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Southern River
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Murdoch Nursing Student give Literature lessons to high school students in Perth

I'm a very upbeat tutor who believes that learning is best done interactively, such as through role performances, discussions and reflections (with yourself and the environment that shapes our understanding). As someone who has done literature, I found that learning Literature through high school alone can be quite intimidating because the method of teaching is very one sided.

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Warm and encouraging ANU Science/Arts graduate, keen to help everyone reach within to find the skills and intelligence we all possess!

I am passionate about student-centred learning. I believe in the intelligence of every person and work with people's strengths. I understand that learning environments are not always set-up to work well for everyone's learning needs.

West End
(1 review)
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University of Queensland Masters student gives writing lessons in Brisbane City. Loves the puns.

Depending on the skill level of the student, I will tailor the lesson to suit the student. This can range from homework to unblocking writer's block. These lessons would be most suitable for: - Completing school tasks; - Starting creative tasks; - Completing essays; - Structuring essays; - Proofreading and editing; and - Brainstorming storylines and foreshadowing.

(2 reviews)
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Bachelor of Education student teaches English (all levels) to high school and uni students.

I am flexible and can adapt my lessons to my students. I believe that knowledge is power. I like to break work down and do it in steps - I believe this is the best way to learn and remember.

1st lesson free !

Reading and writing teacher of Western Sydney who has worked in Oxford with skills in teaching struggling readers and writers (especially boys!) who also writes her own text books.

My lessons are really simple: Reading texts, comprehending them, then answering questions and writing about them. Nice and basic lessons to build the most important skills of English, literature, reading and writing. I also build confidence and self-esteem in my students.

Munno Para
1st lesson free !

University of South Australia bachelor degree graduate here to assist with English subjects and essay writing

I like to individualise my sessions based on the student and their own learning needs. I have the ability to adapt my teaching method based on the student's learning style (ie. visual, audio, "learn one, do one, teach one" method, etc). I know that some people take longer for certain concepts or themes to click and understand that there is more than one way of teaching a specific topic.

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Professional writer with years of experience in high school and university tutoring

I try to make things as simple as they are. We often over-complicate our tasks and work, and I see it as my job — something I enjoy — to help students to develop basic strategies to get tasks done.

Bell Post Hill
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ACU MA student gives English Literature lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne and Geelong

When teaching, my methods are patient, welcoming and encourage students to thoroughly engage with the texts or topic of study. I use a range of study options in terms of developing learning strategies that cater for differing learning styles, such as designing lessons around verbal learning, visual learning, or the inclusion of classroom technology.

Malvern East
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Monash Global Studies student, tutoring English for primary school and high school students (VCE included) in Melbourne's inner suburbs

My approach to tutoring changes depending on the student I am working with. I acknowledge that not one style works for everyone and so use the first session to work out how the student will respond to different types of teaching methods. Then determine how best to help them learn and get the most out of the session.

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English Phd high school teacher, online lessons anytime (also Spanish and Humanities)

I assist students that are struggling with specific aspects or tasks (presentation, speech, essay). The students bring their problem to the table, and we work together to solve the issue. Lessons are usually an hour long, and we use Skype, and email to exchange documents and send annotated copies of work.

1st lesson free !

UWA Law student offering English and literature tuition to high school students

My teaching method is to first observe the students work, provide notes and feedback, provide examples of A level responses or analysis, provide tips, notes and more feedback! I can base my lessons around any specific questions, concerns with topics or I can simply provide assistance in exam preparation.

1st lesson free !

Masters in Teaching student, with a Masters in English lit to give English lessons in Melbourne

I believe that every student is different and should be treated such. I am a result-oriented teacher and focus on changing and evolving my methods to bring out the best in students. I like to have structured lesson plans with scope for changes according to student levels.

Burpengary East
1st lesson free !

Qualified English Teacher aiming to support Brisbane school students articulate and analyse

My name is Alycen Edwards and I am seeking to support the literacy education and development of school aged students through tutoring. I feel that I can provide an enriching and resolutely supportive atmosphere that will aid students’ established literacy knowledge and comprehension.

1st lesson free !

2nd Year Monash IT Student offering (yr7-12) English/writing tutoring in Darwin!

I am very passionate about learning and I aim to always create an environment with students that allows them to feel confident and motivated towards the content being learned. Whether they excel at English or not is irrelevant to me, I am only here to support and provoke learning.

Paradise Point
1st lesson free !

Law and Economics student offering English lessons and instruction on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

I approach my lessons by fundamentally considering the position of my student, his experience and comfort with the subject and my position as a tutor. I tailor my lessons on a timeline - results should be achieved in an appropriate relationship to investment, but ultimately I aim to build a rapport with students to push them to succeed.

