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History expert providing online tutoring to improve understanding to students enhancing their knowledge base

I am an experienced online tutor eager to encourage students to understand History as a basis for connecting with today's society. I love sharing the joys of our historical past with students helping them to better their focus so that when giving answers they will experience the sensation of what history has taught them.

Canning Vale
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Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate accepted into Monash with a fantastic score in VCE Geography, has a lot of knowledge and experience globally. passionate about this subject!

My teaching is based on the VCE course, recently updated, as well as including my own case studies and knowledge to give students unique information that will make assessors impressed. Having been in students shoes 12 months ago I have relevant experience as well as new knowledge which will be shared in relation to their needs within Geography.

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Australian Catholic Education student gives tutoring to primary and high school students

My teaching method is based on various theorists ideas and analysis. I want my students to enjoy the subject rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. It is very crucial for a child to learn when they want to .

Alexander Heights
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Graduate Bachelor of Arts with Sociology major and an Indigenous Studies minor

As a Graduate Bachelor of Arts student, with a major in Sociology and minor in Indigenous Studies, I am able to provide a tailored lesson to your requirements.

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I am Kinzang Bidha and I have 7 years of experience in teaching field

I am totally against rote learning. I believe in learning by doing. I follow kagan structures in my classroom.I maintain open communication with parents and keep them informed of their children’s learning progress and behavior.

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Community Services Student teach social skills of community to high school students

My teaching method will involve a lot of communication, so talking and discussing social issues and how we are to deal with them. I also would like to hear from students through presentation of what they think of the topic and how they understand it. I will also like to make it fun by creating a environment where students are free to enjoy and also learn.

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Current Teachers Aid and studying Teacher (K-12) General Tutoring in Wagga Wagga

My teaching method is practical and engaging, using lots of visual learning techniques. As I am currently studying teaching, I have up to date training in new teaching methods and resources. I have a great understanding of the modern student.

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Psychology Tuition in Wollongong - Assignment help, exam prep and much more!

Hi there! I'm a recent university graduate offering tutoring services for PSYCHOLOGY - tutoring at all levels for assignments and exams. I also offer tuition for primary school children in all subjects up to grade 6. I can help with exam preparations, proof reading, assignment help and any other areas you need assistance in.

Brunswick West
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Current RMIT University student teaching Politics, Geography or History to High School Students

I base my classes around open ended questions that can lead to discussion and in turn critical analysis. I feel that the best way to learn and improve is to discuss first, create a plan with objectives and goals, and then seek to improve through further study.

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UOW sociology student providing lessons in society and culture and geography !

My teaching model differs depending on the student. I am a visual learner so incorporating visuals and physical examples into my work is extremely important, as well as making lessons as interesting and engaging as possible.

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Humanitarian worker with ten years experience giving lessons on policy and communications

I approach each topic according to your needs. After an initial consultation I create a bespoke course just for you, backed up with the latest and best research in each subject area. This way you get a course filled with practical experience, relevant theory and relevant research.

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BSc in Psychology, tutoring provided for individuals in Glasgow seeking psychological and/or sociological academic support.

Teaching material will be adapted dependant upon the student's preference of modules and level of interest. Psychology is a board subject and branches into many different sub-categories. Available to teach Biology, Maths and Home Economics A-Level. The key is communication, setting objectives, detailed notes, practice.

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Receptionist offering social, verbal and non - verbal skills in the Hope Valley

My teaching method is very practical. I prefer to work with the students on what they want to learn, what they want to achieve and how they would like to do it.

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Geography student offering lessons in geography, international relations and natural disasters in Dorchester

I give lessons to anyone studying SAT, GCSE, A-Level geography or anyone who would just like to know more about the subject. My technique is to see what the student knows and help them develop their own knowledge. I personally don't believe in 'spoon feeding' and so I prompt the students in the right direction and encourage them to develop their own ideas.

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Masters qualified professional with global experience in Development and Environment. Seeking to guide students through all aspects of Physical and Human Geography, in an informed and creative manner.

