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Kelvin Grove
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Nursing Student gives Chinese lessons to beginner and people who want to learn more Chinese culture

My teaching approach can be customized depending on your need. Or if you are interested in Chinese culture, travel, and art design, we can also cover these specific topics in the teaching.

North Melbourne
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A Unimelb student majoring in Psychology and French teaches you Chinese with FUN

A former tutor of Chinese and English. Aiming for beginners and advanced learners. My teaching philosophy is about fun and practicality. Teaching something that"useful" instead of a bunch of out-dated and boring materials. Help you to "find a way" of learning Chinese instead of just "teaching Chinese".

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Product Designer gives Chinese lessons to High School students or University students in Perth.

My teaching method is to give students a relaxing environment to make sure that students can express their idea without hesitation. Talking about the short video after watching. Give an opinion about the topic. Daily, academic or business conversation. Write an essay about a specific topic Check grammar or world choose for writing.

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Australian national university graduate, master of accounting, Canberra, Chinese native speaker, be friend with my student.

I prefer teach useful Chinese dialogue first to enhance students confident. Then help student form a systematic learning habit. I'd like to recommend books and TV series to keep students' interest in Chinese. Also I have history bachelor degree which makes me a history story teller. Join me and let's study Chinese.

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Adelaide Uiversity student who studies Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor Teaching student offering Chinese lessons to both native and non-native Chinese speakers Chinese classes.

This is Jimmy who offers Chinese lessons to students from Year 1-Year 12. I would split my classes into several components: phonetics, characters, sentences, meaning and Chinese culture; while the last one can be penetrated throughout the process of other components.

Spring Mountain
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Qualified accounting professional can provide Chinese lessons to the students in Brisbane

Based on every day life, my method is blending the Chinese learning process into your daily life. Including topics of food, art, architecture and sports Meeting each other in a coffee shop and learn words from a book should not be a effective way to learn a language. Instead, we can cook together, watch documentaries, and paint together! Let us learn a foreign language by doing activities.

Charles Darwin
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Charles Darwin postgraduate is currently teaching Mandarin speaking and vocabulary in Darwin.

I will base my class on free talk and questioning. To be more precise, student can attempt to communicate with me about any topics in Mandarin and what i teach also stems from what they require. I don't want to teach students to learn by rote and i want to teach in accordance with their current capabilities.

South Yarra
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Monash education Student and Chinese teacher in Taiwan gives a Chinese lesson

I Yun, Hung (Wendy) Address: 665 Chapel Street, South Yarra 3141 Mobile: +61 (concealed information) Email: (concealed information) MY TEACHING METHODOLOGY My teaching method is to motivate students to study, encourage them to feel interested in learning and broaden their horizons. Since learning is the most amazing things, I always inspire students to learn more.

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UQ Chinese Translation student gives Chinese lesson to all age group in UQ and around city

You can call me River or Chinese name "大河(dahe)". I am a sooooo easy-going person (maybe "familiarity" sounds better?). Ok...anyway, I will give some flexible and appropriate methods to you. I have no fixed teaching method, because I have not taught adults to learn Chinese. For beginner, know and remember Pinyin. using graphically song or game for children, normative tables for adults.

Sandy Bay
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UTAS student teaches standard Mandarin without an accent and Chinese cultures in Tasmania

the methods are based on online with the material that I will provide for learning. the material contains the basic principle of Mandarin. If you have any school/college/Uni requirement, I can also help with that within 1 to 1 lesson. For advance teaching, I will provide several beautiful articles by the famous author in China to help with the charity of Chinese.

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First Class Mandarins experienced tutor aim to comprehensive improvement in Chinese Language

My teaching method it to encourage student to speak out and focus on what real Chinese is. language is a communication tool, the accurate expression should be the fort priority. using the language in conversation and illustration is more important than just know it.

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Chinese Language (Mandarin & Cantonese) Tutoring in Albury-Wodonga/ Experienced tutor in Chinese written and Spoken

I love teaching students to study Chinese in a fun way lthrough games and singing , encourage them to feel interested in learning and know about the Chinese culture. "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

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A native Cantonese / Chinese speaker giving lessons to all. DM is welcomed!

We gain a language through cultural context and real experience. But what if you can't travel to Chinese speaking region? Make friend with a Chinese! In my class there are no firm rules.

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Creative individual seeking opportunities for any professional career pass, willing to help others to learn Chinese language or creative drawing techniques.

My teaching methodology is to understand my clients, a better understanding of the person helps me to find what they’re interested in, no matter it’s a music lyric, a book or a piece of art. If they’re fascinated about something, they will learn more efficiently.

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1st lesson free !

