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North Lakes
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UQ Literature student and aspiring author looking to teach English and History

My teaching method is to approach a concept from where the student's understanding is clearest, to build a firm understand from the foundation up. I love empowering students and helping them to realise their own potential, helping to build a brighter future.

Doncaster East
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Master of Education student gives VCE prep in English, Social Sciences, and Physics

I uphold a structured methodology that prioritizes active learning, reciprocity & collaboration, and efficient time on task. I value students who are willing to actively engage with learning material, and who share & respond to ideas with innovation & ingenuity.

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Newly graduated French student giving lessons for high school pupils in Sydney

I like to get people started straight away with speaking the language (verbal exercises). I think it is important to get the students comfortable with tackling conversations. I also like using memory cards for the vocabulary. I am also open to discussing with the students what methodology is best adapted to their cognitive approach.

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International studies student, studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane - Full Time

My teaching methodology is to be inclusive with my student and not to write the essay for them but rather help them understand what there writing as I believe that creates sustainable success.

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Deakin Secondary Education / Arts student looking to tutor senior school students in South Eastern suburbs (Cranbourne, Hallam, Lynbrook, Hampton Park)

I have been on numerous placements at schools and during these experiences I have been able to express my own pedagogical philosophy. In doing this, it has caused me to yearn for more opportunities to help people learn. I really would find this experience meaningful for my future career and hope that you consider me.

San Giovanni in Persiceto
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I offer Latin and Ancient Greek lessons at all levels (Bologna and the province)

I am a PhD student, graduated in classics with full grades, and I offer classes in Latin, Ancient Greek and Humanities at all levels. I have many years of experience in teaching classical languages so that I can help you to quickly improve your knowledge of grammar and guide you in the translation of ancient texts. I can also help you with the literature (including the metrical reading of texts).

(5 reviews)
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Latin lessons from the beggining with Master's Degree in Medieval History teacher

I am a PhD from PUC - SP, currently developing a thesis on Medieval History. The classes are intended for all those who want to learn the Latin language from the beginning. The content will always be presented in an expositive and dynamic way, using specific didactic materials, such as the renowned "Reading Latin".

(3 reviews)
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English Hons. student from JMC available for classes 10th to 2nd year

Initially I prefer giving a small background lecture which gives a prospective of the text. Then I proceed to text at a speed which is comfortable to the student/s and give special focus on the important parts. I give preference to giving voice to the student/s thoughts so that we can discuss different outlooks of the text. I also tutor on handling different types of questions.

(2 reviews)
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Italian teacher graduated in Classics gives Latin lessons in Middlesbrough and surroundings

My teaching methodology considers the most recent studies on strategic and motivated learning, because I think that teachers should always be up-to-date on teaching techniques and they should have interdisciplinary skills. I believe that a solid base of grammar has to be built beside innovative and practical execises where communicative competence can be developed.

(2 reviews)
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A passionate and friendly graduate from the University of Nottingham. Specialities include Homer’s Iliad, Virgil’s Aeneid and Greek tragedies.

My teaching method is aimed around allowing students to discuss their thoughts and opinions on each area. My goal is to expand a students perception on certain topics and allow the to think beyond the curriculum. These not only allow them to achieve better results in their exams but will also prepare them for the next stage of their education at University and beyond.

(2 reviews)
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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

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The need of the Hour Learn English and creative Literature & Linguistics With Ease. Qualified in English mains from Mumbai with 8 years of experience in Teaching.

The teaching method altogether depends on the number and category of the students. Sometimes the use of Blackboard is important at times the entire thing is to be narrated. English is commonly not understood today it takes time where as literature today is not having the same weigh than before. To having our youths to acknowledge it.

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History graduate in the Toronto area with years of writing experience can make your written work better!

I focus on true understanding over rigid mechanics, and my goal is to make you grasp the purpose of your work. We will approach each project as a problem to be solved. Working from goal to reality, I hope to make education meaningful and USEFUL.

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Graduated from Bachelor with honours in ancient languages and history offers private lessons of Italian, Latin and Greek online for high school and university level.

My approach to the subject is a dialogical approach: we translate together and we analyze the translation from a grammatical, morphological and syntactic point of view. The student does the homework and analyze the errors (if there are any). I am also available for reviews before exams about every literature, history and geography.

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English Literature student with classical and Greek knowledge gives lessons in Stirling

I can give English (preferably literature), Modern Greek language and Ancient Greek literature lessons to primary, middle school and early high school students. Lesson structure: The lesson structure will vary depending on the needs and aims of each student.