My MSc education, personal and professional experience is rooted in all aspects of Physical and Human Geography- including global work in Development, International Politics, and Environment. As such, I have a comprehensive and relevant overview of these subjects. I prefer to teach students of any school age, or those of adult age who would like to begin learning these topics.

New Delhi
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Learn to earn from the internet through facebook, youtube, blogging and personal branding

The basic tenet of any learning is understanding of the underlying principles, its usage in future, grasping the techniques used by the veterans of the industry, learning about your target and aligning your goals with it.

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Geography is my world, I'm a passionate Masters student at Bangor University!

I give my lessons to anyone studying Geography at a secondary school and degree level but also to anyone who wishes to learn about the world we live in. As a tutor I place an emphasis on empowering my student by determining their ability in order to enhance their knowledge through encouragement and a happy atmosphere.

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Need a partner to fullfill your dream?then come join me.I will help you and stand with you untill you get successfull

My teaching method is practical.First I do then I prefer the student to do.If they fail then i make them do it again and again freely.I never force them.

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Post-graduate from TISS, Mumbai and degree in Sociology from LSR, University of Delhi provides social science coaching to school and college students

I believe in imparting practical lessons and something beyond the obvious. After pre-preparation from additional sources, I provide topi-based teachings to students with activities based learning. A practical situation based case study or group discussion is a part of the one hour session.

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Geography 2ND YEAR student offering Geography tutoring up to university level in Elgin

I base my classes on the students needs, i will take into account any learning difficulties and aim to have different teachings for my students as everyone's learning is different and i will be happy to accommodate this in my tutoring.

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BA (Hons) Community Development graduate from University of Glasgow offering help to students

First I would like to tutor individually first, as I feel like it will be easier to make sure that the student feels listened to and can take in the information. However, if these individual students want a group sessions, I am not against it and will do my best to accommodate my students.

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Teaching English and history from last 10 years. Everyone student love my teaching. "solutions for all questions".

teaching method is depending on whois learning and listening but also i love to teach from easy to hard. i like to explain subject with an examples...more example in our day today life situation make us to understand subject.

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Any good teacher knows how important it is to connect with students and understand our culture.

my teaching method is completely based on theoritical learning followed by daily life applications and complete details of every topic discussed and questioning student about previous class which helps them revide topic discussed in the previous class and makes them to listen the today's class effectively with previously gained subject

New Delhi
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Teaching on the fine line where fun and seriousness meets and helps people learn

My focus is to make sure the person is understanding and giving various relevant examples so that the person is able to tap into their full potential. My background in psychology gives me an advantage as I am able to customize the classes according to the student.

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You are what you communicate! better communicate effectively for successful life,ok !

you communicate verbally or non verbally, that is through actions, signs and gestures. This nothing but verbal and non verbal communication. Which is powerful, verbal or non verbal? Yes, non verbal is more powerful. effective and efficient as well. Today, the whole world is revolving around non verbal communication.

Greater London
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Providing tutoring services for social work, community development and policy, history and sociology

I am providing tutoring and academic assistance to students of undergraduate,post-graduate, school and high school students in the discipline of sociology, history, community and policy development. I adopt different lesson structure keeping in view the nature of subject area. I follow Five-Step Lesson Planning to cater my students.

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"Experienced Professor from a renowned college in chennai passionate about teaching students"

Kindling the thinking capacity of the students and make them reflect by connecting class room theories with practical happenings. This furthers their cognitive capacities and they begin to take a different perspective of things they come through in life. I share a lot of simple,real life examples which make them understand the lessons easily.

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I am a software consultant and a freelance Graphic Designer with web design skills would like to impart my experience and knowledge to all level of users

I can help people to start their web design and graphic design career and gain knowledge to enhance their skills and make a better career. I am open to any tailor made courses for all levels of users in Bangalore.

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Students studying social sciences generally aspirants of Civil services, social development, politics

Class room teaching more practical and giving empirical examples and mostly participant method using ICT those students praparing for civil services and other competitive examinations and also aspirants of development sector , NGO filed are benefited with my teaching.

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Perfect! I was struggling with my assignment task until I found Renee. She is knowledgeable and very helpful too. I strongly recommend Renee for anyone who seeks some additional help.

Ka wai, Student
6 days ago

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