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Highly Skilled FPS and Strategy game player in the Charlotte (NC) area for over 15 years to train you in more than just out aiming, but outhinking the enemy!

The players I look to teach the higher levels of games should know the basics, I can't teach you ingrate things like aiming, skills such as that are things you must learn, think of it like you must have the puzzle pieces before I can explain how the puzzle can be assembled, this does not require you to pull off trickshots across a map of course.

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Hi This is Rushi I'm good with gaming as I spent some time of last 6 years playing different games over different platforms like PC(steam), Mobile gaming, PS4. I'd like to provide my experience to hel

I'd like to teach on Skype, Twitch or over any social network. I think screen sharing software or skype would be great. I'll be teaching anyone of age 15 and above. And I guarantee that anyone who'll learn my techniques would be able to play on their own.

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I will give you tips and trich in pubg how to become pro.

I am a Youtuber Since 2016 and I will Played Clash of Clans for 2 years and Now I am playing pubg Mobile Game and I do Live Streaming on youtub, Here I will give you some special tips and trips tovecame a pro.

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Over 35 years experience in gaming. Particular fan of strategy and RPG games.

First I'd like to identify what you as a student would require, and how you prefer to learn, because everyone learns differently. Secondly I'd like to know your own experiences. Then we can both set out a method that will give you the results that you would like.

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Tuition for Geography and history and English for junior classes and lifestyle

I follow 7 hats creative theory..I J have knowledge of cartography.

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I help tech tips and tricks along with skills needed to become a pro gamer

I like to teach from the ground up and improve on what is already known. I can either teach how to play the game, how to get better, and/or how to play in a competitive sense.

New Delhi
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Game lover, love clash of clans specially and can help u in it. Ask if any query exist regarding any game. Happy to help

I believe that it is the duty of a teacher to be a pioneer for the student. I believe that learning by playing is the best way to learn about any subject so here it is the subject of my choice.. Playing the game. I have been playing this game for a while now..more than 2 and a half years. So i believe in clash of clans and clash royal i can help you a lot.

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A clash of clans expert with th9 maxed out and 500+ war stars

I teach word by word and student can easily understand my teachings.

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I have th12.I can teach you clash of clans,war strategies,attacks,base forming very well

I will teach strategy for war from town hall 1 to 12.How to form defence bases.Best troops for attack.How to get loot.

2 Tkm
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Full time clash of clan player. Expert in air attack. I can teach you what are the dangers in every kind of attacking and how to find big loot everytime.

I can make you a good player in this game. So you can also be a highly growing youtuber of clash of clans.

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I will teach about games and maths perfectly and clear all your doubts

Will explain slowly and every bit of your doubt so that for the first time itself all your doubts will be cleared

New Delhi
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Want some special then get ready for it but ask me how?

My teaching methods is different first approach student to do with own then student get stuck on it then I give them ideas and solutions

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Learn the tactics about deployment of troops and maintenance of awesome bases .

My teaching method is to make students interested for what i am teaching and giving moral motivational support as well.

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Come and join me if you are gamer(not for addict (24hrs) gamers)..... Only for mini:1hrs max:4hrs.

I give you tips and tricks or teach about the game easily But i don't support to hacks and cheats or mod

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I teach gaming in india which is going to make bright future

my kind of teaching method is simple i teach my friends by showing visual and practical skills so that they understand the complete topic and get to the point easily.

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Mechanics, Drive, Mapwareness, Pings, Farm, Communication, Meta, Web searches, Arsenals, Streams, Champions, Pressure, Hold, Domain of lane AND MAINLY ROAMING.

Supervised training, use of spec, normal training, ranking training, improvement notes, customs where players will be trained as 1x1, control of streams to the player, exchange of messages by whatssapp with quick answers, lists with champions counters and mainly help with champions who the player is interested (they are usually the best ones to improve their ability, improving ability does not...

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E-sport which is becoming great sport in India and i have 8 years experience of various games.i will be active in city like pune ,kolhapur

i will start by game types,why should you play games, career in gaming, how to test games professionally, upcoming future technology related to gaming. configuration of pc to play high end graphics games, study of various console,various graphic cards and so on..

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Expert and Veteran of Battlefield , I will tell you all the tips and tricks to excel in it and how to be a pro at it in no time

Teaching method ,personal experiences ,been there so I am past player of it and have accurate knowledge of all the things in it . I have played many many games from childhood , and had a passion for gaming since childhood and also have experience of working with ubisoft .

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Experienced hard-core Gamer gives guide to gaming and assistance with video games

My name is Connor i will explain video games to those who don't understand them and give assistance with games. My method of teaching is the only method that had ever worked for teaching me, not lecturing but simply discussing things with you.

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Tutorial for new beginner. Play coc and just clash every time!

First i explain the basic then train them different attacks, defense, war, builder base and move them to difficult level

1st lesson free !

Clash of clan effactive army composition and best defances of town hall 9 & 11

My teaching method is just simple i m cool and friendly but when time to play clash of clan then i just calm.......

1st lesson free !

Join here i will teach you how to clash that's very easy.

My teaching method is very easy practice makes everything works join my class i will teach you through online

Floral Park
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Competitive Gamer with 10 years of experience across Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow Six and Battlefield.

I have had over 6 years of teaching experience across multiple FPS franchises. My lessons primary focus on developing the pupils strategy on how to play the game then perfecting his combat skills to amplify the effectives of the strategy.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Crazy about it and do very practice on it since 3 year

My teaching method is very unique no one knows how I am teach because this is my first time hahaha

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