Penrose (Wollongong)
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University of Wollongong English Literature graduate seeks to teach in the Illawarra and online

I teach using a combination of methods. I prefer to teach by discussion, as I believe learning is a two way street, however some situations call for a more demonstrative or lecture-style approach. I'm open to all questions and ways of learning.

1st lesson free !

Murdoch University PhD candidate with four years university teaching experience offers individual/group lessons

I believe that it is a teacher's duty to foster critical thinking and a passion for learning. In order to do this, the student must be made to engage with the content and be given the power to ask and answer their own questions clearly and effectively.

1st lesson free !

Experienced English teacher (Master of Education) teach both IB and Australian Curricula

I am research-driven and therefore have always collected data on students' strengths and weaknesses and through the analysis of a student's progress and my feedback, I can quickly determine areas that need addressing in English. I like to introduce students to visible thinking, and show them how they are understanding and conceptualising their ideas.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

University of Cincinnati English and Cultural Anthropology graduate with five years of experience editing/proofreading a variety of content including essays, poetry, blogs, social media, etc.

I am an English tutor for academic and creative writing as well as reading comprehension. My lessons are typically geared towards high school and college aged students. We will first go over what you think your strengths and weaknesses are in the subject, discuss the project at hand, and go over methods to help you succeed long term.

North Casino
1st lesson free !

Essay Writing, the basics to University level in the Far North Coast

I believe that student should comprehend and enjoy what they are learning and writing. Therefore, in order to begin successfully writing good essays students should start with the formulas that make good points, paragraphs and conclusions. It is increasingly important to observe other essays.

Mont Albert
1st lesson free !

Recent year 12 graduate tutoring VCE school based English in Melbourne (High Study Score)

There is no specific way to 'teach' or 'tutor' a student as everyone is different. By learning about the student and establishing their points of strength and weakness, I will be able to give advice, read through practice pieces, give past practice pieces and provide support. As year 12 is so fresh in my mind, I would love to help out a beginning year 12 student.

1st lesson free !

Melbourne Literature Major Helping Secondary School Students Thrive in Their English Class

I base my classes on fundamental skills and focus the lessons towards the needs of the students. I prefer lessons where students actively engage in the skill and show the extent of their knowledge that we can then build on together.

Eight Mile Plains
1st lesson free !

Griffith University student provides help with middle and high school English in Brisbane.

I approach topics by conducting some personal research for a broader understanding of the content. I begin with questioning the student's understanding and compare it with their work. Depending on how comprehensively their essay is conducted, I provide some tips on how to make it clearer but succinct.

Wavell Heights
1st lesson free !

Ken an online literature lecturer.Teaching university students and high school students with ten years of experience

I usually have my classes online where i give the student notes through the emails.i also give my cats after every three weeks then follows the main exam.In some instances i give assignment after every lesson and the student is expected to forward within 48 hours.

Narre Warren South
1st lesson free !

Monash Education preservice teacher providing English lessons in the Narre Warren/Berwick area

My philosophy is simple: All students require different approaches to learning. My approach to teaching focuses on where my students are at and what they are capable of. My lessons will ensure that student consolidate their prior knowledge and build upon their literacy skills so that they become proficient readers and writers.

Mount Clear
1st lesson free !

VCE English - Providing tutoring in Ballarat for Rear Window and The Longest Memory/Black Diggers. Recently graduated with a study score of 40 in VCE English.

Up until Year 11, English was my best subject. In Year 11 I received 46% in my first semester exam. However, in Year 12 my best SAC result was 96%! I know the tough road of VCE English and if you would like me to tutor you, I will support you through it all; I know just how hard it is to succeed in the most popular VCE subject.

1st lesson free !

FedUni science student and school aide gives English lessons to high school and uni students.

I enjoy encouraging people to learn and grow in their studies. My lessons are geared towards those who may be struggling with certain topics or tasks, as well as those who wish to extend themselves. Lessons revolve around the needs of the individual and the level they wish to attain in their education.

Salisbury East
1st lesson free !

Qualified/Experienced Secondary English Teacher, focused lessons for high school English at ANY level.

I approach each topic by first gathering an understanding of my students' knowledge on the task required, and tailoring the learning process in a way that is engaging for that particular student.

1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Laws/International Relations Student @ Adelaide gives lessons and support in English/Writing

My teaching method depends on your needs! If you are interested in essay writing help, I am able to help draft and edit your work to best express your ideas.

1st lesson free !

Flinders University Student offering private and group lessons in English at all year levels across Adelaide!

My teaching method is based around highlighting areas for improvement and implementing strategies to work on these.

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Perfect! Veronica helped me with my resume. She promptly got back to me after I sent her my resume. She helped me with my grammar and sentence structures, and gave me useful comments about how to improve my resume. Highly recommended :)

Pimpisut, Student
8 months ago

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