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Birmingham City university student gives physics lessons clear and easy to understand

Teaching will be based on the students level of understanding. The students will be completing the syllabus purely by understanding the methodology. The syllabus won’t be completed just to cover time frame. Will give a time frame of 1 month to see if the student is interested to do lessons, if not will discontinue classes as this is not done for the purpose of earning but passion.

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University of Adelaide students to teach primary and middle shcool math and university statistic

My teaching method is to try to make students think and get the answers from my tip or some little tasks what I designed. I am a very passionate and positive person. I like to teach students which makes myself very happy. I love teaching that gives me a great feeling to be a teacher.

Coopers Plains
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Recent graduate from the University of Queensland with a major in Civil Engineering living in Brisbane and ranked 6th nationally in Computing for Cambridge A-levels 2012

Hello my name is Utsav and I come from the beautiful island of Mauritius. I have been living in Brisbane for the last five years and recently obtained my bachelor degree with a major in civil engineering from the University of Queensland. I taught Cambridge A-level computing back in 2013 before starting my tertiary studies.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Masters Student Giving Lessons on Computing, Marketing, Managment and Mathematics in Brisbane

I'm an international Student based in Brisbane, Queensland and currently studying for Master of Professional Accounting at James Cook University. I have already completed Master in Business Administration in Sri Lanka and Diploma in Information Technology.

South Perth
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ANU graduate gives Maths, Physics, and Computer Science lessons in Perth for high school and uni students

I aim to ensure that my students get an intuitive understanding of the subject they are studying and see how everything is connected. I adapt my lessons to fit the needs of my students. They might involve discussing concepts that are particularly interesting or confusing, practice questions, and working together on problems.

Doncaster East
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Finance Masters Graduate - Solve Maths, Statistics and Accounting in Easy Ways - Get to the Points

In my lessons, I tend to go over the topic with student first, not straight into exercise-and-answers. I believe the review is necessary in several ways. It helps smooth the important concepts, gives us a chance link the current topic with previous learnt concepts, and also leads us to pain points we should focus on.

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Technical way of solving Math problems covering Algebra, Geometry and Statistics and Added computing skills with Excel and many more.

My teaching method is best suited for one on one tutorship where I can share the methods to look at a math problem and how to solve them accordingly. I am a polite and humble person and would like my students act as so.

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4th Year Mechatronics Engineering student gives maths lessons to junior - high school students in Brisbane and Gold Coast

I tailor my teaching style dependent on the student, normally after assessing their understanding of topics and work ethic over the period of a term. In general, I aim to be at least 1 week ahead of what is being taught in class, so the actual school class is a refresher of the content we learn in the tutoring lesson.

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Head of Department - Mathematics offering tutoring in Mathematics, over 15 years teaching experience!

I use various teaching strategies. The most rewarding strategy is to make the student believe that they can actually produce outstanding results. I personally believe that there is no such thing as being bad at maths. Everyone can succeed at maths and produce outstanding results.

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Recently received Permanent Resident visa, and I am willing to teach/tutor maths to high school students. I can teach the subject with great confidence and passion. The students will learn more and en

My teaching method is simple. Every student need to clearly understand the concept first, followed by basic examples to reinforce the understanding. Once the foundational concept is acquired, then top-up with more challenging questions/examples. I consider practical lessons more important that the theoretical leanings.

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Bachelor Degree in Science and Education in 1984.Mathematics Teacher up to year 10 all levels.

I support my students with visual and realty examples from life to approach the lesson idea. I usually give may of examples with variates ideas to covet the task.

Hassall Grove
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University student offering maths and commerce-related classes to school students in the Sydney area.

I believe in providing a need-based lesson to my students, offering them help with immediate school work and assignments. I try to make my lessons as attractive as possible with a focus on student understanding. My lessons generally start with a short quiz to understand the students' areas of weakness.

Chapel Hill
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University of Queensland Physics major provides tutoring in physics/maths in South West Brisbane

Even when teaching the basics, it is important to teach why we are learning this, and how it could be applied. When teaching someone to canoe or sail, you have to find a reason to keep them motivated while teaching the basics. Explaining why and how it can be applied teaches critical thinking whilst keeping them motivated.

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School English, Maths, & Science; Basic Computing, Programming, & IT; MBA Assignment Tutoring in Southport Qld. at My Home

I'm a career professional in IT & Engineering, with a recent Graduate Diploma of Management (on the way to an MBA). I've managed and led teams of professionals, and mentored individuals during a career of over twenty-five years. I've also been trained by my two primary school aged children.

Wiley Park
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An enthusiastic and motivated electrical engineer who can provide tutoring in maths and physics. You can be capable to get 100% in your studies with proper guideline.

