know quite a lot about cooking and equipment in kitchen. legal right in work place. health and safety in kitchen and how to cook amazing dishes for friend, family or to help u get on the way to being an amazing chef.

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I teach cooking from afar for those who want to impress their friends, dates, dinner guests....anyone. Simple but looks impress.

We will go from discussing dietary requirements, writing the menu (in French of course!), sourcing the best ingredients, preparations, cooking techniques, time tables from starter to dessert. We can even choose the best wines to suit the dish. Easy to follow techniques on presentation.

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Cooking is an art learn it by enjoying not by confusing !!!

this is ajay and im studying btech 3 year ece stream i will give classes to the beginers who r interested in cooking or whnever they want to cook in case of emregency sor example if anyone not there in home

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Come join us and make cooking easy by learning recipe step by step

first i had started cooking classes at home then later i decided to explore it more by seeing the results of my students.

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Italian native teaches basic recipes for a delicious and easy to cook meal

Hello, I am an Italian IB student living in oxford. My family is Italian and I have lived 16 years in Italy. I will give lessons over Skype to any high school or university student that needs help on vocal and even written Italian. I am more qualified to teach beginners and medium level students, however I am happy to help any one that reaches out to me.

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At Home Cooking, welcomes all Ages starting at 3 yrs old, College Student Education Major,

I am a college student who teaches different age groups how to cook/bake for a little over a year. I teach different levels for young children we go through the alphabet in our focus on recipes. I review kitchen safety, and different techniques. I explain which recipes are flexible and which need to be exact.

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Tutorial-yogi from India gives you easy and smart way of cooking in Indian style especially for Beginners and Intermediate

I like to teach simple and better way to cook indian style varieties. (From Beginners) - Tasty indian food for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. - Bachelor tips for easy cooking. - Special recipies with homely style. - Tips for making better output in preparation of food.

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Let's have some fun decorating cakes and cupcakes a lot of fun and new ideas

I have been decorating cakes and cupcakes for over 10 years. I like to create fun designs. Cake decorating is fun and relaxing. I have taught classes at a couple stores and owned my own cupcake business.

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Cooking with Gillian - Cook with passion eat with your eyes do the eating

I have a level 2 diploma in professional cookery, I have cooked in different restaurants in different countries and I just keep learning more and more each day and as a chef I believe it's time to help others also develop in this field.

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Experienced professor available for help in writing papers, math, reading and English

Instructional Media and Communications is the title of my Master's degree as I have authored a reading and math program for Egypt. My teaching and experiences with students are long and many years of experience in accomplishing very difficult goals with students by using non-traditional methods. My philosophy is that I teach the student and not the material.

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Cooking Professional with 30 years experience gives cooking lessons to adults in the New Hampshire area

I am a self taught at home cook with the passion for food, cooking and teaching . I have been cooking for over 30 years and in the food and beverage industry for 10 years. I have a passion for cooking and would like to share my expertise, knowledge and skills to anyone interested in learning to cook basic to exceptional recipes. My style of teaching is friendly, informative and precise.

West Bromwich
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Words cannot express how much I love cooking and so will you after my lessons!

I love cooking and did food technology at GSCE and got an A*! I would love to teach young students life long skills required to become the best they can be at what they love! My lessons will be super fun and enjoyable!

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Engineers bake cook and love better than anyone, by an engineer that may you love

They say that an engineer can do everything. But what about cooking or baking or.... loving? One of the main characteristics of engineers is that can be adapt easy using with the best and most creative way what they see. This sessions of cooking are made from a civil engineer.

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Lets all come together and take an adventure without actually needing a passport. My name is tracy

I am a secondary student who has finished her GCSEs. I am interested in cooking and I have a lot of fun whilst teaching this gracious skill to loads of people around the world. I organise sessions in Newham borough of London but I can also personally come to a tutee in case of any inconveniences .

Virginia Beach
Ellen rose
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Easy Delicious recipes for the New Adventurous Foodie in all of us. Home cooked meals to save your wallet

I am self taught and have been honing my skills for over 10 years. Some of the recipes are from family recipes and some are simply inspired from travel while putting my own twists and flavors.

