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West End
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Master of Music Studies Student gives lessons to high school and Uni students

I base my classes on learning by doing, practical experience and helping students achieve their music production goals. I give one on one private sessions to students who wish to gain music production skills, teaching students how to use Digital Audio Workstations such as Ableton Live software, Logic Pro X, Reaper and Pro Tools.

Altona North
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Berklee graduate, JMC Academy professor offering lessons in Melbourne in piano, saxophone, percussion, theory and production.

Individual students deserve individual curriculum for teaching; I feel it is important to have a student first excited and engaged before extensive theory.

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AIM graduate gives music production lessons to students of all ages in Sydney

I believe in open and free discussion. The classroom is the perfect environment to experiment, and consequently have the freedom to make mistakes in. Inquisitiveness goes a long way in creative fields, and so I aim to teach individuals who are voracious for information and improving themselves.

Rouse Hill
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Double Decade Experience & multi-cultured music composer providing tuition online and face-to-face.

During the first free lesson, I get to know who you are. What are your interest and specialities. I understand your musical experience and the skillset. From there, I ask the 2 important questions: what are your goals and why did you choose music.

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Universal Music Published Record Producer / Writer / Sound Designer based Northern Beaches Sydney

I will show you a number of ways to approach making music, minimising any potential walls you've perhaps hit in your past, whilst making it fun and more importantly getting a result at the end of it.

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Diploma graduate Music producer teaching you how to make different genres of music using your laptop only.

Am not so talkative but when it comes to teaching music production,mixing and mastering I sure will tell you a lot , teach you shortcuts and how to open up your mind to to explore deep potential of the genres your interested in. For example if your interested in making Future bass, I can teach you how to make an afro beat with a future bass drop.

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Composer & Music Producer for Sony Music Australia Artists giving private Music Production Lessons in Perth

I have four different levels that I teach and they are as per below: Beginners - Here I teach the basics of Beat making and setting your Hook Intermediate - Here I teach mixing tracks individually Proficient - Here I teach the high end level of layering for texture Advanced - Here I teach the nuances in tuning percussion and rhythmic shuffles that enhance a beat

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Get started with Music Production (Make your first track as you learn)

I approach a topic by a way to understand the basic foundation. I believe that once your core is strong, you will be able to figure out things intuitively in the long run. The sessions are 1 hour per booking and a minimum of 5-6 sessions to cover all the basic elements to start producing your own music. Extra sessions can be arranged for a more in-depth understanding.

Coffs Harbour
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Audio and Music Technology Tutor, 10+ years experience / undergraduate in audio and education

My lessons will be tailored to suit your needs following an assessment of your current understanding and knowledge of the subject, there is no generic lesson structure because every learner is different and will ultimately benefit most from a customised approach

Marcio zygmunt
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Modern music production outake using flexible music theory and electronic music production

i base my classes on teaching what is in current interest in the musical world. i like to prepare the students to the real world, giving them the tools and knowledge to act as professionals as artists, producers or engineers in the market.

Beverly Hills
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Fun, Advance and development in every area of music is what you will receive with the Sydney private and group lessons, be part of the new culture, now!

The methodology I used has been developed based on the teaching methods of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze, which basically focus on theory by context, information analysis, movement and expression, exploration and experience. My methodology can be used in personalized or group classes, and serves as a pedagogical element for the development of students' musical and musical attitudes.

Mount Druitt
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Audio Engineering class which shows you industry secrets to make students proficient and confident in every aspect of music production.

I believe in doing practical exercises after learning about the theory and history as to get a full understanding of the origins of audio production.

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Composer and Pianist/Music Teacher offering lessons in composition/piano - Matthay Technique/Sibelius software use

Kodaly Methodology in the Classroom. Matthay Technique for piano. One to one teaching for composition. I have taught music from prep to Year 12 in Secondary, my main areas are composition and piano performance. I have also arranged music for a commercial CD.

East Perth
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DJING Lessons for beginners (Affordable, Professional, Fun) Studio Located in East Perth

DJ lessons for beginners that wish to learn all the basic techniques and tricks to help them get started in the Art of DJing. From beat matching, to learning how to construct a set (song choice, BPM, flow), I can teach you everything that there is to know and make sure that you will be confident within 1 - 3 lessons.

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This is your personal Song Writer and Music Producer, here to help you!