Chinese oral and broadcasting host class. Chinese easy happy way to learn

I teach students using Chinese song and classic Chinese dance and Chinese performance to act any roles to learn Chinese

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Teach Chinese to children and adults in Adelaide in a fun and relaxing way

I don't have any experience in teaching Chinese. But I can speak fluent mandarin,I'm a native speaker. I'm learning how to be a more professional teacher. I will let you learn Chinese in a relaxed classroom atmosphere. Hope you give me a chance. Thanks.

Paris 4e
Camillus bai
(36 reviews)

Chinese teacher, Master degree, 5 years' teaching experience. Chinese classes well designed differently for children and adult. Preparation of exams (HSK, CNED etc.). Presentation of Chinese culture

Hello everyone, My name is Camillus BAI, I'm 29. I'm a native-born Chinese, my hometown is Chengdu, China. My highest diploma is Master degree. I live in Paris since September 2016. I have 5 years' experience on teaching Chinese language and preparing for exams. In the same time, I've organized the conferences in university on various elective subjects of Chinese culture.

Paris 19e
(20 reviews)

Trilingual teacher (Chinese / English / French) with 6 years experiences teaches Chinese, English or French as a foreign language to students of all levels

Double degree of French language and economics in 2008 at Wuhan University in China, Master of Management Science in 2011 at Em-Lyon business school in France, Founder of IRIS Education in Ile-de- France, 6 years experience in the field of education and vocational training, I attended several international language examinations (CET4 / CET6 / IELTS / TOEIC / TOEFL / TEF / DELF / DALF / TCF ...

(12 reviews)
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Native Chinese speaker (mandarin) Chinese Class for all levels and preparation HSK

After obtaining my master's degree of translation in England, I started my career as a language teacher in Beijing in 2008 and since then I've never stopped teaching. I believe that language learning is not only about vocabulary and grammar,but also the culture and the life of a country. I also believe that language is alive.

(8 reviews)
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Native Chinese Speaker in Berlin, Experienced Chinese Teacher, currently a Ph.D. Student in Political Science

For people with zero Chinese knowledge, I always start with the proper pronunciation of Pinyin. It is vital before moving on to character learning. For people with some knowledge of Chinese, I tailor the lessons based on the language proficiency and the personal need of the student. With songs and videos, my lessons focus on either reading comprehension or oral communication.

Paris 4e
(21 reviews)

Chinese teacher for the City of Paris, in schools and associations, provides tutoring, academic and postbac individual courses all levels, exam preparation and competition

I am a Chinese (mandarin) teacher for pupils, students and adults of all levels, individual classes tutoring and group lessons for several years, for the City of Paris, the Marymount International School, the LYON Business School (formerly Business School of Lyon) and several training organizations and associations.

(13 reviews)

One-to-one Mandarin Chinese Lessons in Barcelona (private and for companies). Learn Chinese Now!

Hello, I am a native Chinese who speaks standard Mandarin. I can teach you how to speak, understand, read and write Mandarin Chinese anytime and anywhere in Barcelona city. In class, we will speak as many Chinese as possible, but we will use English when needed.

(6 reviews)
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Chinese passionate teacher giving classes for students of all levels in Paris

Born and raised in the north of China, I speak Mandarin without accent. In France since 2011, I have integrated well into society. I benefited from experiences in both companies and associations, allowing me to easily communicate with my students. In continuous learning of the French and English language, I know how to put myself in the place of the teacher and the student.

(10 reviews)
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Pioneering, Innovative and Unique Methodology Guaranteed to Support You to Master Chinese in The Quickest Possible Time!

I’m a highly imaginative and skilful native-Chinese speaking tutor with excellent teaching abilities demonstrated by 10 years of language teaching experience as a university English teacher in China and freelance Chinese instructor in the UK.

Paris 4e
(2 reviews)
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Business School Student, offer Chinese Class with more than 4 years experience

My teaching methods are depended on students needs, I prefer to create some interesting ways to improve students' speaking, skills of communication, prepare documents and materials for those students who start from beginning level, I attempt to create a vivid ambiance that can students can enjoy the 1-2 hours learning.

Ciudad de México
(11 reviews)
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The Chinese native Class of Mandarin to door in Mexico City

I graduated from the University of International Studies in Sichuan, the level of Spanish is B2, I can be used for daily communication. I would like to help foreign friends who like Chinese. Because I'm a Northern, my Mandarin accent is standard.

(6 reviews)
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Chinese Chinese Prof easy for Adults and Adolescents in Nanterre and Reuil

Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am a Chinese national. I teach Chinese to adolescents or adults to practice Chinese by professional obligation. I specialize in teaching Chinese to foreigners with five years of experience behind me. I worked for a year in the Philippines and two years in France. I speak French fluently.

(9 reviews)
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Experienced trainer gives the course of Chinese and English courses for all levels

你好 Hello! Nihao, based in Annecy, was created by an independent trainer Taiwanese Yi Xiu-Lin (Michelle LIN). We offer language courses that meet your needs.

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