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A Chinese with 4 years' experience as a tutor give Chinese lessons to people who want to learn Chinese in Melbourne.

I teach both children and young people on Chinese. Mainly the lession is one hour or two hours' session with vocabulary dication, reading and spelling error correction, interaction and topic discussion. I adjust the teaching material according to the standard of each student and they can learn quickly and happily.

Glenferrie Hawthorn East
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I am a qualified teacher who is available to offer tutoring Chinese conversation for students, businesspeople and tourists. I am a native speaker, fluent in English. lesson available face to face or v

Most of my career to date has been working with large national retailers, most recently in the supply chain areas. In 2012 I did a Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Primary) and have been tutoring on a causal basis since that time.

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Mature-minded Chinese seeks teaching other Chinese, interested foreigners and ABChinese authentic Chinese

Being a very mature-minded all-rounder with multi-skilled capacity and currently studying an IT degree, I am targeting Chinese, Asians, interested foreigners, Aussie born Chinese in particular, to help them know and understand their identity, their destiny, their heritage and their potential.

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Kinesiology Bachelor's, avid traveler who enjoys being in nature, Fluent in Chinese, can teach piano and high school sciences/math/english

Most suitable for primary/secondary students who need help with Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Statistics (questions with school work/prep for exams). Can also teach piano (up to Grade 8), Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) and swimming.

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An experienced qualified teacher from China; excellent and professional; lovely and popular.

My teaching considers students' levels and needs, as well as their potential and advantages. We make plans and strategies together and achieve the goals step by step. My lessons are not only systematical and practical but also interesting, creative and enjoying.

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Monash Uni, Clayton, Honours Degree graduate , Mandarin Chinese Tutor in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I will ensure my class to be fun, interesting and beneficial to my students. I will treat my students as my friends and I would encourage my students to share their opinions and feedbacks on my teaching method as they are valuable inputs for me to improve my teaching method to ensure students getting the most benefits out of the learning process.

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Chinese student studying Business in Vic Uni gives Chinese lessons in Mel

I am a friendly, positive and patient person who is always confident in teaching my students well. Besides, I am very good at pronounce and my English is also good. Thus, I will be suitable for the beginners to have a good foundation and my expression between Mandarin and English will not be a problem.

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Monash IT student who is proficient in multiple languages earning tuition fees for his university

I have always believed in the importance of understanding rather than forced memorisation when it comes to learning.

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Melbourne commercial student give mandarin lessons to high school and university students

My teaching method is very easy and relaxable and I can induce students to learn in an interesting way rather than giving them a lot of pressures. I can treat students studying language as a hobby and give them a good impression of learning language.

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Cantonese and Mandarin native speaker at Hawthorn gives lessons to uni students and adults.

I have given Chinese lessons to both children and adults in China and they both enjoyed my lessons which are very interesting, professional and closely related to daily life. To second-language learners, l will teach both practical skills for oral communication and comprehension.

Ascot Vale
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The best way to speak Chinese is to learn from a Chinese friend (Me). I would like to make friend with kids, teenagers and also adults!

I like to teach people from 0% to 100%. My syllabus is flexible and customized based on your needs and interest. My teaching style is casual yet efficient. You will learn Chinese Speaking from a friend (ME) instead of tutor =D. At the end of your Chinese study, you will be able to survive in China.

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Monash Social-Work student with mandarin offers private Chinese lessons in Melbourne city

My teaching methods are different from person to person, because students' characters and aims of learning are different, which means I would choose different way to attract their attention and made them interested in learning Chinese. If the student wants to attend the exam,I would use the content of exam to repeat practice.

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Monash Engineering Student(Native Chinese) gives Chinese Lessons to students in Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Since I am a university student right now, I can use a more friendly way to teach my students. My lesson structure is always based on my students. I will try to make my students to remember words in an easier way.

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Aviation Honours student gives Chinese lesson to high school and uni students

My teaching method is based on your asked questions and may relate to a situation which is easy to be understood. I am strict, during the lesson I love giving examples and I do sometimes like to create some quizzes for your better understanding.

Bayswater North
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Private tutoring in providing entertaining and custom design classes in Chinese writing and speaking

I custom design my teaching program based on individual's different interests and needs. The program will involve various topics while emphasizing on a list of key points in each class. Each class will start with a short revision of the previous class key points to fresh memory. Then follows with new knowledge in the class.