You learn well you practice by yourself. This is the methodology I prefer in my teaching so student can benefit maximum. I provide them proper guideline with real life examples to enhance their exposure. I will provide you solution for all related problems.

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Computing tutor in Palmerston NT give lessons on Word, Excel, Power point, email etc

I have been training people on basic computing since 2000. My teaching is geared to students of mature age, who want to learn how to use a computer and Microsoft office products My teaching method is one on one tutorials, hands on demonstrations.

Wattle Grove
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Data Analytics professional with 14 years of industry experience with expertise of Mathematics gives Maths lessons to high school students in Perth

Short Biodata: - Computer Science Engineer - 14 Years of Professional working industry as Software Engineer and also Data Scientist - University Gold medalist in India - Proficient in Maths (secured most of the time 100% scores in mathematics subject during school and college exams) - Teaching experience in special Tutions in India My Methodology: I always believe "You don't learn to walk by...

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University of Canberra Bachelor of Information Technology student gives Basic Maths (specialising in Statistics) and IT lessons to primary students in Bruce/Belconnen or close area.

Hi! I am Thiysuri, and I am currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology at UC. I completed my Diploma in Information Technology last month. I was an elocution and performing arts teacher back in Sri Lanka, where I am originally from, before coming to Aussie for my higher studies.

Castle Hill
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A Computer Geek assisting you to overcome the fear of Maths and computing subjects

Maths is fun, is empowerment. It's a cool tool in our everyday life. Computers are inseparable from our day to day work and leisure activities. So, why not get acquainted with them? No matter what level of knowledge you have we can start the discovery journey together and arrive at the point you are comfortable with these subjects.

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Master of Data Student looking to give lessons to all ages up to second year uni

A hands on approach. The best way to learn maths is do maths. A high level review of the work is the best way to start, then a deep dive into each aspect, using worked examples and practice problems throughout.

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University of Adelaide student giving maths lessons to primary and high school student.

My teaching is very simple and straight forward with no twist and turns. I first like to introduce the topic with some simple definitions to give my students a basic idea of what they are expected to learn from the topic being discussed. Then I would gradually start on the very basic level in order for the student to have a strong foundation before they end up solving the real big problems.

Dee Why
Binod bahadur
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I am Passionate about Math and and computer and I only teach up to year 10 .

I prefer the way My students love to study. I am very flexible kind of person. I am sure I can make study to all the students that are going to study with me. I am very frank and confident person.

Macquarie Park
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Encouraging and enabling children to have fun with academics is all that I aim at!

I approach my lessons by simplicity, practically possible and understandable examples. I believe in understanding first, the children's interest and then find my ways through, to cherish their academic subject study time and ultimately develope skills in these subjects.

Clayton South
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MSC Deakin University; Provide lectures in Computing and Mathematics by using a practical and conceptual approach

My lessons are prepared for High School students, and university students pertaining to the fields of Computing, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. The lessons delivered by me will be practical and closely associated and integrated with real world concepts and models.

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Dedicated, young and enthusiastic VCE graduate Looking to Tutor to the Best of Capability

Bringing dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping my students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world. Encouraging students of mixed abilities to work together by promoting small group or whole class activities. Differentiating my teaching by allocating tasks based on students’ abilities, to ensure no one gets left behind.

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3rdYear JCU Engineering student teaching Maths/Physic's to High School or Uni Mackay

Well the way a taught myself is using applying what I learnt and testing it's true. Don't believe everything you hear, test it. Ask why? I won't give answers to homework but I would construct a similar problem and work it with the student.

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I'm an RMIT Engineering graduate tutoring kids and young adults for Maths,Physics & Computing.

I conduct my teaching in small groups or mostly one on one,as I believe each individual has a unique way of learning.I focus on the student's character and his learning pattern to tailor my approach of teaching.

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Franck, uses French Engineer knowledge to give maths lessons to high school students and under, in Perth.

I use to give lessons about very young technologies (2,3 years old) to people who have been working on the same old technologies for 20 years, so I can understand that sometimes what you think easily understable as a teacher, is definitely not as trivial, as a student. Then, I try to explain things with lot of exemples, I take the time it takes, and always figure it out.

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Curtin Maths Student give Maths, Biology, and Computer Programs to High school.

My method of teaching will be base on understanding and examples. I will try to find a simpler explanation to some difficult things. Personally, I find solving problems or practicing exercise one of the best ways to learn. Therefore, most of the time we will probably be doing questions together.

Holland Park
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Highly experienced teacher for Maths and Physics, I teach in the way to make you understand the concepts well.

I provide lessons with explanation and brief work to be done afterwards. I will make you understand the concept by providing you real life examples and will include some funny strategies to make you remember things. I believe in teaching in a way so that you remember the concept for longer duration of time.

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