Hello all, Please check my free online tutorials on my youtube channel, to see my teaching methodology. I base my courses on your needs and work to help you achieve your goals. Each lesson links theory to practice in order to get you familiarized with your softwares and eventually get you autonomous.

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Talented underground bilingual musician across social media platform 500k views 56 countries

Supportive and understating towards ppl, I dont judge ppl, I respect ppl, Show ppl all kinds of rap from all countries, teach ppl to be creative and patience, nothing happens overnight, Im in it for the long term not just short term and i will do everything i can to bring out the best in ppl, by means things that ppl never knew that they've got it, from music to food to business etc.

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Post-Graduate audio engineering student with 8 years of experience in studio recording and post-production.

My teaching method can be both academic and practical. I'll be providing students with real recorded audio stem files from bands and artist for them to practice as well as useful PDF booklet regarding mixing. Creating music should be a fun process and not too theory base. So my lesson will focus more on creating music and the post-production aspect rather than academic books.

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Get tutoring in Music Production from graduate of Queensland Conservatorium of Music

I would love to assist you with expanding your musical knowledge, with one on one casual lessons to address areas you need help in

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Pro bass player and music producer available for individual and group lessons

I curate lessons for individuals because everyone has a different way of learning and growing. And follow up with them on their growth. I wanna share my knowledge with as many as people possible.

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Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Producer, Sound Designer, Tech Writer, Authorized Ableton Endorser in Ukraine

The whole process starts with you filling in my Google Keep questionnaire for me to understand your level, needs and goals. We will work online in real-time, with me screen-sharing the Ableton Live project via Team Viewer and capturing everything that's happening on video with both my, and the student's voice included (allows to re-watch the lessons as many times as needed).

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Experienced Ableton Live and Electronic Music Production Teacher in Melbourne Australia, looking forward to helping you become an electronic music virtuoso.

I would consider myself to be very patient and sympathetic towards students of all types. Whether the student is a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I will focus on their needs and wants. You will be guaranteed full attention on the things you want to learn, whether that's how to create beats, design your own sounds, jam with loops or arrange entire songs.

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Australian Institute of Music Production student teaching Music Production Ableton Live 10

My teacher methodology would be to throw yourself into something and do your own research, learn and gain as much knowledge as possible and start experimenting with the idea's. I also believe in a mix of face to face and online education.

Saint Kilda
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Create your own Music from A to Z,Pro Tools,Logic Pro and Ableton Live Lessons in Melbourne

Lesson can be delivered at your place or mine,all we need from you is a laptop/desktop,if we need extra gear I'm happy to use mine. Said so you can understand my lesson will allow you to create the best music you can create in your bedroom.

Moonee Ponds
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Sound producer in Thornbury giving one-on-one composition and sound-production tutelage to people of all skill levels.

My teaching method is designed to provide my students with the competency and confidence to use Pro Tools as an instrument for music composition, audio engineering, mixing, producing, editing and mastering music.

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Music Production: notation, mixing and theory. Getting your music to share digitally

I have broken down music parameters to be able to focus on specific aspects of music - texture, rhythm, meter, mood, etc. By focusing on one thing at a time it becomes easier to identify and produce the specific kind of music you enjoy.

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Audio Engineer + Music Producer (Ba. Music Technology) providing production lessons and feedback – in person or online

I base lessons and mentorship based on individual circumstance, which varies depending on the person's audio setup, genre preference and overall style of project.

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Tuition in contemporary vocals, songwriting and music production. Experienced performer, songwriter and producer - Graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium.

My teaching method is collaborative, encouraging and based on each individual need. I believe the expression of music belongs to everyone and I would love to help nature yours, wether that by through voice, songwriting, music production or a combination of all.

North Wollongong
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Ableton and DAW training in Wollongong, lessons from professional artist and producer

My lessons cover a wide range from the basics of digital music, mixing, sound design, to more advanced methods of production including EQ and Mastering. I also have lessons on breaking creative blocks and manipulating midi. For lessons I require a short (or long) list of things that you want to improve on or learn.

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Qualified Audio Engineer/Producer teaches intermediate level Audio Engineering and Music Production in Melbourne

My teaching method is flexible and varies from person to person, depending on what topics do the students want me to focus on. This helps the students get the most out of the lessons and focus only on the topics that they want to learn. Hence, my lessons are best delivered on a one-to-one basis, but I can teach a group of students with almost equal efficiency.

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