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Bilingual Architecture Graduate gives fun Chinese face to face lesson in Melbourne City

My teaching is very much based on real life interaction, let's skip the dry part and make it fun. I will teach you how it actually is to for locals to use Mandarin in their daily lives, and you would learn so much more than just the textbook.

Box Hill
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Deakin student will use stories or pictures to make you learn Chinese easily.

I want to try to use story plots, pictures or games to teach Mandarin, because the system of Chinese is totally different from English. I will focus on the current hot topic and use the flow charts to describe in simple Chinese words, and then give the further explanation for every word.

Box Hill
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Experienced Mandarin/dialect teacher in QLD relocate to MEL with VIT registration! 你好

My teaching method is interactive in general and I pay a lot of attention to students' needs while teaching. I want to build a rapport with students so that we can interact with each other and achieve better learning results.

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Engaging and interactive Bilingual (Eng/Chi) Singaporean giving Chinese lessons in/near City centre

Lessons are based on imparting listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to students of any level. Beginner or intermediate learners are welcomed. Lessons are interactive and engaging. Periodically quizzes are also conducted to check on the learning progress and to modify learning objectives if needed.

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University of Melbourne Master of Engineering Student teach Chinese (Mandarin) in Melbourne

Chinese is not hard to learn though it is a bit complicated. A good way to learn a language is to practice—Language is alive. Remembering is required but understanding is more important. Studying Chinese by using the phrases or sentences according to the situation is strongly recommended. The teaching level will be adjusted according to the level of students’ capability and willingness.

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Melbourne Uni postgraduate student give Chinese lessons, I can talk about films, art and history

My teaching method is developing students' interests by talking about art (or artworks) and films or pop culture, using some audio-visual materials to illustrate. Also, I prefer to use stories (myth or folks) to inspire students.

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Monash third-year secondary education student who has been worked as Mandarin teacher for more than one year in two language schools

My teaching method is Mandarin. I taught primary school Chinese for more than one year. I also had the general Chinese teaching in VCE and got a high score in my Chinese as first language in VCE as well.

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Master of Teaching Completed in Monash University major in Primary School Teaching

My teaching philosophy centers around students' interest, motivation and individual learning style. I believe it is wholly dependent on teacher to create individualized learning path for every one student in order for them to progress on their own pathway.

South Melbourne
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Native Chinese speaker give Chinese lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort.

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Native Chinese Speaker graduated high school in Melbourne and now studying Psychology.

My teaching method is to design lessons that match the needs of each individual students. I will make sure all the content I teach is close to life as possible. And I will give a lots of examples for students to remember the content better.

South Morang
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University of Melbourne graduate, completed masters of education secondary qualification Chinese teacher who can speak both English and Chinese to teach Chinese language to background and non backgrou

I base my Chinese classes on what students need to know for the basics. Starting with greetings and family and moving into harder topics. Most topics are based on what students learn in school and I follow the Victorian curriculum to ensure students are being taught what they should know both in school and during tutoring.

Mount Waverley
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Monash Student with prior teaching experience and a minor in Chinese Translation

I base my classes on one to one interactions, I would prefer a more lively tutoring session. Possibly through the reading of interesting news articles or books and picking out passages for discussions instead of purely doing practical work or assessments.

Malvern East
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A commerce graduate (Melbourne University with Honours) looking to help out students who have interests in learning Mandarin

I normally have a one-hour session/lesson with my students every week via Skype to help improve their oral speaking abilities in Mandarin. The focuses of the sessions are entirely up to you.

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Unimelb student gives Chinese learning (focus on Mandarin) to scholars in Melbourne

I am a undergraduate student in the university of Melbourne. I am a Chinese and prefer to writing the essay and communicating with others. These lesson can help you to study the Chinese from foundation step and help you to speak the Mandarin fluently.

North Melbourne
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Uni Melbourne Master student gives Chinese lessons to all people that want to learn Chinese

My teaching method may be more focus on practice. If you want to learn a language, you need to speak more and use them frequently. So I will spend most of time in communication and also will show them some Chinese movie in order to improve their listening skills.

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