New Delhi
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Student of English Literature, having tutoring experience of 5 years belongs to Delhi

I have a keen interest in teaching English Literature. I evaluate and redesign my teaching methodology according to the specific needs of a student. I teach the very basics of every lesson with details because I believe that helps a lot in understanding of any topic, starting from the middle or just reading out doesn't help.

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Classics and Archaeology 3rd Year BA - Tutoring Secondary to Undergraduate Level

Looking to tutor from Secondary upwards to undergraduate degree level in areas of History.

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Ancient Greek/Latin with KCL teaching fellow in London (with UCL PhD in Classics)

I have successfully taught Greek and Latin language, literature and civilization at University College London, King’s College London (KCL), and at a secondary school. At KCL (2017-18), I am teaching ancient Greek to undergraduates using Reading Greek.

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English and History student giving English lessons and help with study techniques in York and online

I am looking to give lessons to anyone from High School to an A-level standard. I always initially base my lessos around what the student personally perceives their weakest point to be, as the students self-confidence and personal views are of the utmost importance to me.

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Master of History Graduate seeking students to teach History, English and other Academic Skills in Calgary!

I approach education by focusing on the student's strengths, needs and areas in which they need or want to excel. Not all people learn the same way and I am focused on making sure that everyone's needs are met when it comes to educational instruction.

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Latin teacher offering to tutor Latin to all levels and English in Greensboro

I use a range of sensory mnemonics to improve your speed at Latin grammar. You will have tools based on your approach to studying. I create and adapt readings to help you build understanding. From following along with the book - to writing your own, I will help you get to the level of Latin you want.

Leamington Spa
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Master's student in Ancient Visual and Material Culture specialising in Roman history, Latin and Ancient Greek

In both Greek and Latin I am able to tutor up to GCSE level and believe that the best way to tackle the ancient languages it through the 'little and often' method, particularly with vocabulary. At university I have written a number of first class essays, thus am able to aid essay structure and the analytical process of examining ancient evidence.

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Oxford University student offering tutoring in London in Latin, Ancient Greek and English Literature.

As a student myself, I understand the difficulties faced by students in the academic field. While I was at school, I often found the the subjects I struggled with the most were also the subjects which I enjoyed the least. In my teaching therefore, I think it is important to keep the student interested and to find interactive and energetic ways of teaching.

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Cardiff-based, but Skype-literate! I have a BA in Classics; can teach Latin

My teaching method is very tailored to the needs of the individual. I assess what the student wants/needs to work on and plan my lessons accordingly.

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Guidance counsellor and teacher offering literature, history, and English tutoring in Liverpool

My teaching method is person-centred and based around what is best for each individual student. I have no problem changing my methodology to suit each student's preferred learning method, and like to use a variety of materials and methods to enhance the learning experience.

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If the great reads are your bread then I'm your butter. The ancients are golden...lets mine!

Read, re-read, discuss, and treasure. The goal of reading the greats is not to show others that you are well read. The goal is to pursue the pleasure of seeing beauty, knowing truth, and treasuring the good.

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Adjunct English instructor looking to make a difference with one on one instruction.

I am student centered, and think it's best I do little lecturing and have the students take active participation in their learning. I assign a lot of free writing activities in class to get the students more comfortable with with activity and ease writing anxiety as it is their time and space to just write what they want how they want.

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Inspirational Latin and Greek,Class Civ specialist, GCSE and A level in BRISTOL

My method is based on rigorous language learning, vocabulary and appreciation of the Classics. The set-text element of the examinations is a particular favourite and my method has never failed (?) to enthrall and excite. Unseen work is also very enjoyable.

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Aston's Teaching Assistant offer Classics' lessons. Spanish Graduate in Classics and in Linguistics, my expertise are the languages, Latin and Greek!

I can give lessons to any person at any level, but I strongly prefer the students from 16 y.o. and on. We will try to make an trustful relationship by adaptating all the contents to the student's requirements. I am aware about the deductive techniques on Greek & Latin teaching (Aléxandros or Familia Romana, Hans Orberg) and I work with those books, you I can guide the student through them.

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Ancient History Masters student offering to tutor in Classical Culture and Creative Writing

As a masters student, I am willing to provide tuition to all levels of education up to undergrad level. I myself am a visual learner and I reflect this in my teaching methods, where possible using images to help stimulate memory.

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