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Native German&Italian speaker living in Germany gives lessons via skype, whatsapp phone,

I teach the grammar of a language and the ability to learn to speak fluently a language by listening while speaking and of course by having a conversation. I do not teach on a book. First it is important to know you and your interest in order tomset up a funny and motivating course with you.

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Turkish food & meze & antres & middle eastern cousin by Turk

Turkish food will be teaching you by videos:) middles eastern / mediterrenian food for everyone. traditional and delicious 15 minutes meal to slow cooking dinner nights. by the way im a master psychologist, so that we can make a quick session You wont be regret.

Talia rose
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Cooking and childcare.The city Accrington.I do this to help people get better grades and feel good in themselves

My teaching method is talking and making them right stuff down they need to rember.I base my classes on cooking and childcare.

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Learn the art of cooking in simple method by professional with 32 years of experience in Bhopal

My teaching method is Practical oriented. These class is for anyone who is interested in cooking. Young girls and house wives can take advantage of this opportunity and learn the art of cooking quick, tasty, hygienic and nutritious dishes with ex[ertise.

East Sussex
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Cooking classes for people who want to have fun with cooking and baking

I can do online classes or face to face and can come to your home to teach you easy or more difficult dishes to cook for yourself. I have a lot of experience in home cooking and baking and can show you how to make beautiful dishes with love.

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From cordon bleu to Victoria sponge, I can help you improve your cooking skills

I like to keep it simple. Once the basics are mastered, anything is possible, and magic can be created in the kitchen. If you want to provide healthy cost effective meals for your family, great cakes to impress your friends, or a dinner party for 20, let's work together to achieve your goals.

Mohammad saquib
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Being Passionate about cooking wanted to give back to the community and make it easily understandable using best tips and tricks by using few stuffs and traditional techniques to fulfill ones appetite

Not to be a professional or a degree in cooking but still whatever tried till today's works fine for everyone my family friends and colleague, basically use traditional way of cooking and expertise in discovering the likeness of "chatpata khana"

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Hi Friends!! I am a techie by profession from Noida India. Cooking is my passion. I love to cook & I want to share my cooking skills with all of you. please join me & enjoy this cooking class. Thanks.

I can teach with video tutorials & study docs. I can teach Indian cooking- veg & nonveg both, healthy cooking & fast foods. I promise you i will teach you with easy methods & everyone will enjoy my cooking class.

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Hi my name is christos berdoussis. I am 29 years old from Greece but I live in the states now. I am an executive chef with a master's degree from culinary arts and restaurant management and would love

I teach botanology,how to carve on fruits and vegetables and also chemical reactions of herbs and food. I teach people managment how to cook starting fro the basic steps to become a chef of your own. Also includes fixing menus pricing them out learning all about food cost.

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Cooking is a hobby and I love every step . 15 years experience , gives cooking lessons to new beginners , intermediate and advanced student in northamptonshire

I'm Swedish and studied in Sweden, I am Open minded , caring , loving , motivated and a motivator, enjoy seeing others excel in every way . First You Learn then U Earn.

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I give unique recpies and cooking tricks online to every individual all over india

I teach cooking as if practically and by step by step methods with perfect RECPIES I make it joyfully as I love cooking AND ALSO m working as an HR in a Solution company in my local area and take food tasting reviews

New Delhi
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Now the world is turning vegan...come let's enjoy some vegetarian dishes and baking

My teaching method is very simple and clear.My classes will be such that all the students be it beginners or any other can understand really well . I'll be giving clear written directions with pictures which will help you get the desired results.

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Continental fusion cooking in bbq pasta pizza rolls wraps cakes burritos tacos sandwiches fajitas sushi etc

I teach my students from the main stream Conti food menu and whatever they want to learn including the Indian Cuisine, Sushi, Italian, Mexican & Chinese Cusine as well,I as well am specialised in English/British Food as having lived and worked in the same field in UK for about 12 yrs

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